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3rd Street's Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1: Joining the Saints and Meeting Lin and Luz

It was a late night as we find a young man walking down the street in a rather bad part of Stilwater known as Saint's Row. The young man was no older than twenty-six years old standing at 5'9 with dark brown skin, deep violet eyes, shoulder length, straight, black hair with violet bangs framing his face that were chin length, and his face showed that he was of mixed decent with the mix being between Japanese and African American . His body was very fit with lean muscles and a natural tone that showed that he worked out but not to the point of being a body builder. For clothes he wore a simple black T-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and black sneakers. This man's name is Hideyoshi (He-Day-Yoshi) Umbra and his reason for being out this late at night was just to simply walk around since he didn't have anything better to do, though if you looked close enough you might have noticed that he was paying close attention to his surroundings.

"Watches! Hey yo I got watches here man. This shit will cost you six hundred dollars in the store." said some random man trying to sell fake watches. Hideyoshi just walked right passed him without giving him a glance. "Oh whatever man, watches, I got watches!" yelled the man as he continued to try and sell his product.

"Hey baby, I can show you a good time!" said a hoe. While this hoe was better than the fat ugly ass ones you could find around Stilwater, Hideyoshi had too much pride in himself to actually pay someone for sex so he was about to decline her until he heard a commotion going on across the street. There were three gang members all wearing yellow showing that they were Vice Kings standing in front of a brick wall that had the word "Rollerz" spray painted on it. One of them started trying to spray paint over it until three guys in blue, meaning they were Rollerz, showed up and started to argue with them.

The situation quickly went downhill when they started beating the shit out each other with one man in yellow being quickly taken out with a bat and a man in blue being a pussy and running away. Things got even worse when three dudes in a red convertible pulled up, wearing all red showing that they were part of The Carnales, and started shooting. While the three way shootout was going on the pussy that ran away came back with an AK-47 and started to lite up the car, which tried to drive off only for the driver to be shot and car to lose control, hitting Hideyoshi and then crashing into a wall and catching fire. One of The Carnales thugs survived but he was quickly shot by the pussy Roller, who was then also shot by a Vice King. The Vice King then turned his attention to Hideyoshi who was still on the ground after being hit by a fucking car, though he seemed calm for some reason. The Vice King walked over and pointed his gun at Hideyoshi, but Hideyoshi still didn't lose his cool.

"Wrong time, wrong place, da-." He never got to finish his sentence as Hideyoshi had quickly reached behind him and pulled out a black and violet 44 Magnum Desert Eagle. It was mostly black with the grip being violet, and the word "Dragon" written on the side of the barrel in violet and shot the man in between his eyes.

"Bitch you had no idea who you were fucking with." said Hideyoshi in a smooth voice as he put his gun away. That's right Hideyoshi is strapped, he never could figure out who would walk around at night in a city controlled by three different street gangs and not have a gun on them.

"Holy shit that was some good shooting Playa!" said a man with a deep voice as he help Hideyoshi up. He was a tall black man standing at about 5'10 wearing a black hat backwards, a purple turtle neck sweater under a black leather jacket, black baggy pants, timberland boots, two gold chains around his neck, and a gold ring on his left index finger.

"Julius let's move!" said another voice. This voice came from a white man standing at 5'8 with honey brown hair and a matching goatee. He wore a black shirt with a horizontal purple stripe across the chest, under that was a purple T-shirt, light blue baggy jeans, a gold chain around his neck, a gold bracelet on his right wrist, a silver watch on his left wrist, and white sneakers. The now named Julius and the white guy with a shitty haircut got over to a corner and sat Hideyoshi down as the car finally blew up behind them.

"That don't look so bad, you should be fine. That's Troy. You can thank us later." said Julius.

"Hey." said Troy with his gun still in his hand.

"Well I might as well get it out of the way now. Thank you both, with how sore I am I don't think I would have gotten far away enough from that car before it blew." said Hideyoshi as both Julius and Troy nodded in appreciation.

