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Ikemen - Term for a very handsome, attractive guy. Lots of male characters in shojo manga are often referred to as "ikemen" - sometimes it's associated with having a pretty face, but it is exclusive to men.

Working late in Japan - This is very common. It shows dedication to your work and your job, so it's not uncommon for people to stay late and work into the evening hours.

Today's chapter title means a "Complimentary Ticket", "Invitation Card", or "Invitation Ticket". In other words, a ticket to an event of some kind that you only get via invitation. It can be used for promotional purposes, but also for exclusive events.


"Don't listen to them,

'Cause what do they knowm

We need each other, to have, to hold,

They'll see in time, I know..

You'll be here in my heart,


-"You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins

Chapter Twenty-Two: 招待券 (Shotaiken)

Inside the art gallery, lay forgotten canvases of abandoned sketches or designs along with some finished pieces wrapped and ready for the digital transfer. It was unbelievably messy though, for someone such as Maximillion Pegasus, whose normal appearance was rather immaculate. Sitting on a stole, re-sketching the design and trying to come up with some sort of idea to hide Kaiba's face, he continuously erased, drew, erased, and repeated. He personally was rather irked that Kaiba didn't want his face on the card. He was, as the young ladies of Japan would call him, a true ikemen, and he liked it when his cards had some sort of dashing beauty to them. But if he didn't want to be sued, he'd have to find some sort of compromise.

A knock on the door came and he answered, "Come in."

The large wooden door opened to reveal his new hire, Bakura, standing with the day's report for him, "I don't have any real findings today, other than failed replications of the incident with the Dark Magician Girl or Dark Magician, now that we finally were able to do so in a safe location..."

"I didn't expect as much," Pegasus said, putting down his pencil and standing up, "You have no connection to either, after all."

"Well, if indeed, the Blue Eyes was summoned, then it would seem necessary to have the summoner be connected with the creature or being in some way, making your initial assumptions correct," Bakura remarked.

"Too bad we don't have a Diabound tablet to test it out on," Pegasus said offhandedly, but the comment made Ryo go stiff.

"I wouldn't recommend testing it out with a Diabound anyway," Ryo said, trying to sidestep the comment.

"So, in other words, to replicate such a thing, we'd have to get Yugi-boy to do the same as Kaiba?" Pegasus mused.

"It's... possible," Ryo said slowly, "Though why you need to replicate it..."

"Call it curiosity," Pegasus elaborated.

"I prefer to call it 'not recommended'," Ryo replied, rather curtly, "In any case-"

"Well, Bakura, just for argument's sake, let's just suppose that the Blue Eyes is out there somewhere; do you really want a massive dragon running about the place?" Pegasus interrupted.

"No, of course not-" Ryo started, but was again cut off.

"Exactly," Pegasus stated, "So, without a duplicate event to practice with, how can we possibly expect to get rid of the Blue Eyes successfully? The method of return needs to be established. Not that I think it will take long to duplicate..."

Ryo watched Pegasus carefully. He didn't buy for a second that Pegasus actually would want to get rid of the Blue Eyes, but regardless... he did, if it was out there, that was true...

"So... you expect Muto to attempt to duplicate the event?" Ryo guessed.

"Without question," Pegasus said, pouring himself some mineral water and taking a gulp.

"If I may, I think you overestimate Muto significantly, Pegasus, sir," Ryo said carefully, as Pegasus finished.

"I think you underestimate him, Ryo," Pegasus replied simply, "The things we do to try to regain the things we've lost are often much more than we even expect of ourselves."

Ryo watched as Pegasus walked back to the sketch of the new card, his eyes narrowing on the subject, which Pegasus was attempting to alter around the head... the head... Maybe... He smiled, an idea allowing him to relax a bit.

"You are awfully confident that Yugi would qualify as the summoner," He said, turning to go, "After all, he's not the Pharaoh. Kaiba on the other hand may still have a connection to his past reincarnation..."

Pegasus' head swirled and his one eye that could always be seen through his hair watching his employee seemed to smile. Reaching into his pocket, he stood without making a sound.

As Ryo moved for the door, he found himself nearly surprised out of his skin by a hand being placed on his shoulder and a whisper in his ear, "You think I haven't thought of that?"

