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So, yeah. Damn. Another story. Prepare to read a smut ridden one this time.

WARNING: Masturbation sequence below. Feel like I should warn you guys, since some people dislike masturbatory scenes...though I'd recommend reading it, as it has to do with the plot quite a bit.


Sarah Williams stared at the piece of paper in her hands which were now shaking, her mind spinning with desperation. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. Closing her eyes for a brief second, thinking it wasn't real, she opened them again. The piece of paper remained in her hand. This was definitely happening alright.

She'd just left work and arrived at her complex when she found the note plastered on her apartment door and couldn't believe her luck. Or lack thereof. Her eyes scrunched together as she read the notice again.

Miss Williams-

You are hereby notified that you currently owe $2,325.00 in past due rent and late charges. The rent due each month is in the amount of $750.00. The rent past due covers the periods from November 2016 until January 2017. Late charges are in the amount of $75.00.

This is a demand for payment. You must pay the full amount owed that is stated in this notice within the next forty-five days. If you fail to make full payment of the amount due, your right of possession to the property will be terminated and eviction proceedings will begin immediately. Only full payment of the amount owed will prevent the termination of your lease. No partial payments will be accepted without the written consent of the landlord.

Thank You.

"Fuck," Sarah muttered to herself, running one hand through her long, dark hair. Her stomach was turning and she crumpled the piece of paper up before sighing heavily as she entered her one bedroom apartment. She tossed the paper across the apartment floor and felt the frown forming on her face which was full of heavy makeup.

You're pathetic. Twenty-nine years old, and you can't manage to take care of yourself. Working as a hostess at a strip club? So much for your promising career in the news world. Your life is flashing before your eyes and you're going to die an early death because you're not smart enough to sort out your shit.

She threw her satchel on her tattered couch and kicked off her heels. Running her hands down her face in exhaustion, Sarah tried rationalizing her sudden plummet to rock bottom and blamed it on her recent breakup with Jesse. But as she lifted her gaze to the pouring rain out the window across her living room, she knew the failed relationship wasn't the reason why she was in this position. They'd been together for three years sure, but he was never a stimulant to motivate her to do great things. So why would this be his fault? The truth was…it wasn't. Sarah didn't even know if she had ever really loved Jesse. Perhaps that was due to his lack of positive influence?

Sighing in defeat, Sarah sat down on the couch. At one point in her life, she was sure she was destined for great things. Ever since she was fifteen. Ever since… him. Jareth. The Goblin King who taught her to not take anything for granted. She swore to herself she'd be better after that night, in every aspect of her life. And it looked like she was on the right track to doing just that. She graduated high school with honors; went to a great school for college where she earned her bachelor's in communications – she'd wanted to be a news anchor. Then her mom fell ill with cancer and Sarah was all she had left. So Sarah took care of her.

It costed her the opportunity to pursue her dreams, for cancer patients seemingly required a lot of attention and the medical bills were becoming too much. Her father and Irene had only helped to a certain degree. "Maybe if your mom didn't smoke and drink herself into oblivion with that ass hat she left you and your family for, she wouldn't have fallen sick," they'd always say. Selfish, inconsiderate bastards.

Sarah was ultimately forced to go out and find jobs on her own where she could make quick and easy money to pay off the bills. She'd been a clerk at grocery stores, a waitress, and even a secretary; but none gave her what she needed: fast paying money. Then she found this upscale strip club nearby where she learned how much the hostesses made in tips, so she snatched the opportunity.

Working at Treasures Down Under wasn't ideal, but it seemed to help for a while… until the bills kept stacking on top of one another. Even her tips weren't becoming enough. She considered stripping to make even more money, but she couldn't bring herself to do it; putting herself on display like that in front of hundreds of perverted men was something she wouldn't allow herself to do. How could Jesse or any other man ever love someone like that, she always wondered.

Her mother eventually succumbed to the cancer. Once she passed away, the debt had gotten egregious. Sarah still wasn't desperate enough to strip, but she began working overtime to get some additional tips to help pay the bills. Still, she was falling behind on rent almost every other month. On top of that, she was losing weight, her sleep schedule was messed up, and the fights between she and Jesse had grown. They decided to call it quits after a huge blowup and all Sarah wanted to do was call for her friends from the Labyrinth for some support.

But she didn't deserve their kindness. She'd practically forgotten about them when the sick reality of life took over and she told herself she had better things to do than focus on some magical creatures from years ago. Except now, they were seemingly all she needed for she really had no one else except her friend Ericka. She'd disowned her father and Irene after their continued insults about her mother; she didn't need that kind of negativity in her life. Although, thinking about it now, some help and support from them would be nice.

