Author's Note: Yes, I finally got around to updating this story. I'm sorry I spent such a long time going on without posting this chapter. (Over a year and three months, actually!) I was in a bit of writer's block with the story, or maybe I was just trying to think of enough things for all the characters to say to prolong the chapter. I can't believe how much I managed to post up in the time it took for me to finish this chapter - a baseball poem, four Mario cartoon adaptations, a Fairly OddParents parody, four fanfics starring Disney characters (five, counting that unplanned Chip/Gadget poem), a fanfiction parody of the original Sonic Anime OVA, the first two chapters of a Monty Python crossover with the Nicktoons, and five-sixths of my parody of the "King Koopa Katastrophe" DVD. I should've finished this up sooner, but never got around to it until I had finished Crandall the Murderer, which I'll be publishing tomorrow. Anyway, you've probably waited too long for this installment, so I'll shut up now.

"HELP! We need somebody!" Bluster Kong screamed from his Skull Castle prison cell. "HELP! Not just anybody! Help! Help!"

"Hey, give it a rest, Bluster," an annoyed Diddy interrupted the obnoxious employer's screams. "No one is going to help us. Dr. Wily's imprisoned just about every hero in Nintendoland, and there's nothing nobody can do about it."

"You mean, there's nothing anybody can do about it," Tiny Kong corrected his grammar.

Bluster darted his eyes at the monkeys. "Look, I'm a filthy rich but sniveling coward," he let it slip. "I can scream for help if I want to!" And he continued to do so.

"Well, you don't have to be so shrill!" Candy yelled, standing up to her boss.

"Man, it stinks that those guys confiscated our weapons!" Raphael griped. "If I had my Sais, I could just use it as a key and get us out of this mess!"

"You think your problem stinks!" Brock yelled to the hotheaded turtle from his cell. "I politely asked for a female cellmate, and I ended up with a male cellmate who happens to have a girly name!"

"Hey!" an insulted Tracey yelled at his eyeless cellmate. "Some guys actually have names like mine! At least I don't get the group lost when traveling; and I don't squint my eyes, either!"

"Why you little--!" Brock lunged at the green-haired artist and began to strangle him. "If we ever get out of this jam, I'll beat you in a Pokémon battle just to show you which of us is the superior third wheel!"

Tracey loosened his neck from Brock's grip. "I'm afraid you've already lost, rock boy. Your Onix and Graveler are certainly no match for my Marril!"

"Think again, Trace-vestite!" Brock assured himself. "I have a Golbat, too, and the Official Pokémon Handbook doesn't state whether it's good OR bad against water-types!"

"That's it!" Tracey leapt at Brock and they began literally fist-fighting, raising a fight cloud like typical cartoon characters.

Misty growled from her and Ash's cell at the two blokes. "Will you knock it off?"

Tracey pulled himself out of his mini-melee. "Well, he started it!" he yelled, pointing at Brock.

"Look at you guys!" Misty continued. "No wonder I hate it when you spy on me and Ash! You two are such morons! Maybe we would've been better off if you two had never come along with us at all!"

Tracey looked hurt. He could understand why Misty could possibly be angry with him or Pewter City's Gym Leader. After all, Brock was a total idiot who fell for every girl who rejected him because of his lack of manliness and eyes. And he knew that Misty hadn't really liked him very much at first (as evidenced by the way she told him he couldn't invite himself along for their journey when he met them), although she had ended getting along well with him. But would she really go so far as to act towards him and Brock the way Ash acted towards Jessie & James? There was only one way to find out. Tracey swallowed his pride and asked, "Misty, surely you don't really mean to call us that?"

Misty rubbed her forehead as Ash rubbed her shoulders. "Oh, sorry, Tracey. I've gotten filled with a lot of angst from the villains teaming up and imprisoning us."

Tiff huffed angrily. "Well, I didn't want to come to this 'party' anyway! I knew it would be a trap, and I was right! Every time King Dedede and Escargoon do something, I just know there's something bad behind it! But does anyone ever listen to me? No, they don't give a hoot! It's just 'Oh, who cares what Tiff says? King Dedede can't possibly be lying, 'cause he's the king and what he says goes.' Well, if those stupid Cappies were in here right now, they wouldn't think it's so funny, would they!"

Peach put her arms to her hips. "Sheesh! That female kid hanging out the little pink spud is so full of PMS!"

