Naraku was beginning to get impatient to get his hands on Kagome.

He had received multiple reports from his men stating that there were at least three women who fit her profile however only two of them actually looked like her in the snap shots that his men had brought to him.

Looking back down at the pictures of the women on his desk, it was difficult to tell whom was whom. Truly the two could have been twins. Though one had much bigger breasts than the other. And wider hips.

Both were the same height, had about the same length hair that was the same blue black color. The only true difference between them that he could actually see was the eyes.

His Kagome had the most lovely neon blue eyes that he had ever beheld. Whereas the other woman had a light golden brown. Or at least that was what his men had reported to him. Though how they managed to see their eyes and not get a clear picture of them for him, he had no clue.

However since even they had some trouble telling the women apart then he'd have to change his plans a bit. Instead of simply getting his hands on Kagome...he would take them both. And keep one and use the other for the snuff film that he had planned.

Yes. He thought to himself in satisfaction. That would work. Now he only had to tweak the details of obtaining them a bit and then contact his men and get this damned show on the road.

His cock was already aching to savagely punish his Kagome's holes for running away from him...

Two days had passed since Kagome had come home with the pup and Touga was so very, very proud of his little mate. Not only did she take to being a new mother like a duck took to water. But she had not instigated any arguments or fights with her mother over how she was treated before. She let the woman bond and play with her grand pup while she rested for a little while in between, visiting with Inu and the rest of her friends as well as her little brother and him.

Grabbing some extra sleep here and there so that she wouldn't become irritable after being woken up six times a night for feedings and changings, cuddling with him occasionally on the couch and playing hostess to everyone.

Yes, he was very proud of his little mate for keeping his home from falling into the same type of chaos that was only to come when their pup would become mobile, and figured out how to hostilely tug her diaper off and chuck it at their heads so that she could streak through the house with a poopy little tooshie.

Well...he hoped that his home didn't fall into that type of chaos. After all, he'd gone through that with Inuyasha, so maybe he'd luck out and not have it happen again. At least not for a while. Maybe not until his and Kagome's fifth or sixth pup. That way they had a decent span of time to prepare for a counter attack.

Leaning his shoulder against the doorframe to the nursery, he stood there watching the sweet scene within with a small smile curving his sensual lips.

His mate really was amazing.

He doubted that he would ever tire of praising her.

Inside the nursery, Kagome sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the room just shy of the window with Yuki in her arms, her voice soft as she spoke to their little one in low tones. Eliciting the occasional squeal and coo and arm flap from the pup before she practically flopped herself over onto her mother's chest and buried her little face against her shoulder and started softly purring causing Kagome to softly laugh at her and run her fingertips up along her spine, eliciting little shrieks and coos from their pup as she attempted to squirm and escape her amused mother's grasp.

"Are you going to stand there all day or come in?" Kagome's voice finally cut through his thoughts, causing him to subconsciously tense up a little bit before automatically relaxing again as he pushed away from the door frame to go into the room and join his two little loves.

"How is she today? Are your nipples still in one piece?"

Kagome shot him an odd looking smirk before saying. "Still in one piece, and she is feeling so rambunctious today. I had to save Souta from her earlier when he decided to try holding her for a little bit while I grabbed something to eat."


"Yeah," Kagome said as the pup all but squirmed out of her grasp and straight into Touga's waiting hands. The little brat. "She was about to lay into him with those little fangs of hers when I grabbed the peanut butter jar and scooped some out with my fingers and ran over and rubbed it along the inside of her teeth and the roof of her mouth."

Touga looked down at his mate and then at his infant daughter and could only imagine the pup's distress at not knowing what had just hit her and then started laughing. Oh! To have seen that up close!

He'd bet it had been incredibly funny from where Kagome was sitting, and it certainly was a nice, harmless way to train the pup not to bite others. Letting his laughter die down a little bit, Touga lifted his pup until she was practically eye level with him and crooned to her. "Oh my poor Yuki-chan. Was mommy mean to you?"

His pup responded to the question with a series of soft growls, barks and whines. Tattling on her unsuspecting mother for several moments before falling silent and he cuddled his little one against his chest and let out a soft purring sound to comfort her before looking at his curious mate and deciding to let her find out on her own in time just what their baby girl had said about her.

He wasn't going to be the messenger. People tended to kill the messenger.

Besides... If he told Kagome what their pup had just told him- his house would descend into chaos that much sooner and frankly he didn't feel like being a casualty of the upcoming war.