"Listen to me Playa. The Row ain't safe no more, son. We got gangs fighting over shit that ain't theirs, and you in their way. They don't care if you representing or not." said Julius.

"Julius, this is no time to recruit." said Troy.

"We need all the help we can get son." Julius said to Troy.

"No we need to get our asses out of here!" said Troy in a little bit of a rush as they could hear police sirens coming. That confused Hideyoshi because the police never came to the Row that fucking fast before.

"In a minute! Look, the Row's got a problem. Come to the Church when you wanna be a part of the solution." said Julius as he turned back to Hideyoshi before he left with Troy and leaving Hideyoshi to think on what he said.

Hideyoshi got up and limped to his house and after about five minute he made it home; it was a small house that would be great for maybe two people since it only had one bedroom, one bathroom, a decent sized living room, a small kitchen, and an attached garage. Hideyoshi walked into his bed room still thinking about what Julius had said to him, he walked over to a full length mirror and looked himself in the eye and images of his past started to flash before his eyes. He took off his shirt showing that he really was rather toned with him having six pack abs and defined pecs, though it also showed that he had X shaped scars on both of his shoulders, a scar just under the left side of his ribs from a stab wound, and bullet wound about an inch and a half above his heart. Seeing these scars brought on more memories but he quickly shook his and turned away from the mirror. In the mirror you could see that on his back was a large tattoo of a black, white, and violet Chinese dragon wrapped around a throne and spitting out violet fire; above the dragon was the words "Dragon Emperor" in bold letters.

The mirror also showed that holstered to his lowered back was the gun from before but also next to it was another one but with the color scheme in reverse and the side of the barrel saying "Emperor" in black. Hideyoshi removed his guns and sat them on the nightstand next to his king sized bed before taking off the rest of his clothes and going to bed for the night since he had already decided to go to the church tomorrow.


The next morning at about 6:00 A.M Hideyoshi woke up and did his morning routine of fifty one armed push-ups with each arm, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred pull-ups, then go to the punching bag in the living room and do a hundred punches with each arm, and a hundred kicks with each leg. After that he showered, brushed his teeth, and pick out his clothes for the day. He decided on a tight black, sleeveless, muscle shirt that did nothing to hid his six pack abs, black skinny jeans with violet flames going form the bottom of each pants leg up to the knee, dark violet and black sneakers, black fingerless gloves that went up to his biceps, and a dark violet waist length jacket with black studs on the shoulders and the words "Dragon Emperor" on the back in black.

After he was dressed he holstered his favorite guns on his lower back under his jacket and then sheathed a tanto blade horizontally a bit above his guns. Once all of that was done he saw that it was about eight O'clock so he left the house and walked to the church since it wasn't that far away and he didn't like driving when it wasn't needed. When Hideyoshi got to the church he found out that it was a rundown church with graffiti all over it and the windows boarded up. There was a bunch of guys and a few girls standing out front wearing purple so Hideyoshi just joined the crowed and waited for Julius to show up with his arms crossed over his chest. It only took about five minutes before Julius showed up while standing next to Troy.

"Every motherfucker here knows what we need to do. Those bitches be riding around thinking they own these streets. I don't care what flags they're flying…Rollerz, Carnales, Vice Kings…no one's making this nigga scared to walk the Row. We about to lock this shit down…right now!" said Julius.

"Alright, yeah!" cheered a Saint.

"Yeah!" cheered another.

"Fuck yeah!" cheered a Saint standing at 5'10 with fair skin, black and white hair, rectangular wire frame glasses, and dragon tattoos on both sides of his neck. He wore a white T-shirt under a purple coat, a gold chain around his neck, gold earrings, faded gray jeans, and black and white sneakers. He was clearly of Asian descent. "Who the fuck's this guy?" asked the same Saint as everyone started to look at Hideyoshi as even though he wore their colors none of them recognized him.

"Troy and I found him. I was gonna see if he'd ride with us." said Julius.

