Hello everyone, I hope you like this fanfic which will contain Fate/Apocrypha too be added into this story as a third crossover but will mainly be focused on the Nanatsu No Taizia universe. This first chapter is too see how well it is just like The Ten Tailed Demon fanfic I have high hopes for.

Chapter 1


"We're almost there, my lady...there's a town we are nearing." Spoke a man within a heavy suit of rusted armor, he was moving slowly up a hill, not just because of the suit was heavy for his disguise but also due to carrying a female piggyback style who had fallen ill. She was a beautiful young woman with long, silver hair that reaches her waist. Her bangs completely cover her right eye, but leaves her left eye uncovered. She wore a cloak too conceal herself while sporting red on her face from the fever she was having.

"I'm telling ya' his pie was worse then the meat!" Hearing that, his head turns down hill to see three men walking away and from the looks they were drunk. His gaze shifts over to the direction they came from.

"Just hold on a little longer Lady Elizabeth, there must be a bar and when there's a bar there must be a doctor on standby." He muttered before he started moving quickly down the hill towards the direction the three men came from, scaring the shit out of them while he ran past them in a hurry with great speed despite feeling exhausted from the long walk.


Currently a bunch of drunk and yet drunk men sat in a bar, drinking away and ironically were talking about the same people they were searching for. The one in charge of the bar as well as server was what appeared to be a young man. He was exceptionally short, with messy blond hair and a pair of emerald eyes. He also lacks facial hair, further accentuating his adolescent appearance. He was wearing a ordinary, clean white button-front shirt and a black sleeveless vest on top with a loosely worn tie. He possess a Broken Sword's scabbard on his back that is held on by a green leather belt with gold-colored buckles. Without any socks, he wears a pair of black boots. He was pouring another wooden mug of Ale but stops when he heard it, from outside was fast approaching footsteps that could be heard and loud ones at that, gaining everyone's attention with a pig staring at the door in wonder.

"That smells an awful lot like rust to me." The pig said, just as the door was suddenly kicked down instead of being opened to show a large figure standing there and slowly he enters looking around.

"Doc...tor...?" Spoke the out of breath man, scaring all the men who ran past the armored figure in order too escape.

"N-NO! I need...a doctor!" He shouted before falling to one knee with the pig now shaking in fear but looks up to find the owner staring down at him.

"Now, who are you?" He questions the figure who shakes his head just as he moves to reveal the ill Elizabeth, causing the young man's eyes too widen.

"Please...is...is there a doctor?!" He demands the owner who just stares at him before he showed some seriousness. In a matter of minutes, Elizabeth was in the guest room sleeping with a cold wet towel on her forehead with blankets over her body all the while back down in the bar sat the young man who no longer wore armor. He possessed bright red (non-spiky) red hair, Ocean-blue eyes, and three whisker markings on his cheeks. He wore an orange and black outfit consisting of orange pants, and an orange jacket with the black colour showing more prominence than the blue when he once wore a different outfit when he was younger. His jacket was opened too reveal a fishnet shirt with a noticeable muscular body being seen from the shirt. On the table he sat at was a sheathed sword. He was looking down with the younger guy sitting on a chair backwards in front of him, so he could place his arms on the back rest.

"So, Naruto is it? What brings you two out here?" When he asked that, he did not meet his gaze.

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything... The moment she is strong enough, we will be leaving this pub. But, thanks for treating her fever." Hearing that, the blonde just stares at him to see the clear worry on his face for his companion. The guy places a hand on his chin, as if in thought while he spoke.

"Well, can't blame you for not telling me anything. You're either protecting the Princess or kidnapped her for ransom but you don't look like a kidnapper to me." When he said that, Naruto's eyes widen all the way before he stands up fast with the chair falling to the floor. Immediately he entered a fighting stance with both of his eyes narrowing at the mysterious bar owner.

"H-How did you-who are you?!" He demands the person who stares at the teen now entering a fighting stance.

"Meliodas." When he said that, a few seconds of silence went by before Naruto's head shifts over to the wanted poster wall, showing the Seven Deadly Sins yet the one poster with his name on it did not look like the so called Meliodas at all and he just looks slowly back at him with a dumbfounded expression.

"...are you high?" Once that was asked, Meliodas tried too answer before the two heard a lot of knocking at the door, gaining there attention.

"OPEN UP! WE'VE HAD A REPORT FROM SOME VILLAGERS! We, this he Order of the Beard of the Mountain Cat, serving under the Holy Knights and are stationed at the mountains base! We're to arrest the Rust Knight, potentially one of the Seven Deadly Sins! COME OUT!" Hearing that voice, Naruto was surprised to recognize it.

"Alioni..." When he said that, he showed annoyance at them being here of all places before turning to Meliodas.

