AN: I thought this would be a interesting angle to Harry/Rhaegar, with femharry being reborn as a Lannister.


Taliya glanced up at her father, seeing black hair and green eyes in her memory and blond hair and green eyes now, and smiled. "Is Mother okay? Are the twins?"

Lord Tywin Lannister raised an eyebrow at his daughter's knowledge, wondering how she had heard that Joanna had had twins. He grinned down at her, scooping her up, and heading back to his wife's rooms. "Your mother is fine, little lioness. How did you know she had twins?"

Taliya tilted her head, her wild, golden curls bouncing a little. "She was big."

Tywin laughed and nodded. "She was."

"Still pretty though," Taliya spoke, watching as they passed several servants and men at arms.


Tywin walked through the hallway that led to Joanna's rooms and turned into the doorway at the end. Septa Saranella was there along with Maester Creylen, standing around Joanna's bed. Joanna herself was sitting up, with both babes on her chest. His wife was smiling, sweaty and exhausted, but happy. The twins were making little snuffling noises and were holding onto each other.

Taliya indicated that she wanted down, gesturing to the bed, and Tywin let her, watching as she jumped up onto the bed. Taliya shuffled over to peer into the twins' faces, raising an eyebrow, much like Tywin did when he was unamused.

"What are their names going to be?" Taliya asked, looking up at Joanna. "Mother? Are you okay?"

Joanna smiled and ruffled Taliya's hair. Their first daughter smiled widely before looking between her and the twins. "I'm going to be an older sister."

"Yes, you are."

"Their names will be Jaime and Cersei," Joanna offered. "Do you like them?"

"I think so," Taliya answered, wrinkling her nose. Her vivid green eyes searched the twins, studying, before she nodded.

When Taliya had just turned seven, her nameday falling midweek in a mild winter, Septa Saranella knocked on her door. Taliya raised an eyebrow, glanced at the sword that had just appeared on her bed that morning, and went to open the door, making sure that her septa would not see the glint of metal.

Saranella blinked, looking at her suspiciously.


"Your father wants to see you."

Taliya nodded. "I'll be there in a minute."


"I'll be there in a minute! I just need to put my things away."

"Very well. I'll wait out here for you."

Saranella stepped back out the door and Taliya closed it, before walking over to her bed again. Gryffindor's sword lay on her bed, gleaming in the ray of sun that came from the balcony on the side of her room. She blinked, her magic flowing around her lightly, and picked it up cautiously. She didn't know if the basilisk venom was still in the metal but mayhap there was a way to test that.

Taliya sighed, glancing over to her dresser, the one that held her special cloak. Her things from her past life were just following her to this one though it wasn't like she was ungrateful. She snuck around Casterly Rock with the cloak on at night sometimes, after chaotic dreams of her fights and battles. She threw on a light cloak, placed the sword under her bed then walked out of her room.

She followed her septa through the hallways, glancing out through the windows of the keep. She could see Jaime practicing swords with Ser Benedict Broom on the practice field. Or was that Cersei? Taliya squinted, stopping to stare in bemusement, her lips twitching up into a small frown. She did know that sometimes, the twins took each other's places at sword practice. It was just like George and Fred and her heart clenched in her chest at the thought of her own twins. She shrugged and started up the set of stairs that would take her to her father's office.

Septa Saranella knocked on her father's door then stepped aside.

"Come in."

Taliya raised a questioning eyebrow at her septa, wondering if she knew what her father wanted to talk to her about. Saranella shook her head and gestured her inside. Taliya pushed the stone door open and walked inside, closing the door behind her.

Lord Tywin was reading through some scrolls on his desk, the one that had a lion etched into it. He looked up as she approached, putting the current scroll down. Taliya just had a moment to see the dragon inked onto the top of the parchment before her father spoke.

"Taliya, how are you today?"

She grimaced inwardly at his tone. "I didn't do anything. I swear!"

Tywin snorted but shook his head. "I didn't say you did, daughter. Are you planning on doing something?"

She glanced down at the stone floor, putting her hands behind her back and crossing her fingers. "No..."

"Good," Tywin remarked, glancing down at the parchment again before studying her. "I wanted to talk to you about a betrothal."

