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Chapter 7: Where I meet my family

"Good day, my name is Millicas Gremory." He smiled at me "It´s nice to meet you, Onii-sama!"

Really? I mean, really? What was Millicas doing here? Come on, I just wanted to make something to eat and then go to bed and now I must do this whole family drama thing? Well, I didn´t really have a problem with Millicas, he wasn´t even born when the crimson dickhead threw me out.

"Come in then." I stepped aside and let him into the house, I am not such a huge asshole that I would ignore my younger brother after all.

"So," I asked while leading him into the kitchen "may I ask what you are doing here, Millicas Gremory?"

He fidgeted a bit and seemed to gather his resolve. "You really are my big brother, aren´t you?"

I nodded "Yes, we have the same parents."

I expected many things from Millicas at that moment, denial, questions, anger, but I didn´t expect for him to suddenly hug me.

"I am happy that you are alive Onii-sama!" What? "I always wanted a big brother!" Okay, I can understand that, many boys want a brother but he doesn´t know me at all! Isn´t his reaction a bit too strong?

"We never met before, you know?" I scratched my head

"Ah," Millicas let me go and stepped back with a red face "it´s just, I used to talk to you when I felt lonely. I know it sounds silly, but I wasn´t allowed to go outside the house when I was younger and I didn´t have many friends because of that. So, I sometimes went to the little shrine my parents made for you and told you about my day. It really helped me back then."

Oh, ohhhhhh, I was like his invisible friend, it even makes sense. He was a prime target for assassination or kidnapping, so he had to stay in a secure place and with both his parents working all the time he didn´t have that many people to connect to. Instead of making up an invisible friend, he simply talked to the brother he really wanted but thought dead.

"Well, I don´t really know you Millicas," He looked at me with quivering lips, clearly expecting some sort of rejection "but I would like to get to know my little brother."

Millicas began to hug me again and I ruffled his hair. Yeah, I may not like my birth parents very much, but that doesn´t mean that I will ignore a lonely boy that just found out his dead brother was alive.


I couldn´t suppress the grin that formed on my lips. "You hungry?"

Millicas didn´t look up, but I could see his cheeks turn pink. "I was nervous about Rias-neesama´s match, so I didn´t eat very much."

"Then it´s my duty as your big brother to get something in your stomach, isn´t it?"

Millicas beamed at me.


"And then he blew up the whole arena with a single attack!" I chopped the vegetables while I listened to Millicas, who told Asia the tale of my fight with Riser. "Onii-sama was so cool!"

Seems like I made quite the impression with my little battle.

"Amazing, I didn´t know you were this strong, Kazuto-san!"

I smiled at Asia "Yes, I tried to keep that secret, but Riser went too far with his threats."

And wouldn´t that bite me in the ass! Let´s not delude our self here, I had just revealed my heritage in front of the whole underworld upper-class and I am sure they won´t be happy with a human having devil-powers, even if his parents are devils.


I glanced at the unfamiliar number that my handy displayed and took the call.

"Hyoudou Kazuto here, with whom am I speaking?"

"Yo boyo!" I felt my eyebrows twitch. How the fuck had Azazel gotten my number? "I just watched a most interesting battle."

"And how, may I ask, did you get a footage of my little tussle with the Phenex so fast?" I know that the three factions are spying on each other, but this was ridiculous.

"Hah, that´s the devils for you. There is always one who doesn´t care who you are as long as you have enough money. And this time I am really glad that I bought that video, it´s not every day that you get to see the hidden son of Sirzech´s make such a grand entrance on the playing field."

I groaned "Wonderful, I assume you are not the only one who has seen that little fight?"

"Oh, you have no idea," that bastard was enjoying this "in a few days you will have every supernatural spy-agency after you. The fact that you are the son of the crimson Satan would be enough to get you on the watchlists. But when they confirm that you are truly human? And that you aren´t really aligned with the devils? Everyone will think that you are up for recruitment!"

Yes, that´s exactly what I needed, every supernatural faction after my ass. What a man doesn´t do for his brother.

"And, are you trying to get a head start?"

"Oh no," Azazel laughed "I don´t believe you are really interested in joining us, so I won´t bother."

"Then did you just call me to annoy me?"

"Now don´t be like that boyo, I just wanted to tell you two things. First, be careful about those guys who will try to recruit you, some of them may think it would be better to eliminate you then to let you fall into their opponent's hands."

That was actually good advice. I didn´t think about it, but some of these guys could get violent when I tell them to piss off.

"And second, I will bring Mittelt over sometime this week. Get along okay? Bye!"

I stared at the phone. What did that asshole mean he would send Mittelt over? Oh, by the body of the dead god, that was one of this fucking cliché´s wasn´t it? He would somehow force her to live in my house and then she would fall in love with me threw some fucking anime logic that makes no sense in real life. Calm down Kazuto, there is no reason to worry, it isn´t sure that he will force her to live here and if it comes to the worst I can just pawn her off towards Issei´s harem. Yes, that´s a good idea!"


Man, I am popular today.


"Hi, Nii-san!"


Grayfia Lucifuge

Grayfia Lucifuge had a bad day. Really, it was a bad few weeks, but this day topped it all. It began when Riser Phenex had started to press the matter of his engagement to Rias. Sirzechs disapproved of the arrangement (and she agreed that Rias deserved a better husband) but his hands were bound. His position as a Satan didn´t allow him to interfere with personal clan matters. The Phoenix clan, knowing that Rias was against the marriage, agreed to let both children settle their dispute with a rating game. They had to be thankful that they were even given that option.

Then she found her sister in law together with one of her peerage members in bed. Grayfia understood Ria´s problems with Riser, but to go and offer her virginity to her pawn in the hopes that Riser would lose his interest in her was just shameful.

The following meeting between the two peerages had nearly evolved into a fight when said pawn challenged the Phenex scion. Thankfully they were interrupted before it came to blows by Hyoudou Kazuto, the boy that caused most of the following problems. The first thing she noticed about him was his eyes, eyes that she hadn´t seen for more than sixteen years, the eyes of her first-born son.

Her heart clenched when she thought about her boy. Grayfia had been so happy when she found out that she was pregnant. Finally, she would have a baby of her own, a baby that wouldn´t have to live through the terrible wares that had driven the devils nearly into extinction. They had prepared every detail before the birth. A whole wing of their estate was redecorated and made fit to house a baby. Maids were hired (selected by Grayfia herself after harsh background checks) and they had bought every toy a child could wish for so that their kid wouldn´t be lonely when both of his parents had to work.

All that for nothing. Her son, her beautiful little baby boy had been born a human. She wouldn´t have cared, had she been anyone else but the wife of Sirzechs Lucifer. So, what if the child didn´t have any demonic energy? It was her baby, the most beautiful thing she had ever held in her arms! But she was the wife of the leader of the underworld and that made her son a target. He would have been in danger if he had been a normal devil, a human would have been ripped apart by the clans.

Her husband had consulted Ajuka Beelzebub, their friendship guaranteeing his silence, but even the most brilliant mind of the underworld couldn´t tell them what happened and he couldn´t change their son. The evil piece refused to bond with his soul and with that died their only hope to hold onto him.

They couldn´t protect him, not from their own kind. So, her husband had taken their son and dropped him off in front of a human orphanage. Grayfia didn´t want to let him go, but what choice did she have? And she could still see him after some time had passed, at least that was what she told herself. Sirzechs announced that their baby had died, they buried an empty coffin, built a small shrine and waited for the day that they could see their boy again.

Only, the day didn´t come. Her son had disappeared from the orphanage without any records being made, the caretaker that had most likely processed his case had died a few weeks after that day in a robbery. She had no way to find her beloved son again. Sirzechs still wore the scars she had inflicted upon him the day she found out that her firstborn had disappeared from the orphanage he brought him to.

