"You know Hanzo might join us? You've got to convince him not to do it. The organization... It's a mess."

"That'll be hard, since he tried to kill me again the last time we met."

"I think he'll listen to you more than I however." Her eyes are still fixated at the moon, and he couldn't help but stare, stare at how beautiful she looks, wide-eyed at the sky above.

"Maybe so, but I am not concerned with whatever side he chooses. It's his decision, not mine."

"Then that Buddhism stuff really got to your head then, eh? Maybe I should try some of that." Her gaze breaks from the stars, and she looks at him, a completely different man, leaning against the rail too, with a smirk plastered on her face.

"Then come to Nepal one of these days. I'm sure my master wouldn't mind if you came."

"Eh, we'll see. It's already crazy enough we meet again." She murmurs leans her head against his shoulder, as if they were friends for a long time, looking back at the sky amongst the city lights.

After knocking out the two security guards, Genji dragged them into the corner of the room, while Cinderella got on the computers and started typing furiously. The first she did was disable all automatic doors, then she closed all the exits. Then she turned back on the lights and the live security footage was back to running normal.

"So what exactly is your plan?" He asked, looking at the footage.

"You'll see..." she then got back on her phone and started typing a convincing email to his father.

Want to see him again? Then call off the deal and meet me up on the third floor in Sparrow's room. Meet alone. Have bodyguards waiting outside.


She then attached the pictures she took of Sparrow earlier and sent the message, looking back at the security cameras. She finally found him, along with the client, and saw him check his phone. The way his face went from content to shock in just seconds fascinated the little hacker, and

"What did you write to him?"

"I just simply said meet me alone. We gotta warn him somehow before they kill him."

"Right." He gave a quick nod and they fled the room. Before they left, Sparrow looked back at the security cameras and saw the client who was facing away from his Father, as if talking into an earpiece, almost the same earpiece that Cinderella had in her ear... The earpiece with a skull on it.

What was she really trying to do?

He followed her nonetheless, but he already had a plan in mind.

As they took the stairs, they avoided people. Nobody seemed to take notice that all exit doors were closed, and didn't seem to care because most were planning on staying the night or were too drunk. However people complained at the front desk about why the exit doors were not opening, as mechanics were already trying to find out what caused the power outage. Adults could be so... stupid. At least that's what Cinderella thought.

She noticed the sudden change in Sparrow, how he kept eyeing her as they quietly went down to the third floor through an emergency staircase.

"It would have been simple to kill me."

"But I didn't, cause I hate to kill, remember? Also I liked having you flirt with me throughout the whole mission."

"Is that so?" A hint of playfulness came from his voice, as his hand gently pulled her hand and held it for a while. "Well I wasn't the one doing all the flirtatious remarks,"

"You're right it took two to tango..." she's now facing him, scanning once again any features of expression on his face, but to her dismay can't seem to find anything. His gaze looks back at her, seeing how under the stars, her skin is a light bronze, and her purple eyes are jewels under the ambient light coming from the balcony. He wished to just take off the mask and just kiss her, but there were more matters at hand besides being discovered by others. She was waiting for it, until realizing why he wouldn't do it.

She lets go of him and is starting to walk away when he grabs her arm.

"Wait, promise me something."

They made it to his room before his father, his bodyguards, and most importantly, the client made it in. She sat on the corner of the bed, swinging her legs back and forth. Sparrow pondered, how, how was he going to kill her? He was stuck in a room with a dangerous lady, more dangerous than he imagined. He then remembered, he did indeed bring his favorite dagger and sword, along with a few shurikens along. Father insisted in case someone would attack him at night.

And sure enough he needed it now.

Quietly walking over the other room, and unzipping where his weapons were, she then said aloud,

"Do you really think I'm going to kill him? Or you?"

A tinge of sadness was in her voice, but he had to be strong. Even if she was beautiful.

"Yes, I do."

"¿Porque?" She looks at him with a solemn face and he shakes his head, as he approaches her cautiously, dagger in hand, placing the dagger at where her earpiece is.

"Because of this. I need to know the truth before he shows up."

"I can't tell you." Her voice lowered. "Like my real name, remember mi Príncipe verde?"

"Who are you working for?"

"Los Muertos. That's the truth."

"Is he Los Muertos too?"

"Yes... and no."

"Why are you betraying your own organization?"