"We need too talk but before that we need too throw these guys off our track. I still don't believe your telling me the truth, but even so I need your help...as well as the...talking Pigs..." When he said that last part, he was still unsure yet the pig known as Hawk showed determination. After a minute, the door too the pub finally opened. When they all looked at the door, they found Naruto standing there next to Meliodas.

"N-Naruto?" Alioni said with surprise before his eyes narrow at why he was out here of all places when he should be training. Immediately he asked him a question since something didn't add upz

"Why are you even out here? You just became an Apprentice to a Holy Knight; shouldn't you be training with Sir Howzer?" When he questioned him about that, Naruto looks to the left.

"Well, you see...I'm not an apprentice anymore." When he said that, the group was surprised while Meliodas looks up to see how uncomfortable he was.

"I was...stripped of my position after I failed, a certain test." When he said that, Alioni's eyes widen in surprise before he and the others look away uncomfortably. After a few seconds he looks back up at Naruto.

"That still doesn't tell me why you're out here, and who's that kid?" Once asked, he glances at the midget.

"He's the owner of this pub, before you ask he is indeed a midget." Hearing that, Alioni didn't expect that as well as the owner looked like a kid, even if he was short.

"What about the Rust Knight, he was last seen here." Once the long nosed one said that, Naruto sweat dropped while looking back.

"Yeah, you see I helped the owner here build this pub and I myself had an idea on how too advertise it..." While he said that, they were introduced to a pig wearing rusty armor.

"Who is calling Sir Hawk, the Rust Knight?!" The pig demands while stopping in front of the dumbfounded group.

"Th-This pig is one of the Seven Deadly Sins?" When asked by the long nosed one, Naruto answers.

"Well, they were most likely freaked out since this is a pig, a talking pig wearing rusty armor and calling itself a knight...I should have stuck with writing the location on him as well as have Hawk say how great the pub was, instead of freaking out the customers." Hearing that, Alioni asked one more question.

"Why are you out here and how did you meet this owner?" Once asked, Naruto immediately replied to his question.

"I was depressed so I went on a small trip to clear my head on how else I could become a Great Holy Knight. While I was walking I met the owner here at one of the villages who severed great alcohol. From there, I helped him and he helped me with listening and giving his Hendrickson thoughts...as well as free booze." Hearing that, Alioni was almost convinced until they heard it from inside the bar.

"Naruto, where are we?" Once he heard that, his eyes widen all the way while Alioni's eyes widen at seeing Elizabeth who wore a black skintight jumpsuit as well as showing she was better yet still her face was red and tired.

Immediately recognizing her, he looked right at Naruto the moment he delivered a punch to his stomach, sending him back into the other two before he turns straight for Elizabeth and dashed right for her, quickly picking her up bridal style while he escaped through the back exit immediately. Behind him were the Knights who had just started too give chase to the red-head.

"Naruto, what's going-agu" She stops her sentence to show she was having trouble staying focused, gaining Naruto's full attention when he saw that.

"Lady Elizabeth, just sleep for now. I'll take care of everything right now." Once he said that, she didn't bother arguing before she closed her eyes, leaning into Naruto more all the while he held her closer, only speeding up down the hill as he thought back to the moment this all happened.


"B-But sir..." Spoke a wide eyed Naruto who stood in front of the King in disbelief at what he ordered. The King sat on his chair with Elizabeth kneeling on his left.

"There is no one else more capable for this job, Apprentice or not...I can only trust you." Hearing that, he only looks down with banging happening from the door.

"Now take my daughter and leave here at once!" Hearing that, his daughter shakes her head.

"I won't escape without you, father!" She told the King of this Kingdom who disagrees.

"I will be fine." Hearing that, she tried disagreeing until he spoke again.

"Go, Naruto will be your protector from this day forth. Never leave his side and always trust him..." Once said, a minute went by with the door exploding much to Elizabeth's horror as she watched through the secret passageway opening, until it was closed by Naruto. When she looked at him, she could see he was unsure yet he was serious.

"I don't know what he saw in me, but she need too hurry!" He whispered to the Princess, before taking her hand and quickly they run despite the Princess being teary eyed.


By the time Naruto stopped, he found himself on a cliff where he was given a great view of the forest.

"Shit, do I have too jump down from here?" He wondered to himself while he looks to his left and right before he looks down at Elizabeth who was resting but knew that she needs to lay down instead of being carried and moved like this.

"I need to find some place to hide for the day...dammit! Should I have just stayed and tried too convince the others, after all Alioni was one of my childhood friends so he might have listened to me..." After he thought of that, he was contemplating whether or not too keep moving or go back up the hill and talk to the others, after all there was a guy calling himself Meliodas. Suddenly he felt it, turning fast the moment the ground shook with the cliff sliding off and collapsing, leaving only a large dust cloud.

