1. The Crowning

Today was the day! It was finally here, the new and rightful Arthur Pendragon was being crowned King of England. The people of Camelot gathered in the streets, cheering for the true heir to take his place on the throne. Parades and festivals broke out around the city has everyone celebrated the new king.

''Hurry Lucy, we're going to be late!" Mary hurried her sister. ''They say he is the most handsome King and I must see for myself, come on!'' She continued to urge.

''Yes, yes. I am ready.'' Lucy announced coming out of her room in the finest clothing she had which was a burgundy velvet dress with gold trim and needle work. It was the most expensive dress she had as she had made it for a customer at the seamstress shop she worked at. They passed before retrieving it. She had plaited her long sandy brown hair into a sweeping braid with a simple gold band going around her head. She simply looked beautiful.

''How do I look?'' Lucy asked Mary.

''Beauitful! Can we go now?"

"Yes, lets go.'' Lucy agreed and lead her sister out of the house. They speed walked towards the castle before they both broke out into a dead run. Mary's dress was lighter weight and a couple inches shorter than Lucy's so she ran without struggle, but Lucy maintained a healthy speed behind her younger sister.

A few minutes later they had finally arrived to the castle. Many of the townspeople were already converging on the location so the girls began to weave through the crowd trying to get a good spot. Lucy spotted a ledge that if they could climb it would put them above the crowd with a perfect view of the castle entrance. She got Mary's attention and pointed her in that direction. As they got there, they hurriedly climbed onto the ledge as the castle doors opened and a series of men had come out. Lucy has just turned around and situated herself when King Arthur himself exited the castle, holding his mighty sword Excalibur in his hand. Mary was swooning over the ruggedly gorgeous man while Lucy couldnt help but just stand and stare. He stood at the edge of the stairs and showed the kingdom his sword and everyone began cheering. He stood there for a minute, looking around at the crowd while he did so. He was a man of the people and the people loved him.

As he began to look her way he couldn't help but notice Lucy standing on the ledge, staring right back at him. She was beautiful and he wondered how would he orchestrate meeting her on accident? Now that he was crowned King and an age of peace was being ushered in, surely the public would expect him to find a wife to serve by his side as the Queen and eventually birth an heir to the throne, as only a Pendragon could wield the sword.

The weight of the kingdom and its responsibilities weighed heavily on Arthur's shoulders, but he was up to the challenge. This was his birthright. This is the person he was meant to be. He was ready to lead his kingdom into peace and prosperity.


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