Taliya fell asleep on her bed roll, with six dragons curled up between her and where Rhaegar was asleep. Sirius was asleep across from them, with one of the dragons sleeping right in front of him. The silver dragon with black swirls on its' flank had stuck to Sirius' side during the evening and refused to be parted with him, striking Sirius into awed silence.

Cynthea and Sandor were asleep on Taliya's other side, with Leo curled on their other side, keeping watch. Arthur had just fallen asleep, in front of Rhaegar, as a knight of the kingsguard would do.

The moon shone down through their tent's walls, shining brightly onto the dragons. She stared at them, able to slightly feel their magic humming in the air. The magic of dragons… She could even now feel the air around her brimming with it, with the magic of old and her's mixing. She had a feeling that magic was reawakening all over the world, perhaps even all the way to Essos.

Her eyes drooped closed and she fell into dreamland easily, thinking of that kiss between her and Prince Rhaegar. It had sent her heart beating fast and warmth to build in her body and she would remember it for all time.

"The dragons cannot go to King's Landing now," Rhaegar commented, as they all sat around the fire to break their fast the next morning. The ruins of Summerhall sat around them, the old, blackened stone falling apart. "Court's too dangerous for them."

Taliya nodded as she took a bite of bread, pondering what to do with the small dragons. Her thoughts strayed to the ruins around them and then she turned to the prince, her eyes wide. "Rebuild Summerhall. We can go to Dragonstone during the construction."

Rhaegar blinked and glanced around the ruins. "Rebuild?"

"I know the ruins mean a good deal to you but we need to think about the future," Taliya said, watching as Cynthea played with Leo further out near the tree line. "Having Summerhall rebuilt would be a good start and a good way to… Well… it would be a good start. Dragonstone would be good because Sirius can get us from Storm's End to the Targaryen castle. And you can bring your mother and Viserys."

"Storm's End isn't too busy right now," Sirius added, nodding. The dragon that had chosen him was in his lap, taking bits of meat from his hand. Taliya had suggested hand feeding as a good way to start out, get the dragons used to them. Balerion and Leona had already bonded with them, the golden dragon and the red one. That left four dragons unclaimed and Talilya assumed one would bond with Rhaegar's younger brother and possibly mother too. "It wouldn't be difficult to get one of Steffon's ships to take us to Dragonstone."

Rhaegar looked at her, half his attention on the dragon taking meat from his fingers. "And it would not take us within Father's view either. I can send him a raven with the news but I don't want the dragons around Aerys or around court. It's settled then."

Taliya nodded, glancing at Sandor and Cynthea. "What would you two like to do?"

"Could I come with you, my lady?" Cynthea questioned, looking over at Taliya with big, pleading green eyes. "You helped me and my brother. I could be your cup-bearer."

"You're only five namedays old, sweetling," Taliya whispered, smiling at her. "I don't think Dragonstone has any other children."

"Viserys will be there," Rhaegar said, raising an eyebrow. "But he's only one nameday old, younger than you."

"I still want to go." Cynthea crossed her arms.

"Alright. Alright, you can come with us. Sandor?"

"Does Dragonstone have a master at arms, mi'lord?" Sandor questioned, looking at the prince.

"No, but I'm sure Ser Arthur could train you," Rhaegar said, turning to look at Arthur. "If you want to be his squire."

"Are you ready for hard work?" Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow at Sandor Clegane. "You would be squiring for a knight of the kingsguard."

"I would be willing to do anything," Sandor said, blinking in disbelief at the offer. "My brother's going to squire for someone."

"Very well then, Sandor. I would be pleased to take you as my squire," Arthur replied, his blue eyes intent, a slight grin forming on his lips. "When you are ten and two, I will take you on."

They packed up an hour after that, riding off as in the late morning to Storm's End. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, Lady Taliya Lannister, Sirius, Sandor and Cynthea Clegane and Ser Arthur Dayne. And the seven dragons, all spread about on the backs of the horses. Taliya could already feel her bond forming with Leona, an alien entity sharing her mind.

The predatory instincts of a dragon were new, feeling the urge to fly wasn't. They were too young for that, with their tiny, thin wings, but Taliya and Leona were both looking forward to flying together. She imagined it would be a much different experience than riding the dragon out of Gringotts.

"Did your sister really unhorse the prince?"

Jaime turned to look at Ned as they ran throughout the gardens of the Eyrie. Robert was off with one of the maids of the castle so they were alone. Jaime had been made a page of Ser Elbert Arryn, the heir to the Vale, while Ned was just fostering here. Robert was already a squire to Lord Jon Arryn, being a few years older than either of the two boys.

"She did," Jaime said, seeing Ned's eyes widen a little then the boy's grey eyes narrowed in speculation. "She was trained by our uncle, Tygett, in secret."

"Did she want to use a blade? My sister really wants to learn but our father refuses to allow her," Ned asked, his voice quiet as they moved onto the training yard. They could see Ser Denys Arryn, the Darling of the Vale, as he sparred with another Arryn knight.

"Yes, she did. I don't really remember why my father allowed it but he thought it would increase her chances of seeing the prince," Jaime remarked idly, remembering seeing Taliya on the practice field. He hadn't really known why Tywin had allowed Taliya to learn how to fight but not Cersei. "Our father knew she was destined to be Queen and my mother encouraged her."

