In England, London, A man named Braxton Hildesheim interrogated a long time tourist. "Please let me go! I promise I won't tell a soul about this, " said a frightened man. A henchmen gave the gun towards Braxton. He puts the gun on the tourist's forehead, "You know, I could have killed you right now, but you're still worth a lot alive yet. So, spill it. " "I don't know if what you're talking about. " Braxton forcefully smack the tourist with a gun in his hand. He had a black eye and a broken tooth, crying for dear life. "I already told you, I don't know anything. " Braxton replied, "Cut the bullshit! We know that you have the weapons hidden in your hotel room! And we're trying to find the secret destruction blaster, because war equals more money for us. " The tourist sniffles, "Ok, it's at the pier, six miles away, next to the two poles. " Braxton and his henchmen looks at each other and smiled. "Can I be free now?" They ignored him and continues to smile. Braxton aims the gun at the tourist and shot him in the head. "We need to hide the body before they wonder what happen to him. Paul, I need you to put the body in the nearby forest. " Braxton unloads his gun and put it back to his pocket. "The rest of you, if you see anyone trying to follow us, or even look at us, I want you to eliminate them and put the bodies in the river. " They formed in a group and drive on the highway. He already killed the most loyal tourist the country has. Terror will rain on europe, and any country. This isn't the only thing they planned ahead.