Ryo froze in place, his eyes narrowing in inadvertent fear, determined not to look at the card designer, "You... haven't though, have you?"

He did his best to keep his voice level as Pegasus spoke to him again, "Like I said before, I think you underestimate people, Ryo."

Right as Ryo spun around, to his surprise again, he found himself looking Pegasus in the face, but his whole face was visible... including the empty socket that once held the Millennium Eye... Though he knew better, he couldn't help but stare at the deformity, created by a man mad enough to find what he had once lost... Something he couldn't relate to. Instead of searching, he had always run the other way and he couldn't understand why people searched for things that would ultimately destroy-

"You'd take care," Pegasus said, taking a step closer, "To not do so; it's why you were never much of a strong duelist. And... if you don't take better care, it may be your downfall."

Watching his frozen employee, Pegasus stood back up to his full measure, his gift neatly deposited in Bakura's bag without his knowledge. He smiled.

"Better get on home now," He said with a smile.

Bakura could only reach for the door, not daring to look away from Pegasus in the slightest until he was out the door. Genuinely, Pegasus smiled for real this time. He hadn't even noticed. This is why Ryo was second to even Joey Wheeler... he was so easily manipulated. It was almost cute that he thought he was finally gaining his footing. It was really next to nothing. Kicking him out was as simple as... well, giving him a little gift.


Yugi felt his back crack as he leaned backwards and upright. Maybe this was why his family was filled with short men. They were too busy bending over their work or games to stand upright. He slouched and looked up at the clock. It was 7:13. He groaned. The Game Shop was closed by now and Kisara was waiting... He zipped up his bag and got ready to go. Others were still here, but he had to go... And it wasn't like he didn't work 24-7 in Egypt anyways...

Walking towards the door and swiping his access card to exit, he likely would have kept going had it not been for the person now in front of him, "Yugi."

"Oh! Ishizu, sorry, I was just, I know it's early, but..."

"It's not early, Yugi," She said skeptically.

"Well, uh, for Japan standards..." Yugi added, smiling awkwardly.

Ishizu rolled her eyes, "You know I don't care to follow that strictly."

"Well, uh, you know how it goes..." Yugi trailed off and Ishizu nodded.

"Yes, yes, I know," She said, "Well, I'm glad that I caught you before you left. I got this from Pegasus."

Yugi glanced down to see in her hand a ticket with silver and blue printing on it, "What's this?"

"Mr. Pegasus would like you to come to the unveiling of the new Kaiba Corp Duel Disk," Ishizu explained.

"Oh..." Yugi said, taking the ticket with slight hesitancy.

He had kinda hoped that Pegasus would just sort of forget about his presence, but to no such luck. He hated these sorts of things. It meant if possible, Pegasus would ask him to duel. Ishizu seemed to pick up on Yugi's hesitancy.

"You know, Yugi," She said slowly, "After Battle City, Marik wouldn't duel for a long time. It wasn't that he refused... he just didn't want to. He was afraid I think, didn't want to give that evil part of his psyche a chance to come back..."

Yugi glanced up at her, unsure of where she was going and allowed her to finish, "I know your... well, I've noticed your reluctance to play over the past years or so and... well, what I'm trying to say is that, and even though Marik's reasonings were likely different from yours... Just, you can say no. No one can force you to do something you don't want to."

Yugi mulled over Ishizu's words. No one can force you to do something you don't want to. In the normal realm of things, yes, she was right. Exceptions seemed to occur though in past instances of his life. Like when he was possessed by Atem at times. Or when Ryo was possessed by the spirit of the Millennium Necklace... But now... she was right, no one could force him... but that didn't really matter. He didn't want to keep running away from dueling. He had inherited the title of Game King from Atem and he was going to uphold that title, no matter what.

Slowly, he nodded, "I know... but... if Pegasus asks me to duel, I will. I don't have a reason not to. And besides... I think Atem would want me to duel."

Ishizu tilted her head, a little surprised, "You're... sure about that?"

Yugi nodded, "Yeah, he'd want me to enjoy dueling, like we did together."

Ishizu's skepticism remained, "If you're sure..."