But, life continued, Grayfia became pregnant again and her little Millicas was born. He helped her close the hole in her heart and she gave him all the love she could. Little by little she found herself thinking less about the child she had lost. Until the day Hyoudou Kazuto walked into the room and she saw her firstborn´s eyes stare into her own.

She denied it back then, the rude boy that she met couldn´t be her son. Her son didn´t have brown hair, her son had no reason to be in Kuoh and her son would never call her a stripper. No, Hyoudou Kazuto couldn´t be her baby boy, because that would mean that he had been hidden right under her nose. It would mean that she could have embraced her son and told him how sorry she was years before if she just hadn´t given up locking.

In truth, Grayfia was afraid, afraid of what would happen if Kazuto turned out to be her son. Would he hate her for abandoning him? Would he curse her? Yes, she was afraid, because the only thing more terrible than not knowing where her son was would be to know that he rejected her.

So, she hadn´t told Sirzechs anything about the boy and focused on her work, too afraid to investigate the boy that could be her son. Then again, she really didn´t have to, Kazuto had managed to show his heritage in a very impressive manner after all.

She should have been angry. Angry at Ajuka who couldn´t find her son´s power, angry at Serafall for not telling them about their own son, even angry at Sirzechs and herself for not waiting just a few days to see if their son´s power would develop, as it clearly did. But, she couldn´t feel any anger now, only grief. Her son had known who they were, had known about his family and not even attempted to contact them. Her son wanted nothing to do with her, and the thought broke her heart.

She couldn´t think of anything else, didn´t even truly listen to what was said to her until Ria´s pawn spoke up. Until he told them how her son thought she didn´t want him, she couldn´t hold back her tears then anymore. Her baby boy thought she didn´t want him! She should have never given him away, she should have taken her son and disappeared with him. But it was too late for that, she could only grief about the mistakes she had made.

And now, to make matters worse, Millicas had disappeared. She hadn´t even thought about how her second son would react to the fact that his older brother was alive. Another mistake she now had to pay for. Millicas was gone and even when she had their maids and butlers search all their properties, they couldn´t find him anywhere.


Grayfia´s head snapped around when she heard Kazuto´s voice. She found Ria´s pawn holding one of their phones to his ear.

"Hi, Nii-san!"

"Oh, hey Issei! What do you need? Are the devils giving you any trouble?" Kazuto answered, sounding a bit worried.

"No, no, everything is okay Nii-san! I just wanted to tell you that it will take some time for me to get home. Buchou´s cousin disappeared and it´s all a bit hectic at the moment."

Grayfia closed her eyes. As if Kazuto needed any more reason to believe she was a miserable parent.

"Wait a minute Issei." There was a short pause before Kazuto continued in a loud voice "Oi Millicas, didn´t you tell anybody you were coming over to visit?"

She froze. Millicas had followed his brother?

"Uhm, no Onii-sama," She felt relieved when she heard her youngest son´s muffled voice through the phone. He hadn´t run away, he wasn´t kidnaped and he was safe "I didn´t really think about it."

"Oh well, no harm done. Issei, Millicas is here right now. Tell them I´ll bring him to occult research club after he has finished eating! Sorry but I have to end the call know or the eggs will start getting burned. I´ll reserve something for you."

"No problem Nii-san!" The boy looked towards Rias. "Looks like your cousin is at my place, so everything is okay!"

"Well," Venelana spoke up "That´s perfect! We can get Millicas and meet with our wayward family member at the same time." Her gaze grew hard. "And you will have the option to justify your action to him Sirzechs, Grayfia."

"What?" Hyoudou Issei nearly screamed. "You think I´ll let those two anywhere near my brother?"

It hurt, it hurt to think that this boy felt like he had to defend her own son from Grayfia.

Venelana looked at Rias pawn. "I commend your willingness to protect your brother, Hyoudou-san. But, this situation must be resolved as soon as possible. There will be consequences because of his actions today, and if we aren´t careful they could be dangerous for him. Do you understand?"

The boy didn´t look convinced but reluctantly nodded when her mother in law continued to stare at him. Grayfia felt anxiety wash over her. She would get to talk with her firstborn after all.


*Ding – Dong*

What the fuck is going on here, is everybody coming to visit today? Can I expect Michael to stand in front of the house with a gift basket? Oh god, please don´t take that literal!

I sighed and stood up from the kitchen table. And we had just started eating too! "You both continue eating, I´ll just go and see who is on the door."

Leaving both Asia and Millicas, who were happily munching my food, behind I went to the front door, opened it and blinked, and blinked again. Damn, I could feel a headage coming. There, in front of my house, stood Issei with the whole Gremory-clan behind him.

"Oh, come one!" I pinched my nose "You couldn´t even give me a day?"

Venelana stepped forward "Family trouble should be addressed as soon as possible!" she smiled at me "Good evening, my name is Venelana Gremory," she gestured towards the oldest looking redhead in the group "this is my husband, Zeotichus Gremory. We are Rias and Sirzechs parents. It´s nice to meet you Kazuto."

Could I throw them out? A Satan-class devil, a super devil, 2 devils that are probably ultimate class and Rias, nope, no chance that would work.

I sighed "Then come in. Millicas is in the kitchen, second door to left. Issei, "I grabbed my brother and began to lead him upstairs while I left a surprised Gremory group to make their way towards the kitchen "let´s get you cleaned up."

"So, I assume you connected the dots about my family Issei?" I asked while walking up the stairs towards the bathroom. "Well," I continued when he nodded "I´m sorry that I didn´t tell you sooner."

"It´s okay Nii-san. I am sorry that I just brought them over, but Buchou-san´s mother is scary!"

I had to chuckle at that. "Don´t worry about it Issei, I knew that was coming when I started going all out against the flaming chicken." We stopped in front of the bathroom and I patted him on the back "But forget about that, I have something to tell you." He looked at me with raised eyebrows "I am damn proud of you, Issei! I always knew that you were a good person, under all that perverseness of yours, but going so far as to offer your own arm so you could protect a girl from a forced marriage? Yeah, I was never so proud of you as I am today."

"Thanks, Nii-san," Issei told me with watering eyes "that means a lot to me."

I smiled at him "You get yourself cleaned up and then you can get some food in the kitchen." I glanced at the stairs "While I go and deal with our guests."


The Gremory clan had made themselves homily inside the kitchen. Zeocitus, Venelana, and Sirzechs had taken a seat at the table, while Grayfia stood behind her husband. Rias, Asia, and Millicas had meanwhile retreated into a corner and were having a quiet discussion. Well, Rias and Asia were having a discussion, Millicas was stilling munching on a bowl of my food. All eyes turned towards me when I walked into the room and let myself fall into the chair across from my grandparents.

"Let´s get the politics out of the way before we continue." I began before anyone else could speak up and turned to Zeoticus "May I know what the official position of the Gremory clan on this whole thing is? Will I be acknowledged as relative or official thrown out of the clan?"

"A Gremory," Zeoticus answered while glancing at Sirzechs with a stern face "does not abandon family. You are my grandson, Kazuto, which means you will have the full support of the clan."

Wow, Sirzechs bashing much? And now I can´t even be too much of an asshole to him because then I´ll look like a whiny child. Thank you very much for that! But the Gremory clan will acknowledge me as member, that should help contain the political fallout.

"Then, I´m happy to meet you for the first-time grandfather, grandmother."

Venelana clapped her hands together, a smile on her face "That was easier than expected. And you all were worried about coming here."

"I don´t really have a problem with you all, so there is no need for unnecessary drama." I paused and turned towards Sirzechs and Grayfia "Okay, that´s not completely true, I don´t like you both very much."

They both flinched at that.

"I am sorry Kazuto," the crimson Satan told me "I am sorry that we gave you away, but we wouldn´t have been able to protect you. There are still many devils who wish for the return of the old Satan families, who want to destroy our government and lead us into a new war. And there are still more devils who are content with our rule but would never accept a human born into a devil-family, least of all in the family of a Satan. They would all have tried to end your life, and we couldn´t have stopped them all. A single mistake, a single hole in our security and you would have been dead!"