"I'm only seven, father," Taliya spoke, pushing an errant strand of hair behind her ear. The color of her hair had reminded her of what she had seen of Lily Potter when she had first seen it. Though her's was so much lighter that it was golden but not as beautiful as her mother's. Joanna was the most beautiful woman in the seven kingdoms, as beautiful as Queen Rhaella. Mayhap even more beautiful than the queen. "I haven't even flowered yet."

"Only seven you may be but you are old enough to discuss your future," Tywin spoke. "You are aware of the Prince Rhaegar, are you not?"

Taliya nodded hesitantly. She had heard of the prophecy that many people, lords, thought pertained the Targaryen Prince. She had promptly grimaced when she had learned that this world held prophecies. Taliya had maybe hoped that she would be done with prophecies when she had been reborn into Westeros. "The dragon prince they call him."

Tywin raised an eyebrow but dipped his head in a nod. "Yes. I hope to betroth you to him. The king and I are on good terms and the prince does not have a sister to wed, as is the Valyrian tradition. You would bring honor and renown to this house, the first Lannister to marry a Targaryen."

"What is the prophecy about him? The Prince That Was Promised?"

"Hasn't Maester Creylen told you of that? Why the interest now?" Tywin asked, studying her intently.

"Yes. I just wondered… You are Hand of the King, father."

Tywin sighed, glanced down to one of the scrolls on his desk then looked back up to her. "Supposedly, the prince that is promised would deliver the world from darkness."

"You don't think it's true?"

"Perhaps. Now, I need to get ready for my travels back to King's Landing."

Cersei tugged Jaime into a kiss several years later, when they were both eight years old. Up until now, they had never kissed, only slept in the same bed with each other. They had kept it secret even from their older sister, Taliya, who seemed like she knew everything.

"I saw you staring at her," Cersei hissed. "I'm better than her, right?"

"Cersei, she's our older sister," Jaime retorted, as Cersei deepened the kiss. They were both in Jaime's chambers and the castle was quiet around them, everyone having gone to bed. Taliya was in bed in the room next to theirs, probably already asleep. Septa Saranella and Maester Creylen had begun to teach Cersei's older sister about all the other houses in Westeros. "She doesn't even look at me the same way you do. Besides, we could get caught now!"

"Shut up," Cersei whispered.


They both turned around, frantically stepping apart, as they saw Taliya in the doorway. Her green eyes were narrowed as she stared at the both of them. She was in her sleep clothes, a gold red gown that covered her body, and her hair was in braids, better to handle it in the morning.

"Mother told you two to stop that," Taliya murmured. "Do you want to get caught again?"

Cersei glared at her, crossing her arms. "Have you been looking at Jaime?"

"No!" Taliya hissed out, taking a step into Jaime's room. "He's my brother! I've read the stories about how the Targaryens married sister to brother. A lot of their children went mad, you know! Do you really want that to happen? I'll cover for you two once more, if you need it, but don't bring me into this again!"

"She has a point, dear sister," Jaime replied, smirking.

"She is weird," Cersei argued.

"She is right here," Taliya said, dropping her arms to her sides. "Besides, Father wants to marry you to a Baratheon."

Cersei snarled and was about to take a step towards her when Jaime slung an arm out to catch her.

Taliya stared out at the sea from the balcony in her rooms 3 years later, listening to the ocean that wasn't more than two miles away. The sun had set on the water, causing it to glow. She ran a hand through her long, hair, not totally used to having golden hair even now. At least her scar was gone. No one stared at her like they thought she was the answer to everything now. She was ten and two, not yet flowered, but she had heard Lord Tywin talk during dinner.

The screams drew her attention away from her memories and she ran back through her rooms and up a flight of stairs to her mother's room. Attendants were spread out around the door and Lord Tywin was pacing right in front of it. When he saw her, he grimaced.

"Taliya, it'd be best for you to not go in," Tywin spoke, as she walked through the group of servants. "Your mother is in labor."

Taliya nodded, half her attention on her father while the other half was on listening to her mother's screams. She walked back to wait with Jaime and Cersei, who were quietly muttering between each other. Uncle Gerion stood with them, watching Tywin carefully. Their aunt Genna was in the room with Joanna, helping with the birth.

