Betrayal, alone abandon forgotten thrown away this is all that Ezra Bridger felt

the ghost crew ran in to the cargo hold of the ship panting it was supposed to be a simple supply run to still from the imperials but thing didn't go as plane " karabast kid why didn't you follow the plan!?" zeb yelled at ezra kanan looked at him with a look of anger an disappointment.

"kanan let me explain wh-" ezra was cut off when kanan raised his hand " Don't even bother I should have never taken you on as an apprentice" kanan said with disappointment in his voice sabine took off her helmet she looked at ezra with a sad and disappointed look at him and shook her head she left before he could explain anything. ezra looked down at with a sad look on his face and the looked down at his communicator and took it off 'stupid comlink' ezra said to himself "what happened?" a voice asked ezra looked up to see Hera and ashoka looking at him a sympathetic look.

" I did everything as planed I placed the bombs on the west side while sabine planted her on the east I tried to comlink her but it kept acting up so I had no way of contacting her then I heard kanan's voice over the communicator saying to blow the bombs in case anything goes south" ezra stopped an looked at his comlink to see a blaster mark on it " when kanan's voice came over my comlink a small group of bucket heads where coming my way when they heard him and saw me soon they started shooting at me I used my light saber to block there shoots but I notice the some of them were trying to move the bombs the I planted so I detonated them an so that when everything happened" ezra said looking up at ashoka and hera "here let me see your commlink" hera sais as ezra tossed it to her and notice a blaster mark but when she opened it she saw that some of the wires were disconnected " I believe you ezra" hera said "same here" ashoka said giving ezra some relief that at least someone believed him.

Later every one on the command ship was yelling at ezra except Hera, ashoka, rex, gregor and Wolfe "you idoit!" one of them yelled " we needed those supplies!" another shouted Sato looked at ezra with pure anger " EZRA BRIDGER I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOU CONSTANT FALIURE!" sato yelled at the young Jedi " don't even think about sleeping in my room to night you no good brat!" zeb yelled " I have had it with you almost getting us killed all the time I don't want to see you any more ezra!" sabine yelled.

Kanan looked at him " IT WAS A MISTAKE THINKING I COLD TRAIN YOU WHEN YOUR UNDICIPLINED, RECKLESS, AND USELESS!" kanan shouted at ezra "KANAN!" hera shouted at the Jedi " Commander sato it was an accident is commlink wasn't working properly during the mission" Ashoka explained " and me Wolfe and gregor I experts on the battlefield the fact that his comlink wasn't working properly is very common" rex told sato but didn't care " IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT HIS CONSTANT FAILURE REALTED IN THE LOSE OF VITAL SUPPLIES SUCH AS SHIELD GENARTORS AMMUITOIN FOOD MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND POWER CELLS!" Sato Shouted

" I VOTE THAT EZRA BRIDGER IS NO LONGER PART OF THIS REBBLION ALL THOSE IN HAVOR!?" sato shouted and almost every body including kanan, zeb, sabine and chopper.

Those who didn't vote where Hera, Ashoka, Rex, Wolfe and gregor " very well the vote is decided ezra bridger you are no longer part of this rebellion I want you out of here immediately" sato ordered and taking his lightsaber a way from him " what are you doing!?" ashoka demanded " he is no longer welcome in the rebellion he will not need this anymore" sato said " so your just going to let him die out there with nothing to defend himself with!? He's only fifteen!?" hera shouted "he's a street-rat he can survive " sato said not caring what happens to ezra

Ezra had a sad and broken look on his face every including his friends and master had turned on him the only ones who didn't were hera ashoka rex wolfe and gregor hera placed her hand on his shoulder " sorry ezra I'm gonna have to drop you off on lothal" she told him which replied with a nod kanan looked at him " good luck on trying to become a Jedi ezra" kanan said with no emotion in his voice

Hera took the phantom to lothal and landed it on the grassy plains of the planet " sorry ezra " she said with sad nesses in her voice having to abandon a boy that she treated like a son who already had one family torn away from him " it's okay at least I still know that there are a few people who still believe me" ezra told her she hugged him "please stay safe" she said " don't worry I will" ezra told her

After saying he last goodbye hera entered the phantom and left ezra watched as the phantom flew off into space he could fell tears rolling down his cheeks " well isn't that disappointing" a voice said from be hind ezra causing him to turn around to see a droid of some kind that was whit with some glowing blue lights

this caused ezra to back away slowly " don't worry I'm not here to harm you" the droid said extending his hand to shake with ezra " my name is doctor Samuel Hayden what is your name?" Hayden asked ezra " ezra Ezra Bridger" ezra told him

" well ezra seeing as how you were abandon I'm here to make you an offer that will give you what you need to make you become stronger and prove those who said that you were useless wrong" Hayden told the teenager " what do you mean?" ezra asked the droid or Dr. Hayden as he called him self " my cooperation can give you something that only many others could dream of power that can enhance your strength both mentally and physical so my question to you is do you want to prove who thought less of you wrong or become a street rat and prove them right?" Hayden asked ezra who though for a second " will it make become stronger?" ezra asked " beyond your wildest dreams" Hayden said extending his hand again" so do we have a deal or no?" he asked ezra who thought for a moment but then shook his hand "deal" ezra said

( look I got the idea from the video game DOOM and reading some fanfic's were ezra is kicked out of the rebellion form a mission that wen wrong even thought it isn't his fault .

P.S. remember this is the first DOOM and star wars rebels fanfiction ever so I just though of it)