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New Games

Chapter 1: Yami's Plan

by Kyrenea

If you were searching for a good time, District Nine had what you wanted. Seto Kaiba stood at the apex of the alley, his blue duster swirling about his long legs. He watched the neon lights pulse in time with the filtered music from the multitude of clubs. Holograms materialized from the walls and reached out toward would be patrons, teasing then receding back toward the metal doors, shifting and changing, providing a glimpse of the vices to be found within.

His sources indicated Commadon Karlyle was in Sanctuary. The system's most feared assassin had returned to Sentra and was stalking his prey in the comfort of their vice ridden environment. A hunter luring the hunters to their doom.

Kaiba stepped forward and the doors opened. "Welcome to District Nine," a feminine voice intoned. "Enter and partake of our pleasures."

He crossed over the threshold, eyes adjusting to the dimness. Kaiba pushed through the bodies on the dance floor and around the bar, scanning the familiar faces of wanted assassins as he passed. Some were humanoid, others a barely discernible gender. All had one purpose, to spend the night awash in decadence.


His name sliced through the onslaught of noise. He stopped and scanned the booths lining the walls. The speaker, his source and companion for the last eight years, reclined in a curved booth at the far corner of the dance floor. Yami rose and smiled. A slight head motion indicated Kaiba was to join him. Tucked beneath the spiraling stairs, it was the perfect location to watch the crowd and remain unnoticed and undisturbed by the throng of people moving around.

"Seto Kaiba" Yami chuckled as he approached, "You're the last person I'd expect to find here."

"I was looking for someone." Kaiba said, sliding into the booth.

Three years his senior, Yami had been his savior at the CORE Academy. Yami, an orphaned bastard from the Threshold Wars, had entered the Academy on the beneficence of his paternal grandfather. The instant elevation in his birthright had offended many trainers and students, but Yami flaunted his mixed heritage, shoving it into the face of anyone who dared to insist his blood was tainted with Terran inferiority. When threats failed, he quickly took down his offenders. Violence was an art form with Yami.

His slender and graceful figure had been his mother's only gift. Sculpted and toned to perfection, he used it well in service of the CORE. Few men expected the high dollar Benavian prostitute to be an assassin. A black widow waiting to strike and claim his next victim. Kaiba knowingly entered the web.

"I didn't realize you kept company with the dregs of society," Yami smirked. He crossed his leather-clad legs, the side lacing giving the slightest view of his strong thighs.

"Your excuse?"

"Business." Yami stretched his arms across the back of the booth, sliding down in the seat.

"Anyone in particular?" Kaiba asked, adjusting his position in the booth, aware of an uncomfortable tightness growing between his thighs. He was a tempting prize, but not worth the price of enjoyment. He'd read the reports and seen the bodies. Yami's idea of pleasure turned deadly for those that stumbled into his bed.

"Several contestants," he sighed. "But none paying attention at the moment." He shifted in the seat, tilting his body to lean against Kaiba. A familiar calm came over him as Yami snuggled into him, working his charms on a very willing body. "And you?"


"I'm to believe you're meeting with Commadon Karlyle?" He reached for the glass on the table and placed it to his lips. "Try again."

"I came searching --"

"More like hoping," Yami interrupted. "Hoping to catch a glimpse of the CORE's most notorious assassin. The only person who knows what Karlyle looks like is Karlyle. If he doesn't want to be found, you won't find him."

He tilted the glass up, draining the remaining liquid. A slight motion of his hand in the air, and a searving girl appeared, bronze skin shining under the lights, her brass green hair streaked with purple. "One for my friend." Yami flipped a card on the table, the girl smiled at him and picked up the payment. "Tell me, Kaiba, what would you do if you found Karlyle? Shake his hand and thank him?"

"Excuse me?" He stared at Yami, anger threatening to overtake his senses. The girl returned. He took the glass she offered, ignoring her scowl of jealousy.

"I was there, Kaiba, remember?" Yami sighed, closing his eyes for a brief second. "I was the one that dug up the file. From what I saw, Karlyle did the world a favor." He tilted his face up, silently commanding Kaiba to give up his search for vengeance.

"I have a duty."

"Family honor does not extend to suicide." He looked back towards the dance floor. "Family honor only gets you here, a short jump from a shallow grave."

Yami reached for Kaiba's hand and placed it on his left thigh, guiding it to caress the blade strapped to the inside of his leg. "I'm not stupid, Seto." He squeezed Kaiba's hand around the sheath, pressing his palm into the molded leather. "Desire won't keep me from killing you when ordered."

"Karlyle murdered my father." Kaiba pulled his hand free, sliding his fingers up the inside of Yami's leg, kneading the soft flesh. He raised his hand, staring at it in numb fascination before curling his fingers around the glass downing the contents of the tumbler. "I couldn't sneak out of my own room at night," he coughed. "How'd the bastard get in and out without detection?"

"You spend eight years hunting a person just to ask where he got a key?" Yami snorted, the sound elegant and erotic at the same time.

