Meanwhile with the boys...

"Oh, Hercules, you're the best!" Iolaus said in a mocking tone. "How can we ever repay you? How can we ever-"

"Here," Hercules smirked as he gave him the fish. "Have a fish!"

The smell from the fish began to make Iolaus gag.

Hercules chuckled to this until he looked up to a tree up high from them as leaves seemed to fall from it. He soon saw who was in the tree.

"More fools to rob!" A masked man smirked as he drew out his sword. "HA!"

"Stand back, kid," Chris told Atticus. "I'll help Hercules with this one."

More masked men then appeared and lunged out from the trees while Hercules wasn't afraid in the slightest and neither was Atticus, though he was a bit surprised. Chris was about to punch the masked man that was facing Atticus. Atticus took the man's sword and bent it into a loop to show how strong he was. And where this shocked the man and impressed Hercules as he joined his side. Iolaus stood there until he then whacked one bad guy with the fish.

After a while, Hercules, Atticus, and Chris defeated the masked men.

"Well, looks like I saved the day." Chris smirked.

"We all did it." Atticus glared.

"What's next?" Drell shrugged. "Satyr attacks?"

They then walked off after the victory.

Meanwhile with the girls...

Darla held a picture of a black-haired woman which was of Xena as they looked for the warrior princess. They soon heard something going on in a bar which gave Darla an idea that Xena would be there. A monster man soon towered over them and roared.

"Two words: Breath Mints." Cherry deadpanned.

"Totally." Mo said.

The monster snarled.

"Who goes there?" The black-haired woman asked as she appeared.

"Xena..." Darla whispered in awestruck.

"Uh, hello," Mo greeted. "We're looking for someone named Xena."

"I am Xena." The black-haired woman replied.

A blonde woman in a green dress came beside her. "Intruders?"

"No, we come in peace." Cherry replied.

"And one of us is a fan of you." Mo told Xena.

"Is that right?" Xena asked the girls.

"H-H-Hi..." Darla smiled nervously to the warrior princess.

"Aw! She's so adorable." The blonde girl smiled.

"Thank you." Darla smiled back bashfully.

"She is rather cute, Gabrielle." Xena had to agree with her friend.

'Is this really happening?' Darla thought to herself.

"I guess you can all come in, but you better not be up to no good." Xena scolded.

"Oh, no, ma'am," Darla shook her head. "I'm a good girl. My parents say so."

"We won't cause trouble." Mo added.

"See that you don't." Xena replied sharply.

"She kinda reminds me of Wonder Woman." Mo commented about the warrior princess.

They were soon in the bar. There seemed to be monster men inside the bar, laughing loudly and having a good time together.

"Wow." Mo said.

"You talkin' to me?" Xena asked one monster who said 'baby'.

The other monsters gasped nervously like that was a crime and they soon escaped.

"Why don't you and your little friend give yourselves a thrill?" One monster chuckled.

"Oh, he does not realize the danger he is in right now." Darla said.

"Thanks, don't mind if we do." Xena smirked.

The monster chuckled and winked to his friend.

"Come on, Gabrielle." Xena told her friend.

"The guy's asked for it." Gabrielle rolled her eyes with a smirk.

"Yep." Darla replied.

"We've had our eyes on you for quite sometime." The monster smirked to the warrior princess.

"I've had my eyes on you too." Xena replied.

'This should be entertaining.' Mo thought to herself.

"I wouldn't notice such handsome, distinguished satyrs with such a large bag of gold..." Xena smirked as she stroked the money bag on the table.

The satyrs laughed until a monster reached out for one of the girls.

'If these guys aren't careful, they'll get hurt.' Cherry thought to herself.

"Knock it off, Hairball!" Gabrielle glared as a monster grabbed her and she threw a goblet in his face filled with wine.

'And trouble has started.' Mo thought to herself.

"This gold," Xena smirked. "It didn't by any chance come from the purses of the travelers on the way to court, did it?"

'Ooh, they're in trouble.' Darla thought to herself.

Cherry and Mo seemed to giggle as Darla watched what was going to happen next.

"What if it did?" The satyr asked Xena.

"Well, if it did, I'd just have to..." Xena began before she took the money bag and whacked him with it.

'Ooh.' Darla thought to herself as she winced with a smile.

"Awesome." Cherry smirked.

The satyrs soon stood up to go against Xena and Gabrielle.

"Stay close, girls." Xena warned as she brought out a golden discus.

"You don't have to tell us twice." Darla said.

Xena soon used her discus which hit one satyr before cutting against a wooden post and hit the other two satyrs on the head before they came underneath a chandelier which dropped on them after being cut by the discus by the rope. The warrior princess soon jumped back down and caught her discus in her hand.

"So cool." Darla smiled.

"Bravo." A male voice complimented.

"Ares." Xena greeted the source of the voice which was the God of War.

"He doesn't look so tough." Mo said.

