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The recording went dead once more and the hologram faded out of existence. The silence that followed was just like every other silence that the recording had been able to inspire. Shock, horror, fear and no small amount of apprehension.

"This has been confirmed," Sparatus said softly, his voice breaking into the tense silence. "Probes sent to the system came back yesterday. The planet was completely destroyed."

"Goddess," Tevos breathed. "We all knew that they were powerful, but this…" she trailed off, unable to find the words, quite possibly for the first time that Valern could remember. Asari being the species they were, and Tevos in particular as a politician, words had never failed his asari counterpart in the fifteen years that he had been on the Council.

"Is there any evidence that this might have been done by a physical weapon, instead of from King Vegeta directly?" Sparatus asked, turning to Valern.

Valern frowned and coughed a little. His health was starting to act up more frequently now. He was no longer a young man. He had just passed his forty-fifth year. For a salarian, this was a very respectable age, but the truth was that his time was coming to an end. Another year, maybe two and he was likely to be buried in his ancestral pond.

"No," he replied. "All STG reports show that there was not a single piece of artificial technology. Not on Khar'shan, not here on the Citadel when King Vegeta killed Jath'Amon and the pirate, not on any of the planets that the saiyans conquered in their war against their Hegemony."

"Massacre of the Hegemony," Sparatus butted in rudely, his tone bitter.

Valern looked to his turian counterpart. "Indeed. No, other than the ships, their clothes and armour and on the very few occasions, their communication devices that they call scouters, there was no evidence that these energy blasts came from anything other than the saiyans themselves. The STG conclusion is that these energy weapons are in actuality pure energy released directly from the saiyans bodies."

"My communications with Ambassador Gohan, as well as the demonstrations that he gave to us, support this conclusion," Tevos said.

Sparatus shot her a glare. "Yes, you seem to have had a number of 'communications' with Ambassador Gohan," he sneered.

The returning glare could have melted steel. "I don't know what you seem to be insinuating, Sparatus. All of my correspondence with the saiyan ambassador has been completely above board."

They continued to go back and forward while Valern ignored them, thinking about the options that had been presented to him. The Spectres had put in their recommendations, especially the concerningly vocal Saren Arterius. The STG had also had a few recommendations put forward. The most concerning ones had been in the private, hidden message that had been sent by the dalatrass.

"This bickering amongst ourselves gets us nowhere," he cut in, bringing the argument to a halt. "We need to talk about options."

"What can we do?" Sparatus grumped back. "They can destroy entire fleets, full planets and teleport anywhere they want. What can we possibly do to stop them taking over the whole galaxy?"

Valern looked at him. There was more to the turian's demeanour than just his usual upset nature that came up whenever the saiyans, and to a lesser extents the humans, were mentioned.

"There's something else," Valern said. It wasn't a question. The certainty in his voice made Tevos stare at the turian intensely.

A long moment passed before the turian gave a whistling sigh. "Something that came up from the First Contact War with the humans," he admitted grudgingly. "Quite a few of the survivors started to claim that the saiyans were the avatars of the Spirits. It led to a new religion in turian space that looked at the saiyans as deities. Similar to how the hanar view the protheans. It was fairly small, but when those who turned up claiming that they were supposed to be dead, those that had served on the ships of Desolas Arterius' fleet, the religion started to grow. It didn't help that deployment records clearly put those soldiers on the ships at the time. It was contained fairly well though because there were only several hundred of them. It was easy enough to write off as a group of soldiers going AWOL. The other explanation seemed far too… much."

Valern blinked. Soldiers being killed on deployment turning up alive? The implications for that were… troubling. Almost as troubling as the reports on saiyans transforming into giant ape-like creatures.

"You are saying that a growing number of turians are claiming these saiyans are gods, and have begun to worship them as a religion, so in response to this you have been capturing them and imprisoning them?" Tevos asked, her tone incredulous.

Sparatus clenched his mandibles. "It's been deemed the safest of all the options available to us by the primarch," he said stiffly.

"Funny," Tevos said, her tone now dripping in sarcasm. "When we upraised the turians to a Council position, we had thought that the turians were worthy of being the ones who could dispense justice. Now it turns out that the best you can do is bully those you think weaker than yourselves and imprison innocent people to hide an unpopular opinion."

"Don't you dare give me those accusations!" Sparatus barked furiously.