"Because I have to, okay?" She yells at him, lunging at him, as they fall to the floor, the dagger now out of his hand. They desperately are fighting for it, until a knock is at the door. They stop, and right when Sparrow is looking, she grabs the dagger and points it to him.

"Look, I don't wish to do anything to you Sparrow, but I need you to cooperate. Por favor..." she whispers in his ear, pointing it to his neck. He nods, besides, if something happened she would be outnumbered. Nothing would happen right?

"Good. Now open the door." She kisses his cheek and lets him go to open the door. Meanwhile she quickly kicks the dagger under the bed and sits on one of the chairs in the little fancy dining table Genji had in his hotel room.

The man entered, alone as instructed, but Cinderella knew he wasn't alone as predicted.

His client then entered the room with him, right away looking at her, the little menace, sitting neatly in a chair, her legs crossed, smirking at him. This all happened while the two Shimadas talked in Japanese, and he embraced his son quickly, before seeing the girl at the table waiting patiently.

"Sorry I had to send those... disturbing pictures to you Mr. Shimada, but I really, really, needed to speak to you."

He was flabbergasted that he let himself be tricked by a teenager, one who was certainly a little younger than his youngest son.

"You may speak." He said firmly, about to walk and sit across from the girl, but then an arm pulled him back. It was his client.

"Look, with all due respect, remember I told you this girl was dangerous? And remember our deal?"

"Well, maybe she'll offer a better deal than you. For now, our deal is under consideration, Mendoza."

The man then pulled out his gun and pointed it to the temple of the head Shimada.

"I don't think we can let you go so easily now, Señor Shimada."

Genji, who was standing by the wall then instantly threw three shurikens he pulled from his sleeve and threw them on his arm, in a perfect line. Mendoza's suited arm then slowly started to be stained with crimson ooze, and dropped the gun the same time he let go of Shimada, the little pistol making a quiet thud against the carpet.

"Now, that wasn't in the deal was it?" Genji recalled, approaching the wounded client, and instantly the bodyguards came in to grab Mendoza, who started yelling and shouting in protest. Poor soul, he was probably going to be killed, but that's what he deserved for playing double-faced with Los Muertos and Lumericó.

And as far as the Latin gang was concerned, she completed the mission of taking him out.

"So what was the deal you wanted?"

"Oh deal?" She looked back at the Shimada after watching Mendoza leave the room. "Eh... Not really anything, except I wanted to take down that guy. Oh wait! Yes yes, uh, my organization, Los Muertos," she smirked. "We'd like to have a partnership with you. You see we heard you have the good stuff, and we're gonna need the good stuff if we wanna win a war."

"What war?"

"I'll let you talk to my superiors, but we like to call it 'El Segundo Revolución', because we are taking back our country. Ever heard of Lumericó?" She said, as she looked down at her phone, and dialed a number.

"Heard much about it." He sighed, pulling up a seat across the girl.

"Well, that man, he pretended to be Los Muertos, but he was feeding off of us for Lumericó, so we had to get him. I trust your men will do a great job at disposing of him, especially since he tried to kill you."


"¿Hola?" The phone was picked up by a strong female voice on the other line, and Cinderella answered "Hey it's me Reina. Mendoza is down, and Mr. Shimada is right here across from me waiting to hear your deal."

"Que bien, Calaveras. Now leave the room, this is personal matters I gotta discuss with him here."

The girl nodded, and slid the phone over to the man across from her, muttering "When you're done, hang up and it'll self destruct automatically sir." She muttered as she got up and walked past Genji. The teen looked over at his father for approval to go with her and he nodded, so he followed her out.

"Hey, Cinderella? I'm sorry for doubting you earlier."

"Promise me we'll see each other again."

"Eh, I can't do promises." She shook her head, prying off his hand "I'm so bad at keeping them."

"Then we can pretend this is the last time we'll see each other." He pulled her hand to his chest, and her demeanor changes. She usually feels in control, but now he's the one in lead, and it sucks yet it feels nice not leading.

"Sparrow, I-"

"It's okay. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't trust myself either."

"Why so?" They walk down the hallway, seeing that everything is now normal again, it was if there was no conflict that just happened minutes ago.

"Because you heard what he said. I'm a dangerous girl, and he's right." She smirks, and he mock rolled his eyes.

"Hey I want to show you a nice place here in this Casino. First time in Monaco?"

"Actually this is my first international mission, so yes I've never been to Monaco. Or this casino for that matter."

