Imperial Star Destroyers hammered Providence Mk II dreadnoughts with cannon fire. H-Wings and TIE fighters fought one another. The TIEs bombarded the event fighters as Vultures got shredded. "Like shooting fish in a barrel." One of the Tie pilots said under his helmet "Keep the chatter to a minimum rookie, they call this place the meat grinder for a reason." One of the pilots said looking out his window to see the night time side of Lothal lit up with cannon fire and cities burning "I haven't gone down yet sir." The pilot said as something flew up behind I'm. "Rookie watch out!" But it was to late the TIE was torn apart by something tearing through it when other TIEs got destroyed by something fast "We got an enemy fighter." One pilot said as the squadron got a good look at what 'it' was.

"That's not a star fighter, it's a droid."

The enemy ship wasn't even a star fighter, it wasn't a droid either.

It was a droid armor though, full body with with bowed back legs do its size. It was over there meters tall bulky around the whole body with two arms that had five fingers on each hand instead of three. The head was more potent than the first Droid Armored Marines, with a short neck, two eyes the same as battle droid eyes. But instead of the smooth head it had an axe like head, the helmet had a flat too with a wedge front. The two wings on the side reached out with 2.5 meters on each side attached to a large engine on it's back like on its feet. The armaments were two wrist mounted blaster cannons and on the shoulders painted on its head were the words in blood red letters were the words "No Surrender."

The flying droid held up both arms and started to shoot down TIES before it held up both arms over its head and fly right through a TIE.

The Imperial ships started to get surrounded by the strange new droids as more of them flying circles around the TIEs. One of them tackled onto a TIEs and smashed its fist into the cockpit and tore the pilot out with one hand tearing the pilot in half letting the blood and guts fall onto its metal body.

The flying droid armors returned into the fray fighting alongside Vultures and H-wings as down below no mans land continued to stretch for miles and the lights of the cities where overshadowed by cannon fire.


Back on Chopper base, the Rebels were gathered around the holotable. It was Rex, Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Sato "This one of the many new weapon the Militia are using against the Empire." Commander Sato said as they watching imperial recordings "Why does everyone else have the good toys." Zeb moaned again. "The situation on Lothal is getting worse, reports show the Militia soldiers who aren't in the capital are enlisting anyone who can carry a blaster to fight." Hera said turning to the others "High command are still debating the situation, as Lothal and the Militia are not apart of the rebellion yet they already hold significant power." Sato sighed.

"What do you mean?" Kanan asked "Hey, we heard the supply run to Teralov failed." Ezra and Sabine said walking up to the table as the Rebels watched the recording of Lothal "It gets worse, we lost the entire escort of A-wings." Hera said as the rebels all looked glum.

"Six pilots and the transport's entire crew." Rex grunted as they turned off the channel. "How many is that this month? At this rate, there's not gonna be anyone left to fly for the Rebellion." Sabine added as Hera reactivated the holo deck "Fortunately, I have been working on a solution with the help of Fulcrum."

Ezras face lit up "Ahsoka?" She quickly cut his hopes short "No. Fulcrum's a code name we give to our secret informants." Hera explained bringing up a symbol similar to Ahsokas tattoos on her face "It was Ahsoka's idea, there are other Fulcrum agents; she was among them." She played a recording suddenly with a deep voice "I have information that may help you replace your stable of pilots." It said to the rebels showing an imperial pilot training facility "There are Imperial cadets at the Skystrike Academy who wish to defect to the rebels.

I do not know their names, but they will require some assistance to escape." The informat said to them "I suggest you move quickly, before the Empire discovers their intentions, the Enpire is sending cadets to Lothal every day, fulcrum out." The voice said cutting off the recording Hera looked to the rebels under her command

"This is enough to act on, the mission is yours, Sabine." Sabine heard Hera said to the mandolorian "We've arranged to insert you into a squad of new cadets headed for Skystrike, AP-5 will prepare fake credentials." Hera explained to her as Ezra held his hand up "Wait, wait- Shouldn't I be the one to go in? I've done this before, remember?" Ezra asked them reminding them of there past missions.

"Yeah, and I really was an Imperial cadet once for years, remember?" Sabine asked remind him of her past "The Empire knows you too well, Ezra." Hera said agreeing with Sabine "You'll be identified, Sabine is the least recognizable of all of us."