"Julius, if he wants to ride with the Saints he gotta be canonized." said the Saint.

"He's right Julius. Everyone had to do it." said Troy backing up the Saint.

"You ready for this Playa?" asked Julius as some of the Saints gathered around Hideyoshi while cracking their knuckles. This was more than enough for Hideyoshi to know what was going on and he couldn't help but smirk as he felt excited about what was about to happen.

"Oh fuck yeah, this is what I call a party!" said Hideyoshi as he cracked his neck and uncross his arms. Right after that a Saint ran straight up to him and tried to hit Hideyoshi with a right hook which Hideyoshi easily blocked with his left arm and then gave his own vicious right hook which knocked the Saint out before he even hit the ground. Hideyoshi turned around when he heard fast foot steps behind him and was punched in the face by another Saint and staggered back a bit, he quickly recovered and gave the Saint a quick jab to his throat and then kneed him in the stomach. While the Saint was bent over, Hideyoshi delivered a strong uppercut to his jaw that actually caused him to stand up straight before he simply fell back. Hideyoshi was then grabbed from behind as another Saint ran forward to attack him while he couldn't move; that didn't work however because Hideyoshi kicked the Saint in front of him in the stomach and then in the jaw which stunned him. While that one was stunned for a while Hideyoshi used his elbow to hit the Saint that was holding him in the kidney three times in order to get him to let go, but when he did Hideyoshi quickly round housed kicked him in the face and knocked him out. Hideyoshi then quickly turned around and gave the last Saint a clothesline from Hell which actually made the guy flip over backwards.

With that Hideyoshi was finished and the rest of the Saints that weren't knocked out cheered at the ass kicking that Hideyoshi dished out.

"Congratulations you earned your colors today, even though you're already wearing them." said Troy.

"What can I say, purple is my favorite color." said Hideyoshi.

"That's some impressive shit; the only other Saint that kicked ass like that was Johnny." said a Saint wearing a denim jacket over a purple shirt, blue jeans, timberland boots, and a purple visor he wore sideways.

"Shit took me half the time." said the now named Johnny who was the Saint that called for the canonization in the first place.

"Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints." said Julius as he fist bumped Hideyoshi. "Let's get down to business. If we're serious about taking back the Row, we gotta let those motherfuckers know what time it is. Now you break it down and it's all about respect. Get enough of it, they're gonna back off, and we're gonna move right on in. We got some friends in town that could use some help. Give them a hand. Couse you can always drop any motherfucker flying the wrong flag. So long as word gets out that the Saints is on the Row, I don't give a damn how you do it. You feel me?" asked Julius.

After Julius's speech the Saints cheered and then went off to do as he said while Troy tried to take Hideyoshi to buy a gun before he remembered that Hideyoshi had his own already.

"Hey Kid, you know you never did tell me your name." said Troy.

"My Name's Hideyoshi, but you can just call me Hide (He-day)." said Hideyoshi.

"Well Hide since you're already packing heat, I know that there are some Vice Kings nearby, why don't you go take them out." said Troy.

"No problem." said Hideyoshi. He then walked off with Troy following behind to make sure he didn't get killed on his first job. It didn't take Hideyoshi long to find five Vice Kings and put a bullet in each of their skulls, he did the same to some Rollerz and Carnales. Hideyoshi was really showing off some skill with his guns as each kill took one bullet and was a head shot. After that they ended up stealing a car and driving around killing anyone flying the wrong flag.

"Hey man, now that everything's taken care of can you drop me of at Freckle Bitch's? I'm needing a fun bag." said Troy. Hideyoshi nodded and drove to the fast food place, after that he continued to drive around shooting at any bangers wearing the wrong color. It took a few minutes before he got a call from Julius.

[Good work Playa…word has gotten out that the Saints ain't bullshitting, now we got to lock our rep down.], said Julius.

[Alright how are we going to do that?], asked Hideyoshi.

