It's easy to close the mouth of an alligator

It wasn't the first time Okita had found himself in a sticky situation with Kagura. Just about a month ago Okita was on a patrol when he found her with her unusually large dog running in the middle of the highway. After the two had pulled over to a nearby park, Okita proceeded to write a speeding ticket for them.

"Damn you Sadist, Sadaharu needs to run over 90 miles because he's a dog," hissed Kagura.

"Correction, I don't think he's a dog," said Okita looking unimpressed. "He's a monster just like you."

Before another word was uttered, Okita found himself on the ground, dogfighting Kagura. "Take that back! Sadaharu is a sensitive dog, you're the real monster here."

Okita gritted his teeth. He then flipped over on top of Kagura and unsheathed his sword. "Well I don't deny that, it takes a monster to know one hmm?"

"Idiot, I'm not like you but I'll still take you on any day," said Kagura holding strong onto Okita's bangs.

But before any of them could make another move, Sadaharu seemed to register that Okita and Kagura were playing around, like his siblings when they used to play fight. He wanted to join. Unfortunately it ended up with Okita pressing his lips on the side on Kagura's nose and a large dog piled on top of them both.

Okita sighed in relief, that was too close to her lips for comfort. The day ended with Okita leaving a speeding ticket on Sadaharu's collar and a girl, screaming in frustration of her losing her cheek kiss virginity.

However the second time he encountered the young yato was less forgiving. There was no monstrous sized dog, no dead fish-eyed samurai, and no glasses. There was just a normal looking girl on her way home from buying her packs of pickled seaweed. Okita, being the best for the job, was tracking down a joi member who was rumored to have a large influence on the recruiting of members.

I was around the middle of winter and staying out for long periods of time was tough on Okita. But despite the cold, he was more worried when he saw his target and Kagura walking towards each other. He hoped his target wouldn't do anything stupid, after all he didn't want to report back with a dead body. Silently he wished that Kagura wouldn't act on her fighting instincts if his target made a foul move.

Well, as he guessed, he found his target approaching Kagura with an ill intent. Okita made a silent prayer to his deathbed before intervening.

But he was too late.


"Oh Sadist"

"I think you killed my target," said Okita, prodding the man with the back of his sword.

"Tell your target to watch out," said Kagura giving him a thumbs down.

Is that something a girl should be saying? Thought Okita. But he disagreed with himself after that thought, she's still more a monster than a girl.

Then Okita saw a motorcycle illegally zooming through the residential streets. Seeing the motorcycle, he instinctively pulled Kagura towards him to avoid the speeding vehicle.

Okita grumbled, "if I wasn't undercover I would assassinate that guy."

"Is that something the police should be saying?" said Kagura unimpressed. "By the way, I think your target really is dead."

Okita then looked to see his target with a wheel mark from his crotch to the top of his head. He stared blankly at him for a moment before responding, "oh whoops."

"Can you let go of me?" Said Kagura, "I hate to have my coat dirtied by your bloody hands."

"But you're the one who knocked him out first," said Okita, still holding on to her.

She narrowed her eyes before trying to break free of his hold. But she couldn't, why?

"I learned that Yato are only good hitters, like an Alligator, they can't bite when they're being held down." Okita smiled sadistically, "not so dangerous anymore hm?"

Kagura gritted her teeth, "the only dangerous thing here is you."

"And you, the one who knocked out my target? I would have to disagree," said Okita.

Then Okita's phone rang, he quickly picked up, "what do you want Hijikata-san."

"Did you catch the target yet?"

"I think we might've accidentally killed him but yes I have him," replied Okita cooly keeping a calm face as Kagura struggled in his arm.

"Wait you did what?"

"Yeah from odd jobs..."

Kagura had breathed so closely into his neck that he felt a shiver go up his spine. Was it him or was she getting uncharacteristically close to him? He felt an unusual tingle of excitement from his stomach. Was he actually enjoying it?


He felt a sharp pain on his neck, the girl had bitten into his neck. Aside from the pain, he was in shock and nearly dropped his phone.

Kagura slipped away from his hold and hissed at him, "serves you right sadist." She then made her leave.

"Sougo? What happened?" Hijikata sounded agitated. "You're not playing around are you? I heard a female voice."

Okita was pissed but he kept his calm. "It's nothing, just a pesky mosquito. I'm coming back to the base now." He hung up and slid down on the wall beside him. Okita was frustrated, and hot to the face. What the hell was that?


"I'm home," said Kagura as she took her shoes off.

"Ah, welcome home Kagura," said Gintoki laying on his back reading his usual JUMP. Once Kagura was in eyesight, Gintoki pointed out, "were you running too hard again? Why is your face all red?"

Kagura averted her eyes to the ground, "I just saw a nasty cockroach and ran away."

Gintoki studied her face for a moment before returning to his Jump. "Don't forget to take a shower."

"Okay…" Kagura later slumped down behind the bathroom door and wanted to die. He smelled nice, like a musky scent of cedar. She hadn't noticed it before, so why now? It was only when he stopped talking with Hijikata for a moment that she noticed what she was doing. She surprised even herself when she bit into Okita's neck. She buried her face into her knees. "It's all that sadist's fault."