"I am," Yugi said firmly, "Though... to be fair, I don't see a likely instance in which I'm really going to get a chance to stretch my legs so to speak - though that would be nice. I'm not trying to brag but... with all I've learned from Atem, there's rarely an instance in which I've found a new, strong opponent - which would be fun, I guess..."

"Well, Kaiba will likely be there," Ishizu mentioned.

"Yeah, but... I... I just don't see us actually dueling…" Yugi said slowly.

No, that wasn't likely. Pegasus hadn't requested that they duel in ages, an oddity all things considered, and Pegasus asking him to duel had been one of the few reasons for him to duel at all in recent years. In the back of his mind, Yugi had a weird feeling that it was a way Pegasus might be irking Kaiba. Not that there was any reason to stop them from dueling on their own but... come to think of it, Yugi never felt like dueling anyone in particular these past years, so maybe...

"Well, regardless," Ishizu continued, "Let me know how it goes."

Yugi nodded, "Of course. Thanks, Ishizu."

"Anytime, my Pharaoh," She said, realizing her slip, but letting it slide. It was just so hard not to at times... And Yugi... really did remind her of Atem.

Yugi slipped his bag over his shoulder and tucked the ticket inside, making way for his bike. Unlocking it, he pulled it out and readied it to go home when he heard a door open.

"Hey, Yugi!"

His head shot up. No... Not him...

"Hi Bakura," He said slowly, "Did you need something?"

"No, uh..." Bakura said, walking down the steps, his own bag on his shoulder, "I was uh... I wanted to catch you before you left. I.. I really didn't mean to sound so confrontational the other day... I'm sorry."

Surprised, Yugi could only nod for a moment before any words came to him, "Uh, it's fine... I mean... we're allowed to have... different, uh, views..."

'Even if yours is wrong', he thought, feeling a slight shame at his arrogance there.

"Yeah well... it just... it just didn't really come out right back there," Ryo said, "I just... I wanted to make sure you understood. I'm not trying to be the bad guy here..."

A silence lingered. Despite his annoyance and anger with Ryo over the past few years, Yugi felt a sense of unease with himself. Ryo... he was trying to bridge the gap that had grown. He should try to do the same, right? Forgive him, try to understand, be patient, come to some sort of compromise, somehow. That's what Atem would have done... Especially... he could be wrong but... Ryo seemed almost distracted or... shaken up, he realized, watching Ryo's tense body language.

He sighed, "No, I know. I hope you know I'm not either... you know I... he was.. he was like a brother to me..."

Ryo nodded, "I know. I'm sorry."

The two looked at their shoes as though determined for some magical resolution to occur. Yugi in particular just wished Ryo would leave him alone right now.

"So uh," Ryo started, "Sorry, I guess you're heading home?"

"Uh, yeah, you?"

Ryo shrugged, "I don't know. I thought about getting something to eat. Did you have dinner yet?"

"Oh uh, no but uh, Joey I think was going to make something..."

"Oh right, Joey works at your grandpa's shop now," Ryo said musing, "Is he working late?"

"Kinda?" Yugi answered, "I asked him to stay late so that we could, uh, go over some larger orders..."

Larger orders? What kind of excuse...

"Ah I see. Were you going to duel afterwards?" Ryo asked.

"Oh, uh, I don't know, maybe?" Yugi said, with a shrug.

Ryo nodded, "Knowing you both, I know you will... oh, uh, come to think of it, I owe Joey for some of that ikayaki from last night, do you mind if I swing by too to give it to him?"

Yugi resisted the urge to freeze. Crap. Not this.

"Uh... well, it's kinda out of the way for you, isn't it?" He started.

"Not really, remember, I take the Higashi line," Ryo told him.

"Oh, well, uh, if you want, I can give it to him for you," Yugi offered.

"Haha, thanks but, I gotta give it to him myself. The guy helped me when I puked remember? So I gotta go in person..." Ryo said, blushing at the memory.

"Oh, uh, yeah," Even though he didn't remember at all, "Well, uh, okay, but um, I'm not sure if he'll have enough for dinner for all of us."

"That's fine, I'll just drop it off and go," Bakura told him, seemingly to relax a bit.

