As I said in my last story, here is the new fanfic. It's soulmate but oh so complicated. There is kind of an age gap in this one since Erik is in his low thirties while Raoul and Christine are seventeen. Not that any of that kind of thing happens in this. Plus, I figured people wouldn't mind it since all of us enjoy Phantom of the Opera knowing the ridiculous age gap between Erik and Christine in that!

Anyway, on with the first chapter! Raoul's POV.

Operation Break-in: Conclusion – Failure

"Do you have everything we need?" Christine whispered to Raoul as they made their way down to the house they chosen to break into.

It was late into the night, and they were both dressed in dark gray clothes. Black was actually not a great color to wear because people can see the solid black of the color while a dark gray blended in more.

"We didn't bring much and they're all in the bag. Plus, this is the tenth time you've asked me. And what do I answer with?" Raoul replied sarcastically, lifting his black bag in his hand and giving it a shake for good measure. He could hear a couple things rattle inside.

"Yes, we got everything." Christine answered. She turned away from him but Raoul could tell she was biting her lip from nerves.

Raoul sighed and put his free hand on her shoulder. "Come on, Christine. This will be a piece of cake! I know the people living there are gone. Probably on some vacation or something since its summer. The house doesn't have a security system, I've made sure to check that plenty of times. Don't worry about it."

"Raoul." Christine growled. Slapping his hand off her shoulder, she glared at him. "We're walking to break into someone's house right now! Don't tell me to not worry!"

Raoul held up both his hands in a placating gesture. "Alright, I'm sorry. You're right, but you know as well as I do that we need the money."

Christine shook her head in defeat but didn't reply. Raoul didn't say anything either. The rest of the trip to the target's house was quiet, neither saying a word to the other. It was awkward but Raoul wasn't going to let himself change his mind, they needed the money to get through the summer. They no longer had two guaranteed meals from school for the next two months and they needed the money for other things but mostly food. They didn't get a lot from their foster house, they foster dad was a jerk. Everyone in that house except the foster dad was having trouble getting enough food every day. Both Christine and he were able to get jobs at a burger joint but they wouldn't be getting their first paycheck for another week.

In all, they were desperate.

Eventually, Raoul spotted the house that he knew the mother and daughter who lived there weren't home. He had checked the neighbor out a few times to make sure that they were really gone to be extra sure. He didn't know why they left, but he didn't really care. He gently elbowed Christine in her side to get her attention. She glanced at him and he pointed to the house that they were going to break into. Christine bit her lip again but followed Raoul.

They were going to break into a house. This is the first time Raoul's done something like this.

Raoul walked up to the house, looking from side to side to make sure that no one was peeking out of their window and would spot them. All around the windows for the houses were closed and the lights were off. Focusing back on the house, he went to the door and jiggled the knob to see if it was unlocked.

It wasn't.

"Did you really think it was going to be that easy?" Christine whispered dryly behind him and he sent her a scowl.

"You know, I don't think I would put up with all the sass if you weren't my soulmate." Raoul responded, setting his bag on the front step.

Christine stuck her tongue out at him. "You love me and you know it!" she answered.

"Meh," was all his answer as he went to the windows to check to see if any of them were open. He grinned as he heard Christine's muffled giggle behind him.

Yes, soulmates. No one knows why humans have the ability to find their soulmates through words that appear on their wrists when someone turns five. Everyone's fifth birthday is a big deal because of it. The words only appear as a person sleeps, the first words their soulmate will say to them appear on their right wrists. The words appear small but readable on the inside, right over the vein. When they first appear they are a black color, however, the moment someone meets their soulmate, the words turn white, indicating that the soulmate has been found. It's quite a relief that there was something to tell someone when the words were said about the right person. It would have been difficult otherwise for anyone who had the more simple words like a greeting. People are trying to figure out the reason and science behind the words, and some things have been discovered but the majority of people are okay with accepting the words as is. Finding a soulmate changes a lot of situations that would not have occurred otherwise.

Raoul had woken up on his fifth birthday excited to see what his soulmate would say to him. Much to his surprise he had found writing on both his right and left wrist. Having two soulmates wasn't rare but it was still uncommon enough to take one by surprise if it occurred. Upon seeing the words on his left wrist, he had freaked out and ran out of his room to confront his mom. She saw the black words and gave him a smile.

"Now you have two people who will love you with all their hearts. This is a good thing Raoul." She had whispered softly, patting his head fondly.

After that, Raoul had worn his words with pride. Though he wasn't exactly pleased with the words themselves.

The one on his right was a simple Thank you while the other on his left was Hey! What are you two doing? Not the most specific words there could be. At least it wasn't a simple Hello so he worked with what he had.

He had found his first soulmate a lot quicker than he had thought he would.

Raoul had been seven and was on a trip to the beach with his parents. He was playing on the edge of the water when he had heard a scream. He had turned and saw a girl his age running towards the water, chasing after a scarf. The scarf landed in the ocean a few meters away from the edge and the girl had stopped, crying. Raoul immediately went further into the freezing water and swam until he got the scarf. He had swam back to the coast and crawled out of the ocean shivering, in front of the shocked girl. His parents had been waiting for him beside the girl but he ignored them in favor of holding out the drenched scarf.

"It's wet. But here's your scarf, miss." He had stated, trying to get back his breath.

The girl's eyes had widen some more and she pressed her hand to her mouth. Quickly she took the scarf and pressed it against her chest.

