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"So that is Hinamori?" his friend smirked and Toushiro gave a stern look at his friend. He hates the tone of his voice, it's as if he is mocking her and if he was not tired he would have punched him in the face. Both of them were from a 24 hour duty from the emergency area of the city hospital. It was about 8 in the morning and his girlfriend was sitting at the table near the window nursing a bento box. Even from afar he could tell that it was loaded with food; there are at least three layers of it judging from the size of the bento box.

"Yes, that's my girlfriend" he gave his friend a cold look and not too gently punched his arm, "got problem with that?"

"Well, she looks a little…"

"You know what, see you after 24 hours bro, you're just tired. See you at the hospital" he turned his back at him and walked towards Momo.

"Shiro! Since its Saturday I decided to bring breakfast for you and your friend but I guess he went home now?" she said craning her neck to see if it was just really him.

He gave her a lingering peck on the lips that caught her off guard. He cannot help but feel guilty about his friend's behavior, that bastard does not deserve her home cooked breakfast.

Toushiro opened his eyes and tried to recall where he is. A quick scan on the room and everything suddenly came back flashing on him like a tidal wave. He moaned as he recalled the things they have done; hopefully they will do it again soon.

Her head was on resting on his chest, she was so close that he could feel her bare breasts rubbing against his right rib. If he wasn't so sleepy, he would definitely wake her up for a second round.

He started massaging her scalp while his teal eyes were lazily looking at the wall clock that read 5:10 a.m. It was that stupid memory again, hunting him even in his dreams. Of all the time that it should be remembered it was at the night where his wife had given him everything that she can in bed. His heart started thumping in anger, he wanted to bury that day in the depths of his memory and then never to be reminisced or even dreamed of ever again.

That day reminded him of the reason why he had to hold back his feelings for his then friend Hinamori Momo. He never wished for her to experience any sort of mockery, teasing, insult or any kind of one day he realized that if he would hold back forever, someone like him; a person who has the eye for what is truly beautiful would surely snatch her away from him then loose grasp.

He would die before he would let that happen.

He winced at the dream and memory that clashed into one; sometimes he cannot understand how people can be so shallow, so blind and so… disrespectful. Just because his friends from medicine school were going out with beautiful drop dead gorgeous doctors and pretty pharmaceutical representatives doesn't mean that he should do the same.

No, he will stick with his precious elementary teacher.

"Hm?" she stirred and her hands unconsciously caressed his bare chest trailing goose bumps on his skin.

"Is it morning?" she tried to sit using her arms as a leverage but Toushiro tried to stopped her.

"I'll make breakfast" she smiled at him then sat up.

"It's too early, get more sleep" he then hugged her tightly and crushed her lightly, putting some of his weight on her so that she will be forced to lie down again. She laughed at his childish behavior.

"Ok, let's go back to sleep then" she resumed their position, her head again resting on her chest. Toushiro again started caressing her scalp. After a few seconds of comfortable silence she spoke.

"I can hear your heartbeat" she murmured, her voice laced with humor.

"Hm" he grunted in response.

"Ah, I am not a nurse or anything but it seems to me that your heart is in a good condition" she said playfully.

"Because you're here and my heart beats only for you"

Momo did not know how to react, she did not even know what to say. All she knew was that she was blushing and elated at the words he said. It was so sweet even though he said the words monotonously while his hand was still caressing her scalp.


"Really" he again answered her as if he was not interested; however it only encouraged Momo to continue asking


"Why not?" he said and Momo laughed at his response. He really is a man of a few words.

"Hm? You mean you married me because you have no choice?" she asked then giggled. She was teasing him, hoping to tickle some of his funny bones.

But as it turns out she tickled something and it got him a little uncomfortable. He turned towards her and lowered himself to look at her in the eye.

"Oh no, I have a lot of choices and they are practically begging for me to take them" he whispered and it caught Momo off guard… is he mad? Did she say something that he did not like?


"But I am deeply in love with someone" the way he said it in his sexy baritone voice made Momo shiver. Deeply in love with someone…his words made her feel as if she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She wanted to cry and smile at the same time.

"How about you Momo? Can I check your heartbeat?" without a warning he dipped his head on her breast, his ears close enough to hear her beating heart. She gasped; did he forget that she was totally naked under the sheets? His nose is now touching the cheek of her right breast. He will just move a little and then he could…

His hand started caressing her sides and her breathing became ragged, oh she was still a bit tired from last night but the way he was touching her right now ignited a small fire and she knew that all she needs is a little more egging and she will surely give in.

"It is getting faster" he deadpanned and if not for his naughty hands she would have asked him if he was certain. His warm hands travelled towards her butt cupping both mounds and used it to pull her pussy against his slowly hardening member.

She knew what he wanted, she wrapped her legs around him, encouraging him to continue. He inserted his member, massaging her inner walls. Momo could only open her mouth as she felt her husband inside her. Pleasure, it was again pure pleasure.

"Can you take more my Momo?" he asked as he slowly pumped inside her.

"Uh-huh" was her reply and it prompted Toushiro to move faster. Momo came first and after a few more thrust Toushiro came, filling her with his seed.

Both of them were catching their breaths, savoring the moment when they become one. Momo might need more time to get used to the fact that they were now having sex at a regular basis now. It was satisfying and new and she wanted more of it.

"Shiro" she called breathless.


"My heart... is beating for you too" she said breathlessly and she felt Toushiro's arms around her tighten. She inwardly smiled at his behavior, he can be too clingy sometimes.

"Well, it should be"


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