She turned to the two Jedi "I need you and Kanan to shadow her."

"You'll stay in communication while she's inside and be ready to help her escape." Hera said to them looking to Zeb "Zeb and I have to supervise the escort for the new relief mission to Teralov., we've got our plan. Let's go."


The Skystrike Academy also known as Skystrike Flight Academy was an elite flight academy located in the atmosphere of Montross that was part of the Galactic Empire's military training program.

The Skystrike Academy was an elite starfighteracademy during the Age of the Empire. It was located on the planet Montross. Under the administration of Instructor Goran and Captain Vult Skerris, the Academy had a reputation for producing some of the best TIE fighter pilots in the Imperial Navy. Goran was determined that only the best Imperial cadets would graduate as pilots at his Academy. The Skystrike Academy was an elite starfighter academy with a grueling curriculum. Only a minority of candidates passed its rigorous program which was designed to produce the best fighter pilots. All cadets wore black TIE fighter pilot uniforms and helmets. The Academy's curriculum consisted of simulator pods which were used to simulate combat exercises and mock starfighter battles. Two known instructors were Instructor Goran and Captain Vult Skerris. Goran supervised training exercises while Skerris was also known to participate in the simulated exercises as an enemy starship.

The Skystrike Academy was a space station that floated in the gassy upper atmosphere of the planet Montross. It was only accessible by starship. The Skystrike Academy also had holding cells for rebellious cadets and multiple hangar bays that could host TIE fighters, TIE bombers, and Imperial landing craft. Cadets slept on bunks in dormitories.

A lambda class transporter flew toward the academy before landing in the hanger. Exiting from it where a series. Each of the cadets wore black uniforms with helmets and grey white stripes. They walked up to an officer with an Astro droid, one by one they handed credential. The first one went through, one by one until a shorter one walked up. The officer took her card giving it to the droid but it came back negative "There seems to be a problem with your credentials, cadet." The officer looked back at two stormtroopers " Security." The cadet stepped forward "Wait! That, um That happens from time to time." She said holding up her hand to take the card "Can I see it?" She asked as the officer handed her the card she rubbed it on her sleeve before taking her helmet to show Sabine without highlights in her hair. Instead it was dark black "Yeah, these new ID cards can be temperamental."

She blew into the card before "Now try it?" Sabine said handing it to the officer, the second he gave it to the droid it scanned the card and beeped out "Proceed." The officer said and Sabine put her helmet back on "Thank you." Sabine said joining the others

Far from them on the edge of the system, Ezra and Kanan were in the bridge of a rebel corvette "She's in." Kanan heard Ezra say, as the boy sat down in the command chair "Well, I guess all we can do now is sit and wait."

"Don't worry, she'll be fine." Kanan said reassuring him as Ezra groaned "

"I'm just not a fan of these solo missions." Ezra said as Kanan smiled "Unless it's you." The old Jedi said as back in

Back in the academy, Sabine and the other cadets were in separate rows with an instructor walking through them in the barracks "Listen carefully, cadets. You are here because the Empire sees the potential in you to join the ranks of its most elite pilots." He said without his helmet walking through the potential pilot "Most of you will fail, whatever you have achieved before means nothing, here, only the best survive." He said as he turned to leave them "Prepare yourselves, your first combat training will begin at 0600. Squadron dismissed!" He barked leaving the cadets alone. As they were all at ease some of them started to talk "Heard they've already lost two hundred fighters and ten Star Destroyers over Lothal." One of the pilots said to another, Sabine heard one of the pilots talking but she couldn't tell which "I heard on of them crashed on a settlement, they say there loosing Destroyers and squadrons a day in the meat grinder."

Sabine walked up to them her helmet under her arm "The situations that bad huh?" She asked "Worse than bad, heard the pilots who go down over Lothal are told to shoot themselves before they crash." A cadet replied.

"So they don't burn?" Sabine asked him "No, so the Militia done take them prisoner, they say the enemy makes you wish you were dead."


Sabine was in a TIE cock pit "This is TIE SS-3-6 on patrol at, 149, awaiting wingman." She said under the cockpit as another pilot flew next to her "Copy that, 3-6." The pilot next to her said "This is TIE SS-2-5, You can call me Wedge." The pilot named Wedge replied smiling at her "What's your name, cadet?"

