Coulson explained to me that if I want to leave I have to go back to the foster system, not just living in my van like when they found me. We decide on New York, so if needed, the Avengers and Yo-Yo could come help me. I jump at the offer. After about a year at SHIELD, I want to live a normal life for awhile. Especially since Puerto Rico. It took two months to get good control of my power, even now it seems like a stranger to me. I just need to get away from my life for a little bit, be as normal as I can get. To forget all the people who died around me; Tripp, mom, but most of all, Lincoln. Who sacrificed himself to save to team, even though I was supposed to be on that ship. I look out the window of the quinjet, only ten more minutes left till we land in New York. My body is a network of nerves and fear. Who knows if the fosters will be better than the ones before.

The sun is setting by the time we get to the orphanage. I look over to Coulson and Mack. I give them a smile and a wave over my shoulder.

"Wait! Daisy." Mack says, "I almost forgot to give you this." He hands me a black bag. I look inside. A new pair of gauntlets and what looks like a tac suit. "Jemma made them for you," Mack says with a smile.

"Tell her and Fitz I said thank you," I say back sincerely.

"Bye Tremors."

"Bye Mack, see ya around sometime, right Coulson."

"Of course, Daisy."

I walk up the steps to Little Flower Orphanage. Just as I walk in the door, I am greeted by a middle aged woman, a stark contrast to the nuns at St. Agnes.

"Hi, Daisy! My name is Kara. I run Little Flower." she reaches out her hand to shake. She leads me up a flight of stairs, some children running past us, some of them stop and stare at me. Kara leads me to a room. It is the last on down the hall. I set my bag down and look at her. "There are about 20 girls and 30 boys staying here. You will be going to Forest Hills High School at the beginning of the school year, where the rest of the older kids go. I hope you have a nice experience here, and we hope to get a foster for you soon." She gives me another glance, "I'll let you get settled in."

I set my bag down on the bed at the end of the room. It is already made, with light gray sheets and a pillow with a thin fleece blanket. I look around the room, 'Did I make the right choice?'