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Rin stood in the middle of Lightning's room. At least it was clean. The last time he was here, it was messy and he was pretty sure he'd seen a brutally severed goat head surrounded in flies. It had smelled like horse shit and miasma, too. Now, everything was clean and the room smelled fresh. Rin could actually see the floor.

Lightning himself was sitting at his desk in a chair. He was in his usual get up-tan t shirt, black over shirt, dark green trousers, black combat boots, and fingerless gloves. His hat was on the bookshelf. His wild, messy, medium-long hair was covering his eyes, like always. Rin didn't think he'd ever seen the man's eyes. Lightning, over all, was pretty mysterious to Rin.

Said man got up from his chair to greet Rin. He shook Rin's hand. Then he proceeded to walk in a circle around Rin. Rin suddenly felt nervous. He knew Lightning was interested in him because he was a half demon. His eyes widened when he heard Lightning's soft murmur of "You are truly one of a kind." Rin felt his cheeks heat up. He knew he was probably blushing.

"You are a very interesting creature. Your different from Mephisto. Maybe it's because you're half human." Lightning absentmindedly stated. He looked into Rin's eyes. Rin's eyes widened. Lightning's eyes were a bright blue with slitted puppies. They were almost...demonic.

He yelped and jumped when he felt a gentle hand on his tail. He prepared himself since everyone seemed intent to pull his tail all the damn time. However, the hard pull never came. Instead, he felt Lightning stroke the fur. Shivers erupted all over his body. He stood there in the middle of the room, frozen.

Lightning stroked the demon boy's tail again, and this time, Rin let out a moan. It felt so good to have his tail stroked in such a way. He started trembling. Lightning chuckled and kept stroking the appendage. He used his other hand to stroke the base of Rin's tail where skin met fur. Rin let out a choked gasp. Fuck I won't last much longer.

Lightning was grinning while he practically molested Rin. His assumptions were right. If you pull the tail hard, it hurts like hell. If you be gentle and stroke it, it gives them immense pleasure. He could tell Rin wasn't going to last very long. Nobody has ever done this to him and Lightning could tell he was a virgin. It was pretty obvious. I'll be gentle with him.

Rin was barely able to stand up, he was trembling so much. Pleasure was racing through his veins. Nobody has ever touched his tail like this. They'd only pulled it, which hurt like Hell. Nobody had molested Rin either. He was still pure as snow. He'd never even masterbated for Christ's sake! This wasn't all new to him. He knew about sex and all that shit. He'd just never felt like this.

Rin's knees gave out and he started to fall. Lightning caught him around the waist with one arm. He lowered them to the floor. He positioned Rin so the demon boy was sitting between his legs. Rin's back was against Lightning's chest. He could feel the older man's heartbeat through his chest.

Lightning continued stroking the tail, putting more pressure in his strokes. He used his other free hand to untie the tie and undo the buttons on Rin's school uniform shirt. When he was done, he left the shirt on. He slid his free hand up Rin's chest. Rin shuddered. Lightning's hand left a burning trail where ever it went. He felt Lightning put his chin on Rin's shoulder.

Lightning nuzzled the spot under Rin's pointed ear. "Mmm, so strong at such a young age. You poor boy. You never asked for all this to happen, did you?" Lightning whispered. He was incapable of feeling real emotions since he had been born. But Rin, Rin made him feel something. He didn't know what, but he wanted to feel more of it. He wanted to be able to feel. He always acted like it never bothered him, but truthfully, it did.

Rin looked over his shoulder at Lightning. "No. I didn't." Rin answered in a whisper. Lightning leaned forward farther. Their lips connected. Rin closed his eyes and opened his mouth to Lightning. Lightning slipped his tongue into Rin's mouth. Their tongues danced. Rin moaned into the kiss. He'd never kissed anyone before. This was his first kiss. He was glad this was his first kiss. He'd gotten over Shiemi a while ago.