I raised my hands "I get it, from a purely logical point. It was dangerous to keep me around but …" I sighed "Look, what do you even want from me? You can´t have come here to apologize and then pretend that we are a happy family."

"I," Grayfia spoke up with a trembling voice "I just wanted to meet you. You are my eldest son and I love you so very much!" Oh, I could see tears forming in her eyes. Damn, I didn´t think I would see the day where Grayfia is crying! "The day I had to give you up was the worst day of my life and I am so sorry that I couldn´t be there for you. I wanted to watch your first step, hear your first word and watch you grow up, but I couldn´t. I understand if you don´t want to have anything to do with us, or if you hate us because we gave you away, but I couldn´t just walk away, not when I have just found you again!"

And there goes the asshole option. Nope, I can´t just stop all contact again, not after that display. I mean Grayfia is crying and I am pretty sure she meant every word she said, but I sure as hell won´t simply go ahead and play happy family with them.

"You are my son." Sirzechs said after he stood up and hugged his crying wife "To give you up was the hardest decision I ever had to make. To find out that you disappeared from the orphanage I left you in…" He closed his eyes for a moment "I have done terrible things in my life, but I never hated myself more than at that day. I will accept if you want nothing to do with me, but I would be incredibly happy to call you my son."

Yep, that was it with the asshole option. So, what do I do now? I rubbed my temples.

"My parents are two middle-aged humans. My father is an office worker who loves fishing and reading his morning paper while eating with his family. My mother is a housewife who likes to keep everything clean and cooks the best meals you have ever eaten. You will never replace them!"

Sirzechs had a pained expression on his face, while Grayfia continued to cry on his shoulder.

"But I am willing to get to know you. I won´t promise to love you, I am not even sure if we will get along, still, I am willing to try."

Sirzechs closed his eyes for a moment before he smiled at me. "I am grateful that you are giving us this chance Kazuto, thank you!"

Grayfia just stood there, her body slightly trembling. I think she fought back the urge to hug me. I really didn´t know what to say in this situation, time to change the topic.

"Maybe we should talk about the consequences my little stunt will have?"

"We can´t keep your existence secret anymore," Sirzechs answered me after a moment, going along with my unsubtle topic change "too many devils have seen it already. We´ll try to keep at least the other supernatural factions in the dark, but it´s only a matter of time until they find out."

I waved him off "Don´t bother, Azazel already called to congratulate me about my fight."

He blinked "Azazel? As in Azazel, the leader of the fallen angels?" I simply nodded "How do you know the governor of the Grigori?"

"I had a fallen angel as my prisoner once and he met up with me to discuss her release." Should I tell them about the fact that he figured out who I was because his people dug up my supposedly grave? Better not, who knows how they will react.

He sighed "Then the whole supernatural community will know in a few days time. There will be people sent to observe you, but they will likely not be too bold as long as you are in devil territory."

I nodded "And the devils?"

"You have shown great strength in your fight with young Riser, which will help. Devils respect strength, after all. But there are many under the pillars who will feel affronted by your very existence. A human with the power of a devil, it will feel like an insult of the highest order for them."

"We will deal with them!" Zeoticus answered him "I just got my eldest grandson back, I will go to heaven before I let those old fossils take him!"

Go to heaven? Interesting curse word, but I suppose that "going to hell" isn´t really all that bad for a devil.

"The Leviathans support will surely help in that matter. Did the red dragon emperor tell the truth when he said you were acquainted?" Venelana asked me.

"She is my teacher and a friend."

"Oh, a friend? I have heard that you are much closer."

Damn you Issei, what the hell did you tell them?

"I assure you that we are friends and nothing more."

I had to stop the rumor that I was going out with Sera now, or else it will spread through the whole underworld, and Sera would happily play along!


I fished my phone out of my pocket and stared at the display, which showed Sera´s number. Why, why did she have to call now? Could I ignore her? Oh, who was I kidding, she would just teleport into the house if I ignored her. With a sigh, I took the call, in full awareness that the devil hearing would allow everyone in the room to listen.

"Yes, do you need something Sera?"

Venelana looked at me with an amused grin.

"Hi Kazu-tan, I just watched the fight between that evil Phenex and you. You were sooooo cool! I am really lucky to have such an awesome and cute boyfriend. I´ll come over later," her voice turned husky "to reward you!"

No, no, no, NO! Why in all seven hells must this be happening? Fuck it, it´s as if she knows what we just talked about. Did she spy on me, or what? I froze at the thought. That was Serafall Leviathan we are talking about, which means her spying on me is a real possibility!

"Sera, did you bug my house?"

"Ehhh, does that sound like something your beloved Sera would do Kazu-tan?"

"Yes," I answered with clenched teeth "it sounds exactly like something you would do. And if you don´t tell me the truth I won´t be talking with you for the next two months!"

A childish threat, I know, but I could hardly do anything else.

"What? NOOOOOOOO! You can´t do that Kazu-tan! If I don´t get enough of my beloved Kazu-tan I will shrivel up and die!"

How, how did this girl ever become a Satan?

"Answer the question Sera!"

"Okay, okay, you are such a meanie Kazu-tan." I could almost see her pout "I left a few observation spells in your house to keep you safe."

Calm down, Kazuto, at least she has a good reason.

"After all, you don´t know when a thieving neko will come to your home and try to seduce you!"

That damn cosplayer!

"And just how many observation spells did you place in my house?" I asked, shaking with rage.

"Oh," Sera answered cheerful "just a few dozen," A few dozen? Damn her, damn her to deepest parts of hell! "per room."


"Really? So, you are finally ready to take the next step in our relationship, I am so happy! But I didn´t know that you had such interests. You kinky bo-"

I crushed the phone in my hand, threw the pieces into a corner of the room and glared at them for good measure.

"It seems that Serafall-sama disagrees with your assessment of your relationship." my grandmother told me.

Oh, look at her grinning face. She was enjoying this, as was her husband who had hidden his mouth behind his hand, his whole body shaking with barely controlled laughter.

"One day, I will try to seduce Gabriel, just to see the look on Sera´s face!"

And I didn´t fucking care if Gabriel was listening to this, somehow, I had to pay Sera back.

"Ah," Sirzechs made himself known with a sheepish laugh "please don´t do that. If Serafall cares about you as much as I think she does, then she would declare war on heaven."

I sighed, yes, that´s exactly what she would do. Well, I´ll find another option to annoy her.

Suddenly, the door opened and Issei walked in. His gaze wandered around before focusing on the pieces lying in the corner.

"What happened to your phone, Nii-san?"

I groaned.



Issei glared at the two people who had turned out to be his brother's biological parents, while said brother escorted them out of the house. It had been a shock for him when he had learned that Buchou´s brother was his Nii-san´s father. It also meant he disliked the bastard and his wife immediately, even if said wife had great oppai. They had given Kazuto away when he was a baby and Issei didn´t care what reason they had for it. Oh, they had told him why they did it. That Kazuto had been born a human and that the other devils would have seen that as weakness and would have tried to kill him. Pah, his brother weak? His Nii-san was the strongest! He had known it from the day the first met when Kazuto had saved Issei, he had seen it when he beat up that fallen that had attacked them and he had witnessed it again just a few hours prior when his Nii-san had destroyed that damn flaming chicken and saved Buchou from her marriage.

The thought depressed him. He had been to week to save her, again. Had his brother not stepped in, then the woman who had saved his life would have been forced to marry that bastard. He had to get stronger, to protect Buchou! Maybe he should ask his Nii-san for training?

"Rias," Buchou´s mother spoke up "are you coming back home with us, or will you be spending the night with your pawn."

"Mother!" Rias protested with a red face.

"As long as they put up a silencing spell!" His brother grinned at him "Do you have enough condoms, or should I get some from dad´s stock?"



