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I lead Daisy to the guest room, which other than Uncle Ben's old stuff and a bed is relatively clean. She sets her bag down on the bed. "I'll uh, leave you to unpack, dinner's at five, I'm going to the movies if you want to come?"

She narrows her eyes, "Sure, what movie?"

"Rogue One."

She looks confused.

"The new Star Wars movie."

"I haven't seen Star Wars."

"Oh gosh, poor child," I say jokingly. "Well don't worry, we will catch you up on it real quick."

Ned arrives at the apartment at 6:30. He looks at Daisy then to me. "Who's this, you have a girlfriend?"

I snort and Daisy just stares at him, "No, she's my sister."

For a second he looks between us, "I don't see it."

"Adoptive." she says.

Ned raises his eyebrows. "Well, what are you guys doing just standing there, we will miss the movie."

The movie was great, I was not expecting the ending, and Daisy seemed very interested. We might have some movie nights coming up. Just as I leave the car my phone beeps, 'Robbery on Queen Blvd, Gas station.'

I turn to Daisy, "Oh my gosh, I totally forgot! I have a study group with my biology partner tonight. Can the Star Wars movie marathon wait until tomorrow?"

She looks confused, but she eventually buys it, "Yeah, totally." I follow her inside and pick up my web shooters and suit, then I jump out of my bedroom window.

By the time I reach the gas station, the robber is already leaving the store. He is a burly dude with no hair, he looks to be about 20 and is carrying a gun. A big one. He totally disregards me and makes a beeline for his van. I reach out my hand keeping him back by his chest. "Hey, whatcha doing buddy? That looks like a big gun, would you like to hand it over before things get bad?" He looks at me like I'm crazy.

"No," he replies, before sending a blast to my chest. I was expecting bullets, but the gun seems to be some energy beam. I am sent flying to the other side of the lot and thrown against a lamp post. Ouch. The man marches over to me and raises the gun at my head. "Looks like it's over Spider-Man."

I'm too weak to do anything but watch. His finger tightens around the trigger. I close my eyes and then, a scream.

I open my eyes kind of shocked that I'm still alive. The man is unconscious against his van, a dent in the side of it where he hit. About ten yards away stands a figure in black.

"You've gotta be more careful, what would New York do without their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?"

"Who are you?" I yell in its direction.

"No one, and don't expect me to save you again." Then it runs off.

I just sit for a minute, resting my head against the metal of the lamp post. Then I get up and check on the crook. I yank the gun away from his hands and throw it about five feet away. I check his pulse to make sure he is alive, which he is, then I use some rope from inside the gas station to tie him to the lamp post.

I write my little note.

That gun can pack a punch, here is the bad guy too,

-Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man