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The kitchen inside Yugi's house was silent as the group absorbed the information from the old man's letter. Yugi's eyes mimicked those of a deer's as it surveys the landscape. Jou and Kaiba were shaking a little from the last few lines, while Anzu just raised an eyebrow. Yami, on the other hand, was extremely interested in the last line Yugi's grandfather had written.

" 'You are not of this earth'," Yami repeated for about the seventh time in five minutes. "Wonder what that means..."

Yugi looked up at the former Pharaoh. "D-Does that mean I'm an alien?" he asked him, unsure of what the letter meant now.

"Duh!" Jou said exasperatedly. "Of COURSE you're not an alien, Yug. Otherwise, you'd be all creepy-lookin' and freaky and-!"

"Shut up, mutt," Kaiba said in a low voice, which immediately sparked an argument between the two.

Anzu walked up to Yugi and gave him a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Yugi," she said with a smile. "In fact, shouldn't we be heading out to find that Mon no Rei of yours?"

"Anzu's right," Kaiba piped up as he punched Jou in the gut to quiet him. "We should be heading out soon."

"Yeah," Yugi began, but a faint glow from the kitchen counter made him stop talking.

// Aibou? // Yami asked silently. When Yugi didn't answer, he followed Yugi's gaze to the counter. Walking over, he picked up the object emitting the light.

"Da medallion dat guy gave us," Jou said aloud, recovering his breath from Kaiba's blow. "Wonder why it's glowin' like dat?"

"Wrong, Jou," Yami pointed out as he held up the disc. "Only one side is glowing."

"The silver side?" Anzu asked quickly. Yugi turned to her in puzzlement. "Yugi, remember the line in your grandfather's letter?"

Yugi thought for a second, and his face lit up as he exclaimed, " 'Follow silver'!!" He rushed over to Yami's side and looked at the glowing side. Sure enough, the faint outline of an ice crystal shone with the light. "So it was a good thing that guy gave us this."

"Or maybe he knew we'd need it," Kaiba said thoughtfully. "Look, I don't know about you guys, but if we get that thing on the plane it might show us where to go."

Yugi nodded as Yami handed the medallion to him. "Right," he said firmly. "Let's go, guys!!"

* * * * * * *

"Okay, time to double-check everything. Baggage?"

"Stored away in the upper compartments."

"First aid kits?"

"In the front, Kaiba!"


Four clicks could be heard.

"Okay, that answers my question..."

"Hey! What about yours, Kaiba? You ain't buckled up."

Kaiba glared at Jounouchi. The five of them had arrived at the airport a few hours ago, and they had immediately been led to Kaiba's private jet. Its blue stripe around the white hull reminded Yugi of a Blue Eyes White Dragon's colors. Now, they had only a few minutes of time left before their departure.

"Because I'm reading the checklist, you dumbass!!" Kaiba snapped back. "I also have to check with the pilot on where we're heading." The brunette turned to Yugi who was strapped next to Yami and closest to the window. "What direction do you think we should go, Yugi?"

Yugi paused as he took the medallion out of his pocket. It still was emitting the glow, but as he moved it from side to side its glow faded and brightened.

"North," Yugi replied after a while. "The glow is brightest up there."

"So, we're going to visit Santa's workshop?" Anzu asked.

Yugi half-smiled sheepishly. "Who knows? But that's where the glow is brightest, so it's worth a shot."

Jou grinned. "Let's give it a shot. Kaiba - buckle up, or we're leavin' without ya!!"

A pulse mark appeared at Kaiba's temple. "Watch it, pup," he growled before heading towards the cockpit. As the pilot acknowledged his presence, he ordered, "Let's get this craft into the air!"

"Yes, sir," the pilot answered and immediately began the engines. Kaiba returned to his seat (which was unfortunately next to Jou) and - to Jou's satisfaction - buckled his seatbelt.

The plane lurched beneath them as it rumbled down the runway. Yugi gulped and clenched the armrest tightly. =(GOD am I nervous,)= he thought.

