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Moments later, Catboy and Gekko were deposited outside of the HQ totem, on the bridge in front of it. This unusual fact was not lost on the boys as rain pummeled them harshly and made them squint to see. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled almost constantly as the wind blew around them, making it difficult to breathe. Gekko and Catboy looked around wildly. Gekko shouted, "What just happened?" A look of pure horror was in his eyes, but he didn't panic.

Catboy replied, "I don't know!" Water steadily drenched both of them.

They heard a distinct flapping sound and thunder boomed near them deafeningly. Gekko pointed, "Look!" A huge bird circled the HQ totem. Its wingspan was nearly 40 feet, and its body was massive. It appeared like an eagle, but the rear feathers of its wings and tail glowed blue. The bird's feathers cackled with electricity. Gekko grabbed onto Catboy, and, over the sounds of the storm, shouted, "Connor, I'm scared!"

Catboy held onto Gekko and shouted back, "Me too!"

The bird made a wide circle around HQ and raised its wings. Lightning struck and thunder boomed as it flapped. The bird opened its massive beak and made a deafeningly loud call, "KYAAAA!" The nearly five-second long screech sounded like a hawk, but it was as loud as a jet engine. The bird looked down at Gekko and Catboy on the bridge and screeched again, but this time with a more mechanical sounding vocalization, like an eagle.

Catboy felt a distinct terror strike his heart when he heard the bird; he instinctively covered his ears. Gekko was horrified as the bird suddenly dove at them. Gekko and Catboy both screamed and covered their eyes when the bird flapped its wings. The three of them were struck by a mighty flash of lightning and the bridge to PJ Masks HQ exploded with a groan, and when the air cleared, there was no sign of Catboy, Gekko, or the bird. In the background, the eyes on the HQ totems glowed softly and were barely able to be seen through the horrid storm.

The city stood before the HQ totem, completely oblivious to the things taking place; it was all drowned out by the storm.

At the same time, Alan walked upstairs and entered Greg's room. Thunder clapped again and the entire house creaked as the wind blew. Finn could be heard wailing downstairs. "Connor? Greg?" A look of panic flashed across the man's face; the boys should be in here. He scanned the room a few times, and then he ran out to search the remainder of the upstairs.

"Greg! Connor!"

Greg awoke in a strangely bright place. Greg blinked and looked down, examining himself. He wasn't Gekko anymore; he was in his pajamas, now, and he wasn't wet from the storm anymore. He rubbed his head and looked around. Connor was beside him, and they were in front of their HQ, on the grass. Except, there were trees on the island and it wasn't storming. Greg said, "Connor?" His voice echoed unnaturally.

Connor stirred and looked around. "What just happened?" He examined himself and said, "How did I get into my pajamas? I was in a shirt and blue jeans when we transformed." Connor rubbed his eyes.

Greg tapped his chin and said, "That is weird… Normally we can't transform if we're not in our PJs." Pause. "Did we get struck by lightning?"

Connor scratched his head, and then said, "I think so, yeah."

Greg said, "Sorry I yelled at you earlier." He reached over to Connor and touched his cheek.

Just as their skin touched, the air crackled and suddenly, the bright white light that illuminated them turned distinct colors. Their minds didn't join this time. Greg withdrew his hand and they looked around confusedly. Three colors surrounded them: on Connor's side was blue, to the empty side was red, and Greg sat in the green section. The empty side was toward HQ.

There was a poof sound and Greg saw a lizard with a shimmering outline appear on a tree near him, in the green section. Similarly, a blue cat appeared behind Connor, sitting in front of a tree in the blue; it too had a blue outline. They both looked and saw a red owl perched on a tree limb.

Greg looked at Connor and said, "Wh-what is this?" Greg noticed something odd about Connor. "Connor! Your pajama shirt is my green one!" Connor had on Greg's green lizard print pajama top and his own blue pajama bottoms.

