"Are you not in love me with me anymore?" He asked with a frown on his face. The closed eyed man simply shook his head. Arms around him tightening as they held him from behind.

"Why would you think that?" A pair of lips pressed against his nape and he sighed contently.

The calloused hands that were accustomed to the tennis lifestyle simply held him in fear and he could feel the slight tremble around him. "You've been distant lately." He heard the other whisper almost as if he didn't want to say it. "Fuji, is there someone else?" At this, the man he was hugging simply sat up, arms falling to the others side.

He was annoyed that Tezuka had even questioned him on the matter. "Do you want there to be?" He said bluntly, a tinge of annoyance spilling out of his lips as those words left them.

Tezuka sat up and looked at the blurry figure in front of him, his glasses resting on the bedside table. "No." He could see the other staring at him, was that anger he saw? He felt the weight on the bed lighten as Fuji got up. He was collecting his clothes from the floor. "Where are you going?"

Putting his briefs on, "I'm sleeping on the couch." Fuji replied and turned to Tezuka whose eyes were now averted to the bed. "I want you to really think about what you just asked me. Especially after what we just did and you still think that." With that he left the room.

Within the past few days, he had been busy at work and was barely home. He was stressed, annoyed and possibly close to over exhausting himself. He had never had so many clients in one week and not that he wasn't grateful that his company was striving but his boyfriend didn't seem to understand at all. For once he wanted to actually be apart from him.

He sighed sitting on the couch and thought it over. Was he really being cold to the man loved? It wasn't on purpose. He placed a hand on his head and laid down on the couch. He was cold…

Fuji woke up to someone shaking him and quickly opened his eyes. He was staring at his boyfriend and became thoroughly confused. Did he not sleep on the couch last night?

"Syuusuke, you'll be late to work." Tezuka said with worry on his face. Fuji sat up and looked at the clock, 7:35 it read.

He stood up almost head butting Tezuka in the face and ran to the bedroom. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?!" He yelled running to the bathroom with undergarments in his hand.

Tezuka scratched the back of his head a little confused. "I tried but you wouldn't wake up and then you started talking in your sleep." Fuji looked at him a little annoyed and simply closed the door. Tezuka sighed and sat on the couch. What was he doing wrong? He wondered staring at the ceiling. They had been together for 5 years now and never had this happened to them. Maybe he really was seeing someone else. Maybe they were giving him what he couldn't. Was it because he was unemployed? He sighed again and stood up. Maybe I should look for a job He thought grabbing the newspaper from yesterday.

He had been traveling just until a few months ago, going from tournament to tournament. After his time in Germany and his time as a pro tennis player, he had re injured his arm playing an american muscle headed tennis player at the French Open. Fuji had insisted to him, actually begged for him to forfeit the game but he reminded him that he wasn't that kind of player. They didn't speak for a few days afterward.

While he was hospitalized for his conditioned, the doctor told him it would be better for him to take a year off. To this Tezuka refused immediately, he was close to winning his first Grand Slam but the doctor had told him, not unless he wanted surgery that he needed the time off to recuperate. Fuji immediately agreed for him and Tezuka no longer had a say.

And that's how he spent most of his days, home, waiting for his boyfriend. He would sometimes go out to a coffee shop nearby and read while drinking tea or exercise but he wanted to be on the courts.

Maybe Fuji didn't want him anymore because he was useless to him now. He wasn't on the big screen anymore. He shook his head and told himself Fuji wasn't that kind of person. He heard the door close and out came out a very naked Fuji and he stood up. "You'll get sick like that." Fuji ignored him, sliding on his briefs and hurried to put on his pants. "Do you need some help? Do you want me to call a cab?" He asked walking to the bedroom to retrieve his cellphone.

"I don't need it. Nagasaki-san is picking me up. I called him already."

From the bathroom? "Ah...okay. I'll get your bag then." Tezuka said once again heading to the room. He heard Fuji click his tongue and he stopped. He turned around and looked at Fuji. Did I say something wrong?

Fuji brushed past him, leaving him dumbfounded. "I won't be home tonight so don't wait for me." Fuji said putting his shirt on. Tezuka frowned and grabbed a towel putting it on his boyfriend's head. "Can you not?!" Fuji yelled pushing him. Tezuka looked at him shocked and regained his composure.

