A/N: Uma, Harry, and Gil will not be included in this story since I just care mainly for the core four.

This is rated T for violence, language, and conduct.

Basically, I just finished my summer college semester and I needed to de-stress - which means writing!

What if the King and Queen of Auradon decided to seize the young children of the Isle of the Lost and bring them to their own land, and raise them in their own homes? Can the damage their parents have already inflicted be erased, or will their lineage forever haunt them?

Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella, and Jafar were sitting in the loft of Maleficent's abode. They often fought, and none truly cared for the other - but they were rulers. Rulers of the Isle, if not by technicality, then by force. They hoped that their children would one day grow strong enough to not only take the Isle, but Auradon as well. That they would free their parents and allow them to rule.

For now, however, they were stuck with infants and toddlers.

Jafar's son, Jay, was the oldest. He tended to be the protector of the younger three, for which he often received a good beating from his father. He was born in the fall, his mother dying from hemorrhage not long after his birth. The boy was a good size, but without a scale, he was an estimated nine pounds. His thick, black hair was his most notable feature, next to his size. According to his father, he was "a rather bland child, considering who his father is".

Mal arrived next, along with the first snowfall of the winter season. Her father was unknown, even to Maleficent. She had tufts of purple hair, and her eyes glowed green not long after her initial birth. Her mother was pleased; this time she knew immediately that the child had taken after her - her body reacting to her fairy blood. It wouldn't take months, unlike the last child. She was beautiful by all known standards. Her skin was deathly pale, her hair dark, and her eyes bright.

Evie arrived within the same week as Maleficent's daughter. Her dark blue hair, with a twinge of black in the strands, and her beautiful brown eyes. She could certainly become the second fairest of them all, next to her mother of course. The Evil Queen was completely in love with her beautiful daughter, though she, at times, became greatly annoyed with her volume and immaturity.

Carlos was nearly two years behind. The other three parents were surprised the child lasted until birth, let alone after. Cruella was a mad woman who often threw herself, and other objects, when she had an episode - which was why she had lost three other pregnancies. The boy seemed to be tough, just like his father, Dr. Facilier.

And so they all lay, entertaining themselves on the floor of the loft. Carlos, being no older than two months, was laying unclothed next to Mal, who was using a white rock to color on the wood floors. His babbles made nobody more happy than Evie, who was playing with her makeup brushes before crawling over to the boy and tickling his belly while Maleficent and Cruella glared at her in disgust.

Jay, well he was taking a nap; at least, before Maleficent rudely interrupted by snatching Mal up by her long, thick purple locks, causing the toddler to scream in surprise and agony.

"Do something useful!" Her mother yelled. "And stop pouting, or I'll give you something to pout about!"

As soon as she was free, Mal ran out of the room and found a place to hide while Jay, who was still half asleep, followed.

Evie sat with Carlos, frightened and trying to make herself and the boy invisible.

Then, suddenly, there was screaming, adult and child alike, from outside the open window. Auradon officials were picking up and taking every child under the age of ten, and putting them in buses. Force was being used, causing the weaker villains to scramble, and children to become frantically afraid.

Maleficent sprang into action, running and searching for Mal. Her child was only two, she wasn't going to be able to take over Auradon just yet, and she wasn't going to sit around and allow them to turn her into anything other than what she was born to be - a villain.

The girl was nowhere in sight, however, for she was in her hiding spot - away from her mother.

Officials broke into Maleficent's home, and despite them visibly jumping and cowering from the initial shock of seeing the evil fairy, they grabbed up Evie and Carlos before searching the home for other children.

Grimhilde, the Evil Queen, was sobbing at her daughters disappearance. Her face was wrinkled, red, and her makeup had smeared. She looked like anybody other than Grimhilde.

Suddenly there was a high-pitched scream, make it two, and a deeper scream followed. Jay had jumped out of his hiding spot in a feeble attempt to protect Mal. With his being two, he was easily overpowered.

The four children were now on the bus, where many other Isle children sat. There was Ursula's daughter, Hook's son, and Gaston's three boys. The once loud bus had now grown silent, and all the children had a solemn look on their faces. Where were they being taken?

It wasn't until the shock faded that Evie noticed Carlos' disappearance.

"Carlos?!" She said, loudly, as she rose from her seat. An official made her sit, but pointed to the baby who was two seats ahead, being held by another guard.

"I want him." She pouted.

The children arrived in Auradon, watching in amazement as the magic lit up the golden bridge. Slowly they stopped, and one by one were the removed from where they sat.

Jay, Evie, and Mal all kept a firm grip on each others small hands, showing that they weren't going anywhere without the other. A doctor stood by, ready to assess and treat any children that came her way. Mal went first.

"Hi there, cutie. I'm going to make sure you're not sick, okay?" She said in a gentle voice. Mal flinched at her touch, and the doctor frowned. "I won't hurt you, I promise."

Aside from some bruises and a slight cold, Mal was fairly healthy. Slightly low in weight. Then it was time for her vaccinations. At the sight of the needle, Mal had no reaction. She didn't really know what it was.

The doctor prepped her skin with an alcohol wipe before sticking a needle in her arm. Mal's eyes welled with tears, and she whimpered when the next came. When it came to the third shot? The purple-haired girl was sobbing, and Jay, who stood not far by, was attempting to come to her aid as he, too, cried. She received a lollipop, and went over to Evie, who she clung to.

Jay refused to look weak. He needed to be strong for Mal and Evie, and he didn't want the youngest of the three to be scared. Maybe if she seen he didn't cry, then she would forget that Mal did, and she wouldn't be scared to get poked. He had lice, so they had to cut his hair, but he was a great weight, if not a little on the heavier side. The doctor gave him a lollipop, which he gladly took. Food was food - but oh my god, it was so yummy!

Evie was next, and she was the sweetest towards the doctor. She smiled, she laughed, and she only cried a little bit when she, too, got poked. She was underweight, and the small child refused the lollipop.

The children all went to the palace of King Adam and Queen Belle, where they would stay until they could be placed into a home.

After going over the health exams, however, the King and Queen were beyond horrified at seeing how many bruises and fractured bones were reported. Many of the children had attitudes, as well.

They were attempting to decide which child they would like to adopt, because they absolutely wanted Ben to grow with a brother or sister.

They would go meet the children tomorrow, and see who would fit in with their family the best. Queen Belle was sure that all of the children would have homes soon, and many people had requested meetings already. Yes, some people were unhappy with the decision to bring the villain children to Auradon, but they could not be abandoned. The ones older than ten would be sent to school in increments, because they were far more unpredictable, and hopefully, be introduced to Auradon's society successfully.