"So it was indeed true that the failure had kidnapped the Princess. Conclusion! Two individuals of unknown origin, dead! What do you think men, does that Sound about right?" Spoke a very large man with a peculiar curly mustache and thick plucked eyebrow. He has a fairly ordinary buzz cut hairstyle and angular face. He was looking back at Alioni and the others who were horrified at what he did, most of all Alioni.

"Sir Twigo, have you lost your mind?! You just killed the Great Holy Knight's son and the Princess!" Alioni shouted at the man in anger at the Apprentice Holy Knight who looks at the group with annoyance.

"How about seven fatalities, instead?" Once he said that, he starts walking towards then yet Alioni was the only one who stood his ground, glaring at the Apprentice until there attention was drawn towards someone landing on the cliff, nearby them. When the looked, the group found a shocked Naruto being dropped on the grass by Meliodas who held Elizabeth bridal style.

"How did you...-" Naruto was cut off by Twigo speaking to them.

"You there! How dare you save them?! I shan't revise my Death tally conclusion!" He said loudly while grabbing his sword, receiving a glare from Naruto.

"Can you still move?" When he asked that, Naruto looks yo to meet Meliodas's gaze.

"When I give the signal, run towards the forest, got it?" With a nod, he hands Naruto back Elizabeth, all the while Twigo was approaching the group.

"An official decree has been issued to locate the Princess while the other being too bring in the kidnapper. Both of you must bd brought in alive by orders of the Great Holy Knights, but...if you died in an accident, that would be regrettable but unavoidable." Hearing that, Naruto took a step back while he held the Princess closely.

"GO NOW!" Once ordered by Meliodas, he run towards the forest with great speed.

"CONCLUSION! ACCIDENTAL DEATH!" While he unleashed a wind slash right towards Naruto, cutting down all the trees that separate it from Naruto who looks back at the wind slash, he goes to reach for his sword before realizing that he forgot about it back at the pub. When he looked back, he was tackled to the ground with all the trees hitting the ground. Naruto was staring up at the man who once again protected him while he himself was protecting Elizabeth.

"Seems you two are ok..." Hearing that, Naruto just stares him before he closed his eyes with his teeth being gritted. After that, he stood up in order too suddenly hand over Elizabeth much to his surprise about it and simply looks at Naruto.

"Watch over Elizabeth for me." Once said, he turns towards Twigo right before he starts approaching the surprised knight.

"Does this sudden action prove that you think you have a chance against I, a true Holy Knight Apprentice! Conclusio! This is just a death wish you want too be fulfilled." Hearing that, Naruto glares at him while he suddenly went in his pocket and took out a kunai which had three blades instead of one. He then exhales wind-infused magic onto his blade in order to increase its sharpness, range and lethality. The weapon, has a distinctive light green colouring. Immediately the two charge at the other, both swinging there blades at one another which met, creating a powerful force of air that sent the severed trees flying all around them. The surprising fact was that Naruto was using only his right hand unlike Twigo who used two, showing he was quite physically strong in fact at being able too match Twigo's strike. With each minute going by, it became clearer and clearer too Meliodas, it was the fact Naruto was losing this battle. He was just staring at Naruto who seemed too be getting out of breath from the battle with his body shaking a little, unlike Twigo who could go on far longer then him with minimal damage he received for his training having been longer.

"Shit, am I already out of breath?!" Naruto thought, feeling a tightness once again from his stomach, only happening when he fights with everything he had and reached his limit. Twigo just glares at Naruto with disappointment, being the step-son of that certain man. Having enough of this fight, he decided to hurry things up. The Holy Knight Apprentice suddenly makes a dash for Naruto before he stops on front of him and raises his sword up high into the air, much to Naruto's shock.

"CONCLUSION! YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR I!" Twigo shouts while he brought down the sword, slashing across Naruto's chest which in turn draws blood from his wound, resulting in him stumbling backwards in shock all the while Meliodas was watching this, unmoving with Elizabeth in his arms.

"I was...entrusted to protect her...but..." Naruto was stopped by coughing up blood, soon enough taking deep breaths with blood leaking from his mouth.

(Leave, you are no longer able to carry even the title of a Holy Knight's Apprentice, and therefore you are no longer worthy of being my son.)

Remembering those words, he grits his teeth in anger at how useless he felt then and pathetic. Slowly his anger turns into sadness at how weak he is.

"I'm...just...a failure of a Holy Knight Apprentice. All I'm good for, is helping Lady Elizabeth." While he said that, Naruto started taking steps back with the blood continuing too leak from his wound. While this went on, Meliodas was about too step in when he stops and looks down to see that Elizabeth's eyes were open, watching the seen in horror.

Why am I so different? Why am I so weak? Why am I so pathetic?" Naruto thought, showing tiredness from the wound he received as well as the blood loss.