[Troy told me about some Carnales using an old liquor store as a hide out. I won't you to go there and take them out.], said Julius before he hung up the phone.

"Well Alright, this party just keeps getting better." Hideyoshi said to himself. It didn't take long to reach the place and shoot everyone that was inside and take their money. It wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be but he did get some extra money out of it and he got to kill some people so it was a good little job.

Hideyoshi drove back to the church in order to see if he could do anything else and found Troy and Julius standing outside. "Hey I just got a tip that there's a turf war going on right now. If we crash their party, we can take all those sons of bitches out at once." said Troy

"Well then what are we waiting for? Get in you two we got some bitches to murder!" said Hideyoshi with an excited grin. Before they went to the turf war Hideyoshi stopped at Friendly Fire and picked up some more rounds for his guns and a pump action shotgun, he wouldn't use the shotgun yet since he liked to customize his weapons. After getting his guns reloaded and putting the shotgun in the trunk of the car he stole they drove off to the turf war where there were members of each gang.

The three of them quickly got out of the car, hid behind some crates, and then started firing on everyone. They slowly made their way deeper into the fight, they were going slowly because Hideyoshi was pickpocketing everyone he killed even if they only had maybe five dollars on them. His excuse for this was that you could never have enough money and every penny counts. As soon as they had finished off everyone the cops showed up so they got back in their car and drove off in order to lose the cops.

After losing the cops and making it back to the church it was already dark and Hideyoshi was a bit tired. "We did it Playa, Saint's Row is ours again. Don't think I'm finished with you yet though. I'm holding a meeting at the church, swing by when you can." said Julius as he and Troy got out of the car. Hideyoshi drove back home but parked the stolen car down the street from his place and took the shotgun out of the trunk. When he finally got home he took a quick shower before going to bed for the night.


After his morning routine and putting on his clothes Hideyoshi decided to walk to the church and went inside in order to listen to what Julius had to say.

"Listen up people, I got some serious shit to discuss. Yeah we cleared out the Row, you think for a second that's gonna stop them? Unless we wipe all these motherfuckers out, they're gonna keep coming and they ain't gonna be happy. It ain't gonna be settled until the Carnales, the Rollerz, and the Vice Kings ain't nothing but a memory." said Julius before he paused to make sure everyone was paying attention. "Dex, you got the Carnales. Ever since they hooked up with the Colombians, it's like they own this town and with that drug money rolling in we can't compete. Be smart how you move against them; the Lopez family been running that gang for thirty years. There's a reason they're still around." said Julius said to the now named Dex.

"Got it." said Dex.

"Troy, you're dealing with the Vice Kings." said Julius.

"Not a chance." said Troy while smoking a cigarette. Troy's response made Hideyoshi look at him strangely, sure the Vice Kings were a big time gang but when your boss tells you to do something you do it unless there's a reason you can't. The fact that Troy flat out denied doing it made Hideyoshi narrow his eyes as he remembered something.

"Fuck you say!" said Julius with an edge to his voice.

"Anyone but them." said Troy

"You afraid of going against Benjamin King?" asked Julius

"Man, fuck that I'll take King out." said Johnny a little upset that Troy was being such a pussy. Hideyoshi wasn't too happy either as he thought all you really needed was a sniper riffle and boom one dead gang leader.

"Johnny, it ain't that simple." said Julius.

"Bullets still kill motherfuckers right, it don't get much simpler than that." said Johnny inching to start killing someone.

"Keep an eye on your boy." said Julius to Troy and Dex.

"I don't need a fucking babysitter Julius!" said Johnny a little pissed off. Hideyoshi shook his head with a laugh.

"Keep an eye on your boy." said Julius with a more stern voice as Dex nodded.

"Who's got the Rollerz?" asked Dex.

