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Shanxi System – Space side

Desolas Arterius stared at the console in front of him, feeling annoyance at the alien ships opposite his ship, Pride of Palaven. This upstart race was putting their meager defence fleet into what was actually quite a decent formation that would work against a fleet larger that their own. They only had about thirty ships, mostly frigate weight but with three that could be classed as light cruisers and one that would be a heavy cruiser that was clearly their flagship.

Too bad it wouldn't matter against the three hundred and sixty ships that Desolas had at his back. Especially the two turian dreadnoughts in the back.

"Unknown fleet is broadcasting a transmission to both dreadnoughts," his communications officer reported from her chair.

He tapped a talon to his left mandible, thinking about whether or not to answer it. It didn't really matter in the long run. The primitives would soon be a client race of the Turian Hierarchy.

"Target all ships with MAC guns," he ordered. "Coordinate firing solutions with the Fist of the Hierarchy. Communications answer their transmission."

A face popped up on his screen that looked surprisingly similar to that of an asari, only pinkish white with brown head fur. His familiarity with asari facial expressions, and the similarity with this new race and the blue aliens meant that he was able to see that this face was clearly furious.

The alien jabbered at him in an unknown language for a moment. Most likely demanding to know his intentions. No matter; the primitives were about to learn.

"General, sir! The unknowns are broadcasting in what appears to be several languages," the communications officer spoke up. "Including… uh, prothean sir."

That got his attention. "Are you sure about that, lieutenant?" he demanded.

"I think so, General. Our knowledge of prothean language is very much incomplete, but there are characters and words that match known databases. My guess is that they are asking to know what we want. It's the only language that they sent over that we can recognise."

"Hmmm." A primitive race with knowledge of the protheans. Finally, something that could get the turians out from under the thumb of the asari and their damnable 'experts' on the protheans. He knew the truth. Despite all of the work that historians and archaeologists had put into studying the long-gone race, no one really knew all that much. If the turians could make a client race of a species that had intimate knowledge of the protheans, it would give them an advantage that the asari or salarians couldn't overcome.

"They are about to find out," he replied, his determination building. "Weapons, fire."

The guns of two dreadnoughts, sixty-eight cruisers and nearly three hundred frigates and corvettes lit up the space over the garden world as they targeted the primitive's fleet.

The enemy fleet immediately took evasive manoeuvres as they tried to get away from the wall of MAC fire that was coming their way. Desolas watched in surprise as the opposing ships all managed to do micro FTL jumps that got them out of the fire zone. For primitive ships, they certainly had well trained crew. He couldn't help but feel grudging respect for that. He doubted his own crews would have managed to duplicate that.

"Enemy cruiser's firing missiles at frigate packs four, seven, eight, ten, fifteen and twenty-two. Only five missiles per pack," a voice from the sensor station called out.

"Readings?" he demanded.

"Non-radioactive. Not really sure what I am reading from them," the sensor officer said. "They don't match any known weapons profile. Must have some sort of jamming attached to them."

"Frigate packs are taking evasive action. Missiles closing the distance fast."

"Retaliation wasn't expected so quick. Guardian systems having difficulty tracking."

Wait, what? Guardian defence systems were having difficulty tracking the missiles? That didn't sound right to Desolas. Those defence lasers were designed by the salarians and improved by turian engineers. There shouldn't be a missile in the galaxy that those systems couldn't shoot down!

What happened next made no sense. On his screen, he saw that the missiles themselves were not aiming at any of the actual frigates. They were heading through them.

That's when things went to hell.

"Missile detonation confirmed. Gravitational readings spiking," the sensor officer yelled out, panic breaking through his discipline.

"Frigates… frigates are gone, sir," some else called out.

"What happened?" he yelled. "What did they do?"

"The missiles exploded and burst out massive gravitational readings much, much higher than planetary standard. About two hundred times greater than normal. The frigates in range were torn to pieces, sir. No survivors are registered on scanners. It's all… compacted. It looks like it was squashed."

Someone swore with feeling. Good turians had died because of those missiles. Whatever Spirits-damned weapon that was had shifted gravity itself and made it a weapon. Desolas's blood ran cold with fury. Those primitives… no. No primitive would have been able to come up with a weapon that turned gravity into a missile. These aliens were more advanced than he had given them credit for. He had underestimated them, which had gotten good soldiers killed. No more.

