Nexo Knights Fan Fiction - 001 - Crushing Hard

Cilice raised her hand.

"Great!" the teacher said, clapping her hands together. "You'll be our first volunteer! Now we need a male volunteer, Cilice you can get changed." She said. Cilice nods and walks off to the changing rooms. A few minutes later, Cilice emerges from the changing rooms wearing a purple suit of armor.

"You go girl." Aaron yells. Cilice blushes slightly and smiles towards him and his friends, a tall buff boy and a tanned blonde boy. She looked around to see who her opponent was. There standing right in front of her a boy, with blue armor. She looked up at this boy's face, her eyes widened. It was Clay Moorington. Cilice had to fight the boy she was obsessed with. She swallowed hard and clenched her fists.

"Now students," Cilice and Clay turned around to face their teacher. "Go to the East Wall and pick your starter weapons." The teacher said. Cilice and Clay silently walked to the wall, Cilice picked a gray whip while Clay picked a sliver shining sword.

"Now students please do not take this little training exercise personally. Ready both of you?" The teacher asks. Cilice and Clay both nodd. "Alright then. Three, two, one, fight!"

Cilice and Clay stand on opposite sides of the arena. They stand there awkwardly for a few seconds before Clay's face goes blank. He scowls, and starts sprinting towards Cilice. Cilice jumps and dodges Clay. She starts sprinting away, she turns her body mid-sprint and rams into Clay with her whip.

He spins out of control for a while until steadying himself. They stand face to face for a while. Cilice scowls and Clay does as well. Cilice starts backing away planning her attack.

Suddenly Clay sprints towards her, he puts the sword to her whip, cutting it clean in half. He gets close to her face.

"Sorry Cilice, but I need to pass this class." He hit Cilice strait in the stomach and she spun backwards.

She caught herself just in time, and ran towards Clay at just the right second to catch him off guard. Cilice was enraged now, ran behind Clay and kicked him right in the back. She spun him around and onto his back. Cilice now had one foot on his chest, like one of those superhero poses. The teacher blew her whistle.

"Fight over!" she called. Cilice took her foot off of Clay; she blushed and rubbed her arm. Cilice held her hand out for Clay. He took it, Cilice was shocked. He stood up, a good few inches taller that Cilice. He smiles and congratulated her for winning, then walked off to change out of his armor. Cilice stood there stunned.

"Great job Ci!" Aaron screamed, his hands cupped around his mouth. The tall boy claps his hands slowly, the blonde one whistles. Cilice smiles slightly.

Clay, Aaron, Axl, and Lance © LEGO

Cilice belongs to me.