"Tell me about it," said Tuff as his sister continued to whine. "She complains about everything Dedede does, even when he isn't up to mischief."

"That's 'cause he's always up to mischief!" Tiff screamed.

"Yeah, that's right!" Ash yelled, taking his hands off of his girlfriend's shoulders. "Only it's Team Rocket that's always up to no good! Those rotten Rockets! If I had a dollar for every time they did something bad, I could buy myself a lot of cheeseburgers!"

"Aw, c'mon Ash," Banjo tried to restrain the hotheaded teen as best he could, despite being in a different cell. "These enemies of yours can't be that bad."

"How can you say that, Banjo?" Kazooie interrupted. "Gruntilda already tried to make our lives a misery three times!"

Banjo put his claw on his confidant's beak. "Kazooie, you're forgettin' Ah helped Diddy battle the Wizpig before Ah even knew the witch existed."

"But didn't she have a hideout molded in her likeness in front of Spiral Mountain?" inquired Dixie. "Surely you'd notice that!"

"Ah, Chunky wouldn't know," moaned Chunky.

"Me neeta," pipped Kiddy.

"She wasn't talking to you, Chunky," Candy corrected.

"Yeah!" Funky added. "The little dudette was addressin' the bear and the bird in the backpack."

Conker sat cursing on the wooden mattress in his cell. "Those damn villains! They had just to throw us in here, didn't they? Right when I was getting really thirsty, too!"

Mumbo Jumbo rolled his eyes. "Mumbo need to teach jackass squirrel a lesson about dignity."

Luigi had put a hand on his baby-ified brother's loud mouth. "I'm-a sure Mario agrees with you, Misty."

Just then, Baby Mario's diaper sagged.

Daisy put her fingers up to her nose as the scent went around. "Uggh, I think he just made a poopie."

Luigi pulled a bag of diapers from out of nowhere. "Boy, I never thought I'd have to change my big brother's clothes for him."

"Y'know, that smell makes me think of my cologne - Eau de Swamp!" cracked Rash. The other two Battletoads laughed along with him at his groan-worthy joke.

"Quit clowning, you guys! This is serious!" Leonardo spouted a familiar line of his own from his and his brothers' cell. "We need to find some way to escape from these cells and defeat our enemies."

"I'll get us out of here! Those villains forgot to confiscate my backpack, and therefore they forgot this!" Ness took the Legendary Bat out of his backpack and said to his friends, "Step back, guys, this Bat packs an incredible punch!"

Link put his arms behind his hips. "Ah, the Eagleland kids are gonna break us out with their leader's baseball bat. This oughta be good."

Ness took a swing at the bars of the cell that was holding him and his companions. But the bars did not break apart. Rather, Ness' bat shook uncontrollably, and Ness shook along with it. Dropping the bat, Ness walked over to the wall behind his friends and pressed himself against it. Finally, after getting the shakiness out of him, he let go of the wall and collapsed.

Paula helped him up. "Are you alright?"

Ness dusted himself off. "Lemmie say one thing – it's a good thing I didn't use a metallic bat on those bars."

Jago opened one eye from his state of meditation. "Your bat didn't work against the bars? They must be very heavy. Almost like they're made of diamond."

"Hey, I wanted to say that," criticized Poo.

Samus Aran, stripped of her Power Suit, tried to bend the bars. "Maybe, if the villains hadn't taken away my Power Suit, I could easily blast us out of here."

Simon Belmont looked miffed. "You always have to state the obvious, don't you?"

Haley sighed. "I can't believe we even went to this stupid castle in the first place."

Corey stood up. "Well, it did seem rather obvious, considering Skill and Skull do have the same consonants."

"Oh, it's no use!" wailed Toad. "Us heroes are never gonna get out of here and stop the villains from taking over NintendoLand."

"Wait a minute!" Mega Man yelled. "Toad! You just gave me an idea!"

"I did?"

"Maybe we can't get ourselves out of these cells," Mega Man explained (not noticing the rhyme he had just made), "but I know who can get out of here and retrieve some help!"

"Really?" said Link. "And just who would that be?"

"I'm glad you asked." Mega Man moved slightly to the right to show who he was talking about. "Eddie will go get help!"

The red Flip-Top sitting behind Mega Man awoke with a start. "I will?"

"How come you didn't mention him before?" asked Bluster.

