Chapter 1: The Wrong Side

AN: I came up with this idea after seeing Civil War and wrote things down and forgot about it. Spiderman homecoming, and the fact the teacher was telling them about the Accords brought it all back. Also in this Tony still owns the tower, but just uses it for his company not the Avengers anymore. That's what the move was. I am not on Cap's side or Iron Man's. I just want the Avengers to be together and happy again. I know that's a totally unrealistic expectation but hey, that's what fanfiction is for. Also not a Stony fic, sorry. I just don't ship them.

October 15, 2016

Midtown School of Science and Engineering

Midtown, NY

Peter Parker sat in the back of his history class trying not to fall asleep. Since getting back his suit from Mr. Stark earlier that month and Aunt May finding out he'd been grounded from patrol for at least a week. That left a lot of time to make up for. His patrol of Queens and Midtown last night was longer than usual because of that.

The teacher continued droning on about civil rights and liberties in review for their first test of the year. Then he stopped writing on the board and turned around to face the class. "Who can give me some examples of cases concerning civil liberties?"

He looked at Michelle sketching him at the front of the class. She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "Would you like to answer Michelle?"

"Roe Vs. Wade," she said in a bored tone. "You done now?"

The teacher sighed. "Yes."

He continued to call on people until he reached the quarterback, DJ, and school bully Eugene 'Flash' Thompson. Most the time you couldn't depend on him to know the answer for the weather. But Flash stood up seriously as he answered trying to make it seem like he had the best answer of all. "The Sokovia Accords and the Superhero Civil War."

Peter sat up suddenly as Ned looked at him. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah," Peter said distracted as he focused on Flash and the teacher's response. He raised his hand as well until he was called on. "Wasn't that just a new law? It was approved of by the UN and not taken to court. Captain America and the others broke it. So Ironman was right to hunt them down."

Protests broke out and Michelle snorted loudly making Peter surprised. The teacher looked at Peter curiously. "He did break the law. But was the law constitutional? Or did it take away a person's civil liberties and rights?"



Shouts rang out from all across the classroom as Peter looked around in confusion. The teacher watched for a little bit as the teens argued. Then he held up his hands for quiet. "Obviously this merits for some discussion. Those for the Accords stand on that side of the classroom. Those against it stand opposite. If you're unsure move to the back."

So sure of himself and his decision to help Ironman before Peter suddenly felt queasy. Why had he even been in Germany? Mr. Stark and Happy had never really explained much except Captain America had broken the law and freed the Winter Soldier. But then why was there so much argument about this?

Majority of the others seemed unsure as well and walked towards the back of the classroom. The rest split almost evenly to both sides of the classroom. Peter was unsurprised to see Michelle against the accords and Flash for it. Ned stayed next to him seeming unsure as well. But surprisingly many other people Peter never would have thought would even think about breaking rules joined Michelle on the side against the accords.

The teacher didn't seemed as surprised as Peter. "Begin discussing. Put together your arguments for a debate and elect a speaker. Those pro-accords will speak first."

The classroom broke out into noise again and Peter felt nauseous. Why did this all feel wrong? As the first speaker stood up Peter felt the pit in his stomach get wider. "Sokovia, and all the other recent events prove that the Avenger's and other superheroes need to be controlled. The government should be in charge of their moves and when they are sent into fight. Otherwise people could get hurt. Like at the Staten Ferry. With Spiderman."

Peter felt all the blood leave his face as Ned kicked him under the table. He glared annoyed at his friend as the shame burst inside himself.

Michelle then stepped forward for the other side. "Yes, the Staten-Ferry was a horrible mistake. But Spider-Man wasn't sent to save us by the Government at the Washington Monument. Several of us would be dead if he hadn't been there. He stopped some thugs from cornering a girl I know in the alley and he's saved so many other people. The question is are you preventing them from saving lives by restraining them until the Government can get their heads out of their a#$es?"

Peter looked out the window towards what was now again Stark Tower (not Avenger's). Just when he though Spider-man was important again, someone other's trusted he felt used and confused. His role as Spider-Man had been almost a lie since he got on the plane to Berlin. Was it even him in that suit or was Mr. Stark the one controlling it all?