// Yugi? // Yami placed a hand on Yugi's. // Are you all right? //

/ H-H-Hai? /

// That doesn't sound reassuring... //

/ Well, I've never flown before, so this is a little scary. /

Yami nodded but didn't speak, for he had been doing some thinking. =(Why would Yugi's grandfather leave a message for him like that? "Not of this world"?! Ra, I hope everything is smoother from here on out.)=

Then the plane left the ground, and the group's journey began.

* * * * * * *

The light within a small orb winked out, and wisps of gray smoke began swirling around inside.

"So...do you believe me now, Master?" a cracked voice asked from the shadows.

A growl and a bang responded. "Impossible! How could this happen?" a second voice ranted.

"I do not know, Master. Perhaps they wish to seek assistance from the Council."


"What delays your answer, Master?"

"Someone on our side betrayed us, but WHO?!"

"Why would you say that, Master?! None of your loyal subjects would EVER turn away from you!"

"Unless someone persuaded them to..."


"Connect me with our spy. Make him delay their journey, so that I may come up with a plan."


* * * * * * *

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we-?"


Jou glared at the boy next to him and let out a huff. Instead, he turned his gaze over to Yugi and the others. Anzu appeared to be listening to music on her Walkman, while Yugi and Yami were going through the Duel Monsters cards in Yugi's Deck.

"What's up, Yug?" Jou asked.

Yugi looked up from his task, a card in his hand. "We're trying to figure out a part of Grandpa's message - the part about me having the ability to Summon these cards to life."

"Oh. Any luck?"

"Nope. I have no idea how this is supposed to work."

Yami glanced over at Jou. "Any ideas, Jou?" he asked.

Jou frowned and began thinking. "Give me some time, guys," he said.

"Don't blow a vein, dog-boy."

"KAIBA!!" Jou yelled at the brunette. "I swear, if my Flame Swordsman card was here in person, he'd chop ya ta bits!!"

Yami blinked. "You play Duel Monsters, Jou?" he asked.

Jou nodded while throwing Kaiba another glare. (If looks could kill, Kaiba'd be dead now. ^_^;) "Yep. I've just started, though."

Yami now turned his gaze to Kaiba. "What about you?"

Kaiba nodded. "That's why my company mainly revolves around Duel Monsters."

"Hey, wait a minute," Yugi said suddenly and picked up a card from his Deck. "I think Jou was on to something."

"Huh? Why's dat?" Jou asked, and Yami turned to look at his partner.

// Yugi? // Yami began asking, but Yugi didn't reply mentally.

"Jou was saying that if his Flame Swordsman was here, he'd be able to beat up Kaiba. Well, what if I tried to do that with one of my own Monsters?" Yugi suggested.

Yami raised an eyebrow. "I'm not giving you permission to beat up the person who helped us get this far, aibou," he stated bluntly.

Yugi giggled. "No, I didn't mean that, Yami," he said and now fixed his purple eyes on the card in his hand. "Now, let's see if it works!"

Yugi closed his eyes, cutting his sight off. =(Okay, make the Monster real, make the Monster real...)= he thought. Chanting the mantra in his head, he pictured the Monster in his mind: brown fur, green paws, little claws, bright purple eyes...

"Now I summon Kuriboh," Yugi whispered under his breath, and his mind created the picture of the Kuriboh appearing in the real world, its joyful chirp ringing around the room.

But Yugi didn't hear anything. He cautiously opened his eyes...

...and met the gaze of a second set of purple eyes.

"It worked!" Yugi cried out happily as he watched the Kuriboh dance around the room, chirping, "Kuri! Kuri!"

Eyes wide with excitement, Yugi turned to see his friends' reactions. Anzu had pulled off her headset at the sight of the Monster, and her jaw had dropped. Jou's eyes were like dinner plates, and Kaiba had raised both eyebrows. Yami, meanwhile, was beaming.

"Good job, Yugi," the spirit commented as he patted the furry creature on the head. "It looks like you've found your powers."

Yugi nodded, but his smile faded. "But I still have a long way to go," he said. "This is only ONE Monster. What about Magic and Trap cards? Those might be even harder."