He felt Lightning dip his hand lower. He moaned when he felt Lightning's hand rubbing his hard on through the cloth of his pants. Lightning pulled away. They both panted. Lightning grinned at Rin. "For your first kiss, that was really good." he said. Rin grinned right back. "It's that obvious huh?" he asked. Lightning laughed. "You should be proud of yourself. Most teenagers these days are having sex or have had sex in seventh grade." Lightning told him. Rin chuckled and leaned up for another kiss.

Their lips connected briefly before Rin broke it, choking out a broken moan. Lightning had undone his pants and was stroking his dick. He threw his head back and moaned louder. He writhed as Lightning kept stroking both his tail and his dick. Lightning was enjoying how Rin writhed under his ministrations. He sucked on a spot on the back of Rin's neck, making Rin let out a sound that sounded like a whine and a moan at the same time.

Rin was a mess. His eyes clenched shut, red blush on his cheeks, one hand clutching at Lightning's wrist of the hand that was stroking his dick and the other hand clenched in the older man's trousers. His mouth was open and making so many sinful noises. His back arched as he was overstimulated constantly. His head was thrown back over Lightning's shoulder.

Lightning stopped his ministrations and repositioned them. Rin was now leaning up against the wall with his legs bent at the knees and spread wide enough for Lightning to fit between them. Lightning leaned down and licked the head of Rin's dick. Rin moaned. Lightning sucked on the head. Rin cried out. "L-Lightning! Th-that's...I can't...Agck!"

Lightning took Rin into his mouth and sucked. Rin was back to writhing again. Lightning took a hold of his tail once more and resumed stroking it. Lightning suddenly deep throated Rin. Rin screamed and came in Lightning's mouth. Lightning swallowed all of the cum Rin was shooting down his throat. It tasted sweet. Lightning didn't really mind it anyways.

Lightning didn't pull off. He kept sucking, making Rin keen. Lightning shoved two fingers into the boy's mouth. Rin hesitated for a moment before figuring out what he was supposed to do. He grabbed Lightning's wrist and sucked on the fingers vigorously. Lightning chuckled around the appendage in his mouth. Rin was hard again.

He pulled his fingers out of Rin's mouth and pulled off of his dick. Rin looked at him, smirking. He was devilishly handsome. Lightning grinned and leaned forward, kissing the demon boy roughly. Rin loved it. He loved the roughness Lightning had. He kissed back just as roughly. He pulled Lightning closer to him. Lightning laughed when he pulled away. "You're needy aren't you?" he asked, chuckling. Rin grinned deviously and nodded.

Lightning leaned down once again. He took ahold of Rin's ankles and pulled hard. Rin cried out as he was dragged onto his back on the floor. He was about to growl at Lightning when he felt something warm, wet, and slick on the rim of his entrance. His eyes widened and he let a choked gasp out.

Lightning lapped at his entrance. He heard Rin whine and felt his muscles stiffen. He was holding Rin's legs up by holding the back of his knees up. Rin arched his back off the wooden floor and let out a bunch of strangled moans and gasps. His head was thrown back against the floor. Lightning grinned. Then he slipped his tongue inside Rin's entrance.

Rin let out a scream. It felt so good. He writhed on the floor while Lightning thrust his tongue in and out of Rin's ass. He couldn't take it. He was too sensitive. He moaned loudly as he was tongue fucked by Lightning. Lightning sucked on the entrance. "Gh! L-Lightning! I-I'm...KYAAAAAAAAAAA!" Rin shrieked as he came a second time.

Lightning kept on tonguing Rin through his second orgasm. He reached up and pumped more cum out of Rin, making it more intense. When Rin was done, he lay limp, tired from cumming twice in such a short period of time. This was his first time. It didn't take much to make him cum if you hit just the right spots.

Lightning shook Rin out of his dazed state when he inserted a finger into his entrance. Rin let out that strange moan/whine again. He squirmed as Lightning loosened him up. It didn't really hurt. It was just strange. But, given the fact he was pretty oversensitive by now, Rin was practically drunk on sex. Lightning added another finger making Rin moan.