Yugi resisted the urge to groan a bit, "Uh, okay... Let me just tell him I'm on my way."

Putting his bag in his bike's basket, Yugi quickly whipped out his phone .

"Send Kisara home. Now. I'll talk to her tomorrow."


Turning the door sign over, Kisara stretched her back out and cracked her neck. It had been a busy day, but no worse than usual. She half wondered what it would be like when the new duel disks were finally released... probably a madhouse, as Joey would say.

"Thanks doll," Joey said from behind the counter as he counted the money in the register.

Kisara laughed, "No problem. I'll let you lock it and I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Oh, uh, no hang up, do you have plans or anything?" Joey said quickly.

"No? Why?" Kisara said, tilting her head in question.

"Oh, my man Yug wanted to talk to you a bit after work," Joey said.

"Oh, has he gotten any leads?" Kisara asked.

"Beats me," Joey said, "If he has, he hasn't mentioned anything."


Noticing the silence that trailed a bit, Joey finished counting the cash in the register as quickly as he could and locked it up before standing and speaking again, "Come on, we can wait in the house. Lock it for me?"

Kisara nodded and locked the door, slipping her blue flats off and putting her work slippers back on, after which she followed Joey inside.

"Have you had Okonomiyaki yet?" Joey asked her.

"Okonomi- what?"

"Okonomiyaki," Joey repeated.


"I'll take that as a no," Joey said, "Let's see if Yug's even had a chance to stock up this place."

Opening up a few drawers and cabinets, Joey started to pull out some ingredients, muttering under his breath when he couldn't find something.

"Seriously, Yug?" He'd ask, a number of times Kisara noted, as he went through the shelves.

Finally, when he seemed to have pulled out everything, he turned to her, "Alright, it's not gonna be as authentic as I'd like, but you should get the gist."

"The gist?" Kisara repeated.

"You know, the idea," Joey said, tossing her a head of lettuce, "Can you chop that up real fine for me? Getting rid of any old layers?"

Kisara smiled and nodded, "Where did you learn how to cook Joey?"

He shrugged as she got out a knife and began to chop, "Nowhere, books and things. Trial and error... my old man wasn't much of a chef, so it was learn to be one or starve really."

"Oh..." Kisara said, realizing she'd hit what felt like a less than friendly subject, "Sorry."

"Don't be," Joey said with a smile, "He may not have been a great dad, but I learned a lot from him. A lot of what not to do that is. Besides-"

He stopped, turning on the stove and dumping a handful of soba noodles in, "Girls love a guy that can cook."

Kisara snickered and rolled her eyes, "Then why does Tristan have a girlfriend and you don't?"

"Because he's a perv who doesn't see what's wrong with dating your best friend's sister," Joey answered, gaining another laugh out of Kisara as they continued their crusade of making make-shift Okonomiyaki, as Joey termed it.

"I'm going to use the restroom, you don't need me right now, right?" Kisara asked after a while.

"No, but your presence will be missed," Joey said with a wink. She laughed and placed down the bowl and spoon in her hands on the counter.

She quickly whisked off, leaving Joey alone to pour batter on the hotplate and start cooking. He was so involved with making sure he didn't burn anything that he barely noticed the door opening and Yugi walking inside, a look of panic on his face.

"Joey," He hissed and continued in a whisper, "Didn't you get my text?"

"Huh? Yug, oh, uh, no? Why?" Joey said, leaning back around to see his friend.


"Hi Joey!"

Popping out from behind him, Bakura peeked his head inside and waved. Joey smiled, "Hey, Bakura, I didn't know you were coming by!"

"Last minute thing," Bakura said, digging into his bag as Yugi kicked his shoes off at the genkan and ran over to Joey.

"Where's Kisara?" He hissed under his breath so Bakura couldn't hear him.

"In the bathroom, wh-?" Joey said in a hushed tone as well, confused as to why they were whispering.

"I brought you what I owe you for the ikayaki, Joey," Bakura said, standing up and handing out a bill with a few coins.

"Aw, man, ya didn't have ta do that," Joey said.

Yugi's eyes glanced to the hallway, earnestly hoping that he could either end this encounter before Kisara came out or somehow get to her without causing any alarm.