"Thank you." She replied with a watery smile.

Out of habit, Raoul glanced down to see if his words on his right wrist had changed at all and did a double take. His words had turned white.

Raoul whipped his head back up at the now giggling girl, gawking. The girl lifted up her sleeve on her right wrist and Raoul saw the words he had said only a few moments ago in white wording on the girl's wrist.

"I'm Christine!" the girl introduced herself, beaming.

Raoul smiled back at her and stood up. "I'm Raoul."

Obviously, they were inseparable after that. Later, Raoul had shown Christine his left wrist and told her about how he had a second soulmate as well. Christine had squinted at the words then smiled largely, which had made him confused because usually people don't like the idea of having to share their soulmate, or at least that's what he's heard. However, Christine had revealed her left wrist to him, and Raoul understood her reaction. On her left wrist were the same black words that Raoul had on his wrist. At that moment, both had been extremely excited at the idea of not only having a second soulmate but it being the same person as well and they would meet them at the same time!

They had made that discovery when they were seven and have since been searching for their missing partner. Ten years had gone by and a lot has happened what with the two of them now being in the foster system, but Raoul had a lot of hope. Sure, sometimes they both had moments of bleakness where they didn't believe they would ever find them but luckily they never had those periods at the same time, allowing the other to be able to bring the gloomy one out of it.

Raoul walked to his third window and tried lifting it. To his surprise, the window moved up and he whipped his head around to Christine with a triumphant smile.

"Victory! Now we don't have to break into anything." Raoul whispered excitedly and waved Christine over.

He lifted the window higher for him to fit through and Christine came to him with his bag. Raoul listened for a couple moments to make sure no one was in the house. He heard nothing except a couple house settling noises and was satisfied with that. He climbed in through the window and turned back to take the bag from Christine to be able to climb in. As she climbed inside, Raoul took a look around the place.

It was a simple home. Warm and comfortable and filled with a child's playthings. Too bad the TV would be too heavy for them to take with them. Once Christine was all the way in, the two of them took a look around the place. It was a two story so they moved within the downstairs first. Raoul wasn't too surprised that there wasn't anything of much value on the first floor, usually such valuable possessions are in the bedroom.

He heard his stomach growl, and loudly at that.

Raoul felt his cheeks flushed and placed a hand over his stomach. Christine shot him an amused look.

"What? I haven't eaten basically all day!" Raoul hissed, rubbing his stomach as it growled again.

Christine shrugged and pointed her thumb at a doorway entrance that Raoul saw the kitchen appliances in.

"What to get something to go? I don't think they'll notice even when they get back." Christine asked, already heading towards the kitchen.

Raoul wanted to protest and make her come back but his stomach let out another growl, this time louder than the previous ones as if demanding that he follow Christine. He let out a sigh in defeat and trailed after her.

Christine was standing in front of an open fridge when Raoul entered. She sent him a grin and took out the bread and what looked like turkey meat.

"I'll make us a couple sandwiches. Look around to see if you can find anything upstairs." She instructed already beginning to assemble the sandwiches.

"Don't you think they'll notice a chuck of their bread missing?" Raoul asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I probably wouldn't, depends on how much I use the bread I guess." Christine countered and made a shooing motion for him to get out.

Raoul shook his head and walked back out. He did another sweep of the downstairs. Not finding anything of value except for the TV that they wouldn't be able to carry, he decided to go upstairs. He found the bathroom, a den, and the kid's room. Raoul had a hard time figuring out whether the room was for a boy or a girl with all the different items scattered around. He ultimately gave up on trying to figure it out and left the room to head to the master room. Unlike the others, this door was closed but he didn't see a lock on the door knob.

"Raoul! Come get your sandwich!" He heard Christine's voice echo through the house as he was reaching to open the door.

Raoul flinched at the volume and hurried back to the kitchen.

"Why would you do that?!" he hissed upon entering the room.

"To get your attention." Christine answered with an eye roll. "No one is here, meaning there's no one to wake up."

"Still…" he grumbled, walking further into the kitchen until he was standing by Christine.

"Do you want the sandwich or not?" Christine teased, holding the sandwich away from him playfully.

Raoul's stomach growled again and she giggled.

"Does that answer your question?" Raoul deadpanned and took the offered sandwich. He took a bite. It was plain but good.

"Find anything yet?" Christine asked, taking a bite out of her own sandwich.

Raoul shook his head then swallowed. "I was about to enter the master but you called for me. Maybe we'll at least find something of value like jewelry or something."

Christine nodded and both of them went back to their sandwiches. They were almost done when things went bad.

"Hey! What are you two doing?!" a deep voice yelled from behind Raoul.

He saw Christine whip her head up with wide eyes and she let out a scream in terror, dropping her sandwich. Raoul has never heard her scream in fear, and it wasn't a pleasant sound.

"Run!" Raoul yelled to Christine before turning to face whoever was there to give her time. He let out a yell upon seeing the sight.

The man's face was unlike anything Raoul had seen before in real life, though maybe seen in a movie, but the man was obviously not wearing any makeup. Raoul understood why Christine had screamed.

Christine grabbed his arm and pulled him. They both went to the kitchen door and Christine unlocked it. The two of them raced out and jumped over the fence without a backwards glance.

It was only after they got back to their place that Raoul realized that the man had never made any move toward them, but had stayed firmly at the kitchen's entrance.

What neither him nor Christine noticed was that the words on their left wrist had turned white.

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