Gordon only saw Jill for a brief minute that day, she was occupied for the afternoon, he got called out and she'd gone home by the time he returned.


"Hey!" Jill poked her head round his office door.


"Listen, I don't mean to pry but yesterday you didn't seem too pleased about the receptionist."

"Oh well, we may be a small hospital but peace and 'free-time' if I can call it that is rare. Spend it wisely, it doesn't come often and it doesn't come in a large amount. I swear, the minute I step in this office, she finds something that could wait and gives it to me. It's better when she doesn't see you go into your office! That way your guaranteed at least five minutes peace!"

She laughed.

"Well, at least you didn't have to share an office. I worked at a small hospital in hull once, three to an office!"

"Oh God!"

They talked a little while before Gordon remembered:

"Oh I do believe I haven't introduced you. Only shown you 'round!"

"Well let's go."

She was introduced to the receptionist properly, the cleaners, porters, tea lady, Dr. Alway and the nursing staff. And of course Sister Bridget. She had only been at the hospital a year and clearly didn't impress Jill. Se just got on her nerves. For a sister, she was all over the place. She was good on the ward but was all jumpy and 'yes doctor' 'no doctor' 'right away doctor' and somewhat flirty, if that because it wasn't very good flirting, with Doctor Ormerod. She wasn't rude or unpleasant to Jill, she just hinted er dislike. But sisters are suppose to put faith in front of everything. She wasn't!


Back in Gordon's room, Jill had to spill it.

"That Sister woman, what do you make of her?"

"She's alright, I guess. Only been here a year, very jumpy around me, but only me. I mean she's unlike most nun's I've met, doesn't really seem like a nun really. But there's a rumour she fancies me, well I pray it's a rumour or I'll have Caroline on my back with it. Why?"

"She clearly hinted her dislike for me. Who's Caroline?"

"Oh, my wife."

A little part of Jill's heart shattered. Like a graze it hurt but not for ever. She really like Gordon, he was unlike every male doctor. They're dominant and take all the credit but Gordon, well he believed in equality.