Ryo shrugged, "It's no biggie."

"Aw well, thanks," Joey said, "You can put it on the counter. Gotta watch this."

Ryo carefully slipped out of his shoes, another thing Yugi didn't want, and came over to the counter where he placed the payment, "Oh what are you making?"

"Okonomiyaki," Joey said, "Want some?"

"Oh no, I wouldn't want to impose-"

"Sorry, Joey, I can help out now," Came the voice that Yugi was at this moment dreading most.

The three boys turned to see Kisara coming out from the restroom with her usual smile, each with a different reaction. Joey grinned. Yugi felt like his stomach had dropped out of his body. And Bakura... it was like a pulse had reverberated all the way from... his bag, shocking his system into a kind of frozen trance.

"There she is," Joey said, "Kisara, Bakura, you've never met, right? Bakura, this is Kisara. Kisara, this is Bakura. She's-"

"A new employee here," Yugi filled in very quickly.

Kisara smiled and came close before giving Ryo a little bow of introduction, "Nice to meet you, Bakura."

Still frozen, Bakura found himself almost unable to move, but when he realized that he was to do the same, he did so quickly, "Likewise."

He was acutely aware of Yugi's gaze on him. If he wasn't so... distracted, he might have almost told Yugi to start using a poker face more often. Not that it mattered. He knew. He knew who, what this girl was.

A foreign presence and not one from around here.

"Well, uh, I uh, I have to talk to-" Yugi began.

"Oh Yugi, your grandpa wanted to talk to you when you got home, shouldn't ya check on him?" Joey asked.

"I will, but I gotta-"

"Uh, not to be rude," Bakura said, "But I uh, I really gotta run. I just wanted to drop off that for you, Joey."

"Eh? You sure?" Joey said, "I can probably make another plate for you-"

"No, it's fine, I'm late, I'll uh... I'll see you at work, Yugi," He said quickly, "Oh, and nice to meet you, Kisara."

"Uh, yes, you as well," She said, a little confused at the snap exit Bakura was making.

Swiftly slipping into his shoes, Bakura exited even faster than he came, shutting the door quickly behind him. There was silence, save for the sound of the frying mixture on the hotplate, no one moving. Finally, Yugi spoke.


"What?" Joey said.

"Crap," Yugi repeated.

"What are you talking about now?" Joey asked again.

"Bakura, I didn't- ugh, I didn't want him to see Kisara," Yugi said.

"Why didn't you say that earlie-"

"I didn't have the chance. I didn't know he was gonna just invite himself over. And I sent you a text, that's why!"

"Well sorry if I was working-"

"And making dinner with my groceries," Yugi pointed out.

"Which you have next to nothing of," Joey remarked.

"All the more reason why, hold on, no, never mind," Yugi said, turning to Kisara, "Kisara, have you ever seen Bakura before?"

She shook her head, confused, "No, never, why?"

"In the future, please avoid him. Don't be alone with him, ever, got it?" Yugi told her.


"Bakura was a vessel, just like I was, but for something... someone evil. It nearly destroyed Atem and his kingdom," Yugi explained.

"What's that gotta do with Bakura now?" Joey asked.

"He reports to Pegasus," Yugi said, "Not me. Not Ishizu, Pegasus. And Pegasus is the last person I want finding out about Kisara. If he does-"

"We're in trouble?" Joey filled in, at which Kisara suddenly froze, a realization hitting her.

"Yeah," Yugi answered, when the two noticed Kisara's wide eyed gaze at the floor, "What?"

"Uh... well... uh, is Pegasus... will he be attending the new duel disk release?" Kisara asked.

Yugi's mouth gaped for a moment before he slowly nodded, "Uh... probably, yeah, why?"

Kisara ran to the little purse on the counter and pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Yugi, who hesitantly took it before seeing the same similar print.

"Where... where did you get this?" He asked.

"Seto gave it to me," She said, "He invited me."

"Well, if she can't go, I'll take it," Joey said with a smirk, "Can you imagine rubbing Kaiba's face in-"

"No," Kisara said quickly, making them both turn to her.

"What?" Yugi asked.

"I... I want to go," She said.