Sarah gulped and thought about what Ericka had told her. Over pizza and beer at Sarah's apartment two weeks ago, she said, "You just need a new change of scenery, Sar. You've gotten used to this…so called life here in Washington. You're better than this. Hell, I'll give you money if I have to so you can get back on your feet. You need some sort of spark in your life, something to get your creative juices flowing."

"No, absolutely not," Sarah said sternly. "I can't take your money. I don't even know if or when I could pay you back."

Ericka sighed. "Fine. Then at least let me give you access to my cousin's vacation home in Colorado," she offered. "Just so you can have a break and sort out your life. You have a degree- you're smart. Think about what it is you want to do and get out there and do it."

Ericka was a trust fund baby and a graduate student going for her Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Washington where the two had originally met back when things were going well for Sarah. Ericka was someone who thought she knew everything about the human mind and was a perpetual problem solver, but Sarah couldn't believe her creative flow could be fixed by escaping reality for a bit. Then again…

"A getaway," she told Ericka enthusiastically, when the idea had hit her after her third beer. "Maybe it is what I need. Just a change of scenery like you said. A…retreat. Isn't what people do when they're trying to do some soul searching? They go on a retreat someplace quiet and secluded. Maybe if I do something like that, I can find my place in the world again."

"Exactly," Ericka said. "Just tell me when you want to go and I'll ask my cousin and we'll plan it. Don't sit here and pout about your seemingly failed life."

Looking back on that night, Sarah remembered the instant sense of relief; sureness, that this was the answer. Yet true to Ericka's predictions, here she currently sat, feeling sorry for herself and she hadn't made any plans with Ericka to go to Colorado.

She looked to the crumpled up piece of paper lying on the floor near her, and suddenly felt determined. She wouldn't let this stupid eviction notice drag her down any further than she had allowed thus far. She was ready to get away and make something of herself once and for all. Now was her time. Standing up with a surge of empowerment, Sarah grabbed her satchel and found her phone buried at the bottom.

You can afford to pay your phone bill each month, but not rent? You really are pathetic, Sarah.

She scoffed at her internal voice, and dialed Ericka. She hoped she would pick up; it was after one AM after all, but Ericka was either up late studying, or asleep in order to get a good night's rest for a test. Biting her lip in anticipation, Sarah was beginning to lose faith after the fourth ring.

"Hello?" answered Ericka in a muffled voice. She had definitely been asleep.

"Hey, sorry to bug you so late," Sarah said. "But I had an epiphany. Is that offer for the vacation home still up for grabs?"

*1 week later*

Sitting comfortably on the couch in the lavish living room as the fire roared, Sarah stared at the beautiful Colorado powder through the picture window of the fabulous mountain home she had all to herself. Snow was falling gracefully as Sarah sipped on some red wine. She'd arrived just last night after a twenty plus hour drive. She was forced to stop at a motel along the way, for fear she wouldn't be able to keep her eyes open after twelve hours of straight driving, especially in the snow.

When she finally reached the house, she went straight to what she assumed was the guest bedroom and plopped on the bed only to fall asleep minutes later. When she woke up this morning, she had helped herself to some coffee and did a walk through of the gorgeous two story home. It was secluded and spacious, with large glass windows everywhere and stone walls in the interior. Mounted animal heads were randomly thrown around as décor, as well as some Native American-looking tapestry.

She spent her day wandering around the house, doing some yoga in the living room, looking at family pictures and researching jobs in Washington on her MacBook Air. It was now nearly eight PM, and she still couldn't believe she was here. Already she felt a large weight lifted off her shoulder. She had told her boss she needed some time away, and he was more than happy to give her the time off. For one moment she thought everything was going to work itself out. Until she reminded herself that she only had about thirty-six days left before her rent was due. How the hell was she going to pay that off? She thought about reaching out to her father and Irene, but her pride was holding her back. She knew Ericka was willing to loan her the money too, but she didn't want to resort to borrowing funds from her only friend. Shit. What was she going to do?

Exhaling and rolling her neck around to avoid the subject at mind, Sarah stood up to pour some more wine into her glass. Just as she was walking to the kitchen, her cell phone rang on the counter and she saw Ericka's name pop up on caller ID.

"Hey," Sarah answered, grabbing the wine bottle nearby.

"How's it going?" Ericka asked. "You get settled in okay?"

"Yeah, so far so good," Sarah responded. "Thanks so much again for setting this up. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. And you."