"The plot wasn't demanding him earlier!" Mega Man answered. He turned to Eddie and gave him his directions. "Eddie, head back to Monstropolis and find help. When you do, get back here with them."

"Eh, can do!" Eddie saluted with his foot.

"Hang on!" yelled Mallow, walking through the bars of his cell. "Goombario, Lakilester, and I can fit through the bars. Why don't we come along for the ride?"

"Yeesh," said Lakilester. "I thought my girlfriend was the only one I needed to remind."

"Yeah!" said Goombario, jumping through the bars of his cell. "Can we?"

Mega Man shrugged. "Eh, I don't see any problem with it. But just to be safe, you'd better hide in Eddie."

"We're gonna hide in him!" Mallow was puzzled.

"Don't worry," said Eddie, opening his compartment. "I've delivered Mega Man lots of items before. Just hop in."

"Well, if you're sure," said Goombario, hopping into Eddie's storage compartment. Then Mallow did the same, and Lakilester followed suit.

"Atta boy, Eddie," said Mega Man. "Now get going!"

"Righto!" said Eddie, hopping out of the dungeon.

"So, until help arrives… what do you wanna do?" asked Corey.

Banjo scratched his chin. "I guess maybe we could discuss a few things that are noteworthy in a conversation."

"I know one," answered Michaelangelo. "Whatever happened to the Cookie Crook?"

Zitz was confused. "Who?"

"You know, the Cookie Crook, from the old Cookie Crisp cereal ads. Chip the Dog was his accomplice, and the Cookie Cop always put a halt to their cereal thefts. Nowadays, Chip seems to have reformed, I think."

"Y'know, for some reason," said Jeff, "I'm willing to bet that the disappearance of the Cookie Crook and has something to do with Sonny the Cuckoo Bird no longer wearing clothes."

"Maybe the Cookie Crook took Sonny's clothes to use for wardrobe while directing the Soggies' first movie, 'When Bird Poop Comes Alive'," Raphael cracked.

Diddy put his robotic hand to his chin. "Maybe you're right, Raphael. Maybe you're riiiight…"


Up above, the villains were having some interesting conversations of their own.

"Some takeover!" gloated Bowser. "I won't have to worry about those Super Mario boneheads no more, eh, Dedede?"

"Ah'll say!" said King Dedede. "And ah haven't met this many villains since the time Shredder and Ah got parts of the FoxBox broadcast code!"

Shredder was bewildered at what the penguin had just said. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't you remember it, Saki?" Dedede explained. "An evil voice called us up, along with Dr. K., Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and Dial Bolic of the dMp! He gave all of us part of the FoxBox broadcast code 'cause he didn't like the fact that we kept losin' every week! 'Course, all our respective enemies managed to get the codes, but at least you didn't let the Turtles get away with it! But Ah couldn't but notice you were wearin' a lot 'o metallic armor."

Shredder scratched at his helmet. "I don't remember that."

"Oh. Musta been a different version of you, then!" said Dedede.

Escargoon, on the other hand, was raising a conversation with the bodiless head of Gruntilda. "Say, what's your story, Ms. Bones?"

"Sit down and listen to my tale of woe," Gruntilda rhymed. "It's a story I demand that you know!"

"Can you stop with that rhyming?" Escargoon complained. "It's getting' annoying."

"Oh, fine," Grunty said, switching out of her signature rhyme-speak. "I was once a normal girl, growing up in a certain country, along with my three sisters, Mingella, Blobbelda, and Brentilda, and our good friend Klungo. And life was getting quite boring there. I had already studied poetry, and was able to fluently speak in rhymes, so I had quickly bored of it. One day, Klungo told me and my sisters that he had read of a shaman named Mumbo Jumbo, who was supposedly one of the greatest voodoo witch doctors in the world. He resided close to Kongo Bongo Island, in a portal near a certain island, so I bought a boat named the Rusty Bucket, and we sailed to said island. Mumbo agreed to teach us his ways, but he mainly focused on good magic, which I got to be quite bored with. A few months into their course, he taught us a lesson on black magic, notifying us that it was easier to perform and might have had better results, but could result in horrible side effects. I persuaded my comrades to try our hands at it, and we agreed to practice it away from our mentor's watchful eye. But one day, that naïve nitwit Mumbo caught me using the evil powers. Having been converted to evil by the overuse of black magic, I viciously attacked him so badly he's been forced to wear a skull mask until the day I am killed, whenever that may be. Mingella and Blobbelda were also converted to evil, and Klungo wound up being turned into a hunchback-like ogre who liked to call me his mistress as he was becoming too lazy to say three syllables. But Brentilda, being the rather pansy one, seceded from our group for seeing the bad side of black magic. My sisters and I took over his island and named it the Isle o' Hags. Mingella and Blobbelda set up a hideout they called Cauldron Keep, while Klungo and I lived in a hideout which I named Gruntilda's Lair."