"I'm Ria Talla." She lied using a cover name as the instructor flew up next to them in space "Don't break protocol. Comm numbers only." There commanding officer said as they flew around.

The wingman named Wedge nodded "Copy that, Command."

"Comscan is tracking rebel ships entering sector 2. Move to intercept." Their commanding officer ordered them as they flew up to one of the rebellions large cargo ships with whale like bodies. "Acknowledge, let's go, 3-6." Wedge said to her as the three ties flew toward the ship "Right behind you, 2-5." She said back to him as the third TIE flew between them "You have anything, 3-6?" Wedge asked her as she scanned "Mmm, nothing yet...Wait!" She said as their scanners appeared to light up "There they are! Four ships coming in at 847." She barked as a squadron of Y-Wings flew toward them "Ah, I see 'em." Wedge said as he saw them "Y-wings, heavy shields and turret guns.

Command, how should we proceed?" Sabine asked

"Eliminate all targets." There commander ordered as the Y-wings split up "They're splitting up, 3-6." Wedge said moving into attack position "Circle around to 4." She said as they ducked and dived through space and around the fighters "I've got these two." Sabine said taking out two Y-wings. "Good kill, 3-6." Wedge commented on as they kept fighting "Oh, one more and we're even, 2-5." She smiled as the commanders voice called out "3-6 and 2-5, proceed to the transmitted coordinates and destroy the rebel vessel located there.." He ordered and the two obeyed.

The three ties flew toward the whale ship "Yes, sir." Wedge replied as Sabine scanned it "Huh, no power readings, It's disabled." Sabine said to the other imperials.

Suddenly a man called out over the comlink "Please, do not fire! We surrender! We're heavily damaged and have wounded aboard! Repeat, we surrender!" He begged the three TIEs "Destroy the vessel as ordered." The commanding officer repeated but the rebel in disguise hesitates "But Imperial protocol is to board the-" she was cut off instantly "Destroy the vessel as ordered, 3-6!" The commander barked "Is breaking protocol part of the test?" She asked the officer "What was that, 3-6?" The commander asked

"Um, comm malfunction, sir." Wedge says covering her "Hold on, new target coming in at .

17." Wedge beard Sabine say as out of now where came the Ghost!

It flew around them taking our Wedge "Look out!" Sabine screamed as it flew right at her destroying her ship making her scream.

"Simulation complete. Cadets, exit your pods, report for debriefing." Sabine sighed before she opened her pod and got out of a simulation pod in the middle of the academy. Wedge and her got out of the pods taking off her helmet and his showing black hair and eyes with light skin.

As she approached her instructor and other cadets "What kind of rebel ship was that? That was no transport."

"Ah, but you are wrong, cadet." Stepping out of one of the pods behind them was there commander. He was a middle aged man with a mustache and pilot uniform that had yellow stripes "It was a transport called the Ghost, which has been modified for combat." He said walking toward them "The rebels are a desperate group of extremists, they'll fight with any ship, using any means necessary to undermine our authority." He said as he glared down at Sabine

"That is why orders must be followed without question, insubordination like yours will get you and your wingman killed." He added as he looked over at a simulation pod still moving, very fast and quick too "If you need a reminder look at Skystrike Academy's newest top Ace." He said as they walked over to the simulations monitor to show a single TIE fighter going through the same simulation Wedge and Sabine had failed, but alone. The pilot flew just as the Y-Wings appeared the pilot flew right into them scrambling there squadron and taking out three without missing a single shot. He picked off the last ones "0-1 proceed to the rebel ship and destroy it."

"Yes sir." The Ace replied without hesitation and flew right toward the cargo hold and once again they heard "Please, do not fire! We surrender! We're heavily damaged and have wounded aboard! Repeat, we-zzzt." The fighter hit there life support and blasted the ship to pieces in a first explosion "0-1 be advised, unknown vessel approaching at .17." The instructor told the Ace.