In the end, Rias decided to stay for the night. She settled into Asia´s room, for the time being at least. I am sure she would find her way into Issei´s bed before long. It will be fascinating to see if my brother manages to have sex with her, or if anime logic will kick in, causing blue balls for poor Issei.

Well, that was a question for another day. For now, I was happy to finally get into my bed. I pulled my clothes off (Rias was right, it was very comfortable to sleep naked) and snuggled into my bed. I had just settled down when a magical circle formed over me, and Serafall Leviathan landed on my stomach.

"Hyah Kazu-tan, your beloved Sera is here!"

I closed my eyes "Sera, I had a long day and while I normally like to joke around with you, I am simply too tired now."

There was a moment of silence before I heard the rustling of clothes. Then my bedcover was lifted and Serafall crawled under it and hugged me. Even with closed eyes, I could feel that something was missing.

"Why are you naked Sera?"

"It´s more comfortable to sleep naked!"

I surpassed a sigh "So you are planning to stay over?"

"Of course," she told me "after what you did today you deserve to cuddle with someone while falling asleep."

"What I have done? Do you mean beating Riser Phenex and revealing myself to the underworld or trying to make peace with my family?"

"Both! I am very proud of how strong you have become." She hugged me tighter "And I am prouder still how you handled your family."

I turned to face Serafall, her arms still around me. "So, you approve?"

She smiled at me "Yes, I would have understood if you would have ignored them, or even hated them but I am happy that you are giving them a chance." Her smile turned a bit sad "Family shouldn´t fight."

I looked at her for a moment and hugged her back.

"Did I ever tell you how happy I am to have met you?"

Sera stiffened in my arms "No," her voice sounded more vulnerable than I had ever heard "you never told me that."

"I am. The day I met you was one of the happiest days of my life, even if I didn´t know it back then."

Sera didn´t answer me, she just pressed her face to my chest. And as I lay there, stroking her hair, my chest slowly getting wet from Sera´s tears, I realized that I couldn´t delude myself anymore. I was truly and irreversibly in love with Serafall Leviathan.


I woke up to the sound of my door being thrown open.

"Nii-san, wake up! We have to hurry or we´re going to be …"

"Good morning Issei-chan, Rias-chan!" My eyes snapped open when I heard the voice atop of me "Give us a moment, we will be finished soon."

The first thing I noticed was Sera, who was straddling my lap, still as naked as the day she was born. The second, after I had forced my eyes away from her breasts (I´m no Issei, but I´m still a man) was my brother and Rias Gremory standing in the doorway.

"I´m so sorry Nii-san," Issei pulled the door closed, his face crimson "we´ll wait downstairs!"

I looked back at Sera, careful not to glance at her breasts.

"Would you please get off me?"

"Eh?" She began to bounce up and down, and I had to bite my own lips to stay in control of myself "But little Kazu-tan seems really happy about me sitting here!"

"Yes," I answered with a twitching eyebrow, still fighting my primal instincts "but he is happy about any female he comes into contact with, that is in his job description! And I really need to get up now!"

"Puh," Sera stood up, giving me a few of her whole body "sometimes you are no fun Kazu-tan!"

I rolled off the bed and made my way to my wardrobe, mentally chanting "You have to go to school, you can´t fuck the magical girl! You have to go to school, you can´t fuck the magical girl!"

"Oh," Sera, by now in her magical girl dress, clapped her hands together "before I forget it. We are going on a date this evening!"

I don´t really have much experience with the topic, but I thought you were supposed to ask someone before going on a date, not simply inform them.

"And may I know the occasion?"

"Today they will announce the results of the underworld´s most popular girl poll, and I want to celebrate my win with you!"

She didn´t lack confidence at least.

"Sure, why not, but you are paying!"

"So stingy!" Sera pouted "Don´t you want to spoil your beloved Sera?"

"You are a damn Maou, I am sure you have more money than me!" I pulled up my pants and walked towards the door. "I´ll be seeing you tonight."

Suddenly I felt Serafall hug me from behind.

"Ne Kazuto, the day I met you was one of my happiest days too."

Then she disappeared in a magical circle.


"Thank you again for making breakfast Asia," I told the girl walking to Issei´s left while ignoring the stares my now crimson hair got from the other student on the street "I totally overslept."

"It was no problem Kazuto-san," the blond told me with a smile "I am happy to help out!"

"Mou," the redhead on Issei´s right made herself known "don´t ignore me Kazuto! Why didn´t you tell me we were related?"

"Yes," I answered her while we passed the school gates "I am sure everything would have worked out perfectly if I had strolled into the school with flowing crimson hair and greeted you as auntie Rias."

Come on, what answer did she expect?

"You are so grumpy Kazuto!" Suddenly she sprouted a huge grin on her face "Is that because we interrupted your and Serafall-sama´s morning activities?"

"There were no morning activities between us." I hissed at her. She just had to bring it up here in the open, where everyone could hear it, didn´t she?

"Really? But wasn´t Serafall-sama sitting on your lap? And weren´t both of you naked? And I could have sworn that Serafall-sama said you would be finished soon."

The schoolyard suddenly seemed to get colder, the chirping of the birds stopped and I felt a cold chill traveling up my spine.

"Ara, Sona good morning, I didn´t see you there." Oh, that bitch! "Come along now Issei, Asia, let Sona have some time alone with Kazuto. I am sure she has much to talk about with her future brother in law."

I turned around, while Rias fled with Issei and Asia, and came face to face with Sona Sitri, who had been leaning at the wall next to the gate. Her face was expressionless as usual, but all my senses were screaming danger just from looking at her. All the other students had disappeared, without doubt, sensing the murderous mode she was in.

"I just want to say that I am fully willing and capable to defend myself if you attack me Sitri-san."

"Whatever gave you the impression that I would do that Hyoudou-san?" She smiled at me. I think a grinning skull would have looked friendlier. "I am just here to invite you to a game of chess in the student council room."

"I would love to, but I fear that I have to go to class now."

"Don´t worry Hyoudou-san, I have already talked with your teachers and excused you from today's classes."

Of course, she had, that was Sona Sitri after all. Maybe it´s better if I get it done as fast as possible.

"Then lead the way, Sitri-san."


I sat in front of the gigantic desk in the student council room, Sona´s whole peerage lined up at the walls. Most of them looked pretty confused about what was going on.

"Did you know that I had a talk with your brother last evening, Hyoudou-san?" Sona told me while preparing the chessboard.

Of course, of course, Issei had told them about me and Sera while Sona Sitri could listen in!

"Normally, I would ask what about what you were doing with my brother outside school time," I ignored Saji´s indignant shout "but I think you won´t appreciate the humor. So, let me ask you, what exactly do you want to know?"

I moved my pawn forward, starting the game.

Sona glared at me for a moment before adjusting her glasses "What is your relationship with my sister."

"She is one of the most important people in my life!" I answered without hesitation.

She looked into my eyes for a long time, seemingly judging my sincerity, before slumping back into her chair "I hope you are prepared for her."

I raised an eyebrow "Don´t get me wrong Sitri-san, I am happy that you don´t make a drama out of this, but I thought your reaction would be a bit more … extreme."

Sona moved her rook, not even looking at me "My sister didn´t become a Maou without being a good judge of character. If she became close with you, then she believes you are trustworthy, and I trust her judgment. Still," she glared at me "if you somehow hurt my sister I will rip your entrails out and decorate the school with them!"

Wow, didn´t expect that from her.

I held my hands up "Warning received, Sitri-san."

"Good, but I hope you know what you are doing. My sister can be … eccentric."

I had to chuckle "Yes, I figured that out when she barged into my room, totally panicked because her beloved So-tan didn´t like the underwear she bought for her and proceeded to drag me on a shopping trip to choose a replacement."

Sona groaned "I had hoped, truly hoped, that your brother was lying about that. Please tell me that this only happened once."