"Uh-huh," Escargoon muttered. "Well, I can see how you got to be a reject from a beauty pageant. But that doesn't explain why you look like the offspring of the Headless Horseman and a skeleton."

"I'm coming to the skeleton part," Grunty continued. "One fateful day, I was asking my cauldron, Dingpot, who was the prettiest in the land. Usually, he'd reply that I was just that. But on that day, he told me of a certain female bear cub named Tooty who was apparently cuter than me! So I swooped down on my broom and swiped her. Klungo and I had developed a machine I called the Beauty Tramsmogrofier, which I would use to have Tooty's beauty transferred to me – and any ugliness I had transferred to her! And it's most likely I would've done it, if not for the fact that her big lazy brother, Banjo, and his bad-mouthed companion, Kazooie, had set out to rescue her. When I saw that they had easily cleared the nine worlds within my fortress and gotten enough Jigsaw pieces to find me, I threw together a game show and set Tooty as a prize. I have a flair for game shows, too, y'know. Anyway, Banjo and his stupid bird somehow completed the game, and I retreated to the top of my tower. A few minutes later, they came up and defeated me!"

"Oh, really?" Escargoon interrupted. "What did they do? Throw a bucket of water on your flesh but not your bones?"

"No, no, don't be ridiculous," an annoyed Gruntilda answered. "I don't see why people think all witches are like the ones in that movie. They simply knocked me off the tower, and I fell through the ground in front of the lair. But before I could get out, a piece of masonry buried me there. I spent two years trapped under that rock, and that fool Klungo simply couldn't get it off. Fortunately for me, Mingella and Blobbelda showed up and uplifted the rock. But they should've come earlier, as my skin had rotted off during those twenty-four months. My sisters brought me over to their own castle, where they showed me their plans to get my body back. Using a contraption they called the Big Ol' Blaster, or B.O.B. for short, they would suck out the life forces of others and transfer it to me. But then that ridiculous bird and bear showed up again, and I had to delay them with another trivia game. I wound up squishing my sisters with 10-ton weights there, and then retreated to that tower. I tried to use our digging machine, the Hag 1, against them, but they blew it up, and I lost my body along with it! That's how I got to be what I am today."

Escargoon clapped softly. "Well, that was… interesting."

"Bah! Some villainess you are!" the Dark Queen scoffed at Gruntilda. "At least I didn't lose anything important whenever I lost to those flipping Battletoads! Besides, I happen to have a fanboy harem of my own anyway."

"You… have… fans? How do you get to be so lucky!" The Big Cheese got so steamed that he blew up right on the spot.

"Hey!" yelled Pokey Minch. "That talking wolf just exploded! We're one recruit less now!"

"Aaah, no big deal, pudgy," shrugged Evil Acorn. "He told me that happens to him all the time. Say, what's your story?"

"I was the creator of the great evil known as Giygas," Pokey answered. "I had the potential of domination and destruction, but I was defeated by that idiot who lived next door, his girlfriend, and those other two guys accompanying them! How 'bout you?"

"I, like Bowser does constantly, captured my own nemesis's girl," Evil Acorn replied. "I wound up getting blown off of the island. That's what I get for locking myself in my own hideout after planting a bomb in it! I've been swearing revenge ever since."

The seeming remains of the Big Cheese spoke up. "Uh, can someone find my legs and attach them back on?"

Wario and Waluigi, meanwhile, were talking with Jessie, James, and Meowth. "Eh… you guys have any special statistic?" asked Wario.

"No," James replied. "The Boss doesn't give us that, because we're constantly screwing up."

"Geez," said Waluigi, "do you really stink that much?"

"I'm afraid so," admitted Jessie.

"But dis is how we put a positive spin on it!" Meowth said, starting up a song.