"Isn't Maester Creylen doing anything to help mother?" Taliya questioned, glancing at her younger siblings.

"Mother's been screaming ever since she went into labor," Jaime whispered. "I don't… Maester Creylen is in with her now. Do you know of anything that could..."

Taliya dipped her head in a nod, staring at the door. "That could help?"

"You did help with my broken leg a few years ago," Cersei finally spoke, faint and apprehensive but trusting. "I don't know what you are but the maester did say that mother was in a bad way."

"I don't know how to get in there," Taliya replied, still staring at the door. "The Maester probably wouldn't let us in. He'd probably just say we would be in the way."

She startled when Jaime tugged on her arm, walked over to where Tywin was standing. "Father, wouldn't she like Taliya in there with her? Wasn't our sister in there when we were born?"

Tywin peered down at them, glanced to the door when they heard yet another scream, then nodded. "Joanna would probably like it, yes."

Taliya stared at Jaime, who shrugged, then watched as Tywin knocked on the door.

"Maester Creylen, I'm sending in Taliya. Joanna would appreciate her company."

Taliya stepped right in through the door when Tywin opened it and was promptly assaulted by the sight of her mother, with her legs spread and blood flowing out. She froze, memories coming back of fighting at the courtyard of Hogwarts, of seeing her fellow students laying, dead, on the ground.

"Tya?" Joanna croaked out, her eyes opening just barely. Aunt Genna was standing by her side, holding her hand. Maester Creylen was kneeling, looking into Joanna's body, where Taliya could see a head.

Taliya's heart finally slowed down as she took a deep breath. "Mother?"

"Oh, sweetling," Joanna whispered, her voice faint and dry. "Come here."

Taliya hurried over, cautiously slipped up onto the bed and held her mother's other hand. She carefully reached out with her magic, the power that had come with her when she had died from a stray killing curse a few years after she had killed Voldemort. Her mother was dying, losing too much blood and not replacing it quickly enough. She muttered curses under her breath, glaring at Maester Creylen briefly before wordlessly casting healing spells.

Taliya slipped her hand into a pocket of her dress, grasped the potion that she had just made a week ago, and carefully, secretly, spelled it into her mother's body. The potion's result was replacing lost blood, acclimating to the person's blood type and working from there. She had spent a few days traveling around Casterly Rock, even going as far to Castamere to find the herbs that she had needed.

Joanna cried out again, pushing out the babe in her body inch by inch. And her color came back with Taliya's healing spells and potion. Her mother's body strengthened, Joanna's pain eased by another spell and one small potion.


Joanna gazed at her, slipping her hand out of Taliya's and reaching up to grip her chin. "My daughter…"

Taliya flinched, her heat beating rapidly as she watched her mother push the babe all the way out. The abnormally small child was fat but had no health issues as far as Taliya could see. "Mother, are you okay?"

"I am fine, sweetling," Joanna whispered, taking a deep breath and sighing in relief as her mother's attendants and midwives cleaned the baby and handed it to her. "Oh!"

Taliya crawled up to peer at the child, tilting her head in thought. The child looked a lot smaller than Jaime and Cersei had been when they were born.


"What, mother?"

Joanna's eyes stared down at the child. "Tyrion. His name is Tyrion."

"He's a dwarf, my lady," Maester Creylen said apologetically. "Shall I have him-"

"No! He's my son," Joanna retorted, breathing heavily from the effort. "You shall not do anything with him."

"Very well."

"He's healthy, mother," Taliya whispered, reaching out a hand for her new baby brother. Little Tyrion had mismatched eyes of green and black but he reached out for her nonetheless, clinging onto her finger with his own chubby ones.

Joanna blinked and turned to look at her. "And what would you know of childbirth?"

"I… know things…" Taliya trailed off, unsure how to explain her other knowledge. "I read some of the maester's books when he's not in the library."

"Daughter, could I ask a favor of you?" Joanna murmured finally, looking down at Tyrion as the boy began to look for sustenance.


"Your sister Cersei and your father will not like your baby brother," Joanna remarked, ruffling Taliya's hair a little.

Taliya stared then sighed. "Yes, they probably won't. Father especially since he's all about the honor of the house."

Joanna looked at her then nodded. "Take care of him. We'll guard him."