Later that night Spiderman landed on the roof of Stark Tower. KAREN had assured him that Mr. Stark was in there from some scans. Now he just needed to talk to him. He located the door and tried to enter. An alarm started beeping loudly and Peter cringed from the noise as he flipped back in surprise. He growled and tried to open the door again.

Inside his lab Tony Stark was fiddling with some equipment. R & D had called him in to look at some stuff and since Pepper was away for a meeting and Rhodey for some therapy Tony happily left the facility. He stopped with his screwdriver when F.R.I.D.A.Y's voice spoke up. "Sir, there's someone trying to enter the tower on the roof."

"Activate defenses," Tony said distractedly.

"It's Spider-Man sir," Friday said. "Activate Defenses."

Tony stood up and waved his arms. "No! No! Stupid AI, do I need to check your programming?"

"No sir," F.R.I.D.A.Y replied. "I don't sense any glitches."

Tony sighed and put down his work. "I'll go take care of the things on the roof. Then we'll go over the proper protocols for when to activate those defenses."

On the roof Peter was still unsuccessful at getting inside. It was the Damage Control Facility all over again. He grunted and ran at the door again. It opened as he ran and Tony walked out. Peter jumped and ended up sticking to the wall. Now sideways he pulled off his mask. "Mr. Stark?"

"Again, it's Tony." The billionaire smirked, "And isn't it past your bedtime Spider-boy?"

Peter scowled. "Spider-Man. I was patrolling."

"Take a joke kid and laugh a little. Now why were you trying to break into my tower? You're supposed to call Happy when you need something."

"I needed to talk. To you," Peter said stubbornly.

"We are," Tony pointed out dryly.

"I'm serious!" Peter shouting his voice cracked a little, whether from emotion or something else he was unsure. "I need to talk to you. And I need the truth."

Tony frowned. The kid was obviously upset and probably at him, but he had no clue why. They'd worked everything out after the Vulture. The kid had his suit back, Tony was happy with him and all that junk. There was no reason Peter should be upset at him now.

Peter seemed to notice his confusion and stopped pacing on the walls. He jumped to the floor landing in a crouch. As he stood up his face was angry. He was furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at Tony. "We talked about the Accords today in school."

Tony raised an eyebrow unsure why that mattered. Peter continued. "I realized I didn't know anything about them."

"So now you do," Tony told him. "Isn't that what school's for? That college offer still stands by the way."

"I don't want it. I only want you to listen," Peter said taking a long breath and a pause. "I understand why you didn't tell me about them before we fought in Germany. I was confused before why you didn't tell me anything and let me just go in blind. But now I know. It was a tactic. You did it so I wouldn't realize I was fighting for the wrong side."

Tony frowned. "What's that mean? Of course you were on the right side."

"No to me," Peter said. His face was contorted with disappointment in the man he idolized as well as fear and anger. "The first time we talked I told you that I believe in helping people because I can. You heard that and realized I wouldn't agree to help you if I knew what it was for. You tricked me."


"No," Peter protested. "You don't get to talk even if you're the adult and you think you know better. I might be a kid but I know what I think is right. I know what I believe in. And if I pursue that belief by helping people as an illegal vigilante shouldn't I be arrested according to the accords too?"

Tony scoffed. "What? No! You're just a kid."

"You still let me fight for your side. And I'm still breaking the law now by saving people and helping them though the Government didn't assign me too. I agree with Cap. If we can help people we go do it. No matter what the Government says."

"It's not that black and white," Tony started.

"It can be," Peter said hopefully.

"No. It can't."

Peter frowned and pulled on his mask. "Fine. I guess this is what they mean by saying never meet your heroes. And I thought that wasn't true, cause I've known you for months now. But Cap was my hero too. All the Avengers were. They were everyone's. But I'm not really sure what type of heroes, what type of team, fights each other. I'm definitely never joining now. And now that I know I don't need the suit you can have it back. I don't want you tracking me, or monitoring me or even talking to me again."

"That's all disabled," Tony said slowly unsure of what was happening.

"Thanks then. But I'm still not talking to you," Peter said turning around. He took off in a run still wearing the suit and jumping off the roof.

Tony suddenly unfroze and ran forward. "Kid, wait!"

But Peter was too long gone. Tony was left in the cold October air with the sound of New York as he stood on the rooftop wondering what he had done wrong again.