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As the days went by, Cai Lin slowly grinded her levels, but was not fast enough to catch up with Lord Grim and co. Plus, she did not know which class to choose from, hence, deciding to ask Ye Xiu for advice.

"… ...What class do you want to play?" ...Dang it, do I look like a consultant? Why can't the both of you just choose a class you like?

"Ehehe...I want to become a pro player, so I'm thinking of playing the class I'm best at." Cai Lin smiled sheepishly.

The right corner of Ye Xiu's lips curled upwards, a spark of interest in his eyes. "Alright then. Show me what you've got."

Nodding determinedly, Cai Lin sat down and they began to PK.

During this period of time, Jing Jing went down to the bank outlet, and tried to recover her money. To Jing Jing's disappointment, her bank accounts did not exist in this world. Hahaha looks like I'm broke here… ...though I guess it's kinda expected? Wait a minute… ... does this mean that Cai Lin and I don't have official IDs here?! Crap, where's our embassies… ...gah the closest is in Shanghai?! Jing Jing rolled her eyes, throwing her hands up in the air, gathering quite a bit of attention. Oops… Jing Jing quickly settled down, pretending that nothing happened. She kept her eyes glued to her phone, occasionally sneaking peeks through the corners of her eyes until the strangers around her stopped staring.

Hmmm...how can we get to Shanghai? Plane is definitely impossible...how about train? Sighing, Jing Jing searched the internet. No way...you need your passport to buy train tickets as well?! What about bus?! … ... Hahaha we're goners. Uggggg...I think I'd better talk to Cai Lin, hopefully she has some ideas. Worried, Jing Jing left the bank, heading back to Happy Internet Cafe.

After fighting several rounds in the Arena with Cai Lin, Ye Xiu's eyes shone brightly. Cai Lin has a lot of potential too! Should I say like jie jie like mei mei? (1) Don't tell me the reason why I meet so many talented newbies is because Excellent Era kicked me out? When that thought crossed his mind, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Brother Ye?"

Ye Xiu snapped back to attention at Cai Lin's voice.

"How did I do?" Cai Lin looked expectantly at Ye Xiu, her eyes a mix of hope and nervousness.

"You have a lot of potential, just like your sister. Quick hand speed, clear intentions, plus your youth gives you an advantage. Why not try a Berserker? Especially since you prefer to go all out, and you have a straightforward fighting style."

Cai Lin's eyes gleamed. "Of course Brother Ye!" She smiled and eagerly went off to change her class. "Oh? Jing Jing Jie, welcome back!"

"I'm back~" Jing Jing sighed, plodding into Happy. Cai Lin gave Jing Jing a quizzical look, to which Jing Jing replied with her eyes, I'll explain later. Nodding, Cai Lin went back into her game.

That night, Jing Jing dragged Cai Lin out for an after dinner stroll, promising Chen Guo to not stay out too late. Jing Jing brought Cai Lin to the nearby West Lake, making sure to keep an eye out for passers-by. Seating down at one of the park benches, Jing Jing motioned Cai Lin to come closer before sharing the news. "Cai Lin, I went to the bank today, and they told me that my accounts don't exist. Most likely, our IDs don't exist here either, but we can't head down to our embassies to check."

"Where are they?"

"Shanghai, but all travel tickets require our passports."

"Oh no, does that mean we are stuck here?"

"I guess so. Worst case scenario, I'll call the embassy and report a lost passport, then see if my ID works."

"That's pretty risky Jing Jing, and the chances of success are pretty low. … … Besides, it won't work for me. I haven't gotten my identification card yet."


"Calm down Jing Jing." Cai Lin sighed, gently patting Jing Jing's back. "Guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully a miracle will happen and the problem will solve itself."

"I hope so too. If not, we can't even become pro players." Jing Jing stood up, asking, "shall we go back?"

Nodding gently, Cai Lin got up and they strolled back to Happy Internet Cafe, lost in their own thoughts.

(1) Like jie jie like mei mei(daughter/son) - jie jie means older sister, mei mei means younger sister, it's a wordplay on the phrase like mother/father like daughter/son XD