"Why?" Yugi said, suddenly exhauserbated.

"I... he, he invited me," She said, "Why do I need another reason?"


"And besides, I've only seen a duel disk used once and it was-"

"Wait, what?"

"It was breathtaking and I, I'd love to see it again," She added quickly.

Yugi sighed, "Well, if you want to see it again, Joey and I can duel using them."

"But this is the new one-" Kisara said in a rush, though in the back of her mind, she knew it was a weak excuse.

"Yeah, but it's too risky," Yugi said, "If Pegasus sees you and makes the connection..."

"You really think an idiot like Pegasus would make that connection?" Joey asked.

"Yes," Yugi stated, admittedly before adding after a moment, "And thanks. Great to know you all think my boss is an idiot."

"Well, isn't he?" Joey said with a smirk of mocking, before laughing, "Relax, Yug, I know, I know, but... why doesn't she just.. ya know, keep a low profile or something? Not like her appearance is any more whacky than yours."

"Uh..." Yugi said, half dumb founded by the statement, "Thanks..."

Joey grinned as the conversation came to a sudden pause. The three looked between each other. Finally, Yugi sighed.

"Look, Kisara, do you... do you really want to go?" Yugi asked, already dreading the answer a bit.

She nodded fervently, "Yes. If I don't, Seto might... I think he might be disappointed... or worried..."

Joey's head tilted, "Wait, why-"

"Uh.. Kisara about that," Yugi interrupted, "Remember what I said about Kaiba on the trip to the onsen? Wh- why have you been spending so much time with him?"

"I... why shouldn't I?" She asked, "I like to spend time with him. He's smart and he's taught me a lot."

The word "smart" hit Joey's ears with a defiant air of disbelief while Yugi found it easier to stomach the whole of her statement.

"He's just... Kisara, I don't want him to think-"

"He doesn't know anything about... Kmt," She said quickly, "I haven't said a thing."

"I'm not saying you did-"

"Well then-"

"Let me finish, Kisara, I... I think he might have been part of what brought you here," Yugi told her quickly.

Kisara's eyes widened before taking on a confused expression, "What?"

"I think he might have inadvertently played a role in your appearance in this time," Yugi said, "And if so, we're likely going to need his help getting you home."

"Well, I'm sure he'd be hap-"

"No, he doesn't like Egypt. He doesn't like the history of Duel Monsters and what he calls magic," Yugi inserted.

Kisara's gaze sharpened slightly, almost taken aback, but also... showing unease, as two opposing voices in her head battled. One affirming what Yugi has said and one that… wanted to believe the best of Seto. She gave into the latter, feeling a pit of selfishness hit her stomach, "I... I think you're underestimating him, Yugi. I mean, I know he doesn't like that, but... I think he'd be willing to help us if necessary."

A little surprised, Yugi's gaze fell to the ground, trying to figure out his next move, before finally, he came to it, "I... I think you're right. I think he would, but... I think we need to bring it up to him in the best manner."

Joey at that moment, wished he could have been anywhere but in the Muto household. Kisara's gaze of hurt and Yugi's of apologetic pleading were near painful to witness. Soon though, Kisara broke it and went to her bag and slipped it over her shoulder.

"Kisara, wait," Yugi started as she slipped on her shoes.

"I'm going home," She said softly, before turning back to Yugi, "I'm sorry, Yugi, but I want to go to the show. I'll... I'll be careful with Pegasus, but... until you figure out how you want to talk to Seto about this 'in the best manner', I'm... I'm going to keep seeing him. He's my friend."

That exalted word. The one they had run their lives by since high school and she had used it in context with the most undesirable situation. Yugi swallowed before bending his head down and nodding.

"Oh... okay," He said softly, "I'll talk to him after the unveiling."

Kisara's face, once sad, again beamed. She moved to the edge of the genkan where Yugi stood and kissed him on the cheek, quickly turning him red.

"Thank you, Yugi," She said with a smile.

He nodded and watched as she closed the door behind her. As sound refused to spread from particle to particle, Yugi found himself feeling even more lost than he had been before when he heard Joey turn back to cooking the Okonomiyaki and mutter under his breath.

"Lucky dog."


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