Valern withheld the temptation to roll his eyes at this growing argument of misplaced pride and anger. There were only so many times that it could be considered amusing before it became an actual annoyance. Besides, Valern couldn't exactly say that Tevos was wrong.

"There's more," he said, cutting into the conversation. The other two were completely quiet, their full attention on him. "I received a communication from the High Dalatrass. She is also concerned with the power and abilities of the saiyans. She has ordered our scientists to begin exploring options into another genophage, this one targeting the saiyans."

It was a bad idea in his own, rather experienced, opinion. The saiyans had the ability to destroy entire planets, teleport wherever they wanted, bypass any security or fleet that would attempt to stop them without so much as flinching, could somehow transform into giant creatures that were referred to as 'apes', and now seemed to be involved in somehow either restoring 'dead' soldiers to life, or hiding them in such a way that they were considered dead until they could be revealed.

He wouldn't admit it aloud as it could accidently reveal intelligence leaks, but the STG had already submitted confused reports of turian soldiers who had supposedly been on the fleet that had encountered the humans and saiyans at their colony of Shanxi having been discovered alive. The discrepancy had been noted and no obvious solution had been found, though the most likely option had been desertion before the battle, unlikely as such a large number of soldiers would have been discovered going AWOL, teleported out of the fleet somehow or, as one lone report suggested, raised from the dead.

"No!" Tevos barked, breaking into Valern's thoughts. "That would be horrendous and completely without cause."

"Without cause?" Sparatus rebutted angrily. "I think the fact that they blew up a planet might be considered cause."

"That is in line with the thinking of the dalatrass," Valern said quickly, cutting off their argument before it could gather any further intensity. "However, I am in personal disagreement with this idea."

His turian counterpart looked at him shrewdly. For all his bluster, Valern knew that Sparatus could tell when there was something else at play. "Elaborate, please."

Valern tilted his head slightly at his companions. "Think about it objectively for a minute. The Hegemony attacked the saiyans first, seeking to enslave their entire population in one attack. Not a border colony raid like they have done with our people, but their entire species. This puts the threat that the saiyans might have considered, regardless of their abilities," he said, cutting off Sparatus with a glare as the turian was about to interrupt, "into at least a justifiable response level.

"Then there is the abilities of the saiyans themselves," he continued. "Energy manipulation on a level that is beyond belief, teleportation, mind reading, uncharitable strength. The ability to destroy entire planets!" He shook his head. "If we use such an attack and the saiyans discover it, it would mean the likely extinction of my race, possibly both of yours along with us. Not to mention their alliance with the humans. Either of them might be able to come up with a cure to the genophage in a few years, before it would really have any chance to take effect.

"Finally, there are the deeds that the saiyans have performed. Rescuing the humans at Shanxi, their ability to woo and threaten the Citadel itself, not to mention the saving of billions of slaves, who have already started being returned to their homeworlds, except for the millions who have already stated that they will be seeking asylum in saiyan territory.

"No, my friends. I fear that when they find out, they will simply teleport to our worlds and destroy them like they did to Khar'shan, and teleport out of the system before they would be caught. And considering how much support they have from the average being out there for their gallant actions, the public would tear us apart before we had a chance to flee the Citadel. Even if we ever managed to get away, we would need to be in hiding for the rest of our lives in fear of the retribution of the masses."

A further silence filled the room as a look of dread covered both the asari and turian faces.

"Please tell me that this new genophage is only in consideration," Tevos said, a note of pleading in her voice.

Valern could only splay his hands in a salarian sign of uncertainty. "Unknown at this time. I am not even sure if the Dalatrass was able to obtain any blood samples from the saiyans. They are notoriously difficult to injure and they do not seek any medical attention on the Citadel. They haven't even turned in their medical records for the archives like the other races have. The most likely options are either use human DNA, which would be terrible as that would target both species and allow for them to both have an excuse to attack us when there is absolutely no justification to attack the humans at all, or to use hair and skin tissue samples from Ambassador Gohan which may have shed in his office."

Valern noticed that Tevos' jaw tightened at that, though if it was from the idea of raiding a diplomatic outpost without cause, the idea of attacking the humans, or the thought of Ambassador Gohan being targeted by the STG would remain a mystery to Valern, despite the rumours of her connection to the saiyan.