He placed his hands on the towel that rested on Fuji's head and began drying his hair. Fuji looked down and resumed to buttoning his shirt. "Okay. I won't...wait for you." He heard Tezuka whisper. He felt his chest ache at the sudden turn of events. He had never yelled at Tezuka and he knew the sudden outburst had hurt him. Suddenly arms wrapped around him, gentle, powerful and sad. He felt lips against his towel covered head and placed a hand on Tezuka's bare chest while closing his eyes. "I love you. Take care and be safe." With that, Tezuka walked away taking the towel with him and went into the bathroom, closing the door, Click

Fuji stood where he was and placed his hand on his chest. He never locks the door He slowly walked to the door and stood outside placing a hand against it. "Mitsu…" Fuji said in a whisper.

Tezuka was leaning against the sink, his chest in pain and his head pounding. He wanted the other to leave already. He heard Fuji call him from outside the bathroom door and straightened up. He was about to open the door when he heard Fuji's ringtone go off.

"Ah, I'm coming right now." Fuji said into the receiver. He sighed and with one last glance at the door he left the apartment. Tezuka opened the door after hearing the apartment door close and leaned against the wall, sliding down placing his hand on his face. With one leg bent he rest his forehead against it and willed himself to relax, begging the pain to go away.

Fuji began tearing up on his way to the elevator and rushed it to come up faster. "Oh Fuji-senpai!" He heard his coworker call him from the car that was waiting for him in front the apartment complex. He got in and fixed himself. "Are you okay?" Nagasaki-san asked concerned.

He put his seatbelt on and pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Yes, I'm okay. Let's hurry." He said with a big smile. As they drove off he looked at his apartment window and with looked away, sadness taking over him.

"I'm sorry, but are you guys hiring?" The clerk behind the desk with black and glasses looked taken aback but smiled. "I know this is sudden," Tezuka said. "But I'm actually in need of a job."

Kouta looked at him and chuckled a little. "But you're a pro tennis player aren't you? There's no way you'd want to work here, Tezuka-san." Kouta looked back at him realizing the man who never showed any sort of emotion was now frowning and staring at the cup in front of him. "Ah, but I can ask my manager."

Tezuka looked at him and stood up, bowing "Thank you very much."

Kouta raised his hands, "Ah please there's no need to thank me yet." He chuckled and patted Tezuka on his shoulder. "I'll be right back." He said walking away.

He sat down and resumed drinking his tea looking through the magazine he had brought with him. If he could find a job maybe he would also be able to distract himself from the problems at home.

The stack of papers were placed on his desk and he looked up at Nagasaki who looked concerned at the paperwork he had just put down. "I'm sorry Fuji-senpai but these are the papers you asked of me earlier. You said you wanted all of our recent client's information."

Fuji mentally cursed at himself and smiled at his coworker. "Yes, thank you."

The short haired man with surprisingly dull yet handsome looking features walked over to the door and closed it. Fuji resumed transferring over the information into the database he had on his computer. Looks like he really wasn't going home tonight. Fuji had only said that because he didn't want to be around Tezuka right now. He was thinking of renting a hotel room for the night. He sighed and closed his eyes. He wanted things to go back to how they were

"Um, Fuji-senpai," He heard and looked up slightly startled. He tilted his head and looked at Nagasaki who was standing against the door. Didn't he just leave? "I wanted to ask you something." He said looking down. Fuji raised an eyebrow in question. "Uhm, I know this might seem sudden and quite frank very inappropriate but, is everything okay at home?" Fuji looked at him blankly and tried his best not to look surprised at the sudden question.

He chuckled and sat back against his computer chair making it creak a little. "This is very sudden." He replied trying not to be swayed by the topic.

Nagasaki fixed his tie and looked up as Fuji now stood up from his chair, slowly making his way around. "N-no...well…" Fuji walked towards him and he began to tremble. He knew that Fuji was like a storm. One minute he was calm, the next he wasn't. He wasn't easy to anger but he was easy to annoy even though most people thought otherwise. After working with him for so long he could pick up on the subtle changes in the smiling man. Every smile meant something different. If he was angry, he would show his piercing blue eyes, if he was annoyed his smile would become wider, when he was genuinely happy, the atmosphere around him would become overall lighter. "It's just that you've actually made some mistakes. O-Of course these mistakes I've fixed before handing them into the registry. But it's not like you senpai."