Sabine watched the Ghost fly in fast and unload on the fighter who barely dodged the freighter. She almost smiled seeing the Ghost in action until the fighter pulled around and took out the rear turret that was the Phantom. The Ace continued his assault taking out both top and bottom turrets leaving the ship open before Sabine watched the Ghost go up in flames. She gapped actually seeing the simulation and didn't even hear all the other cadets cheer. The pod stopped as the simulation ended and the Ace emerged. He was a young man most likely by the build he wore under the uniform. His helmet and uniform both had red stripes as he walked up to the Captain "Captain Skerris." He said saluting him "At ease Ace, once again you have proven that imperial training and discipline will always win the day." Captain Skerris said looking back at Sabine. "Class, this is Richthofen Dredge our most advanced cadet, he has succeeded numerous times where numerous more would be pilots have failed, as you all hold the rank of cadet only one will hold the title of your squadrons Ace, and he stands before you."

"The rest of you are dismissed, Antilles and Tallia will repeat the simulation until they can obey orders." Skerris said to the cadets, they all started to leave "Ace, follow me." Captain Skerris ordered and Ace followed him into the academy. Sabine was still standing with wedge when Ace purposefully pushed through her shoulder as they left. Sabine glared at him when a Wedge caught her "Easy, I've heard stories about Skerris and his favorite pet." He said back to her "Like what?" She asked "None you'd like to hear."

Elsewhere in the academy, Skerrie and Ace walked into his office "Do you know why I brought you here Ace?" He asked the red and black cadet "No sir."

"An old friend of mine has informed me of possible turncoats who plan to defect to the Rebellion." Skerris said sitting down at his desk putting his helmet down on the desk "Such a stain like that will be hard to wash out on my record."

Ace looked around at the office to see multiple awards for valor and a model T wing on the desk "That is why I need you to be my eyes and ears within the class, for tomorrow we will have some visitors who will be looking for them."

"And so shall we." Ace replied.

Later, an Imperial shuttle approached the academy with a full class escort, when it landed in the Academy, Sabine and the other cadets were all there waiting for them. Their head flight instructor stood out front as both Ace and Skerris got out of there Ties as the honor guard for the guests. As the shuttles ramp lowered both Governor Pryce and ISB agent Agent Kallus walked out of it. "Governor Pryce, Agent Kallus, may I ask the reason for this unscheduled visit?" The instructor asked them as Kallus spoke up "ISB has information that some of your cadets are planning to defect to the rebels."

He than smiled "You have traitors in your midst."

The instructor looked shocked "Impossible, my cadets are unmatched, both in their skill and loyalty." He said defending his name and academy "Nevertheless, I will be conducting a thorough investigation, and you are to extend your full cooperation." Governor Pryce said taking the attention away from Kallus "Agent Kallus, you may begin, my hope is that I may teach you something today." She said as she Skerris and Ace walked up to her "Governor Pryce, may I present Richthofen Dredge, our Academy's top cadet." Skerris said to her both Pryce and Kallus looked at the red striped pilot who stood there "Interesting, tell me Cadet, if we should find traitors in our midst what should their punishment be?" Pryce asked him as Sabine glanced over under her helmet as they waited for an answer "The fate of all traitors, death." He replied firmly as Pryce smiled before walking off.

Sabine and the other cadets were dismissed, after a while they separated she was walking through the hallways of the academy alone when she walked through a corridor to see Wedge speaking with two others "I told you it was too risky, how are we gonna get out of this?" one of them asked "Will you just relax, they don't know, if they did, we'd be in the brig." Wedge said to them as the two turned to leave

She followed Wedge as he walked out to one of the Academys outer hangers, the orange clouds of the planet below them as he looked up at the TIEs "Something wrong, Wedge?" Sabine asked as she approached him "Uh, no." he stammered as he saw her.

"Why?" he asked her "You just look nervous." Sabine replied holding her helmet under her arm "Uh, actually, I've been thinking about what you said in the simulator today, about how this wasn't what you signed up for." He said looking up at the ships as he heard her say "Look, I want to do my part for the Empire, but firing on unarmed ships wasn't what I had in mind."

She looked down at the floor of clouds "What about you?" she asked, he snickered "I was flying cargo ships when the Empire recruited me."

"At the time, I figured, why not? Seemed a whole lot more exciting than hauling spare parts around the galaxy." He sighed as the two talked "But if this is what the Empire's becoming, I don't know." he grumbled to himself not sure about his choices "Hmm, you ever think about getting out?" she asked him "That's not really possible, is it?" he laughed sarcastically "Maybe more possible than you realize." She smiled getting closer

"What are you talking about?" he asked her.