"Why are you telling us this?" Sparatus asked, his voice stiff. "If the odds of success are so low, why bother informing us?"

"Because it is only my guess that someone has been unable to create a genophage for the saiyans," Valern replied. "It is possible that someone under the dalatrass has been able to get the DNA that we would need to be able to synthesize a genophage for the saiyans.

He gave a whistling sigh. "Also, my time is coming that I will be stepping down from my position as Councillor," he admitted. "When that time comes over the next few months Linron will be taking over the salarian seat. He is in favour of using a genophage option against the saiyans."

Tevos shook her head. "This is disastrous," she declared bitterly. "The saiyans were attacked on their home world. They declared war against the batarians for doing it. They left all other Citadel species alone and even rescued billions of slaves and yet we are talking about punishing them for having the gall to protect themselves and their home. They may have gone too far when they did so but the fact remains that they could have done this at any point in time and yet have not. In my mind, this clearly shows that they don't want to conquer us. They are even supporting the Free Batarian government. I cannot in good conscience vote for the use, or even the production of a genophage weapon for the saiyan people."

Valern turned to Sparatus for his opinion. The turian gave a long whistle, indicating his conceding.

"I don't have the same ideas as to the validity for the saiyan's actions, but as we were complicit in allowing them to occur without interceding, we cannot completely condemn them," he said softly. "More importantly, if the Union produce this weapon and the saiyan's find out, I imagine that our continued existence would be measured in hours, not centuries or longer. We cannot hope to defend against saiyan retribution for such an attack. So the Hierarchy cannot recommend any such attack against the saiyans."

Valern nodded. He knew that his asari and turian counterparts were reasonable enough to not seek out this new genophage option. He just hoped that the dalatrass would be able to recognise this too.

"For the last time, no! Now get out!" Gohan finally snapped, sending the quarian representatives jumping up and running away as fast as they could, without looking too scared.

They had originally come asking him to consider helping them to reclaim their home world of Rannoch, which he had been extremely sympathetic towards. After all, Gohan knew the pains that many of the full-blooded saiyans had felt with the loss of planet Vegeta.

What he was less sympathetic to was the desire to wipe out the artificial life forms called geth. Having met many artificial life forms, even fighting against them in various tournaments throughout his life, Gohan could not fathom the desire to wipe out an entire civilisation whose only crime was to fight to protect their existence and had done nothing since then other than protecting themselves. That was something that Frieza would do. Granted, circumstances were different, but still.

Unfortunately, the quarian admirals were rather persistent. Gohan had offered to mediate a ceasefire between them but they would not budge on anything less than killing all the geth in the former quarian home world. Gohan had been holding them off them politely for more than two weeks since the end of the war between the Saiyan-Batarian Massacre, as it was being called by polite media, and the Extermination by less than polite media. However, his patience was wearing thin.

The quarian representatives were adamant that the only thing that would satisfy them was the complete and utter destruction of the geth. They saw the saiyans as their ticket to be able to achieve it. After all, if they could destroy a planet, a race of machines was easily within their reach.

They had tried flattery, bargaining, appealing to their similar lack of original home worlds. The only thing that they didn't do was sell themselves as slaves to the saiyans. Not that it would have worked if they had. King Vegeta was now the poster child for anti-slavery.

Nothing that they presented though could justify the extinction of the geth to Gohan. When he pointed out that he had met multiple artificial races, in multiple universes, the quarians had been horrified and had asked how the saiyans could just let AI races live. Gohan had pointed out that most of these races had no issue living in harmony with the other races in the universes. They refused to accept that, claiming over and over that AI would always rise up against organic races.

Gohan had finally had enough and had thrown out the quarians until they could accept that machine races had the right to exist. The whole thing had just worn on him until he grew annoyed at the sight of the suited aliens.

A beep on his desk drew a groan from him. "What?" he growled at the speaker.

"Sorry, Ambassador Gohan," his secretary said calmly. "There is a krogan here that is hoping to meet with you. Do you want to see him now or have him make an appointment?"

Gohan's surprise took him out of his dark quarian thoughts. A krogan? That was a new one. He had never had one come to his office in the entire time he had worked at the Citadel, though he had spoken with Vegeta to plan for the possibility. "What does he want?" he asked.