Connor raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, well, you've got my blue shirt on." Similarly, Greg was outfitted in Connor's paw print blue pajama top but still had his own green pajama bottoms.

Greg looked disturbed and said, "That wasn't like that when I woke up."

A feminine voice accusingly said, "See? They are broken! Their clothing reflects it!" The boys both looked at the owl and realized it was speaking. Its beak didn't move, but it spoke again. "We should have contacted him as soon as we realized the problem!" Strangely, its voice didn't echo like Connor and Greg's voices.

The cat struck a pose as if it was going to pounce and hissed. It spoke next, with a male voice that sounded defensive and loud. "I told you! We must wait to see if the issue resolved itself!" The owl angrily flapped its wings from its mount in the tree.

Connor and Greg looked at each other and they both suddenly became lightheaded. Greg said, "A-are we dead?" Connor appeared frightened.

The lizard finally acknowledged them; it had a soothing, calm female voice. "You two bicker aimlessly while the children sit here confused." The lizard walked over to Greg. "We must introduce ourselves." The lizard, which was as long as a baseball bat from head to tail, said, "I am Ogehàwashkoozye." Greg stared confusedly, so the lizard said, "You may call me Koozye."

Greg said, "Uh…Hi, Koozye." The name seemed oddly familiar rolling off his tongue. Koozye touched his leg, and the touch seemed familiar.

The owl flapped and flew down to land at the edge of the glowing red section of the forest. "In your tongue, I am Night Eagle." Night Eagle preened her feathers briefly and then looked over at the cat with what almost seemed like an angry scowl.

The cat growled, but walked over to Connor, its tail twitching all the while. "And I am Waysa." Waysa stepped on Connor's leg and flexed his claws in and out, making Connor wince.

The female voice of Koozye added, "His name means Cat. He is too stubborn to translate it for you, though." The cat hissed at the lizard but made no move to attack it.

Connor looked around, fascinated at the three creatures. He noticed that the HQ behind the owl had disappeared. Another glance around showed that piece of the totem with Owlette's symbol was behind the owl. Similarly, Gekko's totem was behind Greg, and behind Connor was Catboy's totem. Connor pointed, and said, "Greg, look at the HQ totems!"

Greg looked around them and scratched his chin. Greg said, "Wh- how?"

Connor assertively said, "Where are we? What are you three?" He looked around and added, "Why isn't Amaya here?"

A tremendous flap sounded above them, and the coloration of the woods faded back to the bright white it started as when Connor and Greg first awoke. The bird from earlier landed in between them. The ground shook and it screeched so loudly that it left their ears ringing. Despite its powerful display, Connor and Greg strangely felt very little fear.

The bird drew in its wings and a chill crept down the boys' spines. A bright light flashed and when they could see clearly again, a boy stood in front of them with a blanket made of feathers wrapped around him. The boy's skin was a reddish caramel color, and on his face was an unsettling, grotesque smile. He had paint on his face that made him appear to have six eyes. His actual eyes had golden irises, and they contained a hideous intelligence that wasn't right for a boy of his age. All of his facial features seemed healthy, but the smile and the look in his eyes struck a haunting feeling of fear into their hearts.

Without blinking, the boy said, "Connor, son of Timothy, the answer to your first question is obvious; we are on the ground where your headquarters lies." The words came from the child's mouth, but they didn't fit; the voice had an authoritative tone to it that was unnatural for a child of his size, although the pitch and timbre of his voice both belonged to a ten-year-old boy. Greg and Connor were unsettled by it.

"The better way to ask would have been to say, 'when are we?'" The boy grinned with a hungry look. He was at least the same age as Greg and Connor, maybe a year older. The boy pushed the feather blanket away from himself, revealing he was wearing only a loincloth. His body was taut and athletic. His arms and upper chest were entirely covered in tattoos.

Connor looked too nervous to answer, so Greg said, "When are we, then?"

