Jareth paced back and forth in Derek's home restlessly while his friend kept his attentions on the quest game they'd played together weeks earlier. It had been a week since Sarah told him she loved him. A week since she'd rushed abruptly off the computer and ignored his every IM since. Maybe it was just as well – because he hadn't even been sure what he wanted to say, only that he'd hated feeling he had hurt her, and hated the idea that they might never come into contact with each other again. The more he imagined it, the more unthinkable it had become.

He still didn't know for sure about love. He'd never let himself be emotional enough for that. His jobs, both under and aboveground, demanded that he block emotion out, and it had always come easy for him – in fact, now that he thought about it, it was probably why he was so good at being Goblin King and a business guru. He had also frankly never believed in monogamy; never thought it could work, or maybe that it was even natural.

But Sarah's tenderness and the genuine way she'd opened herself up to him and put herself at risk affected him in a way he couldn't keep ignoring. From touching herself on the webcam for him…to experimenting with a three-way…to telling him she loved him. He'd never had anyone trust him so very much, and each time it had stirred something deep inside him, made his heart feel like it was bending, stretching in his chest.

"Jareth, I swear if you keep pacing like this…I will throw this mouse at your face," Derek said out of nowhere, his focus still on the screen in front of him.

"What do you mean?" Jareth grumbled, still pacing.

Spinning his black chair around to face Jareth, Derek exhaled loudly. "I highly doubt you're simply trying to get your steps in for the day, mate." He knew Jareth was avoiding what was really on his mind. "Do you want to talk about it?"

This time it was Jareth who sighed. He finally ended his meandering and sat down on the couch that occupied the room both men were in. "No," he replied flatly as both hands ran down his face.

"Jareth, I'm saying this because I'm your friend," Derek declared as he hoisted himself up out his chair to stand in front of Jareth, crossing his arms. "This really is quite pathetic of you."

A scoff escaped Jareth. He couldn't believe Derek had the audacity and stared up at him. "Coming from the wanker who just weeks ago was moping because of Keira."

"So you are upset about Sarah."

It wasn't a question, but a statement.

"Look, Sarah and I had our fun," Jareth asserted. "It was nice while it lasted, but if you must know, I'm agitated at the moment due to a runner in the Labyrinth. The fool can't even make it passed the beginning."

"Do they ever?" Derek asked in genuine uncertainty.

Jareth stood. Sarah had. "Not usually."

"Jareth. We can both pretend that it isn't Sarah causing your sulking," Derek ascertained. "But just as you were giving me shit for it, it's time I do the same for you. You need to stop this and just go to her. What have you to lose?"

My pride. "Sarah has made it abundantly clear she doesn't wish to speak to me."

And that was fine. More than fine, Jareth thought. It was her life to live and if she didn't want him in it, he would need to accept that.

"Do you honestly think that?" Derek countered. "Because I thoroughly believe she does. You just made her feel like an idiot, so naturally she's scared to face you."

Wide-eyed now, Jareth sneered. "I made her feel like an idiot? All I ever did was give her affection and encouraged her to be fearless."

Oh, Jareth you hypocrite. Impatience began to take over Derek. "Okay, Mr. Fearless himself. You told the woman you didn't love her."

"I never said I didn't," Jareth mumbled.

Seconds passed by between the two men.

"Well, I think the big question to all this is…do you?"

"Do I what?" Jareth inquired ignorantly.

Derek rolled his eyes, his impatience growing. "Love her."

"I…gods." Why was this so hard for him to admit?

Jareth felt an arm lightly shove him. "Just go to her you mumbling idiot."

Sarah opened the door to the apartment she had been sharing with Ericka for almost a month now. Exhaling as she walked in, she looked left and right searching to see if her friend was home. When she realized Ericka wasn't, she felt relief. She just wanted to be alone. It had been a long day at work, though Sarah tried not to complain about this fact. She was lucky to even have this job.

She'd truly been enjoying her first week at work learning all the ropes and, despite being an uptight and bossy coworker, shadowing Marley. She was thankful she had something to occupy her mind for ten hours during the weekdays, but the other fourteen hours were rough to say the least.

When she wasn't working, she was thinking of Jareth and ways to rid herself of the horrible memory of saying 'I love you.' It was a hard thing to shake.

She took off her bra and shoes and looked downward, rubbing the back of her neck in exhaustion. It was so quiet. Her footsteps shuffling across the hardwood flooring was the only sound she heard as she padded across to the bathroom.

Just as she was about to turn on the shower, she heard a knock coming from the front door.

"God damnit," she muttered to herself, inclining her head towards the ceiling. Ericka and her damn packages.

She grumbled as she headed back to the door she'd just walked through minutes ago. Another knock came, this time a little louder and firmer.

"I'm coming!" she yelled, irritated now.

When she opened the door, she feared she might faint. Her mouth dropped open and she could feel her own eyes widen. "Jareth? Wha…what are you doing here?"

He stood in front of her, his left arm protruding out with this palm flatly against the wall adjacent to the door. "I couldn't leave things the way they were, precious," he stated with no hesitation.

Trembling now, Sarah had no idea what to say next. He was actually here. She stood with her hair falling tousled around her face, still wearing her beige cowl-neck blouse and trousers. Her nipples jutted softly through the satin fabric.