"Apparently something about looking for help for his people," came the reply. "He's even being polite enough to wait." A rumbling noise came in the background too quietly for the microphone to pick up. "He says it's because he knows not to piss off a person that can destroy a planet single-handed."

Gohan chuckled in amusement. "Sure, send him in." he sat back up in his chair, looking at the non-reinforced chair meant for visitors. Guess he's going to have to stand.

The door hissed open and an alien over seven feet tall walked in the door, wearing heavy armour. It gave a nod that was about as polite as a krogan was likely to get.

"Ambassador," he rumbled in greeting. "Thanks for making the time for me. The name's Wrex."

Gohan gave a small smile of amusement. "Thanks for asking nicely," he replied. "So what can I do for a krogan mercenary today?"

The eye of the krogan twitched slightly but other than a huff there was no real reaction.

"I came to congratulate you," he said. "You managed to get the whole galaxy scared of you in a way that the krogans at the height of the rebellion could only dream."

"That wasn't exactly the intention," Gohan cut in dryly. "Though we knew that once people knew what we were capable of then it was likely to happen."

"Yeah, you got 'em real scared," Wrex said. "We got 'em real scared too. You know what happened when they got real scared of us? They made the genophage."

"Ah," Gohan exclaimed softly in understanding. "So not just a congratulations but a warning. A pre-empting that the Council may try to make a version of the genophage tailored to saiyans, leading us to be at risk of extinction through lack of breeding. That about right?"

The krogan grunted. "Pretty much."

"And you, a concerned citizen, just came by to give me this warning out of the goodness of your heart?"

Wrex grunted again, but this time stayed quiet.

Gohan looked at him for a long moment. "Well, I thank you for the warning. But you don't need to worry about us. If the Council decide to use such a weapon against us, I suspect it would take…" he paused as he considered how long it would take to find and gather the remaining dragon balls, "twenty minutes? Maybe less, to be completely cured of such a virus."

The krogan went unnaturally still. "You what?"

"Oh yes," Gohan said, baiting the hook further. "For us it would take nearly no effort at all to be free from any negative attack such as the genophage."

The large alien stared at him with an intensity that made Gohan think that if the krogan had ki then he would be shooting beams out of his eyes. "You can cure the genophage?"

"Most certainly," Gohan said easily.

"Could you cure ours?"

Gohan smiled internally, but kept his face blank. "I have no doubt that we could, but why would we? What would we get from doing so?"

The krogan started to pace around the room, clearly agitated. "My people need that cure. You don't realise how badly we have been affected by it. Once we had a culture, we had lives to be proud of. Now we are reduced to animals, fighting over the scraps that are left on our planet. You haven't seen the mountains of dead children that never got to have their first breath, or heard the wailing of the mothers over their loss. My people are dying. How can you ignore that?!" he was snarling at Gohan at the end.

Gohan merely raised his hand and flicked Wrex on the head plate with a finger. The krogan flew back and smashed into the wall behind him. "Don't be rude in my office," Gohan said sternly.

Wrex slowly stood back up and put a giant hand to his head. "Ouch," he muttered as he shook out the pain that the flick had caused.

Gohan stepped forward and ignored the fact that Wrex looked at him far more warily than he had at the start. "There are some very valid reasons that we have not done anything about the genophage," Gohan said. "The first being that as you said, your people are animals. Until now we have not meet one we would have considered able to lead your people to a better way of life. You are the first that has told us that you can see what the problem is and the first that makes me think that you can do better, that you can make your people better.

"The second reason," Gohan continued with a small smile, "is that no one asked us to. But now, I think it is possible that both those reasons might no longer apply."

Wrex stared at him for a long moment. "Wait, you want me to lead the krogan? And if I do, you'd cure the genophage?"

Gohan smirked. At least the scarred krogan in front of him was smart enough to pick things up. It made him more sure of what he was about to do. Luckily, his conversations about this with Vegeta would let him do it without complaints. After all, when it came to this, Vegeta was disgusted that any race was being slowly forced to die out, but ultimately didn't care about the krogan enough either way. Besides, the saiyans were around to keep the krogan in check if they got ideas of conquest again.

"I am saying that we can cure the krogan," Gohan confirmed. "But if we do, then it will be up to you to lead them, to help them get that culture back in such a way that they become something more than animals."