Yami raised his hand off the back of the booth, tapping a finger against Kaiba's forehead. "I think you've been working too hard, Seto."

"You saw the file, Yami." He brushed Yami's hand away from his face. Leaning forward, he rested his elbows on the table and massaged his temples. "I want to know why." His voice was strangled.

Why did I love a man capable of killing innocent children? Five years had turned his hatred of Karlyle into disgust. Disgust over what his father had been. Disgust for wanting to avenge his death. Maybe I can atone for the wrong.

"Give it up, Seto." Yami rested his hand between Kaiba's shoulder blades.  His fingers dug into the flesh, kneading as they worked toward his waist then back up to play at the nape of his neck. "Give up this foolish search, it's eating your soul."

"I can't. There are too many demons." Kaiba turned, catching a glimpse of Yami's features. He'd willingly have given himself over to the enemy and found comfort in Yami's companionship, if only he didn't enjoy living so much.

"Demons can destroy you," Yami stated, pressing into Kaiba's side, and biting at his ear.

Kaiba picked up one of the tumblers and tilted it upside down, inspecting the empty container. Yami took the glass from him, raising it in the air and motioning the searving girl back to the table. She scowled again, the expression destroying an otherwise beautiful face. "What's her deal?" Kaiba growled.

"Competition. I haven't the heart to tell her I don't do helpless innocents."

The girl appeared with two more tumblers. Taking the empties from the table she stood and glared at Kaiba, a fake smile plastered to her painted lips. Yami produced another card and held it out to the girl.

"Not high up, is he?" She sneered taking the payment before dancing off toward another booth.

"Pity she doesn't realize you stay clear of fellow assassins." Yami snickered. "I'd have had you tied up long ago if not for your silly rules."

"Nor do I do high priced whores," Kaiba scuffed, downing the clear liquid in a single motion before sliding it onto the table edge.

"So that's the problem." Yami snatched his glass off the table.  "Pleasure?" He asked, standing, a wicked smile parting his full lips.


"Ought to be interesting." Yami grinned before moving off toward the bar. The leather molded against his legs and buttocks leaving nothing to the imagination.

He came wading back through the crowd. The exaggerated sway a proclamation of what Kaiba could still have if he was brave enough to take the dive. Kaiba watched him approach, enjoying the view and memorizing the image for use in future fantasies. Yami was a wild ride with several unexpected, unpleasant turns. The challenge was to stay alive. Keeping his distance was the only way to survive.

"Here." Yami crawled into the booth beside him, pressing a glass against his lips, his body heat caressed his torso, igniting a desire best left unexplored. His lips parted, the blue liquid sliding across his tongue and down his throat, leaving a soft tingle and sweet aftertaste. Thice, the highest quality liquor Sentra had to offer.

"I didn't realize you were that established," He coughed, sliding further into the booth. The attempt at distance failed as Yami deposited the glass on the table and settled next to him. He fit his body against Kaiba's, his head resting against the front of his shoulder as one leg snaked its way between his knees.

"Nan picks up the tab." He snuggled into Kaiba's body. His hand slid down the inside of Kaiba's thigh, kneading the tight fitted leather before coming to rest in his own lap.


"Hmm." Yami emptied the second tumbler of Thice and placed the glass on the table.

"You know my genetics don't mix well with alcohol."

"Pity," he purred.

"Some plan," he laughed. "Get me drunk and take advantage of me."

"Shut up and cooperate." With feline grace he straddled Kaiba's lap, running his hands down the front of his shirt. Vanilla and citrus danced in the air, promising a night of intense pleasure. "It'll be fun, Seto."

Yes. His body reacted, arching toward Yami.

Yami's breath kissed his face, lips slightly parted as he stared into his eyes. Come to me the air whispered.

Oh shit, no. Kaiba's mind raced to block out his growing presence, a feeble attempt at self-preservation.

Yami ran a finger across his mouth then down to stop at the buttons on his shirt. Licking his lips, he leaned forward. Yami's mouth captured his. Long delicate fingers played through his cinnamon dusted hair before digging into his scalp and holding him captive for Yami's pleasure. He thrust his tongue deep, exploring what Kaiba had to offer.

Kaiba cupped one hand under his leather incased buttocks, digging his fingers into the soft fabric. The other hand traveled underneath the flowing silk of Yami's shirt, kneading his lower back. His hands traveled up Yami's spine, across his heated flesh, before returning to cup his ass, pulling Yami toward him. Returning the kiss, he nipped at his invading tongue. Yami tasted of potent Thice, pleasure and danger.

Yami rose from his lap, nipping at his lower lip before breaking the kiss and moving away. Sliding from the booth he tossed his head slightly. Danger danced in the sparkling depths of his eyes. "Top floor. Room twenty-one. Go down the center hall and turn left," His voice commanded Kaiba obey. He dropped a card on the table before sauntering off toward the stairs, never looking back, confident Seto Kaiba would follow.