Ericka chuckled. "You're welcome. Stay as long as you need. It's winter, so my cousin is usually in the Bahamas or somewhere tropical from December until February. Must be nice, right?"

"I guess when you're a millionaire it's acceptable," Sarah retorted.

"True that! Anyway. I'll let you go. Make friends, go out to the bars nearby, do crazy things! Well, don't go too crazy like burning down the house."

Sarah smiled. "Okay Talking Heads. Honestly… just staying in, reading, and researching some jobs and all that grown up stuff sounds like the better and responsible thing to do. Plus I can really only stay for a month, if that."

"Thatta girl. And you know I'd lend you money for your rent, I told you…"

"Stop, stop," Sarah interrupted, shaking her head. "I know what you said and I love you for offering. I'll…think about it. Let me map out a plan first."

She could hear Ericka sigh on the other side of the phone. "Alright. Well, let me know if you need anything," she said.

"Will do."

Right as Sarah was about to say good bye, she heard Ericka go, "Wait!"

"What?" Sarah inquired, furrowing her brows.

"One more thing; you may want to avoid walking around naked throughout the house."

Sarah hadn't planned on doing that, but she couldn't help but suddenly wonder why. "Uhh, okay. How come?"

"My cousin has a webcam on his computers there," Ericka explained. "Possibly even some camera's around the house."

Sarah looked around the kitchen as though someone were with her in there. "He's going to spy on me?"

Ericka had laughed. "No, nothing like that. But he's a rich, paranoid man and just uses it to check in on the house occasionally when he isn't there. I'm sure he's turned it off though knowing you're there. But just in case, I thought you should know."

"Got it…" Sarah said hesitantly. "I'll make sure to keep my nude practices at a minimum then."

"Good idea," Ericka said laughing. "Love you."

"Love you back."

Sarah hung up the phone and sipped on her full-again glass. Now that Ericka mentioned webcam and cameras, Sarah couldn't help but wonder if there was any chance she was currently being watched. Ericka's cousin, a super wealthy man, surely would not creep on her. Right? What was his name again, anyway? Jack? Justin? Jake? She couldn't remember.

Shrugging, Sarah tried not thinking about it and walked back over to the couch to warm up from the fire. Her flannel pajamas were only helping so much. She picked up the book she had taken off the bookshelf earlier and began reading, the moonlight and fire her source of light. Sometime later, she realized she was still unable to get past the first page for she couldn't help but ignore the slight feeling that someone was watching her. The thought should have unnerved her, yet…

She looked around the home and noticed she was breathing rather heavily. Pushing to her feet to distract herself, she moved across the room toward one of the large windows looking out to the snowy ground. There were no blinds or shades, and the deep carpet of snow beyond shone brightly off the moonlight, doing its part to help light the room.

Sarah gulped. Why hadn't the idea that this stranger possibly watching scared her? It should have, right? Her privacy was most likely being invaded, though she could do nothing about it; it was his home. Still it should have worried her regardless. Biting her lip, Sarah realized that it neither worried her nor scared her. She felt a sudden urge of arousal at the idea if anything.

Slowly, deliberately, she lifted one hand to her breast. Her nipple jutted through her pajama top, hard against her palm. She squeezed gently, vaguely wishing the touch were that of a man – a bigger hand, a slightly rougher caress. She raked her thumb across the peak and felt a whoosh of desire sweep through her crotch.

Hell, for all she knew, a good orgasm would loosen her creativity and spark some inspiration in her life. If nothing else, it would allow her a good night's rest at least. She made her way back to the couch and drained her glass a second time. Her eyes landed on the computer that sat a few feet away from her on the other side of the living room, taunting her. Teasing her.

Clenching her jaw and lowering the now empty glass to the coffee table, she boldly raised both hands to her breasts, covering them, slowly massaging. Her pussy flooded, just from that.

She hardly ever did this – got herself off. Lord knows she needed it; she and Jesse rarely had sex in their last few months together, so now she needed to come. Especially here, in the quiet stillness of the dimly lit room where she was becoming intoxicated with wine and desire.

Unbuttoning the two top buttons of her pajama top, she reached inside, moving her left hand to her right breast. Once again, she found herself wishing it was a masculine touch, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She'd have to rely on herself.

She swallowed nervously when she once again thought about Ericka's cousin possibly watching her, yet it still didn't stop her. She let her fingers glide lightly over her mound, and she bit her lip again, her skin tingling with the question surrounding her. What if Ericka's cousin was watching her? Once again, she asked herself if she should stop. Should she flee the room in embarrassment? To her astonishment, the idea that maybe he was taking in her private touches only added to her sudden arousal – was the main cause of it really – and made her pussy pulse with an even harder need.