"Send us in," he growled viciously. "Battle formations. Switch Guardians to manual, don't rely on auto targeting. Take this scum out. I want to be in control of that planet before they have a chance to get reinforced. Send a message back to Palaven Command, top encryption. I want another dreadnought task force here on the double!"

The deck pitched slightly as the Pride of Palaven moved out to come to a battle heading and the crew jumped about to their tasks. Desolas glared again at the garden world. These pink fluffy asari would pay back the lives they stole. In blood.

Gohan stood watching over the training of the latest batch of super saiyans as they sparred against each other in the desert. This was the crucial part; ensuring that the power of a SS could be tapped without losing oneself to the anger that drove such a transformation. That's why he was here instead of a lesser trainer. The rest of the planet didn't need one to give in to the anger again and they needed a super Saiyan god to be there to take them out.

He let them spar for a moment and let his mind drift to the things that had happened over the last century.

After both his father and Vegeta had turned SSB and trained with Beerus and Whis, they had all fought in the Tournament of Power. After Universe 7 had managed to have the last few fighters still standing, despite the power that Jiren from Universe 11 had shown. His father had managed to turn SS Red, surprising even Whis and Lord Beerus. The Omni-King Zeno had erased Universes 9, 10 and 4 but his dad Goku had managed to convince Zeno to spare the other Universes so that they could have more tournaments in the future. Omni-King had enjoyed it so much he had agreed so that he could see more fights, this time including the rest of the Universes that hadn't fought before so that they could see all the most powerful fighters from ALL the Universes together. It was something that Goku had wanted above all other things. And Gohan could readily admit that he loved it too.

Not long after the Tournament, Gohan had managed to turn SSB, Goku had gone SS Rose. Vegeta, never to be outdone by his eternal rival, turned SSR not long after. Just before the second Tournament, Gohan had managed to turn into a SS god and Goten and Trunks had managed to do it when they had fused into Gotenks.

That second Tournament… even now, Gohan could remember the joy he had felt running through his Saiyan blood as he pushed himself to new limits. He became a SSR through the training of that Tournament, but the latent power that he had in him meant that even though his dad and Vegeta managed to get to SS White, his own power had been higher than theirs had been when they were SSR. The extra training that he had done with Piccolo had managed to raise things to a new level and only by being SSW were they able to match him.

After the Tournament, Whis had made a comment that had surprised everyone involved. Since Goku and Vegeta had turned SSG for the first time, they had stopped aging. The god-like powers that they had gained through their transformations had extended their lives. They could still die in combat but, like Goku's fight and Lord Beerus when he had fought him as the SSG, they had better powers of recuperation. They also wouldn't die from old age, but were effectively the Saiyan equivalent of them Kais. They could be killed, but wouldn't die on their own.

That same power now counted for Gohan, Goten, Trunks, his own daughter Pan, and his grandson Gotel, all of who had reached SSB level. They had all stopped aging from the moment each of them had ascended to SSG. Goku was still the strongest of the original Z fighters, with his SSW transformation. He was now stronger than Lord Beerus and Whis. The Grand Priest was still able to defeat him and Vegeta could push him to his limits but there was no one else in Universe 7 who could stand toe to toe with his dad, except Gohan himself when he let his full power out. They were by far the strongest three people in Universe 7. Of course, Beerus still had the ability to erase any of them if he felt like it. It was the one power that had been granted to him by King Zeno for his role as the God of Destruction that would be able to defeat any enemy. Sure, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan could defeat him while Trunks, Goten and Pan could make him use his full power to win against them. Gotel was still a little way off from being strong enough but he would get there with continued training. And there was always the chance of more Saiyans reaching that level in the future. And maybe even other beings.

That was something that had come about in the aftermath of the first Tournament of Power. There had been four Universes that had been exempt from fighting because their average person had a power level of 7 and above. The reason that their Universe, Universe 7, had been under threat from being erased by the Omni-King was because their average power level was the second weakest of all the Universes. After the Tournament was over, all the Kais and Lord Beerus had worked together to raise the average power level of every single person in the galaxy.