"We're da best at bein' the woist!
We're statistically number one!"
James joined in. "Yes, a hundred percent..."
"...Incompetent!" Jessie finished the sentence.
"Hey, dat's never been done!" Meowth boomed.

"We're very good at bein' very bad.
It's our grade of success dat's sadly been weak."
"We'll just have to accept," started Jessie.
"We're completely inept!" James finished.
"But dat's what makes us so unique!" Meowth sang, pointing up his right index finger.

"We're the Hindenburgs of crime!" James lamented.
"We crash and burn each and every time!" Jessie did the same.
"Masters of disaster!" James declared.
"No one screws up faster!" Jessie followed suit.
"Hey!" They both chimed. "At failure we shiiiiiine!"

All three of them sang together at this point. "We're an imperfect ten!
Team Rocket's blasting off again!
So I guess we're just cursed!"
Meowth broke away from his companions' singing, pulling a guitar from out of nowhere. "And youse hoid it here foist!"
"We're the best at being the worst!" sang Jessie and James, in unison.

"Who'd guess we'd get so far…"
"…By being completely sub-par?" asked James.
"As losers we've raised the bar!" Jessie bragged.
"Now we're superstars!" sang the both of them.

Wario and Waluigi looked at each other and rolled their eyes as Jessie and James started dancing around them. During that, Meowth made a bad attempt at serenading them, to a seemingly endless stream of "La da da dee dah dah…"

Finally, when Meowth had finished his serenading, Jessie and James stopped dancing and turned to the Warios. "We're the best at being the worst!"
"At coming in last, we're always the first!" said Jessie.
"Our flaws are top-drawer!" James went operatic.
"We define Moiphy's Law!" Meowth raised his index finger again.
"We're the best at being the worst!" All three of them went for a big finish.

"We're totally immersed,
And incredibly well-versed,
We're the best at being the worst!"

Wario looked at his brother. "I don't think I needed to hear that."

Just then, Dr. Wily's voice came over the crowd of evildoers. "Attention, please! Are you sick and tired of losing to your enemies each and every week?"

"Hmm! Ah heard that before!" commented Dedede.

"Well, you will now be beaten no longer!" Wily announced. "As of today, WE, THE VILLAINOUS INSIDIOUS CRAZED SCOUNDRELS OF NINTENDOLAND, RULE THIS UNIVERSE! And no one can stop us! Cue evil laughter."

All the villains did as Wily asked for. Bowser laughed evilly. Wario and Waluigi laughed evilly. Jessie, James, and Meowth laughed evilly. Black Bart laughed evilly. K. Rool laughed evilly. Shredder laughed evilly. King Dedede laughed evilly. Pokey laughed evilly. Gruntilda laughed evilly. The Big Cheese laughed evilly. Evil Acorn laughed evilly. The Dark Queen laughed evilly. But none of them noticed that something was hiding in the shadows. Or rather, someone.

Eddie watched as the villains all laughed evilly. "I guess we'd better make our move while they're distracted," he said to himself, and in a way, Mallow, Goombario, and Lakilester.

But although practically every villain in the room was cackling away, one of them was able to pay attention to what was going on. And he saw Eddie hopping away.

"Eh?" said Dr. Wily, from the platform on which he was announcing. "It's that Mega Moron's stupid little suitcase! He must be going for help!"

The villains all stopped laughing, and then looked and saw Eddie hopping out the exit.

"D'OH!" they all grunted, annoyed.

"Well, it's no matter. I have robots to handle a little shrimp like him," said Wily, reaching for his microphone. "Robot Masters Series Four! Get off your duffs and capture that Flip-Top!"

Upon hearing their boss's orders, the so-called Robot Masters Series Four leapt up from their stationary positions. These were the Robot Masters that Wily had built during his fourth attempt at global conquest – Bright Man, Pharoah Man, Drill Man, Ring Man, Toad Man, Dust Man, Dive Man, and Skull Man.

"Sure thing, boss." Skull Man, being a robot based off of skulls and skeletons, was pretty much considered the leader of this particular group of Robot Masters. "We'll skeletonize that little suitcase, and we'll skeletonize any contents he might have."

"That wasn't a very humorous pun there," Ring Man pointed out.

Dive Man stood firm. "It still beats any puns I've heard from the rest of youse."

"Oh yeah? My mummy always liked my jokes!" yelled Pharoah Man.