"Well, once per month is normal."

She buried her face in her hands "Onee-sama!"

"You should see the positive side of things!"

"And pray tell, Hyoudou-san, what is positive about the fact that a boy has been buying my underwear for the last few years without my knowledge?"

"Because without me you would be running around only in edible or see-through underwear."

She stared at me, her eyes almost begging me to take my statement back "NO!"

"Yes!" I surpassed a grin. I think I understand Sera a bit better now, breaking Sona´s cool façade is fun "Sera told me that her So-tan is so sweet that she just wants to eat her up and that her So-tan is so beautiful that she shouldn´t hide her body."


I turned around to see Tsubaki standing with a raised hand over Saji, who had blood dribbling down his nose. Yeah, not difficult to see what happened there. When I looked back at Sona I found her with her face buried in her hands again.

"Why can´t my sister just be normal?"

I can understand the sentiment "If it makes you feel better, I know what it means to deal with Serafall Leviathan" Sona looked at me skeptical "You don´t believe me? She has my whole family convinced that we are going out and that she takes me on regular trips to have sex with me!"

"That´s nothing!" she waved her hand in a dismissive manner "Onee-sama made an album of naked pictures she took of me when I was younger. She still shows it to people!"

Yes, I had seen that album. What does that say about my life?

"At least it´s just childhood pictures, I just found out that your sister has bugged my whole house, which means she has hours of film which shows me naked!" And masturbating, but I won´t mention that "And I have no idea how to find all her observation spells, so she probably will continue to film me!"

Sona looked at me for a moment before she began to rummage through her desk. She pulled out a folder full of spell circle descriptions and showed it to me.

"That are all the observation spells I have found in my rooms. You should be careful some of them activate a second, hidden spell when destroyed."

I looked through the dossier with interest. Sona had recorded dozens of different spells in there.

"Do you have anything to prevent her from entering your room."

She stood up, came around the desk and showed me a second dossier.

"Onee-sama is too powerful too really keep out. If she wants in, she gets in. So, I have my on observations spells in place, to at least check when she entered."

I shook my head "Those don´t work!"

She frowned "You haven´t even looked through them yet. They have shown good results!"

"I don´t need to look at them all. I know for a fact that your sister is regularly breaking into your room while your sleeping to measure your three sizes. If they don´t record that, then it means she knows about them and just lets herself get caught so you don´t change your spells."

"Damn it, it took me months to come up with some of those spells!"

"I think that is the problem," I pointed at the stacks of papers "you mainly use spells, but your sister is at a level at which she can even the slightest use of magic. Have you fought about installing an electronic surveillance system to check if she was in your room?"

Sona grimaced "And have her simply steal the recordings? No thank you!"

"Sorry didn´t think about that."

"No, it´s an understandable mistake Hyoudou-san."

"What about a few good old-fashioned traps?" I asked "I think she would trip something like a bucket of tar and feathers, even if she knew about it, just for the fun of it. Oh, and please call me Kazuto."

Sona nodded "True, sadly that will only work one or two times before she gets bored by it. Maybe if the traps change weekly? And you may call me Sona while we are in private."

We sat there for the next few hours, under the eyes of her astonished peerage, discussing our defense plans against her sister, our chess game all but forgotten. There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and facing the affection of Serafall Leviathan is one of them.


It was lunch break when I finally left the student council room, my mind swirling with ideas and plans to fortify my home against Sera.

"Man, I really fought Kaichou would rip you a new one when she brought you in. And then, you suddenly both act as if there never was a problem." Saji, who had accompanied me, told me.

I had to shake my head at that. "Oh, you sweet summer child. You will understand when you meet Sona´s sister for the first time."

"Is she really that terrible?"

"Ah," I rubbed my head "not terrible per se, but she is very eccentric and very, very energetic. I sometimes get the feeling like I´m dealing with a preschooler on a sugar rush, a preschooler who could wipe out a country."

"But isn´t Kaichou´s sister one of the four Maou? How could she be a leader of the underworld with a personality like that?" Saji looked at me skeptically.

"Believe me, I have asked myself the same question time and time again."

"Ara, ara," my left arm was suddenly grabbed and trapped between two breasts "you are quite merciless with your assessment, aren´t you Kazuto?"

I glanced at the violet-eyed beauty grabbing me, careful to avoid her breasts. Really, is it sexual harassment day? "How may I help you on this beautiful day, Akeno-san? And please let go of my hand!"

Akeno smiled at me and tightened her grip "Why, I had hoped you would have lunch together with me. I accidentally prepared too much food this morning, so I thought we could use this opportunity to become closer, Ufufufufu. And please," she batted her eyelashes at me "just call me Akeno."

Run! My instincts where screaming at me to run, hide and never come back here. Fuck, how did I attract the attention of the damnable sadist? I hadn´t even much contact with her, what could … my battle with Riser. Oh shit, I had tried to force him to surrender by torturing him, with electroshocks, in front of the Thunder Princess, the Ultimate Sadist herself!

Oh, fuck no! I had just come to terms with the fact that I was in love with Sera, I sure as hell wouldn´t throw myself in front of the wolves by playing around with Akeno. And wasn´t she supposed to be part of Issei´s harem, one of the most enthusiastic members at that? Yes, he can deal with her!

"I´m very sorry Akeno-san," I desperately tried to free my arm "but I have important things to do."

Her grip grew stronger, that strength boost the queen piece gave her was ridiculous "Ara, that´s no problem Kazuto, I´ll simply accompany you."

"No, no, I don´t want to inconvenience you, Akeno-san!"

"Oh no, you aren´t inconveniencing me Kazuto. I am happy to come along!"

I narrowed my eyes "Akeno-san, I fear I have to reject your offer, so, please release my arm."

"My, whatever would happen if I refuse to let you go?" her smile turned mischievous

I gritted my teeth "In that case I would have to remove it myself."

"You would use violence against a poor, defenseless maiden like myself? Ufufufufu," she licked her lips "how exciting!"

I should have told her that I really wasn´t interested in flirting with her, or I could have distracted her and run, or a dozen other things. Why didn´t I do that? I blame anime logic! Anime logic, my panic and the fact that I was, deep down, flattered that such a beautiful woman was showing interest in me. So, I did probably the stupidest thing I could have done. I channeled electricity through the hand she held onto and gave her a shock.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Akeno groaned and slumped against the nearby wall, her legs shaking.

What? Did I use too much power? The amount I used shouldn´t have been enough to seriously hurt her, just give her a painful shock!

"Akeno, are you okay? Did I hurt you?" I asked with a panic filled voice.

"Oh my," she pushed herself away from the wall and faced me. As I looked at her flushed face and her half-closed eyes I came to a realization. That hadn´t been a groan of pain, that had been a moan of pleasure! "that felt amazing Kazuto! But to go so far without even taking me on a date, how bold of you!" lightning began to dance around her hands, much more powerful than the one I used "I think I have to punish you a bit. Don´t worry, I´ll make sure that you will feel good … eventually."

I looked at Saji, who stood in the corridor with a horrified face and Akeno, who seemed ready to torture me, or rape me, not sure which. Yep, time to make the logical choice! I threw myself out of the nearest window and began to sprint away as fast as my legs could carry me.


I stared at my laptop, on which I just had won my latest round of league of legends. Turns out that superhuman reflexes are really useful for winning in that game. Yes, I had skipped the rest of school that day and decided to play computer games! Give me a break, what would you have done if you had managed to attract the Ultimate Sadist? Well, that was a problem for another day. What to do now? Maybe I should check if my parents are back by now. It is really fascinating how they simply disappear when all this supernatural stuff is happening in our home.

That plan fell short when a magical circle appeared, and an angry Sera stepped into my room.

"I´ll kill that bitch! Why was she even an option? It´s named underworld´s most popular girl for a reason!"

"Uhm Sera," I looked at her confused "what´s going on?"