Wrex stood there thinking for a long moment. "Fine," he growled. "I can whip 'em into shape. It ain't gonna be easy though. Or quick."

Gohan smirked. "Don't worry. We saiyans wouldn't expect you to do something like this without giving you the tools to do it first. So you are going to spend some time here every day as we unlock your ki, then you can go train on Mindoir for a while before we set you loose on Tuchanka."

The krogan gaped at him. "You're gonna give me your powers?" he asked incredulously.

Gohan shook his head. "Every being in the universe has the potential to use ki, but the difficulty lies in unlocking it. Saiyans have the advantage of being able to access it instinctively."

Gohan glared at the krogan and released some of his ki, enough for the krogan to be pushed back into the wall unwillingly. "But don't mistake our generosity. I will teach you to unlock this power, but if you teach it to your people before we decide that they are ready to learn it, we will not allow it to go further. We have fought far too many people who thought they could use ki to dominate the universe for their own selfish ends. We will not let the krogan do the same."

He increased the amount of ki released, sparks dancing across his skin as the krogan got pushed further into the wall, making the metal structure creak. "After all, I don't think you want a repeat of what happened to Khar'shan to happen to Tuchanka, do you?"

It was an empty threat. Gohan knew that if the krogan ever started to try take over the galaxy using ki, the saiyans would be able to stop it before they could go too far. Still, it was a threat that the krogan in front of him would believe, after the 'Batarian Massacre'.

"No! I won't tell them nothing!" Wrex grunted out. "I wouldn't want someone stupid enough to try destroy us all to have this power. You have my word!"

Gohan cut off his ki, letting the krogan slump to the floor with a groan. "Good. Now let us begin."

Trunks exited his ship and immediately had to scrunch up his nose at the smell. He really should have tried harder to get Pan to make this trip.

The aliens in the loading dock stared at him in awe and no small amount of fear as he made his way through the dirty corridors, following the path to a used air speeder stand, manned by a turian in blue and white armour. The alien stared at him with a look of mild panic and hastily input the destination asked of him. The door hissed shut, thankfully cutting off the smells of Omega.

The turian didn't even charge him.

He made his way through the sky to the club where his appointment was to take place. Honestly the whole place just depressed him, as he looked out the window at the station going by. It was filthy, there were mercenaries everywhere and people digging out of bins or rummaging through piles of trash. Nothing about this place made him feel like anyone was enjoying living there.

He knew that he could have just flown there on his own but taking the air speeder there was convenient when he wasn't really sure which way to go. That and it was a good excuse to get away from the smell of old garbage and stale air.

The speeder landed in view of the club's entrance, the giant sign displaying the name Afterlife in neon orange. He huffed at the sole display of wealth he had seen on this rock and the bland beat that was audible from his standpoint in the street. It was the same sort of generic bass heavy music that could be found in any second-rate night club on any planet that Trunks had seen in his younger days.

He moved past the crowd and walked straight in, not even paying attention to the guards, a turian and an elcor, who were managing the crowd lining up to get in."

"Affirmative objection: you can't just walk in without being checked first, human!" the elcor called out behind him as he made his way inside.

"Psst, shut it! That is the saiyan prince that just walked in," the turian hissed at him. "Don't annoy him!" The volume of the crowd at the door noticeably dropped after that as Trunks smirked to himself and headed further into the club. Having a reputation wasn't half bad in a place like this. Even if it stank too much for extended visits.

The inner door hissed open to the dimly lit and overly noisy dance floor. Trunks paused to look around at the packed room of aliens, the majority being turians and batarians, with several asari dancers scattered around on tables and platforms, twisting and gyrating for whoever was watching.

He made his way through the nightclub patrons to the stairs visible at the far end of the club, where a lone turian guard was standing watch with an assault rifle in his arms, ready to use at a moment's notice.

He walked straight up to the armoured alien. "Tell Aria that Prince Trunks from the Saiyan Kingdom is coming up to see her immediately," he ordered. He had gotten used to being able to order others about since the rebirth of the saiyan people. Before that, he had never really felt like a prince because there was no one to be the prince of. Once the saiyans had been brought back to life, they showed a much greater amount of deferment to him and Vegeta had taken him under his wing to show him what it meant to be a saiyan prince. Luckily, he was physically strong enough to be able to do the job and keep the respect of his people. They were still a warrior race, after all.

