I'd like to thank all of the readers who stuck with "Sister Switch Off" through the beginning, who snuck in when I was halfway finished, and to those who just found the story and read it. Thank you. You guys are the ones who made me continue to write.

Never have I finished a story so quickly and updated so regularly. And never have I had a story last forty chapters. That's a feat in itself.

The main thing to remember while reading fiction is the fact that it is fiction. I know that some of you thought "oh no... Dan would never come back and date Paige. He wouldn't do that to Piper". Those of you who thought that, and still continued to read, and grew to like the story, thank you. It was you who made me strive to write better.

It's sad to me, now that I have finished my very first "Charmed" fan fiction, but then I realize that I started this story over six months ago. And it is complete. I now feel that I have done something and carried out a plan that started as a simple thought.

"Sister Switch Off" in its entirety was a great accomplishment for me. I have never had this many loyal readers, nor have I had so much fun in writing something.

I know that everyone is wondering, "will there be a sequel?"

The long awaited answer?

Yes. There will be a continuation.

Although, this new story will not be completely based on just Paige and Dan's relationship, the basic plot will be of them. The second story will take place nearly a year and a half after the ending of "Sister Switch Off". Wyatt will now be eighteen months old, and giving his mother problems. The toddler will have a large part in this story.

Paige, who saw the future where she had problems conceiving a child, will work on spells and potions to get pregnant.

Leo will be an elder, most of the plot that happened in season five and will happen in season six will stay on course.

There will be much, much more of Phoebe in this story. She will not be put off to the side like I did with her in "Sister Switch Off". She has a huge part in this next story. She will be completely coming to terms with the idea that she had of Cole in her head.

And our dearest Dan? He will have a large amount of worrying to do in this story.

Also, one more character will come in, and will have a large part in this story.

The name of the piece of fiction?

"Baby Turn On"

Take the title of it however you wish.

Another question that I'm sure a lot of you are wondering. Will I write anything other than "Baby Turn On"?

Right now, I'm going to say no. I'm not saying that "Baby Turn On" will be the last you see of me in the "Charmed" fan fiction world. I have plenty of ideas for new stories. I just have a little kink in my plans.

No longer am I home schooled, I do go to regular school now. There is not enough time in my day for me to do more than one story at a time. I like to be regular in my updates- if I do try to write two stories at a time, one of them will get behind. (I've done this before.)

However, I will write stories and just save them. If perhaps I do end up getting fifteen chapters, I might go ahead and keep up and post that. As the looks of it, I doubt if that will happen.

So, more stories right now? No. More stories later? Yes.

A lot of my stories include long lost family members... or long lost cast members. So, yeah.

Future stories:
"A Century Old Secret"
"Rational Delusions"
"Words That Can't Reverse"
2 that remain as of yet untitled

One last thing...

In my following stories, including "Baby Turn On", I will have a little line, right under my authors note, of each chapter. This will be "musical listenings". There I will include the song(s) that I listened to during the writing of that chapter. Because I *always* listen to music while I write.

Thank you again, and blessed be.

- *just always*