Damn, she was just as beautiful as he remembered, maybe more, and only then, in that moment did he realize just how stupid he'd been. He should have come here the day after she'd left him, the day he realized he missed her so much. He just hadn't known then, or the week after, or the week after…he hadn't known for sure until right this moment. He loved her.

"May I come in?" he finally asked when moments passed between them.

Sarah blinked. "Jareth…" she began with uncertainty, her eyes reaching out to him skeptically.

"Please," he implored. "I need…I need to talk to you."

Sensing the urgency and desperation in his voice that she knew he was trying to hide, she conceded and nodded lightly. She moved aside to let him in. As she closed the door behind her, they both spoke at the same time.


"Sarah, I…"

A nervous chuckle escaped them both. It was then Sarah noticed that Jareth wasn't in his human getup but was in fact dressed as himself. His blonde hair looked wind-swept, and he was wearing his overtly tight black breeches with a white shirt that one too many buttons undone. To put it simply: she thought he looked delicious.

"Let me speak first," he started, not noticing Sarah's sudden lust. "I've…been a fool. Not just in recent days, but for the last fifteen years. I should have been your friend first and foremost after you ran my Labyrinth. I should have been there for you when your mom died. I should have been there for you through everything. I also should have never given you the impression that when you left Colorado that it was going to be the end of everything between us."

Jareth paused, trying to read Sarah's initial reaction. Swallowing down a sudden rise in nerves as he stopped talking, Sarah looked at him intently trying not to give herself away. She instead gestured for him to continue.

He took the hint and went on. "I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't sure what real love is, Sarah. The truth is, I've never been in love. I didn't think it could ever happen to me. But then…"

Ceasing his words, Jareth clenched his jaw. He was suddenly growing nervous at the thought of his next words. Could he actually say it? He knew he felt it. Why was he so scared to put himself out there? Sarah loved him, and he loved her back. So what was stopping him?

She only stared at him with rounded eyes as though she were on the verge of tears. What the hell was he trying to say? "But then, what, Jareth?" she forced out.

A long second passed as they continued to stare at each other. A lump was beginning to form in the back of Sarah's throat, her heartbeat thudding loudly in her chest.

"Look if you're not going to say what's on your mind then why bother coming here at all?" she demanded to know.

What she received was continued silence.

She'd become exasperated. What the hell does he want!

"UGH!" she blurted and turned away from him out of frustration.

Suddenly, she felt Jareth grab her arm and pulled her back to face him.

"I fell in love with you," he finally declared, his hand still gripping Sarah's arm.

Her knees nearly buckled beneath her at his unexpected words. "You…you love me?" she questioned.

"I have been since we first reunited," he confessed, his hand letting go of Sarah and bringing it up to cup her face instead.

She tilted her head into his hand the corners of her mouth curved upward softly. It was too unavailable, too perfect. "I…I thought you didn't know what love was."

Jareth shrugged. "I didn't. Not until you."

She didn't know what to say. She'd been longing to hear those words from him, imagined it every day for the last month. It was what she wanted, yet for some reason she was completely speechless in this moment.

When it felt like forever had passed, she finally mustered up the courage to respond. "Jareth…"

His mouth came down on hers in a hot crush, and she could feel how long he'd yearned for the connection. The kiss reverberated through her whole body as their tongues thrust together. His hands dropped to her ass, making her pussy throb.

The words came out without even thinking about it. "I need you," she said breathlessly.

A low groan left him, and after that, there were no more words.

They rushed frantically, pulling at each other's clothes. She dragged him to the couch, opening his breeches so that his cock burst free. She moaned at the sight of it – so big and hard. She'd never needed anything so desperately.

Discarding her own trousers and panties, she straddled his thighs and lowered herself on to his stiff, beautiful erection with a low cry that came from her very core. Jareth moaned, too, and they peered deeply into each other's eyes as she began to move on him.

"Gods, I missed you," he managed to mutter as she ground against him.

She slid wetly against him, loving when he thrust up into her deep. "I missed you," she moaned.

His fingers dug into her ass he plunged into her with rough strokes that reached her very center. She found her rhythm against the hard drives and knew it wouldn't take long to come, since he was so much better than her vibrator. That's when he pressed the tip of one finger firmly against her anus, and she exploded into pure ecstasy.

"Fuck, Jareth!" she cried out.

He growled on a low groan, and she knew he was coming, too, pushing deep, his eyes falling shut and she watched his handsome face, watched the way his lips softly parted, the way his features softened as the orgasm tapered into relaxation. She smiled afterward, loving to witness his pleasure.

He smiled into her eyes. "I love you, Sarah."

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing you say that," she told him.

"Then I'll say it again." His voice deepened. "I love you."

After a few kisses later, though, the new, slightly softer side of Jareth she was seeing faded back to the masculine demeanor she was more accustomed to. "One rule, though, about all this."

Still in his lap, still enjoying the fullness of having him inside her, she asked, "What's that?"

"There will no longer be any other men involved. That's an experience I wanted you to have, and I'm glad we did it, but I'm done sharing."

Sarah laughed, both surprised and thrilled that he now even possessed the capability to be jealous. "I think I can live with that."

"Naturally the vibrator is still welcomed," he added. "And we'll still be doing it front of windows. And on balconies."

She brushed his hair out of his face and grinned. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

And as his mouth pressed once more against hers, she basked in the knowledge that she and Jareth would be together. They could figure out all the logistics between his duties here and elsewhere later, of course. But for now, this was enough.

More than enough.

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