"Lyanna really wants to," Ned spoke, sighing at the thought. "Brandon encourages her and Benjen's too young to learn."

Jaime pondered his new friend's words, thinking on living with his eldest sister. "Do you think your father would let your sister foster at Casterly Rock? Mayhaps be a cup-bearer for my mother?"

Ned's eyes widened as they came to a stop, overlooking the practice field. "Foster at Casterly Rock?"

"If she did, she could train with my sister or learn from Uncle Tygett," Jaime answered hesitantly. He didn't exactly know why he was offering to set it up. He didn't particularly care about Ned's sister but he did know about living with a sister who was curious about everything. "She's not become a woman yet, has she?"

Ned shook his head. "She's ten and one though I know Robert wants her."

"Have they met?"

"No. I haven't even sent my father the letter that Robert wrote to her."

"Then I'll send a letter to my father and mother," Jaime replied, elbowing Ned. "It's quiet over at the Rock anyway, with my sisters out."

Ned dipped his head in a nod, looking at Jaime like he had parted the Narrow Sea or something. "Thank you, Jaime. It's been… difficult."

Jaime nodded, his cheeks reddening a little at Ned's expression. "Now why didn't you want to go to a brothel when Robert asked?"

Ned blinked, his cheeks reddening immediately. "Jaime! I'm a Stark. We don't go to-"

"You don't go to brothels and winter is coming. I get it. You should loosen up."

"That's what Brandon says," Ned whispered, his eyes wide.

Jaime let out a surprised laugh.

"What are you going to call yours?" Taliya questioned, looking over at Sirius as they rode towards Storm's End. They had just left the seat of House Grandison, the house of Ser Harlan of the kingsguard, earlier this morning. The lord of the house had been gracious in hosting them and had promised to keep the secret of the dragons.

Rhaegar was riding ahead with Arthur, talking between each other. Rhaegar had two dragons on his horse, one Balerion and the other blue. The other five dragons were split between Taliya and Sirius' saddles.

Sirius' eyes narrowed, looking down at his dragon, the creature that had bonded with him. He had no magic but he had begun to bond with a dragon.

"We are cousins, you and I," Rhaegar called back, turning around to look at Sirius. "Your mother was my grand-aunt. It would not be a big thing for you to have a dragon of your own."

"As long as none of the rest of the dragons bond with Robert," Sirius muttered, wrinkling his nose. "My eldest nephew is not like to be a good man."

"Regardless…" Sirius trailed off, stroking his baby dragon's wings and enjoying the content feel that he received from it. "Dark Moon. That's the name I'm picking."

"For Moony?" Taliya asked, looking at Sirius and his wistful expression.

"Hmm. Yes. I miss my werewolf friend very much. And James too. I miss him."

Dark Moon turned up to peer at him, his black reptilian eyes narrowing and rumbling low in his throat. Sirius grinned down at him, thinking on the scrolls that pictured Balerion and how big Aegon's dragon had become.

Steffon was out to meet them at the castle, already out near the walls of Storm's End. "Brother. You have…"

Steffon's eyes widened at the dragons on their saddles.

"Your Grace?" Steffon asked, looking between his son and his friends. "Dragons?"

"They're back," Rhaegar said, his eyes lighting up with happiness. "Lady Taliya helped to hatch them."

Steffon turned to look at the only woman in the group, the first born daughter of Tywin.

"Brother, is there something amiss? You were supposed to be at court now."

"Ah, yes. Your Grace, your father has been captured by House Darklyn. Lord Denys took him hostage," Steffon explained, his blue eyes narrowing. "My lady, your father is laying siege to Duskendale now."

Taliya's eyes widened and Leona screeched out, digging her claws into the saddle underneath her.

Rhaegar froze, tightening his hands on the reins of his horse. "When did you hear?"

"A raven came two days ago."

"I need to go to King's Landing," Rhaegar spoke, his voice tight with worry and mayhaps a little, underlying fear. Taliya could hear it just barely as she turned to him. "The Hand and the King are gone. There needs to be someone in King's Landing."

"I'll go see if my father needs anything," Taliya remarked, glancing down at the dragons. "The dragons…"

"We can split them up," Rhaegar offered, grimacing. "You can take three and I'll take three while your friend can take his."

"Be careful?" Taliya looked to Rhaegar, her heart hammering in her chest.

"I'll look after him, my lady," Ser Arthur said, frowning. His blue eyes were narrowed in thought.

"Sandor, Cynthea, would you stay with Sirion? I will come get you two when this has been taken care of."

"Mi'lady…" Sandor trailed off, his grey eyes wide. "You won't have protection."

"I will be fine, Sandor. I have my magic and my father will be there," Taliya replied, smiling a little and kneeling to be at height with the two children.

"My wife just gave birth to my new son," Steffon offered, looking down at the children. "Sirion, I have another son, Renly."

"Another boy." Sirius grinned, dismounting from his horse. Dark Moon was curled around his neck, his tail laying on Sirius' chest. "Come. You can meet my good-sister."

Taliya watched as Sandor and Cynthea followed Sirius into Storm's End and then turned her horse in the direction of Duskendale. Rhaegar did the same and the three galloped off on the kingsroad, with six dragons amongst them.