The boy chuckled hauntingly and said, "We are in the moment that just took place. I have frozen time around us. The three spirits have willed it that you should see what is around us now." After a moment, he added, "Amaya was not brought here because she isn't in any danger. You two are the ones who need help."

The cat, Waysa, said, "We created this illusion to soothe the two of you. We did not wish to alarm you by leaving the thunderstorm's gray aura in place."

Connor raised an eyebrow, and Greg said, "How is that possible? Is this magical?"

The boy walked toward them, almost menacingly. "What is time but motion, Greg, son of Alan? Further, what is motion but a form of heat and energy?" Connor and Greg glanced at each other confusedly. The boy continued, "When you understand the implications of that, you might begin to understand how and what I have done."

Connor said, "That doesn't answer the question, though: are you magical?"

The boy reached a finger toward Greg's cheek, and slowly drew it across his cheek. "To say that I am magical is inaccurate... Then again, a fire would appear magical to a caveman." He laughed harshly. "One day, you may better understand how I manipulated energy to do what I have described." The boy circled them ominously.

Connor said, "Are you… God?"

The boy laughed heartily; he even sounded like a child. His voice went childish, and he sounded like a normal boy: "Me? No! Ha! You are entertaining." He put a hand on Connor's ear and traced it slowly and tenderly. He leaned in, and, still in the genuinely boyish voice, said, "I do serve the creator, however." He stood back up, leaving Connor feeling creeped out as he began to circle around Greg and Connor again.

Greg's spine tingled and he looked at Koozye, then to the boy. "Who… What are you?"

The boy shook a finger excitedly. "Ah, finally, a good question!" He stopped and turned to face them. His voice again sounded unnaturally authoritative as he said, "I was once referred to as Baraqiel. My favorite title is one that was once given to me many years ago. In this language, it would translate to Thunderbird." The last word hung in the air longer than it should have, and unsettled Greg and Connor. "You may call me that."

Waysa, the cat, said, "Thunderbird is our guardian. We summoned him to help us." Waysa's claws extended into Connor's leg.

The boy, Thunderbird, nodded. "Indeed, your spirit guardians are in over their heads, this time. They have managed to get you out of many situations, and, for that, they are to be commended." He resumed pacing around them ominously. "By the way, that answers your second question, Connor. Waysa is your spirit animal. Greg, Ogehàwashkoozye is your spirit animal and Night Eagle is Amaya's spirit animal. They are the reason the three of you have powers."

Connor nodded, and Waysa looked at him. Their eyes met, and Connor could feel that there was a special connection between them, but he didn't fully understand the scope of it, yet.

Greg said, "So, wait…" He tapped his chin. "In our nightmares when we were first linked mentally, was it you two saving us?" He pointed to Koozye, the lizard, and Waysa, the cat.

Koozye said, "Yes. Waysa and I are also the ones that attempted to fix you. We caused the energy surge that went through you." Her voice seemed to remove some of the tension from the air. "We regretted having to cause the two of you such pain."

Waysa removed his claws from Connor's leg, and said, "We partially succeeded in fixing you, though."

Night Eagle said, "But in doing so, you hurt them more and made the link deeper, Waysa! Taking away the nightmares was a prelude to something worse."

Waysa hissed at the owl. Before he could speak, Thunderbird raised a hand and said, "Calm yourself, Waysa. Night Eagle is right." The cat's ears drooped, but his demeanor remained agitated. "You should have summoned me when the nightmares didn't stop after the first night."

Koozye said, "You are all-seeing, Thunderbird." With a defiant tone, she added, "You could have stopped this at any time! Yet you chose to watch as it grew worse!"

Thunderbird's head jerked toward Koozye and Greg. With a harsh tone, he said, "I see all, but I must not interfere unless summoned, Ogehàwashkoozye! My very presence in this plane of existence upsets the balance of things and you know that! You and Waysa were foolish not to listen to Night Eagle. Now, hold your tongue!" Koozye made an offended look and a slight growling sound, but Thunderbird did not flinch.

