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Author's Note: This is a story I've always wanted to try my hand at. It's a story I've been working on before I even joined FF.net. I tried writing it as part of my earlier fanfic series (which I gave up on in order to write the fanfics I post here). Now I'm resurrecting this story into a new multi-part fanfic. And I know that this idea has already been done before, particularly in Sean Kelly's "Battle of the Video Game Heroes" fanfic episode "Dr. Wily's Time Attacks!" (No offense, SK.) But anyway, here's the prologue for my version - Dr. Wily's Supreme Takeover!

Nintendoland. That was the name for a dimension alternative to the one you and I live in. A dimension where the characters from Nintendo video games lived.

There was an important balance for all things in Nintendoland. For each and every world in this dimension, there was a hero. And for each and every hero, there was an arch-villain who was aiming to take over that world. But that arch-villain was never able to do so, as the hero would always be around to stop them.

But that balance was in for a temporary change once. And that change united the forces of evil on all of Nintendoland's worlds to form a single deadly alliance that nothing could stop. Well, almost nothing, actually. Yes, believe it or not, Nintendoland was almost doomed to the evil hands of the villains! And if it were a permanent change, I wouldn't be able to tell you about it. So let me tell you what happened

The whole semi-cataclysm began one night at Skull Castle, where the mad scientist, Dr. Albert W. Wily, lived. That night was a rather dark and stormy one, as most nights go when it comes to a mad doctor's castle. All sixty-eight of the infamous Robot Masters that the man had created were all resting their circuits in their suspended animation tubes for the night; they had a big day ahead of themselves tomorrow.

Dr. Albert W. Wily himself was in his laboratory, working on a new invention. And it wasn't just some new super-powerful Robot Master like Doc Man or Dark Man. This new invention of Wily's was unlike any other he had made before.

Close by, an ominous spy who worked for Wily, his face obscured by the dark grey shadows, save for his eyes, rested on a couch next to the wall. This spy had been working for Wily for quite some time, and it was he who had inspired Wily to execute this new plan.

Dr. Wily looked, with great pride, at the finished invention on the table in front of him. "Yes... yes... yes! I have done it!" he cried, in his German accent.

"Done what?" the spy asked, lying down comfortably.

The evil scientist turned to his spy and showed him the device. "I've created my greatest invention ever - a ray gun. But not just any ordinary ray gun. A ray gun with devastating effects! Whoever I shoot with this baby shall turn back into a past form of theirs. At last, I shall finally be able to conquer every inch of this miserable galaxy! Heh heh hah ha! Every inch!! And to think, I have you to thank for this wonderful idea."

the spy said, I find it nice to know that someone is finally taking my advice. I gotta tell ya, the slug queen I once worked for was never one to take any of the ideas that I suggested.

No, but even I need help with my plans sometimes. And your idea for this, a time-altering ray gun, is just the thing I need to take over Nintendoland! With this gun, I could turn that meddling Mega Moron into nothing but a worthless pile of scrap metal! And with all the Nintendo Heroes out of the way, all of Nintendoland will be mine!!

"Oh-kay," said the spy, rolling his eyes in the other direction, obviously getting tired of his boss's monologue. "So now that you've made the gun of my design, the gun that can threaten the lives of everyone in Nintendoland, what do we do?"

"We shall set a trap for those foolish, pathetic heroes." Wily laughed maniacally. The sound of his cackles echoed around the building, then finally ceased. "Now where is my pen?"