She tried to remember what she knew about him – Ericka's cousin. He was some business entrepreneur and had a knack for negotiations apparently. Ericka mentioned that at times he even acted as though he were a king and everyone should worship him. Sounds like a sexy egomaniac, Sarah thought. She couldn't even remember his name, yet here she was, rubbing her pussy for him.

If he was even watching. She wanted him to be though, and her breasts seemed to bloom with new desire at the confirmation. She wanted this man she didn't know to watch her play with herself. In fact, the concept excited her so much that she decided to just pretend he was. She was going to follow the idea that some dashing, worldly-arrogant-corporate raider was watching with bated breath as she touched herself for him.

She moved her fingers in slow, deep circles over her clitoris, and closed her eyes, thinking about his gaze on her. With her other hand, she unbuttoned and shoved the remainder of her pajama top aside, revealing her breasts, both nipples taut. She imagined her voyeur's delight and was almost tempted to look straight into the camera, but then decided – no, let him think she had no idea anyone could possibly be there. Let him think that was just her, sensual and sexy, pleasing herself by the light of the fire.

She opened her eyes, glanced down at her nipples, dark and rosy in the room's warm glow. She used both hands to pinch them lightly, letting out a sigh at the sharp sensation between her thighs. Easing one hand back down, she slid her fingers inside the black elastic band around her waist and down into her wet folds.

She heard herself moan as her fingers began inching inside her pussy. Watch me. Watch me touch myself for you.

Her fingertips sank deeper into her drenched flesh, massaging, feeling, stroking. Part of her was tempted to take off the entirety of her panties and spread her legs wide so her imaginary voyeur could see how wet she was with his own eyes – but no. She didn't want to give away everything. She wanted to titillate, tease. She wanted to make him, whoever he was, ache for a glimpse of her swollen pussy.

"Mmm," she purred as her fingertips continued to go in and out of her pussy. She felt a soft smile curve her lips. She was so close to coming already, and the idea of being watched continued to escalate her heat, reaching it higher and higher.

"Fuck, Jareth," she whimpered, her back arching.

Jareth? Why had she thought of Jareth?

She rarely ever thought of him, with the exception of these last few weeks as she was drowning in her sorrows and wanted her old friends back in her life. She didn't know why she suddenly thought of him when just moments ago she was imagining doing this for Ericka's cousin. So when did the switch happen?

Sarah wasn't about to question the random notion of Jareth. She was too turned on, too far gone now, and if anything… the idea of him spurred her on more. She remembered finding him alluring back then, and nothing has really changed she supposed.

Working her clit in tight little circles, she couldn't help but now think of Jareth's mouth on her pussy, licking her slit up and down. She thought of what it feel like to have him inside of her, pumping in and out of her with no mercy.

"Uggghhh, fuck!" she moaned again. When the orgasm hit, waves of hot, swallowing pleasure buffeting her whole body as she kept rubbing, sighing heatedly with each crushing pulse of the climax. Oh God, it was good.

Sarah couldn't remember when the last time she had come like that before was. Her pussy had never throbbed with such intensity. When her sanity returned, she bit her lip in shame and resisted a glance in the webcam's direction. If that even was the webcam she had looked at anyway. Sarah wasn't very tech savvy, but could have sworn she knew what a webcam looked like and that indeed looked like one.

Either way, the fantasy was now over. And she couldn't believe she had just done that. She felt herself grow hot so she sat up quickly off the couch. Plucking up her pajama bottoms, she stepped into them and tied the drawstring waist, then buttoned her top. Wanting to get out of the living room as fast as she could, she flipped the switch that killed the fire and turned the room dark, save for the reflection of the moon the snow shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

She gave one last glance towards the webcam, and tilted her head, allowing herself to sincerely wonder once more, if someone had indeed been watching.

Nah. Highly unlikely. She turned away from the computer and walked slowly to the guest bedroom. What the hell had that been about earlier? About Jareth? Why did she think about him, of all people, in the midst of her passion? She looked to the floor as she continued walking and brought her fingertips to her lip, wondering just how the hell he'd come to her mind as she masturbated for what was supposed to be a show for Ericka's cousin.

She stopped when she reached the doorway leading to her room, and shook her head at the thought of Jareth. She was just horny, and he just happened to the first male to come to mind she supposed. She waltzed towards the bed where she situated herself comfortably under the covers.

Good night, my imaginary voyeur. Whoever you may be.

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