"Oh, Xena, I love watching you work." Ares smirked to the warrior princess.

"Thanks, but the mighty god of war doesn't come down from Mount Olympus to die like this just to watch the floorshow." Xena told Ares.

"So, why are you here?" Cherry asked Ares.

"Well, you see, I have a favor to ask from Xena." Ares told her.

"As usual, my answer is no." Xena glared at him.

"Oh, but it concerns your friend, Hercules." Ares told the warrior princess.

"What about him?" Cherry asked.

"Who are you, her secretary?" Ares scoffed to Cherry for being nosy.

"Just curious." Cherry smirked.

"Hercules, my friend?" Xena asked Ares. "Don't you mean your brother?"

"Half-brother." Ares told her.

Cherry smirked with Xena. "Now this is a princess I like."

"So, what about him?" Mo asked Ares.

"I just thought you should know, he's in grave danger," Ares told Xena. "He's on his way to Thebes."

"Oh, don't worry," Darla assured him. "My big brother is with him."

"But isn't Thebes where Hercules's mother lives?" Gabrielle asked out of concern.

"Yes, but he and this big brother of yours, Blondie, must never get there," Ares said as he touched Xena's raven hair. "It's leading them to a trap, and Xena, only you can help him."

Xena glared as Ares was right behind him and she shook her head in disgust of him touching her like that.

"Aw, come on, what's the worst that could happen?" Cherry scoffed. "Besides, Ares, I thought you and Hercules didn't get along?"

"Yeah, same here." Mo agreed.

"They have a point," Xena said as she sat in a backwards chair while looking to the god of war. "Since when do you care about him?"

"You know what they say," Ares shrugged as he sipped his chalice to drink out of. "Blood is thicker than nectar."

"Who says that?" Mo asked.

"I do." Ares smirked innocently.

"This is one of your tricks." Xena glared at the god.

"Xena, frankly I'm offended." Ares frowned.

"NO!" Xena yelled and soon threw her chair against the wall. "You gods sit up there on Mount Olympus, thinking you can play with us mortals like we're toys! Well, I'm no toy!" she then kicked the table against Ares as he sipped his drink only for him to choke from the pressure.

"Sorry, but she's not buying your trick." Darla said.

"You got that?" Xena glared to Ares as Gabrielle held her back.

"I-It was nice talking to you, we gotta go," Gabrielle nervously told Ares as she walked out the door with Xena. "Come on, guys."

"Alright." Darla agreed.

"See ya, Ares." Cherry told the god of war on the way out.

"Don't you think that he might be telling the truth for a change?" Gabrielle asked Xena about Ares's story.

"I might not know Ares very well, but he doesn't look like the honest type of guy." Darla said.

"I'm not fond of him myself." Xena huffed about Ares.

"I say we don't believe him." Mo said.

"Sorry..." Gabrielle bowed her head.'

"Ares has tried everything to bring me back to his world of destruction," Xena told her and the others as she took a vine before swinging on it. "Threatened me... Tempted me... Framed me for a crime I didn't commit, so now he's trying that sincere butch... If Ares doesn't want Hercules in Thebes, that is probably the best place for Hercules to be."

"She's right." Cherry nodded.

The girls soon followed Xena.

"She's incredible," Darla smiled in admiration for the warrior princess. "I think I wanna be just like her when I grow up."

Meanwhile with Atticus and the others...

"Sure is warm today..." Atticus said as he felt his sweaty forehead against the hot and simmering sun.

"You're telling me." Iolaus replied as he did the same thing while pushing on the plow while Hercules was the one pulling it.

Hercules pulled with no trouble, but of course, Iolaus had trouble.

"Phew!" Ialoaus wiped his forehead. "This is hard work."

"What're you complaining about?" Hercules scoffed to him. "I'm the horse."

"I sure can't wait for your mother to be finished frying up that fish." Chris said.

"Mmm... Fish..." Drell smiled. "I sure like me some fish."

"That explains why you smell like it..." Atticus mumbled.

"How long do you think it'll take for her to fry up the fish?" Chris asked Hercules.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Mother will-" Hercules was about to say until a strong gust of wind overcast them all.

"What is it?" Iolaus asked. "What's wrong?"

"Something's coming." Atticus said.

There were soon dark clouds which started a storm. A golden light shined down and soon came a man with a pegasus-drawn carriage.

"That's Zeus." Drell said.

"Is this Zeus nice?" Atticus hoped before he soon saw where the god was headed.

"Zeus!" Hercules even gasped.

A woman stepped outside of her home as Zeus was soon flying toward it.

"Mother, look out!" Hercules cried out as he then went to go save her.

"I'm gonna go with that this world's Zeus isn't good." Atticus said.

"Heh... Well, um, not really..." Drell replied nervously. "I'm sorry, Atticus, I didn't wanna break it to you with my words, but let's just say the one who gave you your strength is the nicest ruler of Mount Olympus in all the universes."

"Whoa." Atticus said.