One of the first things was something that the Supreme Kai had thought of. They used the Super Dragon Balls to wish back all the saiyans who were advocates for peace. Vegeta had wanted to wish back all of the saiyans but due to the destructive nature of many of the saiyans, most of whom had fought for Freeza at some point, they didn't feel like it would be the wisest decision. They were only wishing the people back after all. They were going to live on Earth with Goku and Vegeta so that they could stay with their families, as Chi Chi and Bulma refused to move to planet Vegeta. Having aggressive saiyans who wanted to conquer Earth was also not something any of them wanted.

Still, it meant that nearly two million saiyans had come back to life. Enough to bring the species back from the dead. But having two million new people from a warrior race that could fly, loved to fight and use ki blasts was not something that could just be hidden from a planet that was as paranoid as Earth. So only a few thousand stayed on Earth, those who were more interested in training and developing their powers without conquering planets. The most passive ones and the ones who just wanted to be normal went to New Namek to live with Dende's people. The namekians had grown in number and were only too happy to help the newly resurrected saiyans learn how to farm and grow crops, to heal and to use their powers in ways that would give life instead of taking it.

This had been done to the best of their ability without revealing themselves to the general human population. The Kais had decreed, and no one objected to this, that the only people that would get to meet the gods or Kais directly, would be people who were powerful enough to warrant attention or who had been made the rulers or defenders of their worlds. So naturally, all the Z fighters had known the Kais and trained with them directly. They, as students of Master Roshi, had all been taught that to reveal themselves and their abilities to humans would be to draw unwanted attention from people that would either hate them, fan-worship them or just wanted their problems to be solved because they were too lazy to do it themselves. Let the humans solve the human problems. The Z fighters would help protect their ignorance so that they would grow without being afraid of the bigger powers in the Universe.

Most people on Earth didn't even know they existed. Some of them still believed that Mr Satan had been the one to defeat Cell all those years ago.

Still, Gohan couldn't be unhappy about that; he had married the guy's daughter after all.

Unfortunately, while the saiyans who had become SSG had basically inherited immortality, none of the others did. The passage of time had claimed all of their human friends. Krillin had died more than a hundred years ago of old age, in his bed, watched over by his wife and his children and grandchildren. 18 had died another fifty years later. Android or not, she and 17 had still been part human. Their brains and hearts, while tampered with by Dr Gero were not designed to last forever.

Bulma had gone after Krillin, leaving a nearly inconsolable Vegeta, who had done what he typically did and hid his grief in anger that he let out in violence. He disappeared to the Void Zone with Goku and Whis for more than two months where they could fight without fear of destroying any galaxies. The Void Zone was the one place where any of the SSG or higher could fight with all their power without worrying about destroying anything, because nothing existed there.

Then, Chi Chi had passed, leaving Goku, Gohan and Goten miserable. The depth of his dad's pain had surprised Gohan. Goku had willing gone away for months and months on end to train with Whis at Beerus's world without expressing a thought of his wife. It was easy for an outsider to think that he had really only cared for their mother in a casual way. It wasn't true.

At Chi Chi's funeral, Goku had wept openly. "She was everything I wanted in a wife," he had said in private to Gohan and Goten, once everyone had left. "She was a strong woman. A fighter, a carer and a friend. She understood me in a way that no one else ever did and she loved me for it. Most of all, she gave me you two. Not only did she make you strong, she made you better than me. I really only know everything there is about fighting. That's my blood and how I was raised. But you guys, she let me teach you to fight, but she made you smart. You are both smarter than me in everything except fighting. You are better men to function in the world. You can fit in in ways that I never could. If it had been left up to me, you would have been raised the same as I was, in a forest fighting for yourselves because I didn't know any better. She did. She made you better men than I could ever have hoped to make you. She made you better than me. She raised two saiyans who helped save the Universe countless times. There is no way I could have ever loved her anymore because of that."

It had been such a surprisingly open and eloquent way of describing his relationship with Chi Chi that it had reduced all of them to tears. For weeks Goku had moped around the farm, not really doing anything. Finally, Vegeta had dragged him back to the Void Zone to get back into fighting, just to cheer him up. It was one of the few times that Vegeta actually admitted their friendship.

"You were there for me when I needed it, Kakarot," he had growled in his usual raspy voice. "The only way I can pay you back is by doing the same for you. That's what would make us even."