Yami frowned, but it was Kaiba who nodded in agreement. "And higher-leveled Monsters might prove difficult, as well," he mentioned. "You'd better start practicing - we may need them in the future."

Yugi nodded. "Right!" he said and began searching through his Deck, a look of utter determination on his face.

Kaiba sweatdropped. "Uh, Yugi? Not on the plane."

Yugi blinked at the sentence and grinned sheepishly. "Gomen," he apologized. The CEO just nodded and turned back to the window, watching the white fluffiness of clouds roll on beneath them.

The small boy sighed and put his Deck to the side. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turned to face Anzu. "Nani, Anzu?" he asked politely.

"You okay?" the girl asked. "You seem a little worried about something."

Yugi smiled weakly. "Maybe," he said slowly, "but I was just thinking..."

The Kuriboh he had Summoned landed on his spiked hair. "Kuri?" it asked.

Anzu giggled. "What the furry guy said."

Yugi smiled again. "I was just thinking...What if Kaiba is right? What if I DO need the Monsters in the future? Does that mean I have to fight someone?"

Anzu cocked her head to the side. "What do you mean?"

"Grandpa's letter - it said 'Prevent the End...'. But I don't know what that means for sure, but it might have something to do with-!"

"A war?" Anzu finished as she began to realize the point of Yugi's thoughts.

"Yeah." Yugi shrugged. "I don't know if I can handle all of this. I mean, this journey is supposed to help me find Seika, not to fight in some war."

Anzu smiled for courage and gave Yugi a half-hug from her seat. "I wouldn't worry about it, Yugi," she told him. "I'm sure the answer will appear soon - don't worry."

"Arigatou, Anzu," Yugi said softly.

The girl grinned. "Now, you want to listen to my music?" she asked, holding up her headphones.

Yugi nodded as he took them. "What CD?"

"An American group called Evanescence. I got the CD off of a web site, and it was imported from America."

"Well, okay," Yugi said before placing the headphones over his ears. The Kuriboh's coos were the last sounds he heard before he closed his eyes and let the music take over.

* * * * * * *

The ring of a cell phone made the boy stop in his tracks. Continuing his path through Domino City, he pulled a black phone out of his pocket, opened it up, and placed it to his ear. "Yo," he said into the mouthpiece.

"We have a situation," the voice on the other end told the boy. "We need to take drastic measures."

"Sure thing. What's the job this time?"

"They're on the move, including that punk friend of yours."

The boy stopped in his tracks. "He didn't!" he hissed.

"He did, my boy. You see, he has a NEW best friend now - one that's seeking the help of the Council."

"Bastard," the boy muttered.

"Ex-CUSE me?!"

"Sorry, sir! I was talking about my best - I mean, my EX-best mortal friend. The job is...?"

"It's time to rally the troops. I need you to find a few friends of mine."

"Got it. Names?"

"Not telling. They have vessels to move around in."

"Vessels - as in bodies?"

"You're on the right track. One was sealed away for robbery, and the other is just waiting to be unleashed. We just need to get their attention."

"And we're going to do that how?"

"By offering them their OWN bodies back."

"You can DO that?"

The evil voice snickered. "Of course I can! That will separate the spirits from their vessels. But you have to take the Items, too."

" 'Items'? You mean the Millennium Items?"

"Exactly! Only the Ring and the Rod. The spirits need those for their powers, as well as a traveling object until their bodies are restored."

"All right - consider it done."


The boy sighed. "What is it now?"

"The meddlers - I need you to get rid of them as soon as possible."

"Which spell?"

"I'll let you choose - they're traveling by plane."

"All right, sir. I'll get on it."

"Good. You haven't failed me yet, my boy. Make me proud."

The boy smirked as he heard the click. Putting away his phone in the pocket of his trenchcoat, he pulled out a Duel Monsters card - a Magic card, to be exact. He snickered as he held it in front of him.

"Cancelled because of rain," he muttered as the card began to glow. "Heavy Storm - I leave them to you."