Sabine got closer still "My real name is Sabine Wren, I was sent in to get you out." Wedges face lit up as he smiled "So the Rebellion did get my message." The mandolorian girl nodded "Yes, nut I heard there were other pilots who want out too?" she asked him and he nodded quickly at her "There are."

"Okay, we need to leave now, before the Empire closes in." she urged him "Can you get them ready?" she asked. "I'll talk to them." Wedge said as he started to ask "What's your plan?" he asked ready to go "Well, I'll tell you when I figure that out." She said sheepishly "Are you serious?" he asked shocked at how she was making it up as she went along "Welcome to the Rebe-" Sabine cut herself off as she looked over Wedges shoulder to see Ace walking by the hallway, watching the two, "One things for sure, we'll need to watch out for Ace."


Ezra and Kanan were still waiting in the bridge of there frigate, all the while Ezra was pacing back and forth "Ezra, you need to calm down." Kanan said hearing his footsteps going back and forth "How can I be calm, huh?" he asked her "Sabine's stuck over there, and there's nothing I can do." He hissed as Kanan tried to calm him "That's right, there's nothing you can do." Kanan said imparting some jedi wisdom "So nothing you are doing right now is going to help." Kanan pointed out.

"Sit down, Ezra, part of a Jedi's wisdom comes from learning to accept when a situation is out of our control." Kanan said as he heard his apprentice stop walking and finally sit down in the commanders chair "Do you trust her?" Kanan asked him.

"Of course I trust her." Kanan smiled "Good, then trust she'll succeed."


"My investigation is nearly complete, Governor, I have found nothing as of yet." Agent Kallus said to Governor Pryce, the two of them along with the academy Instructor, Captain Skerris and Ace were standing together "Then perhaps it's time for me to take a more direct hand in this enquiry." Pryce suggested as the Instructor walked forward "With all due respect, Governor, I am trying to train pilots here." He said gesturing to Ace behind the Captain "How are they to progress under these circumstances? Certainly not while they are all grounded." He asked as the Governor looked over at Ace smiling "You're quite right, perhaps getting your cadets back into space would be to our mutual advantage."

Eventually the PA announced itself throughout the entire academy "Squadron 22, report to hangar 6." The voice said and all the cadets rushed to there quarters to get dressed and ready, as Sabine walked through the hallways she was joined by Wedge and the two Imperial cadets he had been speaking to "Sabine, this is Rake and Hobbie." He said as he introduced the other two cadets, both boys one light skinned and blonde the other dark skinned with a buzzed top of black hair "Are you sure you're all committed to this?" she asked them "We've made our choice." Rake said as Hobbie agreed "There's no turning back now." He said as they all got to there ships "Kinda surprised they're letting us go up in the middle of all this." Wedge asked feeling as if it was to easy "Well, we have to make the most of this chance."

Sabine than stressed "We might not get another." She said as they all got to the hanger "Okay, listen, there's a rebel ship nearby, waiting for my signal." She said back to them "Watch me, when I go, you go." She said as each of them put on there helmets "But you have to trust me." She said as they headed toward the rest of the cadets already assembled "Agreed?" she asked as Wedge leaned up to her "These rebels you say are waiting for us You trust them?"

"With my life." As they joined the other Cadets Wedge whispered to her "Yeah, and all of ours." The Cadets were all heading to there fighters as Sabine saw the squadron Ace, Dredge get into his TIE next to Skerris's.

Later, the squadron had left the Academy and where flying next to a star destroyer as Sabine flew with the other three would be recruits "Well, here goes nothing, Spectre-6, this is Spectre-5." She said using her long range coms to try and contact Ezra "If you're receiving this, lock onto my signal." She said as Skerris flew with the Squadron "Squadrons, prepare to break formation and engage in a simulated dogfight." He ordered "Your lasers have been nullified, but your hits will still register and be scored."

"Beginning on my mark, three, two, one, mark." Skerris said and the training began, instantly Sabine started to go after another cadet with the others in pursuit, Hobbie one of Wedges comrades fired on another pilot getting his score up "Nice shot, Hobbie." Wedge said as Sabine looked around the stars and at her scanners waiting for the others "Come on, Ezra.