"I do." said a female voice. Hideyoshi quickly turned to the voice and found, in his own opinion, a very beautiful woman. She was definitely of Chinese descent standing at 5'6 with fair skin, black hair done up in a messy bun held together with golden chopsticks. She had dark eyes, kissable lips, a slim waist, wide hips, long legs, and C-cup breasts. For clothes she wore a black tank top that tied around her neck and zipped up in the front, blue racing pants, black sneakers, a gold arm band on her left arm, and black leather wrist bands on her wrists. Hideyoshi couldn't help but look at her up and down, and even though she looked angry Hideyoshi still thought she was beautiful.

"Lin? The fuck you wearing blue for?" asked Johnny to the now named Lin.

"So her name is Lin, nice name, I might have to get to know her better." Hideyoshi thought to himself.

"I asked Lin to hook up with the Rollerz. We don't know much about these fuckers, so I wanted one of us on the inside." said Julius.

"I didn't know the Rollerz pimped hoes!" said a random saint. Lin pulled her arm back to punch him but Hideyoshi quickly moved in and punched the saint in the jaw so hard that he actually spun around before hitting the ground.

"I could have done that myself!" said Lin while a little upset since she didn't want people thinking she was weak.

"I know that, but I was hoping on making a good first impression, how did I do?" asked Hideyoshi with smirk. Lin was a little taken back by the straight forward remark but still took the time to look at Hideyoshi. She had to admit that she liked what she was seeing though she wouldn't say that out loud since that would ruin her rep.

"I'll admit that your first impression doesn't suck. Not to mention you don't look half bad, in fact you seem rather tasty to me." said Lin as she finished in Chinese. No one knew what she was saying but Hideyoshi's smirk got larger.

"Why thank you for the compliment, and I must say that you also seem tasty; maybe later we could get to know each other better?" asked Hideyoshi in Japanese which was pretty much Chinese but with some words being different (I don't know if that's true or not). Lin was really surprised by this as she thought she was the only one in the Saints that spoke Chinese, hell even Johnny didn't speak it or did he.

The smirk on his face said that he at least understood it, that fact alone and the fact that Hideyoshi had called her tasty made a little pink appear on her cheeks, though no one but Hideyoshi noticed it.

"Is there something you two want to share with the class?" asked Julius.

"It was nothing important Julius, Lin here was just busting my balls." said Hideyoshi.

"Yeah that's what I was doing, but you have to admit the kid looks like a fanatic by dyeing his hair purple." said Lin.

"Sorry Lin, but my hair is natural, there is no dye here." said Hideyoshi.

"Yeah right, and I'm actually blonde." said Lin.

"Well maybe later I should see if the carpet matches the drapes." said Hideyoshi as he slowly licked his lips. Lin quickly walked up and punched him in the face though Hideyoshi picked up that she didn't hit him as hard as she could have and he noticed that she was smirking at him.

"Alright that's enough you two. Look Playa once we're done here go talk to one of these guys. They'll have something for you to do. It's our time now, let's get this shit started." said Julius. Everyone started walking out of the church though when Hideyoshi was about to leave he was pulled aside by Lin.

"Alright asshole, who are you?" asked Lin.

"The name's Hideyoshi, but you can just call me Hide or in your case whatever pet name you want." said Hideyoshi.

"Cute now tell me the truth, I know you weren't born here since no one from the Row bothers to learn Chinese, and while I didn't know Johnny understood Chinese but I know damn well that he doesn't speak it. So I'll ask again; who are you?" asked Lin.

"Hahaha, well she's beautiful, tough, and smart the whole package I'd say. But to your question that's information I'll save for our first date so I'll tell you that information then, see you when I'm ready to hit the Rollerz Lin." said Hideyoshi and he quickly kissed her cheek and walked off though he did stop and turn back to her. "Oh and that wasn't Chinese but Japanese." said Hideyoshi before he left.

"Hmmm, Hideyoshi, you're different from the others so maybe I will take you up on that date." Lin said to herself. She put her hands in her pockets but felt something in her left pocket, she pulled it out to see a piece of paper with a phone number on it and a message from Hideyoshi saying to call or text him at any time. She wondered when he put the paper in her pocket but in the end put the paper back in her pocket with a small smirk.