Her eyes focused on me for a moment, and then she tackled me "Kazu-taaaaaaaan, it´s terrible! That angel bitch stole my title! And I bet she is laughing her ass off about it too!"

"Timeout, I have no clue what you are talking about."

"That bitch Gabriel," she spat the name out like it was a curse "was elected as the most popular girl in the underworld!"

I had to blink at that. "The Archangel, the strongest woman in heaven?" I continued at her nodding "Why was she even allowed in that contest?"

Sera threw her arms up "Exactly! That bitch must have bribed someone to get on the voting list. She is doing that just to annoy me I know it!"

Wow, the paranoia is strong in this one "Sera, isn´t she an angel? Are those guys even allowed to do stuff like that?"

"Pah, that what they want you to think! She enjoys seeing me suffer, and nobody believes me!"

Yes, because Gabriel is an archangel, an embodiment of virtue and pureness and you are a fucking Satan. Well, I can hardly say that. Think fast Kazuto, how can you change the topic.

"So, does that mean our date is canceled?"

Oh yes, I marvel at my own brilliance. Ask an upset Sera if we can skip the date she wanted to go on, pure genius.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, Kazu-tan," her sweet smile sent shivers down my spin "we will just have to adjust our plans a bit!"

I have a bad feeling about this!


"Let me get this straight," I watched as Sera was typing in some sort of computer. "you want me to help you prank an archangel."

"Yep!" Sera told me with a happy voice, now moving ominous looking machines in place around the magical circle I was sitting in.

"To do that, we will break into heaven, using some sort of portal Ajuka developed to infiltrate heaven in case a new war breaks out between devils and angels."

"Uhu, Ajuka sure is smart, don´t you think so Kazu-tan? I had a really hard time getting to that damn excuse of a woman before he invented this portal!"

Why are you using super-secret technology to prank Gabriel, that´s what I want to know! No, more importantly, doesn´t that mean you already used it before? That´s a direct route to heaven, ignoring all their defenses, isn´t it? That would be a trump card in every war and you are using it because you lost some popularity vote!

"Ignoring the insanity of the whole idea, how are we going to stay undetected up there? They have a whole monitoring system in place!"

"Moh," Sera pouted at me "don´t you trust your beloved Sera?"

"You just told me that we are breaking into heaven, of course, I don´t trust you!"

"Don´t worry Kazu-tan, your girlfriend has it covered!" she threw a small vial on a chain into my hands "This is angel essence. Very hard to get without corrupting the angel in question, but with that, we can evade detection."

I stared at the slimy white fluid that was swapping around in the necklace and decided I was better off not knowing what exactly "angel essence" was.

My companion seemed to have finished her preparations because she skipped into the magical circle.

"Okay, everything is ready! Just remember the plan and you will be fine Kazu-tan!"

I felt my eyebrows twitch "We didn´t make a plan Sera."

"Oh right, sorry, forgot about that, Tehe!" she hit her head and struck out her tongue. Goddamnit, why did she have to look so cute doing that? "Just keep close to me and do what I do." She slapped an armband on my left hand "If you need to get out fast, just break the armband and you will be teleported right back here, so there really isn´t any danger!"

I beg to differ! We are breaking into heaven, of course, that's dangerous! What if I ran into a high-ranking angel? Should I tell him I took the wrong exit at the highway and landed in heaven?

"Oh, and the first time using this portal can be a bit harsh, but don´t worry I´ll carry you when we reach heaven!"

"What? Why would I need to be…"?

We disappeared in a flash of magical energy before I could finish my question.


What heaven looks like you ask? No clue, I saw a lot of white, but that could have been because of the pain! Yes, Sera wasn't exaggerating when she told me the portal would be harsh. I felt like somebody had opened my stomach, plaid around with my entrails, closed it with a nail machine and kicked me in the balls for good measure. No wonder the devils don´t invade that way, their army would be completely useless!

By the time the pain had faded enough that I could move around again Sera was dragging me through what looked like a gigantic mansion. And I mean really gigantic, the floors where as wide as my living room, the walls full of expensive looking portraits and the doors I could see were made from slightly glowing white wood. Whoever lived here was loaded!

"Kazu-tan," Sera noticed I was back from the land of pain and let me down "good, you got better right at time!"

"You could have warned me about that, you know?"

She tilted her head "But I did, right before the portal activated!"

I gritted my teeth "You said that it would be harsh, not that I would be in agony!"

"Oh, don´t be a baby Kazu-tan," she hugged me from behind, stuck her hands under my shirt and began to rub my belly "there, your amazing girlfriend will make the pain go away!"

"Oi," I pulled away with a crimson face "that´s never the right time nor the right place!"

She grinned at me "So you want to continue later Kazu-tan?"

"Oh, shut up!" I averted my eyes, because, as much as it hurt my manly pride, her belly rub did feel good.

"You´re so cute when you are all tsun-tsun!"

Why did I have to fall for the craziest girl in hell again?

"So, where are we exactly?" When in a pinch, change the topic.

"Right, right!" Sera dragged me to a colossal double door and threw it open "may I present you, the angel bitch´s living chambers!"

I found myself in what looked like a gigantic living room. Really, why did angels and devils have to build everything so bombastic? Come on, the couch was big enough to fit a whole football team on it. The desk was even bigger than the ones used by Rias and Sona. And would you look at that Tv, it took up a complete wall! Wait, they have Tv in heaven? Never would have guessed.

Sera tugged on my sleeve and began to lead me around the room. "There you have the kitchen, back there is the dining room and in here you have the room for her clothes. Now we have about half an hour before the bitch is normally finished with her relaxing time in the bathhouse, so I'll get her clothes while you empty out the kitchen, okay Kazu-tan?"

It´s terrifying how well you know Gabriel´s rooms and schedule. Are you sure that´s just a rivalry you have going on there and not something more?

"And what about the room back there?" I pointed at a door at the opposite side of the Tv. Who knows, maybe there was a bunch of security angels stationed in there, just waiting for us to let our guard down.

"That´s her bedroom, but she has a barrier there, so I can´t get in!"

Serafall disappeared in the supposed clothing room while I made my way towards Gabriel´s bedroom. Hey, I was interested in what type of barrier a Seraphim would set up in her own home! Imagine my surprise when I managed to touch the doorknob without any sort of resistance.

"No way!" I saw Serafall´s head peaking out of the room she was plundering "Did the bitch forget to activate it?"

That hypothesis was proven incorrect when Sera tried to approach the door but was flung back by a shimmering barrier just one step away from the door.

"Owie," she rubbed her head "okay, that´s not it. Maybe she didn´t think about a human trying to enter her bedroom?" Huh, certainly a possibility, even if it´s a bit negligent for a last line of defense. "Whatever, Kazu-tan, go ransack her bedroom!"

"Excuse me?" Did she really expect me to steal from Gabriel´s bedroom? Oh, who was I kidding, of course, she expected me to do it.

"It´s perfect!" Sera clapped her hands together "You go in there and steal whatever emergency clothing she has, and I go to the bathhouse and nick the one she is wearing right now. That damnable angel will have to go around without underwear like the bitch she is!" Wow, whatever did that woman do to you? "As soon as you are finished break your armband, it will transport you into one of Ajuka´s labs. Stay safe Kazu-tan!"

And she was gone. Good god, I really have a troublesome love interest in this life. Well, no matter, if I don´t at least get in there Sera will nag about it forever. I took a big breath and opened the door.


Gabriel´s bedroom was a lot smaller than I expected, nothing of the grand scale that was outside. The only thing even remotely big was the bed, and I expect that was so that she could stretch her wings. There was a small desk with a chair, a single clothing drawer and that was it. A lot more nihilistic then I expected. Well, let´s get this over with!