Where are you?" her ship was suddenly rocked by a shot, she looked up to see the culprit was none other than Dredge. He flew around coming for another shot but Sabine hit the thrusters on her ship and the dog fight began. "Hmmm Cadet Dredge appears to have found herself a rival?" the instructor said aboard his star destroyer.

Pryce looked at the two fighting viciously neither one landing a mark when an officer walked up to them "Sir, a rebel vessel has entered the system."

Suddenly the frigate Ezra and Kanan where on leapt out of hyperspace right in the middle of the dog fight "Sabine? Hope we're not too late." Sabine heard Ezra said over the comms, she instantly broke off her duel with Dredge "Right on time.

Come on, boys." She said as she soared right toward the rebel ship "Here we go. Hobbie, Rake, on me." Wedge said as the other three pilots flew toward the ship "Four cadets have broken off from the main group toward the rebel ship." One of the Destroyers officer said "We have our defectors." Skerris said as he flew up next to Dredge "Cadets, return to base immediately.

This is your only warning." Pryce ordered them as Sabine and the others heard the Governors voice "Negative, Command, you're gonna have to come and get us." She hissed.

Pryce suddenly pressed a button on the bridged command console and all four of the fighters engines died "We've lost power!" Sabine cried out as the wings of there ships let go sending the pods into free fall "Our fighters were rigged!" Wedge realized "Captain, destroy one of the pods." Governor Pryce ordered as the Captain and Dredge flew toward them, instantly Cadet Rake was shot down his pod exploding killing him "Rake!" he yelled seeing his friend die "Now, target the rebel transport."

Sabine started to scream frantically at the rebel ship "Ezra! Abort! Get outta here!" she said as Ezra and Kanan heard her "No, Sabine! We're coming for you." Ezra snapped back as Dredge and Skerris bombarded the ship "We can't take another hit like that." Kanan said to Ezra grabbing him "We're not leaving her behind!" he refused

"We don't have a choice, Ezra! We can't help her if we're dead." Ezra looked back at his friend left in space "Chopper, get us into hyperspace now!" Ezra ordered the astro droid who saluted before helping the ship leaving Sabine and Wedge to there fate "Cadet Dredge, destroy the traitors." Captain Skerris ordered as Dredge flew around to Wedge, Hobbie, and Sabines pods "… Captain, one of them could be a rebel Agent, we should interrogate them." Dredge asked him "Astute observation Cadet Dredge." Governor Pryce said hearing there conversation through the coms "Set the tractor beam." Pryce ordered as she started to leave the bridge.


Sabine, Wedge and Hobbie were on their knees hands behind their backs cuffed with two Stormtroopers guarding them and at the mercy of Pryce and Kallus. They were inside the Academy brig in one of the interrogation chambers "I have so many questions." Pryce said looking at them all "But first, I would like to know which of you is the rebel agent." She said as she gestured to a torturing machine "Do you know what this is?" she asked walking around it. IT was a board with many devices hanging around it "It's most effective at extracting information from the noncompliant."

She looked down at Wedge and said "You." Before he could be strapped in Sabine cried out "No, wait! It's me, I'm the rebel." She said stepping forward figuratively since she was still on her knees "Sabine, don't!" Wedge snapped "And now we have a name." Pryce said as Wedge was put down on his knees "Thanks." He whispered to her for saving him.

"Agent Kallus, escort these two back to their cell, Sabine and I have a lot to talk about." Pryce ordered Agent Kallus he took both Hobbie and Wedge away but not before Sabine chided out "Looks like they found someone who can do your job." She said as he took the two away leaving her with two Stormtroopers and Pryce.

Elsewhere in the Academy, Skerris and Dredge walked into his office "Well done Cadet." Skerris said removing his helmet "Thank you sir." Dredge said as Skerris put his helmet down "Do not thank me yet Cadet, I am recommending you for the Imperial Special forces you have shown yourself to be a loyal soldier of the Empire." Skerris said smiling at him but the cadets emotions were hidden, Dredge was still wearing his helmet.

"I want you to know Cadet…, you remind me of my son before he… before he died over Lothal." Skerris said putting his hand on his shoulder "I know you'll make me proud."