"That joke didn't even make sense!" nitpicked Toad Man. "We don't have mothers, not even biological ones!"

"Yeah, that line wasn't very bright!" joked Bright Man.

"Can we just cut to the chase already?" said Drill Man.

"I agree; I'm sick of standing here sucking up these bad puns!" complained Dust Man.

"Yeah! Let's get 'im, boys!" Skull Man declared.

Wily watched as the eight robots stormed out the door, then turned to the crowd of villains. "Now then… let the cackling continue!"


"Uh, what was up with that long name you said back there?" asked Bowser. "The Villainous Insidious Crazed Scoundrels Of Nintendoland?"

"Yes, it sounds like an acronym or somethin' like that," interpreted the illiterate Dedede.

"The VICSON?" Shredder asked in disbelief. "That's not even a real word!"

"Hey, don't strain yourself, Saki," said K. Rool. "Some of my acronyms weren't real words either."

Wily sighed. "Never mind, then. Anybody up for some evil coffee and donuts?"

"Yeah, sure," all the villains shrugged.

"Oh, goodie!" smacked Black Bart. "Ah love mean food!"


In the treetops of Kongo Bongo Island, Cranky Kong, former video game star and King Kong wananbe, relaxed in front of his cabin. He was resting on his beach chair and wearing sunglasses. His old-school radio, with its clunky knobs, sat on the mini-table beside him, playing the classic tunes he was accustomed to.

"Aaaaaah," Cranky sighed. "The rest of the clan's at some Nintendo Heroes party, the crocs are nowhere in sight, and that bumbling rhino's down in the jungle. The Crystal Coconut is safe, and no one can spoil my peace and quiet."

Just then, the music on the radio stopped playing, and Cranky suddenly heard an announcer over the airwaves. "News flash! Several villains of Nintendoland have just taken over Nintendoland. They've banded together at Skull Castle, home of the insidious Dr. Wily, where they are currently holding all of their heroic enemies hostage. Among these are such evildoers as King Bowser Koopa, Black Bart, Oroku Saki, King Dedede…"

Cranky turned off the radio and tried to get comfortable again. "Bah! Sounds like another one of the fancy-looking video games all the kids are playing these days."

Suddenly, the sky grew dark, and ghostly music started up. Only it wasn't coming from the radio.

Cranky looked up from his chair and into his cabin. A ghastly specter was appearing above the case where the Crystal Coconut was held, making unsettling noises. Cranky recognized the howls easily. This was none other than the ghost of his deceased wife, Wrinkly.

"Will ya cut it out with that racket?" Cranky asked. "I'm tryin' to relax here. And you're stealing my hologram bit!"

"Hologram bit, nothing!" Wrinkly spoke, in her ghostly-sounding voice. "This is an urgent task, Cranky!"

"Well, get your average Joe to do it, 'cause I'm not gettin' out of this chair."

"You listen to me, Donkey!" Wrinkly's ghost yelled, calling her living husband by his given name. "These villains have imprisoned nearly all the heroes in this universe, and the last thing I want you doing is not doing anything about it!"

"Well, why should I?" Cranky grouched. "Those foolish heroes got themselves into this mess, and they can get themselves out of it!"

"Maybe so, but not this time," Wrinkly observed. "The ringleader of the villains has an entire army of robots at his disposal, and he has the heroes' weapons confiscated. The heroes can't break out so easily. As a former video game hero yourself, you ought to be helping them out, since they'd be willing to do the same for you."

Cranky sat up. "Really?"

"Maybe not, but you never know." And with that last statement, the ghost of Wrinkly Kong disappeared, and the surroundings returned to normal.

Cranky got out of his chair and grabbed his cane. "Well, I hate to admit it, but she's right! Those heroes need someone like me to get them out. Besides, I carry a big stick, and as long as I have that, no one will mess with me!"

But then, as he bent down for a second, his back cracked.

"Ouch!" he yelled. "Okay, maybe this task won't suit me alone. I'll need reinforcements."

Cranky went into his cabin and found his rotary-dial telephone. He reached out to touch someone.

"Hello, operator? Get me Meta Knight…"

Yeah, you'd think that a story that was on hiatus for so long would have a lot more plot development in this one repeatedly-delayed chapter. But at least there's a bit of it here, so you may know what to expect in the next chapter, which, hopefully, will not take as long to finish as this one did.