"As usual, you cannot except the fact of who you are. Conclusion! You cannot except the fact that you are know where near the level of a Holy Knight Apprentice, the only reason why you even got this far was because your adopted father was a Holy Knight! You, who's parents could have been but commoners, thinks that he could become a Great Holy Knight! Inconceivable!" He shouted at Naruto who looks down at his feet in anger. Many thoughts running through his head such as he will die or being protected again as if he was weak. As the thoughts continued, he felt more and more hopeless.

"Should I just...leave and let Meliodas handle this? He can protect her unlike me, a sad for an excuse of an Apprentice Holy Knight who thought he could become a Great Holy Knight..." As he thought that, he closed his eyes and was about to ask for Meliodas's assistance when he heard it.

"Please..." Hearing that, his eyes widen all the way before he looks back at the tearful Elizabeth who was awake, despite her fever.

"DON'T DIE!" Hearing that, he simply stares as her with something deep within his soul feeling like it's on fire, as if her words had sparked a fire deep within his soul. Watching her, he just looks down at his feet before suddenly slashing his chest, creating an X pattern on it that even surprised Twigo unlike Elizabeth who was shocked and worried at why he did it.

"Why am I always, doubting myself?! I trained so hard to become a Holy Knight yet I failed at being an apprentice and disowned by my own step-father! I tried so hard yet I failed...I pushed myself until I couldn't move anymore, training alone for hours, anything to get even stronger and prove myself to him! I was doubting my skills and thinking of giving up...but...if I did that, how could I ever face the King again after he entrusted me Elizabeth's protection. The wound you gave me Twigo and the wound I gave myself, will forever remind me whenever I look at it or feel it, that I will never back down again...I will never run away again...I will never doubt myself again...and I sure as hell won't be protected again! I WAS ENTRUSTED HER PROTECTION BY THE KING HIMSELF, SO I WON'T FAIL AGAINST ANYONE, BE IT AN APPRENTICE HOLY KNIGHT OR A TRUE ONE!" Naruto shouted at Twigo just smirks at finding his words too be funny.

"CONCLUSION! YOU DIE NOW!" Shouted Twigo who was mid swing with his sword being brought down on the red-head but suddenly it was blocked by his wind blade.

"Despite this newfound determination you are showing me, you think you can defeat I? CONCLUSION, YOU ARE MORE BRAINLESS THEN I-" He was cut off at a sudden cloud of smoke appearing in front of his vision which a kick explodes from it, slamming directly into his face and sending him stumbling back where he saw two Naruto's standing in front of him, surprising him yet he tried hiding his shock.

"A clone? Conclusion! Even using your clone magic, do you actually think you can defeat I?!" Once he shouted that, the clone dispersed by wind before he tosses his kunai into the air before clapping his hands together with a big smile appearing in his face.

"BELIEVE IT!" Naruto shouted before a large explosion happened all around them, from it appeared not one, two, or three clones but an army of them that surrounded Twigo.

"MULTI-WIND CLONE ARMY!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs, soon enough, Twigo's jaw dropped in utter shock while Meliodas just looks around in surprise unlike Elizabeth who was truly shocked at this, having known Naruto all her life yet not once seeing this magic on such a scale before.

"Geez, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting this long! So get ready to get the shit beaten out of you by all of us!" The original Naruto shouted with Twigo looking around in shock since even he didn't know he possessed the ability too create so many clones, not even the current great Holy Knight'a have the ability to create this many and that he clone technique was no longer teached, yet he knew it and surpassed all previous limits.

"Wow, I didn't expect you too summon this many?" Spoke Meliodas who made eye contact with the smiling Naruto.

"Stay back and hold onto Elizabeth, I'll make this quick!" He said right before facing Twigo again, immediately catching his kunai that had wind magic cover it by using the same magic again in order too charge right for Twigo who draws his sword up high in order too slash down, sending a blade of wind magic at Naruto who swung full force into it, breaking right through it much to Twigo's surprise yet he draws back the blade yet again, not realizing the clones behind him had leaped right for him, kicking him in the back that sent him a few feet into the air before more and more kicked him into the air where he saw even more clones heading down right for him just as he started falling again. Immediately he brought his sword back in order too slash them away, that was until he felt something grab his sword and looks back to see a pissed Naruto holding his sword with his bloodied left hand while the right held his kunai that was channeling an explosive amount of wind magic within it.

"TYPHOON RISING SLASH!" Naruto shouted while he swing upwards, slamming his sword into his back as well as causing an eruption of a massive storming vortex right under him, sending him screaming as he was flying high through the air with his armor breaking apart. With that attack, the typhoon dispersed with Naruto smiling triumphantly right before he showed intense pain and placed his left hand on his stomach. Seeing that, Meliodas's eyes widen and watches him fall on his back, completely exhausted. He looks slowly at Elizabeth to see that she had a look of thankfulness at seeing he was alive right before he passed out.

xxxxxCHAPTER ENDxxxxx

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