Should I open the drawer? I really didn´t want to steal Gabriel´s underwear, who knows how she will react if she finds out. Maybe I can find something in the desk which will satisfy Sera. The first desk-drawer was empty, as was the second, but the third was full of old newspaper articles. I looked through them, at the beginning with interest, and then with growing horror.

Gabriel voted most popular woman by the European pantheons – Serafall Leviathan attacks committee!

"Miracle Levia-tan" stops airing in favor of the rising Tv show "Gabriel-watch" – Serafall Leviathan rampages through east-Asia!

Serafall Leviathan kidnaps the head of the "Archangel Gabriel fan club"!

Oh god, there were dozen, maybe even hundreds of pages describing Serafall being enraged by Gabriel in some form or another. Suddenly Sera´s word came into my mind "She enjoys seeing me suffer, and nobody believes me!"

"Fuck me sideways," I muttered, still staring at the pages in my hand in disbelieve "Sera was right!"

"Language!" I heard an amused voice behind me.

I froze. Why was there a voice behind me? There shouldn´t be a voice behind me! Slowly, very slowly, I turned my head towards the door. There, leaning at the door I found a woman, clothed in bathrobes. I had seen a lot of beauties in my second life, but the one standing in the doorframe topped them all. I don´t think I can convey it with words. Really, how could a description like curly blonde hair and blue eyes do someone like her justice? And the golden halo above her head somehow made her look even more attractive.

But right now, I had really no time to sing praises about the woman's beauty, because I needed to get out of there! I carefully turned around, placed the newspapers on the desk and ripped my armband off, or at least tried to. My arm was gripped by a delicate hand, who nevertheless had a strength that I could not break free off.

"Now, now, it´s not very nice to break into a girl's room and then try to run away!" I was forcefully turned around and came face to face with the blond-haired beauty.

"Would you believe me if I told you I went for a walk and ended up here by accident?" I really wonder why I start talking nonsense whenever I meet someone really powerful.

She tilted her head to the side, an amused smile on her face "I don´t think that's quite what happened, is it, Kazuto?"

Oh crap, she knew who I was! And she wasn´t using any honorifics, why was that?

"Ah," I rubbed the back of my head with the hand she didn´t hold "so you know who I am Gabriel-sama?" I paused "And could you please let go of my hand?"

"How could I not know you? You were making quite a few waves up here when we found out that you got a direct connection to any Seraph who´s name you used. And will you promise not to try to run again if I let you go?"

Ah yes, I had forgotten about that little fact in my panic. Damnit calm down Kazuto, losing your head will only lead to you getting killed or imprisoned!

"I assume I wouldn´t be fast enough to run even if I tried?" The Seraph inclined her head in my direction "Well, then I promise I won´t try it."

Really, there was no point if she was fast enough to catch me. Maybe I could bullshit my way out of this? Trying won´t hurt.

Gabriel smiled at me and let go of my hand "Wonderful! So, what brings you to my humble home Kazuto?"

Humble my ass! Did she not notice the gigantic Tv outside?

"Uhm, I was coerced into doing this by an overexcited magical girl?" Wow, that sounded so outlandish, it´s sad that it´s actually true.

"Truly? So Serafall finally found someone who indulges her more childish tendencies?"

I frowned "You really don´t sound all that concerned about her breaking into heaven."

The Seraph smiled at me again "It isn´t the first time it happened, and it won´t be the last time." Translation, I know that she can break in and it really isn´t much of a danger to heaven "To tell you a secret, I find her antics rather amusing."

I glanced at the stack of newspapers on the desk "Yes, I noticed that."

She followed my gaze and giggled. No really, the, a few-thousand-year-old Archangel giggled! Her voice was beautiful like a thousand tiny bells ringing. What was god thinking when he created her, that he had to make the perfect beauty and then let nobody touch her? Damnit, concentrate Kazuto!

"Oh my, not really what you were expecting to find in there?"

"No," I shook my head "not quite!"

She looked at me, clearly amused, then she turned around, took off her bathrobe and laid it on her bed. Wait, what? I could only stare at the backside of the angel, most of her back was covered with golden locks, but her *ahem* bottom was only hidden by a pair of white panties. One of her hands reached back and threw her hair over her shoulder, revealing her bra strap.

Gabriel looked back over her shoulder "Could you help me open my bra Kazuto? I have trouble reaching it."

Okay, sanity clearly has the day off. Gabriel, the Seraphim, the strongest woman in heaven was asking me to help her take off her bra. My brain refused to continue working while it processed that bit of information. My body didn´t seem to care and before I knew it I had unhooked her bra.

"Ahhhhh, thank you very much! You don´t know how relaxing that is."

My brain had just started rebooting when she took off her bra and bend over to pull down her panties. Then she turned around and pressed both items into my hand.

"Be a dear and put those away for me, would you?"

I really didn´t listen to her, because my eyes had started wandering down, over her perfectly shaped breasts and came to a stop right between her legs.

"As you can see," she sounded amused again "I am shaving regularly." Oh, oh fuck me! I had forgotten about that little comment. "And" my hand was suddenly grabbed and pulled forward until it enveloped a soft yet firm shape "my breasts aren´t the least bit saggy!"

You know, I never understood Issei´s obsession over breasts until this point. I mean, yeah, they were nice and all that, but not something to go completely crazy over. That was until now. Wait, did I just agree with Issei? Fuck, no get yourself under control Kazuto! After my brain jumpstarted I felt blood rushing into my face and I jumped away from the woman who had let me touch her breast in such a casual manner.

I heard soft laughter ringing through the air "Oh my, you really are cute when you are flustered Kazuto-san!"

"Don´t give me that shit! Aren´t you supposed to be and embodiment of purity? I thought no male was supposed to see you naked!"

"Language!" she chided me "And what has being naked to do with being pure? This is the body my father gave me so, why I should I be ashamed of it being seen?"

Okay, so Gabriel was a nudist, fan-freaking-tastic!

"So, the whole thing about no male seeing you naked is just propaganda?"

"No," she shook her head "it´s true that I normally don´t show my body in front of male company. In fact, I believe you are the first male since my father that has laid eyes on my bare flesh," she grinned at me "and certainly the first to have the honor to touch my breasts."

I blinked "Okay … I am clearly missing something here."

She sighed "Kazuto, you must understand that my body invokes a large amount of lust in most males who see it. If I would walk around naked in heaven, then we would have our angels falling left and right. And whom else do I know enough to be comfortable with showing my body?"

"Wait, wait, wait!" I held my hands up, one still clenching her underwear "why would you be okay with me seeing it, not to speak about touching it? You don´t know me, apart from a few curses!"

Gabriel tilted her head and answered with a small smile playing around her lips "But I do know you, Kazuto. I have known you for a long time."


"Do you not remember? You once prayed to me, when you were but a child."

I did? Wait what did I pray about… oh. I hadn´t thought about that day in a long time, the day sister Sophia was buried.

"I … did you … is Sister Sophia okay?"

"Of course she is, I brought her to heaven myself!"

I felt tears gathering in my eyes "You did?"

Gabriel looked at me a bit of pity in her gaze "How could I not after I heard your heartfelt prayer?"

I dropped into a deep bow, tears dripping from my eyes "Thank you very much, Gabriel-sama! I am in your debt. Should you need anything from me you have only to ask and I will do everything in my power to fulfill your request!"

I had loved Sister Sophia, the wonderful kind woman that had taken care of me after my birth parents had given me away. I would do whatever Gabriel asked of me, nothing else would be enough to repay her for taking care of Sister Sophia

I felt myself being pulled up and came face to face with the Seraphim. She studied me for a moment and then she smiled at me. A smile filled with so much warmth and kindness like I have never seen before. In that moment I could truly see why Archangels were described as incarnation of all that was good!

"Ah, there is the boy Sophia described to me. The boy that would cook for children twice his age and read goodnight stories to those his own, the boy that I have watched since he prayed to me, a boy with eyes too old for his age and a heart full of kindness." She caught one of my tears with her fingers "There is no dept owned Kazuto, I just did my duty."