The turian stiffened and his hands clenched on his rifle. Before the armoured merc could even blink, Trunks and phased in front of him and crushed to barrel with one hand. "Try do anything other than pass on my message and I will find someone else whose head hasn't been disintegrated to pass it on," he growled at the merc.

The turian could have double as a bobble-head doll with how rapidly he nodded. He put a hand to his ear even as Trunks walked past him up the stairs.

The door ahead of him hissed open and the volume of the music dropped drastically the moment he stepped inside the room. To the left were a small group of tables where some unknown people were sitting down talking and drinking. To the right were some stairs, at the top of which were four armed batarians and an asari with black pants and a white jacket looking out over the club floor through a large window.

"That's close enough," the asari ordered when he reached the landing. Instantly the four batarians aimed their pistols at him, clearly trying to intimidate him.

Trunks smirked at them openly for a second, then, faster than their eyes could follow, let out four tiny ki blasts that destroyed the weapons being aimed at him and unrepentantly damaged the hands holding them.

"It's enough when I say it's enough," he countered, taking a step past the four guards who were all now hunched over, holding their mutilated hands.

The asari had turned around sharply at the sound of explosions, her body flaring blue with the glow of her biotics. Trunks just smirked at her. "Turn it down before you hurt yourself." He took a seat on the long lounge without waiting her invitation.

She snarled at him for a moment before the glow died down and she sat heavily on the couch, her arms and legs crossed angrily.

"So, what does the great king of the saiyans want in my Omega?" she demanded sarcastically.

Trunks just looked at her impassively, unimpressed at the disrespect and bravado that could only come from someone who thought they were top of the food chain and had no respect to give the rest of the universe. "Congratulations," he said drily. "You have proven that your intelligence doesn't match your ego. How much do you think you could do stop me if I decided that you are being rude and want to take it over right now?"

She grit her teeth but didn't reply. Clearly, she knew just as well as he did that anything she did would be completely ineffective. He was almost disappointed.

He looked out over the tables below where the aliens were trying to not be too obvious in the fact that they were attempting to stare up at him and Aria. Stickybeaks existed in every race, he supposed.

"So why has a saiyan prince come to Omega?" she tried again, her voice strained.

"To give you a message," Trunk said, looking at her angry face. "Slavery has been destroyed in batarian space. Now it's time for the Terminus systems. Starting at Omega. You get rid of slavery here, or we will."

"WHAT?" she shrieked. "How do you expect me to be able to…"

Don't care," Trunks said. "But we are not unreasonable. You have a year to stop and release all slave on Omega. If it is not done by then, we are taking over management of Omega. This is your warning."

"So that's it?" she bit out. "You come here and make me a puppet to your will?"

"Nope," he said, standing up. "Just enforcing what is already galactic law. You can leave and go anywhere at any time. You can do anything else on Omega except slavery. But if you don't stop slavery here, then we will simply conquer it. I can't guarantee your survival in that situation."

He pulsed his ki and the window smashed, the safety glass being flung out over the dance floor below, and the batarian guards were thrown down the stairs. Aria slid further along the couch in an undignified heap.

"Just in case you get the idea that you have a chance to stop me, that was less than a thousandth of a percent of my power," he said conversationally as she stared at him in fear and disbelief. "I could sneeze and it would have more power than everyone on this space station combined. Understood?"

Her face twisted and it looked like she was forcing herself from snapping and attacking him, to his amusement. He knew he had pushed her pretty hard in this meeting and going by her reputation he wouldn't have been surprised if she finally attacked him. "Fine!" she barked eventually.

"Good," he said, a condescending smile on his face as he looked down at her. "Remember, one year starting now. Clock's ticking." With that, he put two fingers to his head and teleported out.

A bare-face turian stared at the screens in front of him, a snarl escaping through his mandibles. The disgusting apes had just destroyed a whole planet and conquered the Hegemony in month, and the Council was doing nothing. The Hierarchy was doing nothing!

The aliens that had killed his brother and brought shame to the Arterius family, which led the Hierarchy to strip Saren of his right to wear face paint, were being celebrated. And it made him sick to his stomach.

He would rise. The Spectres would give him the ability to act freely and then he could act and show the whole galaxy that the saiyans and their human pets were a threat to the whole galaxy. One that needed to be taken care of permanently. They would see. They would all see.

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