The worst had been watching his own beloved wife Videl die. He had stayed next to her bed for weeks, watching the life drain out of her. He remembered her last kiss the night before her heart stopped. It was his most treasured memory. Only then did he realise the keen heartache that his father and Vegeta had both felt. And Vegeta and Goku had taken him, Goten, Trunks and Pan straight to the Void Zone with Whis where they spent three months of all out brawling. Gohan had underestimated how strong his dad and Vegeta had become during the fighting after their wives' deaths. Gohan had a long way to catch up but he managed to bring the gap back a little.

The one that had hurt the group the most was Bulla, Vegeta's daughter. She had never really been a fighter so she had never become a super saiyan, let alone a SSG. She grew up, married a saiyan, had kids and grandkids and eventually went the way of all nature. That death shattered the hearts of their group. She had been loved by everyone equally. She had the brains of her mother and had taken over control of Capsule Corp. The most hurt of all was Vegeta. She had been his little princess and he had never been able to deny her anything her whole life. They had been inseparable anytime he had been home. He had almost missed the original Tournament of Power to be there at her birth.

It took a full year in the Void Zone with Gohan, Goku, Pan (who had been best friends with Bulla), Goten, Trunks and Gotel to be able to get over that death.

Afterwards, Vegeta had been taking a more involved role with his people. He was the prince of saiyans. Now he would be the one to lead them as their king. He spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between New Namek and Earth as he did his best to bring his people to a standard that he was happy with. He respected strength though and even though the Saiyan warrior blood sand through all of their blood, he had effectively been given back a pacifist nation. It was a role that he found frustrating but he dedicated a lot of time to ensuring that his people increased their strength, if for nothing else than their protection.

Piccolo and Dende were still alive. Namekians tended to be long lived apparently. The Grand Elder that Gohan had met was nearly seven hundred years old when he had died. According to Dende, he could have even lived longer if Frieza hadn't come to their planet and killed his people. Tien and Chiaotzu had both passed on. Buu had been the last to die of their group, only twenty short year ago. No one was entirely sure what he was, even after all this time, so his death had been a surprise to all of them. Still, he had been a great friend to Gohan's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The strange creature had been a great friend of Mr Satan and had been very depressed when the old human had died.

Outside of their little group the world had continued to develop. The humans had managed to get to Mars and had found evidence of a previously unknown alien race. It wasn't any race that the Z fighters had come across. They had checked with King Kai but the chubby god had oddly refused to answer any questions on that. He only said that it was something that would play a part in the future for the human race.

And it had.

Humans now had about five planets under their control, with outposts on another four. The news he had heard was that they were recruiting colonists for another three that they had discovered through something called the Mass Relays. It was a way for the human spaceships to go through the galaxy faster. But it curiously only led to specific locations. None of them had been planets that Gohan, Goku or even Vegeta had been to. Piccolo said he hadn't heard of them either.

Still, the galaxy was a big place. They couldn't have been everywhere. Luckily, they didn't need to travel on ships anymore. After the second Tournament of Power, Vegeta had demanded that Goku teach him the Instant Transmission technique. Goku had taught Gohan as well. Once the other had ascended to SSG they had also been taught the technique.

"Master Gohan," one of his students, Garlack, called out. "Humans are approaching." He pointed off in the distance.

Gohan was surprised that he had been so distracted that he hadn't noticed the human's approaching in a flying car. Then again, their energy signals were so low that it was easy to ignore them. He cursed himself for not paying attention. He had experience with enemies disguising their energy levels. Cell had only been the first. If anyone had snuck in without him noticing then it was a good way to die. Not that he was likely to be at risk, but his students… his people were still not strong enough to face those sorts of enemies.

"Have everyone stop training and return to base power levels," he said, turning to face the approaching humans. "I don't want them to have their power levels above five hundred. Definitely no super saiyans."

"Yes, Master," Garlack said, hurrying off to ensure that the message was passed along.

It took another minute before the black aircar arrived and stopped ten meters from where he stood. The doors opened and two men hopped out, wearing black suits.

"Excuse us," one of the men asked. "Are you Son Gohan?"

"I am," Gohan said, stepping forward.

"There's something we would like your help with," the man said. "Something has attacked our people."



SS = super saiyan

SSB = super saiyan blue

SSR = super saiyan rose

SSW = super saiyan white

SSG = super saiyan god

SS Red = super saiyan red. This is according to a fan theory I saw on youtube the other day. Don't expect it to be mentioned much here.