A rumble of thunder above him told the boy that the magic had been cast successfully. He watched as people passing by began pulling out umbrellas and raindrops began falling on their heads. Pulling his coat over his head, he muttered to himself, "I'll find those spirits of Master's. THEN I'll deal with my former mortal friend - he'll pay for turning on me."

And with that, Honda rushed out into the rain to fulfill the man's wishes.

* * * * * * *

"Yugi! Wake up!"

"Hn?" Yugi shifted as he felt hands on his shoulders. "What is it?"

"Yugi! You need to wake up - there's trouble!"

That got Yugi up. Blinking away the sleep from his eyes and pulling off the headphones, he turned to Anzu. "What's wrong?" he asked, wondering why his friend was so upset.

Then he heard the clanging above him.

"There's somethin' on da roof, Yug," Jou piped up. He was cowered in his seat, arms wrapped around his legs in fear. "And a storm started up a few hours ago."

"It could interfere with our flight," Kaiba pointed out, and Yugi could barely detect the slight note of anxiousness in his voice.

/ Yami? / Yugi questioned the spirit next to him. He winced as he saw the frown on Yami's face.

// Something's wrong, aibou. //

/ W-What do you mean? /

// Don't you recognize it? It's the card Heavy Storm. //

"Heavy Storm?!" Yugi cried aloud, startling everyone around them.

"You mean dis wacky weather is a CARD?" Jou protested. "SO unfair!!"

Yugi felt something on his head, and he looked up to see Kuriboh pushing the top spike of his hairdo. "What's wrong, Kuriboh?" he asked. "Do you know something about this storm?"

"Kuri!" the Monster nodded and motioned towards Yugi's Duel Monsters Deck.

Yugi gulped. "You mean I was the one who Summoned the card?" he asked, feeling a little faint. "I didn't know I could do that while I was sleeping..."

"Ku-Kuri!!" the furry creature said angrily and motioned again towards the Deck.

"I don't think Yugi could Summon anything like this," Yami pointed out. "He's just begun to contemplate his powers."

"But," Kaiba began, "what if the fluffball is trying to tell us...?"

"That someone ELSE Summoned the Heavy Storm," Yugi finished, realization of what was happening beginning to dawn on him. "So that means that-!"

"Someone doesn't want us to find your angel friend," Yami stated.

"Which means-!" Jou cried out as he hurried to unfasten his seatbelt.

"That he's trying to kill us," Anzu said fearfully. "Oh, this is SO not good!"

"For you - perhaps. But if you mean for US..."

Everyone jumped up from their seats (unbuckling seatbelts in the process) and whirled around to face the voice from behind them. Standing in the back of the plane was a young man. He looked pretty normal, wearing a dark button-down silk shirt and matching pants, no shoes, and a black headband. His hair was a dark red with black tips, and his eyes were a bright orange. He would have reminded Yugi of a teenage gang member...

...if he hadn't been sporting a set of large black bat wings.

"Who are you?" Kaiba demanded. "How did you get on this plane?"

The man smirked. "Patience, boy, is a virtue, so use it well," he said. "And I certainly hope you have a lot of it because you're not getting out of this easily."

A rumble of thunder sounded off as Yami questioned with a snarl, "Then, why are you here?"

" 'Why'?" the man repeated. "Well, if you must know - I'm here because my master doesn't really like this whole thing. Besides," he smirked, revealing twin fangs, "he feels a little destructive."

"Destructive? That don't sound too good," Jou commented, rubbing the back of his head with a hand.

The man chuckled. "Proper language, boy," he reminded.

"Excuse me, sir," Yugi asked, coming up to stand next to Yami, "but who are you?"

The man cocked an eyebrow and took a look at the boy. "So you're the one," he murmured. "Well, if you must know, I am a daemon of the Underworld."

The group gasped at this. "A-A DAEMON?!?" Anzu repeated shrilly, scared out of her wits at the statement.

The man laughed, and this time it was more cold and evil than the previous ones. As his eyes gleamed in triumph, he stated:

"My name is Jigoku, and I am sorry to say that you've got a ROUGH trip ahead of you." ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

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