Zeus held out his hand for the woman as she stared blankly up at him.

"Mother!" Hercules cried out as he ran toward his mother.

Zeus soon landed his carriage and brought Alcmene to join him. Atticus soon joined Hercules to help him save Alcmene.

"Atticus, wait!" Drell called out.

Zeus smirked toward Hercules as he took a hold of Aclmene and soon went off with her with the pegasi.

"Any reason why you want him to stop?" Chris smirked at Drell.

"Shut up, you," Drell glared. "We just have to be lucky that the Chronos Stone doesn't come into play yet, it might even effect Atticus, but I don't know myself for sure since he wasn't born the way he is now."

"Well, I might as well include myself in stopping Zeus." Chris said.

"Like you think you can do better?" Drell deadpanned. "You're so competitive, just like your hardheaded daughter."

Chris simply glared at Drell before running off towards Zeus. Drell's eyes slowly became wide as Chris went after Zeus. Hercules and Atticus soon both jumped up and grabbed a hold of the winged horses. Chris soon jumped up and got a hold of both horses as he used them to help him up.

"Don't. Stop. Come back." Drell deadpanned in a Willy Wonka fashion.

Zeus and Alcmene both looked alarmed over what was happening. The winged horses started going down.

"Oh, Gandalf..." Drell muttered.

Zeus soon brought out a few lightning bolts.

"No!" Aclmene cried out.

Zeus then threw the lightning bolts at Hercules, Chris, and Atticus. The lightning bolts hit all three of them and where it made two of them fall.

"Ooh, that's gotta leave a mark." Drell winced on the impact.

Atticus seemed to be the only one to not fall off until he got off the winged horse he was on so he could soften Chris and Hercules's falls.

"How did you not get hit?!" Chris glared at Atticus.

"I did, but I'm invulnerable." Atticus said.

Chris growled to him in jealousy and anger.

"Thanks for the soft landing." Hercules smiled to Atticus.

"Well, you're really welcome, Hercules," Atticus smiled to him before glaring to Chris in emphasis. "Great manners... Hercules!"

"Thanks for the soft landing." Chris glared back.

Atticus just rolled his eyes at Chris, he seemed worse than Cassandra.

Soon enough, the clouds broke back apart as Zeus made it back to Mount Olympus with Alceme.

"This can't be happening." Atticus said.

"I was trying to tell you," Drell replied. "Not even you can stop Zeus."

What happened to Alcemne caused Hercules to have a breakdown.

"MOTHER!" Hercules yelled out as lightning flashed.

"Hercules, calm down." Iolaus told his friend.

"Hercules, I promise you we will rescue your mother." Atticus promised him.

"Why didn't you help her?!" Hercules glared at Atticus. "You phased through lightning!"

"I'm sorry," Atticus said. "I wasn't thinking clearly."

"I can't believe that Zeus has my mother." Hercules glowered.

"Zeus?" Iolaus asked. "Um, are you sure he kidnapped her?"

"Yes, he did." Atticus said.

"Didn't you see it?" Hercules asked Ialous.

Iolaus shrugged in response. "Well, it's not like she put up much of a fight."

"Iolaus, you might want to think before you say things like that." Drell said.

"Too late." Atticus replied.

Hercules soon grabbed a hold of Iolaus and crashed him against the wall. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!"

"Nothing, I-I mean," Iolaus replied nervously. "I know how you feel about Zeus, after all, he's your father."

"Please don't remind him." Drell said.

Iolaus shivered nervously of his friend's brute strength and rage.

"Okay, don't go crazy," Atticus told Hercules. "You might kill him."

"Why shouldn't he?" Chris asked.

"Chris!" Drell gaped at him.

"Hey, you killed your secretary when you warned Sabrina that meddling in mortal's lives could make terrible things happen." Chris smirked.

"I-I didn't kill her," Drell smiled nervously as that was an accident to just scare Sabrina into learning the rules of the Netherworld. "Sh-She just got scared because I was mad."

"Uh-huh," Chris smirked. "Sure."

"Sorry..." Hercules said softly to Iolaus and Atticus.

"Where you going now?" Iolaus asked him.

"To bring her back." Hercules said as he walked off, looking up at Mount Olympus.

"We're coming with you." Atticus said as he walked with him.

"Hmm... You sure?" Hercules asked.

"Yep, these muscles are more than just for show as you've already seen what I did to that man's sword." Atticus said.

"Well, that's true," Hercules replied. "All right, come along."

And with that, they soon went off all together.

"So, you killed someone?" Atticus asked.

"Yes, but it was an accident." Drell promised as he felt guilty about that.

"I can tell by how guilty you look." Atticus said.

"Yeah, I was trying to scare Sabrina straight, but I didn't mean to actually kill Margie..." Drell replied.

"Well, I forgive you, I can tell you're sorry." Atticus patted his hand in sympathy.

"Oh, trust me, I am." Drell said.