Skerris's smile fell as a red blaster shot ripped through his chest right through his heart, he fell back onto the floor stone cold dead, with Cadet Dredge holding a blaster pistol. Dredge said nothing he just turned to the exit and cocked is blaster pistol. He walked out of the hallway and headed toward the academy's dorms, as he walked in a few cadets spotted him "Hey Dredge, any idea on what' going to happen to the turncoats?" they asked "No" Dredge said holding up his blaster pistol and shooting them all in the head. Two more Imperial cadets ran out "What was tha-GYAH" the red striped cadet shot them down without hesitating and kept walking, he walked into his room and opened the strong box taking out a belt of explosives. He tossed one to the nearest wall and it magnetically locked and started to beep.

Back in the brig, Sabine and Pryce were still having their conversation "I won't talk." Sabine said defiantly "Well, let's see how far we can get without you needing to." Pryce said as she held up a holodevice with her wanted poster on it.

"Sabine Wren, is it? You are far too versed in Imperial protocol not to have been a cadet and now you've come home, little Mandalorian." She said down to the girl as she looked at her file "So proud." Pryce said as she cupped the girls cheek "And tough, I think." she aid as Sabine tore her face away "We shall see."

Throughout the base Dredge was moving leaving dead Imperial cadets and Stormtroopers alike, as he walked through the hallways. He left another explosive as he continued on.

Back in the brig, as Pryce had both the guards take Sabine toward the interrogation machine. The second they removed her handcuffs, Sabine took out the two Stormtrooper trying to grab hold of one of the blasters, Pryce who dropped the holodevice and blocked the mandolorians blow. She wrestled the blaster out of her hands making it slide across the floor "Not bad." Sabine said as Pryce shoved her off "The Empire taught me well." Pryce said taking a fighting stance. The mandolorian attacked again this time landing a blow "My clan taught me better." She said as the two started to fight.

Suddenly the door burst open and Dredge was standing there holding a blaster pistol and saw the two fighting. When they broke off both woman saw him "Cadet shoot that traitor!" Pryce ordered as Dredge raised his blaster not at Sabine but at Pryce squeezing the trigger a stun blast electrocuted her making her fall over. Sabine looked for then nearest E-11 blaster rifle but before she could pick it up Dredge shot it away "Don't try it Sabine." He said under his helmet. He said as he walked in "Who are you?" Sabine asked as Dredge sighed "Really?"

He kept his blaster trained as he removed his helmet to reveal his face, the face of Jericho. Sabines eyes got wide seeing his white hair but his torgrutan marks on the left side of his face were gone. "Jericho what happened to your-" "Makeup." He said as he rubbed his hand over his face to show his tattoos "You know imperials, they hate aliens." He said as he looked down at Pryce.

"You mean all this time you've… you've been here?" she asked him "I've been undercover for two weeks." He said as he shot both the Imperials knocked out by Sabine, before he holstered his blaster and picked Pryce up, opening up the interrogation board and laying her on it "For what?" Sabine asked as the metal clamps took hold of Pryce as she was coming too "For this." He said turning the interrogation device on full max. Pryce let out a massive scream as her entire body was electrocuted at full power. Sabine watched in shock as Jericho listened to her screams "Now I suggest you go get those two would be rebels." He said as he took out an explosive and tossed it right in front of Pryce magnetically locking it to the floor.

He turned to leave picking up one of the E-11 blasters on the way and tossing the other too her "Unless you want to end up like her and everyone else in this place in ten minutes." He suggested "I'll clear a path."

"Wait!" Sabine snapped as she turned off the interrogation module sparing Pryce but knocking her out, Jericho sighed seeing her show mercy "We don't see each other for nearly a year and that's all you have to say?" she asked following him "There's nothing to say Sabine." He said as he looked back at her "I chose my path, you chose yours." He looked down at his wrist where Sabine saw a timer "You five minutes." He said starting to walk again "Five minutes till what?" she asked him as he looked back and smiled.

Meanwhile, Wedge and Hobbie were still in their cells, looking at the laser wall that had two stormtroopers "We need to do something anything to help Sabine." Wedge said as the door opened with Sabine in front "I hope you're better pilots than you are soldiers." She said holding a blaster "Sabine, we were coming to rescue you." Wedge said two parts shocked and the rest happy to see her.