Thunderbird looked back at Connor and Greg, who were both completely transfixed by this exchange. "You two have had an eventful day, correct?" The boys nodded. He flatly continued, "Indeed. You two were not supposed to do what you did today. Neither of you is ready for it. The moon has corrupted the two of you and caused unnatural things to occur."

Thunderbird stopped in front of the boys and dropped to his knee. His voice took on a slightly compassionate tone, and he placed a hand on Greg's cheek as he said, "Have you noticed yourself feeling unusually curious?" He used his other hand and did the same to Connor. "Have you not noticed yourself being unusually meek?"

Thunderbird didn't wait for them to answer. "The two of you have exchanged some parts of yourselves. The girl with the moon's powers played a cruel trick on you two, whether she intended it or not. The moon is a perverse source of power; it corrupts the intentions of men and addles their minds. Without intervention, the moon's corruption will destroy both of you."

Waysa said, "Can you fix them?"

Thunderbird stood up and said, "Yes. Although, we must strip them of their memories of today."

Koozye looked at Thunderbird. "Will we allow them to retain memories of their link? Of their meeting with us here?"

Connor started to protest, but Thunderbird snapped his fingers. Connor's mouth moved, but no words came out; he made an exasperated face. Thunderbird smiled ghastly and said, "I know what you were going to say, Connor. I am well aware of how happy meeting Finn through the link made you. You two can retain memories of your link, but I will eliminate your memories of this meeting." He looked at Waysa and said, "When you officially introduce yourselves to your children, you may remove the clouds of this meeting, but not the rest of this day. Will that be satisfactory? The memories of this entire day will be eliminated."

The three animals nodded. Thunderbird added, "I will make it so that your child no longer believes their link is intact, Night Eagle. And the boy they have befriended and their computer and robot; they too shall believe the link has been removed and not question it." Night Eagle nodded her understanding.

Thunderbird looked at Greg and Connor. "Do you two object to this? This is the only way to fix the sadness in your hearts." The mention of the sadness suddenly brought both of the boys to reality, and they remembered how hurt and sad they are. They both shook their heads, signaling their agreement.

Greg said, "What about my dad? He called for us when we transformed earlier. Will you erase that memory? I'm sure he discovered we were gone before you froze time."

Thunderbird turned toward the sky and an image of Alan running through Greg's house appeared. Thunderbird said, "You are clever, child." Alan was frozen in-place strangely. Thunderbird looked around the animals, and then back to Greg. "Yes. Your parents will have no recollection of your disappearance." The image disappeared.

Connor said, "Earlier, you said we weren't ready for it yet. Uh, the kiss, that is... What do you mean by that?"

Thunderbird stared into Connor's eyes intently. "That is for you to discover, Connor." The hungry, almost ruthless grin crept across his face again. "If you would like, I can let you two retain a memory explaining why nobody else remembers your link."

Connor and Greg nodded, and then Koozye turned to Greg. "I look forward to meeting with you again, Greg." She stepped off him, and he felt lonely without her touching him.

Waysa did the same thing to Connor, and Connor was somewhat glad that Waysa left. It meant no more claws. However, he did have a lonely sensation. "Goodbye, Connor. We shall meet again. Until then, hunt well." Connor nodded at Waysa.

Thunderbird looked at the boys, and said, "All eyes on me, boys. I'll fix the bridge to your HQ as well, and it will be like the storm never happened." He walked and grabbed his feather blanket and placed it on himself.

The only thing that Connor and Greg remembered about the entire day was what happened next: "Greg and Connor, I am Thunderbird, the bringer of storms and a watcher of men. I have unlinked your minds and changed the memories of your friends so that they believe the problem fixed. You two are the only ones that will know I have fixed your minds."