Hideyoshi had just got finished doing a few jobs around the city and had decided to take a break and see if he could get some knew clothes. He was currently riding around in his favorite car, a modified and customized four door Raycaster with a royal purple paint job and black racing stripes. Hideyoshi loved his car as he had bought it when it was a broken down hunk of junk and fixed it up himself. Soon he pulled up to the clothing store and walked in, it was nice inside and he saw a couple of shoes he liked long with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Though there was something else he liked there to, there was a gorgeous woman there and he could honestly say that she rivaled Lin in beauty. She stood at about 5'5 with a tan skin tone, a lean and curvy figure, dark brown eyes, black hair styled into a bun, full lips covered in red lipstick, D-cup breasts, long legs, and a phat ass. For clothes she wore a simple black off the shoulder, mid-thigh length dress with red lace around the top, cuffs, and bottom of the dress with slits on the sides showing off a lot of leg. She also wore thigh high lace stockings, silver bracelets, black heels, a silver necklace, and silver cross earrings.

From the way she was speaking to the guy helping her she was either Spanish or Mexican, not that Hideyoshi cared. He couldn't help but stare at her as she walked around the store looking at the different shoes, she moved with grace and the way her breasts bounced with each step told him she wasn't wearing a bra. "Damn she is beautiful, but those earrings and that necklace show that she at least runs with the Carnales.On the other hand though the way she walks tells me that she is most likely just the girl friend to someone or just eye candy since she doesn't carry herself like a gangbanger." Hideyoshi's thoughts were broken when her phone rang and she answered. From what Hideyoshi could hear she was arguing with her boyfriend about something she unintentionally did, it got heated when they started yelling in Spanish and she started to cry a little bit. It was at that point Hideyoshi wished he learned to speak Spanish; the conversation didn't last too much longer before she hung up, sat down, and cried a little. "That bastard made her cry; no man should ever intentionally make his girl cry!I guess I can help her out a bit since she's not really a banger and who knows if I play my cards right this could end up like old times and can have more than one girl on my arm." thought Hideyoshi before walking over to the woman.

"Hey, are you okay Ma'am?" asked Hideyoshi as he placed his hand on her shoulder; he didn't wear his gloves today so he could feel just how soft her skin was.

"Yes I'm fine, thank you for asking." said the woman still lightly sobbing and with a heavy accent.

"You don't seem fine to me and from what I could understand from conversation you just had, things were getting pretty heated." said Hideyoshi.

"You heard that did you?" asked the woman with a sigh.

"Girl you were yelling, I'm pretty sure the whole fucking store heard it, they just probably didn't understand the second half since it was in Spanish." said Hideyoshi. It was then the woman looked up at him and she seemed to pause as she stared into his deep violet eyes.

"I guess you're right about that." said the woman while still staring into Hideyoshi's eyes.

"You know if you want you could take a picture and stare at that." said Hideyoshi with a smirk as he saw the woman blush and quickly look away.

"Sorry it's just that I've never seen anyone with purple eyes before." said the woman.

"Its fine and I get them from my mom. What's your name?" asked Hideyoshi.

"My name is Luz, what's yours?" asked Luz.

"I'm Hideyoshi but you can call me Hide. You want to tell me what that was all about?" asked Hideyoshi.

"Oh no, we just met and I couldn't trouble you with my problems." said Luz as she finally noticed all the purple Hideyoshi was wearing and remembered what her boyfriend said about a new gang popping up that wore purple. Hideyoshi noticed this and only smirked at her.

"If it is because we fly different flags then don't worry about it, I can tell that you're no banger so I have no problem with you. Now you sure you don't want to tell me, I hear I'm a good listener." said Hideyoshi and that was true, his little sisters told him that all the time when he would listen to their problems.