"No time to talk, in less than five minutes Skystrike Academy is closing, for good." She said as Hobbie and Wedge ran out "What why?" he asked "No time to talk, run." She said as in another part of the base Jericho walked into a hallway with both the blaster rifle and his pistol in each hand and opened fire on a squad of Stormtroopers. He opened fire on them dodging there blasts ducking down and sliding across the floor shooting through them till he started running toward the lower levels. He walked toward a large door with two engineers who heard the shooting. When they saw him he didn't even wait for either to open there mouths before shooting them down. Taking out his last detonator he opened the doors into the schools engine room that kept the academy afloat in the atmosphere, before tossing the bomb right on it.

Up above, Sabine led Wedge and Hobbie through the hallways shooting at purusing imperials before there doors were cut off, and walking out of one of them was Agent Kallus with his hands up "Don't shoot." He said to her as Sabine got ready to anyway "Give me a good reason not to." She asked him "Avoid levels three through five, hangar 24 is your best possibility."

"Wait, why should we trust you?" Sabine asked him, as Kallus smirked "Tell Garazeb Orrelios we're even." Sabine ran by him as he opened the door "Than you'll owe me on the next one, get out, now!" she called back as she led the pilots to hanger 24.

Back in the Brig, Pryce was starting to come too and the first thing she saw was the bomb. Instantly she got to her feet and rushed out off the brig as the entire academy shook violently as simultaneously Jerichos bombs exploded throughout the academy. As the whole stations alarms started to ring Sabine and the two boys ran out to hanger 24 which was losing TIEs from the explosion. Sabine saw a bomber at the edge of the hanger and rushed toward it "That tub?" Wedge asked her "Hey it can take a hit, can you fly it?" she asked him

"I can fly anything." Wedge said as they started to board, suddenly two Stormtroopers ran out onto the walkway and opened fire on them, Sabine held them off as they got into the bomber, as more cadets and troopers tried to flee the lost station as it started to explode from the inside.

As the Bomber flew off, Hobbie and Sabine looked back to see it go up in flames "Did you do that?" Wedge asked "… No I-" "We got a TIE interceptor on out tail, its Skerris's ship." Wedge said as he looked back to see a TIE interceptor come up behind them "Looks like you made it a close call, again." The voice of Jericho said through the coms "That's Skerris's ship but whose that?" Hobbie asked as the ship flew up next to them. Sabine looked out the window knowing who was inside it "You know it's not too late." Sabine said pressing the comms as the ship flew next to them "The others are waiting for us." She said back to Jericho, who Hobbie and Wedge had no idea that's who she was talking too.

"Like I said, I chose my path, you chose yours… but next time Sabine." He said as he started to fly off "Keep yours away from mine."

"Was that another rebel?" Wedge asked "Not anymore."



Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, Chopper and there two newest recruits landed at Chopper Base before leaving there ships being approached by Commander Sato's staff and the rest of the Specters crew "Commander Sato, allow me to introduce Lt. Wedge Antillies and… uh Hobbie." Sabine said as Sato and Antillies locked eyes "I heard you were looking for some good pilots Commander?" Wedge asked "Indeed we are, welcome to the rebellion."

"And congratulations on your success Sabine." Sato said to her smiling "Success, she took out an entire Imperial instillation." Ezra said holding his hands up "Actually sir… it wasn't me." Sabine said "Explain?" Sato asked her.

"There was Militia presence there, another agent like myself." She explained "Jericho?" Ezra asked "… yes." Sabine said regretfully all the rebels looked at one another "This explains, the latest feed sweeping the holo net." Commander Sato said "What feed?" Sabine asked him.

The rest of the rebels headed to the bases command center and pulled up the holotables, "Just over an hour ago, after you reported your mission success." Sato said as he pulled up a hologram of five Imperial pilots, but on closer inspection they were all cadets from Skystrike academy. Behind them where Militia soldiers "Today, we struck a blow at the future of the Empire, Skystrike Academy." Walking into the holo was Colonel Severus Orn in full armor and helmet with his mask. "These here represent the best of the Imperial military training regiment, a training regiment that orders them to disobey their own protocol and destroy unarmed vessels." The image changed to show the same recording of Skerris taking out the rebel transport.

It snapped back to the Militia and there prisoners "Let this be a warning, to those who support and fight for the Empire." The militia soldiers dragged the cadets to their feet as the rebels watched Severus rip out his black saber and slice al their heads off at once "This shall be your fate."