"You will not feel the need to explain this to your friends, and I have granted you the privilege of retaining your memories of your link. Use them wisely, and take care of one another." He grinned hungrily, and Greg and Connor glanced at each other. They looked back as Thunderbird said, "Oh, and say hello to Finn for me." Then, he screamed hauntingly and flashed brightly. He was once again in his bird form. Thunderbird screeched loudly and raised his wings, causing a bolt of lightning to strike them.

Late the next morning, Greg and Connor stood around Finn's crib, where the little one was grunting and wiggling strangely. Greg said, "Should we tell him?" No trace of their previous discomfort around each other was still present. Greg was in his green PJ's and Connor was in his blue ones.

Connor said, "I mean, I guess so. I don't even remember how we met Thunderbird, but he told us to say hi. As powerful as he was to unlink our minds, I think we should probably relay the message."

Greg sighed, "Yeah, but you know how protective I am of Finn." Finn squealed and kicked around excitedly in his crib; he recognized the big blonde person above him. Greg smiled. "Hey, Finnyfin. A boy named Thunderbird told us to tell you hello." Finn looked at Greg, almost as if he understood the message. Then, the look passed as quickly as it happened: Finn grunted and waved his arms, looking back at the spinning toy hanging above the crib.

Connor said, "You know, I almost thought he understood it for a second."

Greg shrugged. "I guess not. Either way, we told him." He sighed. "Ready to go see Amaya?"

Connor nodded. "Yeah, let's go get dressed. It's supposed to feel chilly out today."

Later that afternoon, the Connor, Amaya, and Greg walked toward HQ leisurely. Luckily, they were all in warm clothes and jackets, as a cold autumn breeze blew through town today. The leaves on many of the trees were varying shades of yellow, orange, and bright red. A few green leaves remained, but most of the trees had already started to lose their leaves.

Greg pulled the hood of his jacket up around his ears. "Y'know, it's been a wild few months, guys."

Connor nodded, and Amaya said, "Yeah, it's almost been a weird year altogether."

Greg said, "Oh?"

Amaya nodded. "Yeah, lots of things happened to you two, especially. Connor got over his fear of water and learned to swim; Greg's mom had a baby. Romeo indirectly broke Connor's arm with the earthquake generator, and then we made him a friend instead of a villain. Luna Girl linked your minds. I still can't believe you two just suddenly unlinked." She paused, and added, "Night Ninja has been fairly quiet, though."

As they looked at each other, Connor and Greg remembered the things that Thunderbird said before he unlinked them. Greg sighed, "Yeah, but Night Ninja was the one responsible for PJ Robot getting fried last year…. Heh, many interesting things happened to us this year. We got PJ Robot back and made a friend out of Romeo, too. That's been cool, but I'm partial to Finn. He's my favorite."

As they rounded the corner and stepped onto the bridge leading to the PJ Masks HQ, Connor said, "You know, it has been fun, but I hope that our Interesting Times will take a break for a year or two. This last year has had enough excitement for two years."

Greg nodded his head. "Yeah, seriously. It's been busy." He laughed and added, "You know, I read in a book once that there was an ancient Chinese curse: 'May you live in Interesting Times.'"

Connor said, "We've been living that curse then, huh?"

Amaya jogged ahead of them, towards HQ. "Oh, come on, you big weenies. It's been fun!"

Greg and Connor laughed briefly, but then they jogged after her playfully. As they approached their HQ, they saw Romeo standing at the door, in his own cold weather attire. He waved happily. When the trio got to him, they all greeted each other warmly, and entered the HQ, ready to play and have fun.

Author notes and parting words

That's it, everyone. I have officially run out of things that I want to cover with the PJ Masks at their current age. The end may seem a bit abrupt, I know. This is chapter thirty of the fics, and it has been an absolute joy for me writing these and hearing feedback and compliments from you readers. I have learned a lot from the experience. Overall, not including any of my author notes, the thirty chapters have contained 99438 words. I almost hit 100000!

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