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Chapter 11: Relaxing together

Claire woke-up with the sun shining brightly on her exposed face
and neck. She stretched her legs then her arms; wincing at the pain
in her back. The soft fluffy bed sheets gently moved and the body
next to her stirred. She flipped onto her side looking at Darien's
face that was relaxed and innocent as he slept. She was still clothed
so nothing had happened. 'Yet' she thought. She reached her hand up
into his hair and began to curl it around her fingers. She smiled
not wanting this morning to end.
'Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this." She
softly sang. Darien rolled his head to face hers and opened his eyes
joining her in singing.
'Some people search forever for that one special kiss.
Oh, I can't believe it's happening to me.
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this." They finished
at the same time. He smiled at her. He placed his thumb and finger
around her chin and drew her closer to him. She slightly parted her
lips Darien moved closer and gently brushed his lips to hers. "Good
morning, Claire." He softly whispered each word sending his lips
across hers. "Morning, Darien," she said returning the favour she
felt his lips move into a smile. They stayed this way for a few
minutes when finally Claire spoke up. "
Are you going to kiss me or just tease me?" she said laughing
softly. "
Why Ms.Keeply I-" "
It's Grant." Darien smiled again.
"Okay, Ms.Grant a kiss it will be." He pushed his lips to hers
kissing her, she returned the kiss fiercely; grabbing him by the back
of his neck she pulled him closer to her body pressing against him.
Claire traced his back slowly making it to the front, and with
shaking fingers she unbuttoned Darien's shirt. Her hands felt his
abdomen fingers tracing his well-formed six-pack. He felt so warm she
moved closer and kissed his mouth, softly biting him. A moan escaped
his lips causing her to bite harder. Darien rolled on to his back and
Claire followed straddling his chest. His hand climbed from the back
of her knees to her ass, that he fondled for a while as they kissed
passionately. His hands moved to her waist and then he pulled her top
off. She leaned back towards him kissing him again. He undid the
first strap on her bra. Her hands trailed down undoing the button on
the top of his jeans. Then the phone ran. Claire stopped kissing
him and laid her head on his chin. They both gasped for breath.
Claire regained hers first and she grabbed the phone on the forth
"Hullo? Yes, Sir." She nodded. "We'll be right there." Then she hung
up. "
Work." Darien stated simply.
"Work." She softly said nodding.
"Fine, but I'm getting my cold shower first." And with that Darien
got out of bed.
45 minutes later Claire and Darien arrived at the Agency. They went
straight to the Official's office.
"Hey 'Fish glad to see you up and about." Darien said as he took his
seat between Claire and Bobby.
"It's nice to be back up."
"So, Chief what's this about?" Bobby asked.
"The hunt." The Official said. "The hunt for Cassandra starts now."

To Be Continued...

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