Since Rin was taking being fingered so well, Lightning added another finger. He thrust his fingers in and out of Rin's ass repeatedly. Rin jolted when he felt white hot pleasure race through his veins. "Hah!" Rin wheezed, eyes wide and muscles tensed in surprise. Lightning grinned and stopped thrusting his fingers. He simply just pressed down on Rin's prostate, sending Rin into a frenzy. He threw his head back and arched his back off the floor. "Ahn! L-Lightning, I~! Agck! L-Lightning, I can't, LIGHTNING!" Rin cried out, writhing around, trying to decide whether he wanted Lightning to stop or keep going. He just wanted release. He needed it. He couldn't take the pleasure overwhelming his senses.

Lightning quite enjoyed seeing Rin in this state, so he continued to press down repeatedly on Rin's prostate. Rin started screaming, arching his back even higher off the floor and dying to do something to relieve the pressure on his pleasure spot. Lightning leaned over Rin. He leaned down and sucked on a nipple, twisting and pulling at the other one. Rin had tears running down his face now. It was too much, too much, too much! All he could do was scream and writhe under Lightning.

Lightning finally stopped his ministrations, leaving Rin frustrated and hot. His blush extended all the way down to the top of his chest now. Lightning thought it was cute. He took all his own clothes off, taking Rin's pants and underwear off as well. He picked Rin up, making Rin wrap his legs around Lightning's waist. Lightning pressed Rin up against the wall, keeping the demon boy up with his own weight.

Lightning entered Rin in one swift thrust. Rin cried out at the pain. Lightning gave him a bit of time to adjust. Rin could feel Lightning shaking, trying to restrain himself from just thrusting roughly into Rin immediately. Rin nodded, letting Lightning know it was okay.

Lightning started out slow, but eventually got faster. "So tight." Lightning groaned. Rin moaned, holding Lightning as close to his body as he could. His arms were around Lightning's neck and he was pulling man as close to him as he could. Lightning's face was buried in the crook of Rin's neck. He was making marks there. Rin was moaning loudly every time his prostate was hit.

Rin felt his tail being stroked and tugged at the same time of his prostate being hit and he was sent over the edge, cumming all over their stomachs. Rin bit Lightning's shoulder hard enough to break the skin as he came for the third time that night. Lightning groaned and came inside of Rin. Rin mewled at the feeling of Lightning's hot cum filling his insides and painting them white. Lightning bit Rin's shoulder hard enough to break the skin.

They both just stayed there for a moment, panting. Then, Lightning pulled out of Rin and carried the boy to his bed. He laid them both down. Rin latched himself onto Lightning's side, using his arm as a pillow and settling his hand on the older man's chest. Lightning crawled on all fours over Rin, licking up the boy's cum. Lightning gasped as he felt Rin lap up the blood that was running from the bite mark on his shoulder. He shuddered as the warm tongue dipped into the wounds where Rin's fangs had dug into the flesh.

"Ngh, Rin..." He said, his voice strained. Rin kept licking up all the blood that spilled from the wound. Lightning straddled Rin and rocked his hips, rubbing their newly awakened erections together. They both moaned, rocking faster and harder against each other. They craved release, needed it. They panted and rutted until they both came. Rin let out a low moan and Lightning groaned loudly.

Lightning fell on top of Rin. Rin didn't really mind. Since he had demonic strength, Lightning weighed pretty much nothing to him. They both panted. Once he caught his breath, Lightning pushed himself off of Rin, laying down beside him. Then he pulled Rin over to him. One hand held Rin's side while the other held Rin's thigh as he licked all the cum off of Rin's torso. Rin hummed. He took a rag off the desk and wiped the cum off of Lightning's torso. He tossed it in the dirty clothes hamper and he and Lightning settled in.

Rin climbed on top of Lightning and lay on top of the older man's body. Lightning chuckled. He pulled the blankets over them and settled his hands around Rin's body on the small of his back. They fell asleep peacefully.


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