Luz stared at him for a minute trying to see if Hideyoshi was lying but quickly gave that up when she realized she didn't know what to look for, though the fact that he knew she was associated with another gang and didn't kill her on the spot showed that he was being truthful. "It's just that my boyfriend was yelling at me for being out shopping so much, it's not like we don't have the money or something like that and he knows how much I like fashion; sometimes I think he only wants me around to fuck and look pretty." said Luz.

"Well I can understand the looking pretty and fucking you part since you are a gorgeous woman, but the rest is bullshit; if you have money and your girl spending some of it doesn't affect you then why are you getting mad. I mean it's not like you're out cheating on him or anything, I can tell just by looking at you that while I'm sure you get a lot of attention you don't cross the line." said Hideyoshi.

"Hahaha, well thank you for the compliment and you're right about me getting a lot of attention but I don't cheat as I'm not a whore." said Luz with a small chuckle at first and ended with a small smile.

Hideyoshi noticed that while he was able to get her to smile she was still a bit upset about the conversation so he decided to take her mind off it. "Hey since you like fashion so much how about I pay for your shopping spree, that way your boyfriend can't get mad about you spending money." said Hideyoshi. Luz seemed to light up at the idea.

"You mean it? You'll pay for all of my shopping!?" asked an excited Luz.

"Sure, but you should know that the things you were looking at were last year's fashions so let me show you where they keep the new stuff." said Hideyoshi.

After that Hideyoshi showed Luz the newer items in the store and they talked and laugh for a while. They didn't talk about their gangs at all and just talked about each other and had a good time. At the end of Luz's shopping spree Hideyoshi had paid over $950 dollars, it was a good thing he had a lot of money saved, Hideyoshi also gave Luz his number and told her to call or text him if she ever wanted a shopping partner again or if she just wanted to talk. They both went home since it was already late, well Luz went home, Hideyoshi did a few more jobs to make some more money since he felt that Luz would want to go shopping again. That night while Hideyoshi was laying in his bed thinking about his day he couldn't help but smile.

"I made some money, killed some bitches, and got to meet two beautiful ladies…fuck yeah, today was a good day." Hideyoshi thought to himself. It was then that his phone beeped letting him know that he got a text.

[Hey Hide it's Lin, are you up?]-texted Lin

[Yea I'm up, what's up Lin?]-texted Hideyoshi

[Nothing, I just wanted to be sure you didn't give me a fake number like an asshole.]-texted Lin

[Oh please like I would give you a fake number.Now when are we going on our first date?]-texted Hideyoshi

[You seem very sure that I want to go on a date with you at all newbie.]-texted Lin

[You wouldn't be texting me this late at night about none work related matters if you didn't want a date with me so I'll ask again; when is our date?]-texted Hideyoshi

The phone was silent for about fifteen minutes before he finally got a reply.

[Surprise me and you better not take me to Freckle Bitches!]-texted Lin

[LOL, don't worry I won't but before this goes anywhere you should know that I'm not a single woman kind of guy. Not saying I'm a cheater but I've always had more than one girl in the past and I don't plan to change that, but all my girls are treated special and are loved equally.]-texted Hideyoshi

This is how Hideyoshi always got to have multiple girlfriends without actually cheating; he lets them know beforehand that there will be more and lets them decided if they want to continue to try for a relationship. While not all the girls he told this to agreed with it there were a fair number of girls that did, he just hoped that Lin would be one that did agree. It took an hour before Lin replied.

[Let's just see how the first date goes and go from there, night Hide.]-texted Lin

[Night Lin.]-texted Hideyoshi

There is the first chapter of 3rd Street's Dragon Emperor I hope you enjoyed reading it as I've enjoyed writing it. And yes just like all my other stories this will be a Harem but not all girls will go to my OC. So far it's Hideyoshi x Lin x Luz. There are more but they will be revealed as the story moves on. Please Fav, Follow, and Review and tell me what you think. Now as always until next time LISTEN FOR WHEN THE DRAGON ROARS!