"Good. Then you'll enjoy the view." He presses a button for the elevator to open and they enter in, greeted by another set of various couples all in formal wear. He presses the button to the top floor, her keeping by his side as they were crowded in with the others.

When they finally got to the top floor, she exits first, him behind and the first thing she sees is the little bar, crowded with many people.

"So... this is where you wanted to take me? I'm not much of a drink-"

"No, no." He chuckled as he takes her hand, and they start pushing through the crowd. "This is not it. Close your eyes."

She does, giggling quietly as the only thing she feels is herself bumping against other people, the loud noise, and his hand holding hers tight.

"Close your eyes, like you did last time."

"What surprise is it this time, Sparrow? We gotta stop with these traditions." She giggles quietly, but does what he says anyways. "Don't you like, not flirt with women anymore?"

"Old habits die hard sometimes I suppose," a soft hiss is heard in front of Sombra, and she knows exactly what he's doing.

"Espérate, hombre don't do this in front of everyone-!" Her rambling is-

"Alright now open your eyes." He lets go of her hand, and she stops clinging onto him. Part of her enjoyed the 30-second wild ride, but she also wondered, how many people did she bump into?

Cinderella opens up her eyes gasps at the view. They were on the balcony, a large one at that, with metal railings in modern detail, yet there were ornate flower pots hanging from them. She walked slowly to the railing, lightly taking each step to intake the view. This was like those movies she saw when she was younger, and right now, she was living it. Some other couples were there too, but just sparsely, overlooking the view and gorgeous night.

"Not many people know about this part of the Casino, but it's beautiful isn't it?"

"Yea..." she then looks up at the sky, which is sparkling with stars, and a full moon shone from behind a stray cloud passing by. Genji watched those honey brown cat-like eyes all of a sudden expand and widen like a kitten again.

This had to be a dream. She had to be watching too much James Bond last night and now it was subconsciously replaying in her mind, satisfying her fantasies.

But it wasn't, and she knew it.

"I... Thank you Genji. You really know how to pamper a lady."

"No problem, there's only one thing I ask in return."

"A kiss?" She looked over at him, who was also leaning over the balcony.

"No," he smirks. "I can get that anytime."

"You're telling yourself that, but you're gonna have to a little more to get my kiss."

"I know. But I want something more."

"Oh." Her voice lowers.

"No, no! Not that." He replies slightly flustered (which amused Cinderella). Inside, a jazz band is playing a slow melody, and the music softly makes it way out to the balcony. Both are listening to it in the background, mentally noting what perfect timing the band would play such a song.

"I want your name. You're real name."

"Okay. Well... Hmm..." the girl talks aloud "What should I call myself...? Haven't thought about that yet."

"Will I have to force it out of you?"

"Maybe. A dance out here with a hot guy would be a cherry topper to my little trip here. Musics kinda nice."

"A dance for a name?"

"Si." This time she's not smirking, she's genuinely smiling at him.

"Nobody is out here, and I'd like to see you properly with my eyes. Just keep your eyes closed."

She's grinning, not sure whether she should cheat or do as he says. All of a sudden she's back to being that naive 18-year old girl who was infiltrating the same casino they were in now. No cybernetic implants or cyborg ninjas, no Overwatch or Talon keeping them apart, just a couple of teens being foolish.

"You're taking this very seriously, aren't you?"

"Yes I am."

The hacker feels him pulling her closer, the feeling of cold metal against her warm skin, and his face getting closer to hers when-

They start dancing a little, first baby moves, then more swing in each step they took, and closer they got to each other. He accidentally steps on her toe and mutters a quick apology, losing his cool. It was hard to be smooth around her when he was driving crazy internally. Maybe he should kiss her. Cinderella on the other hand was waiting for it. She was warned of him far in advance before she started her mission, but she couldn't help it like other girls. He was handsome anyways.

Deciding to fight his nerves midway through the dance, he leaned forward and closed the gap between them, kissing her softly.

Right away she turned invisible and backed away from him. The hacker couldn't afford to do this. Instead of running away, she pushes him away a little, as her invisibility quickly wears off.

"Sparrow, you know we can't do this." She shakes her head. "And we were young, and very stupid."

"You're right." He lets go, putting his mask back on. "I'm sorry about that." He mumurs, yet they still are staring at each other, still trying to recollect their breathing.