I shook my head "Even if it was your duty, my offer stands. Call me and I shall answer. And" I sighed "I fear you give me too much credit. I can be quite an asshole, you know?"

"Yes," she was amused again "before you arrived, I was just about to show Michael a video, in which you showed quite a bit of arrogance while beating down a certain devil. But," she tapped my breast with a finger "your kindness is still in here. You have just begun hiding it!"

I really didn´t know what to answer at that. Was it true? I had to think more about it when I get back home.

"Gabriel," my thoughts were interrupted by a voice coming from the door "are you decent?"

The female Seraph turned to the door, back to me and then she smirked. Yes, she smirked. In that moment she remembered me too much of Serafall for my comfort. She pulled the bathrobe back on, not bothering with her underwear and sat down on the bed.

"Of course, Michael, you can come in!" somehow her voice sounded more innocent than before.

Michael? Of fuck! As the door opened slowly I realized how the situation I was in must have looked like to another person. A young redhead with a pair of underwear in his hands, while a beautiful golden-haired woman was sitting on a bed just in a bathrobe? You may as well have walked into a porn-studio and I think that's exactly what Gabriel wanted it to look like!

Okay, damage control! I slammed the undies into one of my pockets, making sure that no part of it peeked out and then simply stood there in the middle of the room. I had never time to hide, nor flee (who knows if Gabriel wouldn´t have stopped me from ripping off my armband), so the best thing was to act like I belonged here.

The door opened fully and in strode a male that was clearly related to Gabriel. He had long blonde hair, green eyes and a hallow shining above his head. Yep, leader of the angles here, I am so fucked!

"Gabriel, I just wanted to look if everything is alright. Serafall Leviathan was sighted, and I thought …" At that moment he noticed me standing in the room. His face turned a bit frosty. "And who might this young man be? And why is he in your room sister?"

Gabriel tilted her head to the site. She looked a bit like a bit like a puppy at the moment "That´s Kazuto. As to why he is here, uhm …" she looked at me and blushed a bit "I think he said something about trying to seduce me?"

Oh, oh you fucking bitch! Are you trying to get me killed, is that it? Oh my, that´s a very friendly smile you have on your face Michael, if only you weren´t aiming that light spear at me. Okay, emergency plans? Pull on the armband, which would get me skewered before I could reach it. Anything else? Nothing? Okay, brain is out of ideas, mouth time to do your thing. You managed to get me Sera as my teacher, now save my life!

"I´m very sorry madam, but store policy states that flirting with employees is strictly forbidden. If you continue I fear I have to ban you from our massage parlor." I turned towards Michael "I´m sorry sir, but massage sessions are strictly private, so I have to ask you to leave."

No way that he will believe that, no way in hell! Michael´s gaze turned towards Gabriel. Please, I begged her with my eyes, please play along. She still looked totally innocent, but I bet she was having fun deep down.

"It was just a joke brother. You weren´t about to hurt Kazuto, were you?" And this year's Oscar goes to Gabriel, for playing totally innocent while nearly getting me killed via her brother.

"Ah," his face turned a bit crimson and he dismissed the light spear he was holding "I am very sorry about that. I just misunderstood the situation, I will be leaving right away."

He nodded in my direction and disappeared through the door. I let out a breath I hadn't even noticed I was holding.

"Nice safe!"

I glared at the grinning angel. "And what was that about, are you trying to get me killed!"

"But Kazuto, didn´t you proclaim proudly that you would seduce me just yesterday in front of the whole Gremory clan? You can´t get a girl´s hope up and then smash her down like this. You could have broken my heart, you know?"

I felt my eyebrows twitch "That´s it I´m leaving!"

I tried to grab my armband, only to be stopped by Gabriel's hand again.

"Oh, by Odin's left nut, what is it now?"

"You can´t leave now Kazuto."

"And why not?" I was getting pissed now.

"Why, you still owe me a massage, don´t you?"

My eyebrows twitched even harder "Are you kidding me?"



I gritted my teeth.


She was doing this on purpose, I know it!


"Okay that´s it, we are done!"

I stepped back from the bed on which a completely naked Gabriel, who was covered with massage oil, had laid down. Turns out she was serious when she asked me about a massage. And getting Michael to come back was a very effective threat to get me to work. Now that wouldn´t be so bad if she hadn´t insisted on making all those noises while I massaged her back. I was a teenager for god's sake, that really wasn´t good for my hormones!

"Oh my," Gabriel stretched, still completely naked. Damn she had a fine pair of breasts. No, Kazuto, think about something else! "that felt simply wonderful! I had no idea you were this talented Kazuto."

Thank you for the compliment, but I really had to get out of here and take care of a … little problem between my legs now.

"If there is nothing else then I will leave now."

"Kazuto," Oh fuck it, couldn´t that angel let it go "I know you want to get stronger to protect your brother, but please, don´t forget about the little boy that decided that taking care of his fellow orphans was far more important than everything else!"

I felt myself relax as I looked at the Seraph that was sitting before me. Yes, there was a reason she was hailed as one of heaven´s kindest angels.

"I won´t, I promise that." I smiled and fell back into a bow "It was an honor meeting you, Gabriel-sama."

She smiled "It was a pleasure meeting you Kazuto. Take care of yourself!" I nodded and gripped my armband "Oh, before I forget it! When can I get my next massage appointment?"

I rolled my eyes at the grinning angel as I broke it and felt myself being pulled away.


The trip out of heaven was much more pleasant than the one in. The trouble started as soon as I landed in what looked like a laboratory in someone basement, just much more futuristic.


"Let me go Ajuka, I have to get Kazuto back. They could have captured him!" Oh, that was clearly Sera´s voice.

"Be reasonable Serafall, you can´t just barge into heaven and start ripping the place apart!" And I assume that was Ajuka, seems we really landed in one of his labs.

"I don´t care, they could be torturing Kazuto right now!"

Okay, time to step in before this gets out of hand.

"Actually, I´m all right. A bit tired, but not tortured or anything like that."

I had barely finished my sentence when I was knocked to the ground by Sera.

"Kazuuuuuu-tan!" she began to rub her face against mine "I was so worried about you! What happened?"

I sighed "Gabriel turned up shortly after you left."

"What!" Sera practically hissed the word "Did that bitch do anything to you!"

I shook my head "No, not really. We just had a little chat and then Michael turned up and I had to bullshit my way out of there. Which lead to me having to massage Gabriel and …"

I realized what I had said a moment too late to stop it. I carefully glanced down at Sera and found her nearly frozen.

"You massaged her Kazuto?" Her voice was completely emotionless "You never massaged me, but that bitch forced you to massage her?" She stood up "Well, then I just have to kill her, her and her entire damnable species."

Oh shit. Did I just start the second great war? I began to panic when Sera walked away. Fuck, do something Kazuto!

"I´ll give you a massage too Sera!" Her steps didn´t falter "Every day!"

She stopped for a moment but then continued to walk away. Come on, there must be something she wants from me, anything!

"You can move in with me!"

I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind and was rewarded by being knocked over again.

"Yay, my beloved Kazu-tan finally is ready to live together with me! Oh, it will be wonderful! You can help me with my show preparations, we can cuddle every night and we will spend so much time together." She hopped off my chest. "Oh, I have to get everything ready. Don´t worry Kazu-tan, I will be at your place in a flash, so don´t miss me too much!"

And she was gone. I had just invited Sera to live with me, the same Sera who had bugged my complete house. She would be there as oft as she could now. My god, how will I survive this? Wait, does that mean? I sacked on my knees when a terrible question came to my mind. How would I masturbate without getting caught now?

Suddenly I felt a hand land on my shoulder and I looked up into the blue eyes of Ajuka Beelzebub. "Think about this when you face the trials that await you. Your sacrifice today may have saved millions of lives!"

That didn´t really make me feel any better.

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