Fuji was now standing in front of him, watching his longtime worker trembling in fear brought some joy into his very chaotic life. "Hmm, so I suppose you're saying I should thank you." He said with a smile. Nagasaki simply shook his head. "Then what is it you want me to do about these little slip ups of mine?" He said with a sudden frown, placing a finger to his lips in thought.

"I'm just saying that maybe, if you'd like, you can try relying on me about certain things. I-I know he must be a handful." Fuji revealed his blue eyes hearing Nagasaki mention what he only assumed was Tezuka. "You're going out with that tennis player right?" Nagasaki asked with much caution. Fuji sighed and walked back to his desk. "I've heard he can be a handful, from various interviews and such. I just know it must be tough for you sometimes especially since you're usually here.I'm not against that kind of lifestyle but I can only imagine how hard it must be for you senpai"

He sat down in his chair and placed a hand on his head. "I don't have time for this right now. I'm sorry I've worried you but if that's all could you please leave?"

Nagasaki looked at Fuji and then looked down. "Very well." He said slightly upset. This time the door closed and Fuji looked up to confirm the other's departure.

"I really need some downtime." He whispered resuming his gaze to the computer.

Tezuka frowned and looked at the man he would often see behind the counter as he explained the mechanics of the espresso machine. He looked down at his waist and his frown deepened staring at the black apron. It didn't seem hard but it was all so very new to him. "Well then Tezuka-san that's the basics. Why not try something small and steam some milk to make a latte?" He nodded and looked at the man's elegant hands grabbing the the milk pitcher. He sort of reminded him of Fuji in a way. He was very kind, gentle and patient with him despite his lack of emotion.

He looked somewhat foreign so earlier when they had officially met as coworkers, he had asked him if he was just working overseas. "Oh no, I've lived here all my life. My father is from Europe though. That's why I have a European name but you can just call me Mika." He said with a big smile. He was a blonde long haired man that was half japanese, half italian. He had green eyes and a somewhat small nose that complimented his slight feminine features. He was gorgeous and very elegant looking.

Tezuka grabbed the pitcher from him, pouring milk into it and placed the steaming wand inside the pitcher. He pulled the lever and the milk splashed all over his face and shirt. "Ah, you didn't put it in right." Mika laughed and took a rag out from his apron pocket and wiped the milk off his face. Tezuka stood there a little shocked at the sudden mess he had made and a vein pulsated on one side. This was going to be hard. "It's okay. It happens from time to time." Mika said still chuckling and looked at Tezuka who let go of the pitcher placing it on the table in front of him. Mika took off his glasses and Tezuka looked at him now realizing that this elegant, grown man, with gorgeous features was wiping his face. He became embarrassed and grabbed the rag from him.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll do it." Mika laughed and patted his head. He looked away and began dabbing away the milk on his shirt. "I guess I'm going to need some practice." Tezuka said with a frown.

Mika's eyes widened a little and he chuckled again. "I didn't think I'd ever see you frown, rather, have any emotion Tezuka-san." Tezuka looked at him and then looked away feeling his wounded heart skip a beat. "Well that's fine. I'm here to help if anything. Feel free to ask me for anything." He said with a smile handing him his glasses. "It hardly gets busy here but we manage somehow. I'm sure now that there's a handsome man behind the counter many people will come though. so be prepared." He brought his hand up in a fist and patted his bicep. "I'll be ready then."

Tezuka couldn't help but smile at the man's positivity and nodded.

After a long, or what he considered long day at work, he sighed taking off his apron and resumed to help Mika close up shop. "You know Tezuka-san, would you care for some drinks? The others are going out as well, so why not tag a long as a welcome to the family?" His eyes shining with joy at the sudden realization that the great Tezuka Kunimitsu was part of their store. Tezuka smiled and folded his apron. "Of course, only if you're up to it." he heard the other man say grabbing a chair and flipping upside placing it on the table. Tezuka smiled at the offer and declined. "Aw c'mon. It'll be fun I promise. Plus we won't be out too late. I'll make you get home safe and sound." Tezuka stared at Mika who was now in front of him with hands up, almost as if in prayer.

Fuji won't be home tonight so maybe one night out won't hurt "Okay. I'll accompany you." Mika looked up and smiled wide, hugging him. He took a step back surprised and patted Mika on the back with a smile. What an energetic guy