"No it's okay. I enjoyed seeing you again though!" The hacker reassures, then smirks to hide her pain. "Besides, you should save those moves for Angela. I know she'd like it."

"Yea." He mutters, though he wants to say that she thrills him more than the Medic ever could. How did he forget this feeling?

She leans in and kisses him back, this time a little more hard and sloppy. It's obvious that he was the pro and she was just a novice at this. They both then pull apart for air, and she rests her head against his chest, as they slowly dance around.

"So you haven't told me your name yet." He says in a low voice.

"My friends call me Sombra," she mutters, closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around his neck like a clingy kitten.


"Yes... but you can call me ( )." She whispers.

"( )?"

"Yes, pero por favor mi príncipe verde." She continues talking in that low voice that sounds almost like a purr. "Protect that name, cause I don't give it to just anyone."

"I will, Sombra."

They dance for a little more til Sombra realizes how late it must be.

"Hey, Genji, what time is it?"

"Uh..." he quickly eyes a clock. The two hands were perfectly aligned pointing straight up. "It's twelve."

"Mierda." She lets go of him, but before she goes, he asks, "Will we meet again?".

"Well I must go. I'll tell them that Talon got away."

"Thanks. Wouldn't want Akande killing me tonight anyways." She chuckles, turning her earpiece back on as he leaps to the other side of the balcony and starts climbing down. He can hear her telling her bosses that she was "in a little conflict" as she looked down, giving a small wave to him. She finally gets off the earpiece and before he disappears into the shadows of the city she yells "Wait, we will meet again right?"

"Yes." She says before she flings herself over the rail and starts to climb down, even though she was wearing stilettos and a tight evening dress. When she finally gets off, she takes off the heels and runs down the street to a black car that's waiting for her. When Sombra opens the car, she hops into the backseat and puts her feet up on the driver's armrest. Reina hangs up from her phone and smirks as she looks in the back mirror.

"Enjoyed your first international mission? You did pretty good for a newbie, quinceañera."

"Yes, it went pretty smooth. I met a fellow today."

"What's his name?"

"Sparrow." She smirks back at her boss and mentor.

"No." He replies before running into a dark alleyway and climbing up a building, starting to building-hop away. During mid-climb he gets a call from Angela.

"Hey, how did the mission go?" She asked, a lot of worry behind her voice.

"Failed, couldn't get the new girl." He tried to sound defeated, but felt immediately bad for doing that to her. Not after everything they've been through, and everything she's done for him. "But don't worry I'll be on the plane soon."

"You better, I baked something really good, and if the food is cold I swear-"

"It's okay Angela I'll be there soon. Love you." Those last two words now sounded artificial, but he had to face reality. Sombra was a figment of the past, and wasn't he done with the past?

"Love you too, Genji." When the medic said that over the phone, he suddenly imagined as if the hacker was saying those precious words, and the memories of their past replayed in his head again, like a broken record, once in a moonlight dance.

Wow I'm surprised there are other people like me that appreciate this ship! And that's the conclusion to this story. Kinda sad, right? I love gency don't get me wrong, in fact I love too many ships obviously, but somji has a Romeo and Juliet vibe to it (without the killing for love part) cause like we want it to happen, but it'll never happen. They are star-crossed lovers with ties that are holding them back. Kinda like Reaper and 76. Also notice how I kinda had this James Bond idea for the story? It's too bad it became depressing so soon insert tears here plz.

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PS. Also translation notes/Why was Sombra after that dude? So, I called Genji "Principe Verde" because it literally means, in Spanish, "Green Prince". Now in my dialect, the the equivalent of calling him "Prince Charming" or like calling a boy basically "a fairytale dream come true" would be "mi Principe Azul" or, literally "Blue Prince". As a play on the saying, I decided to call him "mi Principe Verde", for obvious reasons. Also technically, the person Sombra was after is the last name of the VP of Lumerico (if you weren't here during the Sombra ARG you might not recognize the name). I kinda added in a start to how Sombra took down Lumerico, cause she first took down the VP of Lumerico, and then she went after the CEO. Anyways, just kinda a little background on "The Client" of this story. Sorry this was the cheesiest piece of shit you've ever witnessed

Post-Edit: Dang that was confusing to proof-read, I apologize to you guys for being able to read that. Also yes, I made younger Sombra a little naïve, but that's the way the current Sombra always described her younger self, so it felt fitting to have her do some innocent mistakes.