Mary and Cyan came out of the Big Ben all bloody and scarred. She felt lightheaded as the day (or evening) goes by. Cyan grabs her hand and they hugged each other. "At least, we saved the world for having another war, " Cyan said. "Yeah, but there are also other men that is following in his footsteps. So, I have a feeling this isn't over yet. " The sunset was very bright that it made Mary squint. "Gavin is where he wants to be. He helped save part of the world, " states Mary. A day later, Mary Poppins was having a drink at the bar and looking at the picture of Gavin. She lost her family and her closest friend that she ever known. Cyan came into the bar, and went to talk to Mary while drinking on her scotch. "I have good news for both of us. " "Cyan, i'm not in the mood right now. " She drags Mary's arm and forcefully bring her to the back of the alley. "Look, Cyan, I told you that I have no time for-" She notices a group people. "Who the hell are they?" "These are your new pack. They will die for you, and they are good with weapons. " Mary grabs Cyan by the arm as well, "Cyan, why do i need my own army?" "Because those men are terrorizing those people in different countries. We need heroes that can save people from other evil people. " Mary look in the eyes of her new army. "And besides, they know that you defeated Braxton. " They all shook their head. She gave a little smile to the people and to Cyan. "You are one mysterious creature. " She faces to the people. "OK, Now, that Cyan have recruited you guys to my army, you also have to be quicker, more lethal, and sacrifice one another. We will put an end to Braxton's international army until there is no more of them. We will protect this world, even if the world doesn't want us to do it. " Later, the group went to Hong Kong to fight off the army. And then, they went to the middle east to put an end to the more fierce army. Mary Poppins created a flag for her own army. It was a drawing of a parrot with a circle on it, getting the attention people everywhere. More and more people signed onto the army to start the evil men. A building, the size of a mansion, was where the army recruits had to sign on to be part of the team. Mary Poppins in her fighting outfit with Cyan. "Well, It looks like we're going to change the world. " Cyan smiled. "Yeah, if Gavin was alive right now, he would have been our best marksman. " They turned around and saw the picture frame of Gavin smiling. "Don't worry, Gavin, we're making the world a better place. " They were watching the new recruits training for their battles and/or wars. She and Cyan both smiled as they were watching. The youngest recruits do some basic training to move up a rank. The war was almost over and so far, Mary was winning. She made her army unstoppable soldiers. They have their own jets, boats, tanks, and even their own missile for a backup plan. Things were looking good for Mary so far. She's not a nanny anymore, she's a warmonger, but in a good way. She's saving lives of millions and more people are there to help her. There's nothing like a good happy ending for Mary Poppins. The End.