*The Story Begins when Jason Urwell(My GTA Online Protagonist),The Brother of Lance Urwell but Jason is an Ex-Sindacco Family member, he's seen to be living on his Apartment he owns in Vice Ciity,he looks a bit sad*

Jason:...*He looks at the Radio, but he also hears the VNN theme on the radio*

Reporter:Weather forecasters are predicting a stormy time ahead for Vice City as Hurricane Gordy threatens to make landfall in the south keys. City officials have taken the usual precautionary measure of closing all bridges from the mainland to Ocean Beach and Vice Point and all flights to and from Escobar International Airport have been halted until further notice. For more news updates stay tuned to Vice News Network.

Jason:Oh man...I've heard of that Hurricane Before...*He dials his friend Connor*Connor did you hear the news?

Connor:I did. About that Gordy thing they've closed all bridges from the mainland to Ocean Beach and Vice Point! Nothing we can do for now.

Jason:Yeah..there's nothing we can do. Ciao for now. *He hangs up then he looks at his Pager, The Beeper 220 device as he reads a message*

Urwell(Pager):Watch Yourself,Kid...Just cuz you're no sindacco now means that you're free...I'd watch my back if i were you...

Jason:Dammit Bro...i'd wish i could convince you that being a Sindacco ain't worth it.

*Then some Cholos try to evict me from my apartment*

Jason:*Pulls a Pistol out of his Pocket* You wanna dance,pretty boy? I'm gonna beat you Black and blue!

Cholo:Don't mess with me,ese.

Jason:Ehi! Cosa ti prende?!(Hey! What's the matter with you?!)

*Jason Shoots at the Cholos as some Civilians run away fro the gunfires*

Cholo:Disrespect mi familia? I hurt you!

*But Jason Kills the Cholos*

Jason:You want some more of this former Sindacco?

*Then walks near a Empire that Victor Vance took over from Marty it's some Gang members of the Protection Racket/Loan shark/Prostitution*

Gang Member:And then i told her, hey girl you wanna go out with me?

Gang Member 2:And what'd she say?

Gang Member:She said yes,cuz i'm cool enough for her. We gotta keep looking awesome if we want to look cool with them girls.

Gang Member 2:Well, aren't you lucky? We gotta look out for incoming attacks.

Gang Member 3:Who's this Ex-Sindacco?

Jason:Who me?

Gang Member 3:Yes you. You're an Ex-Sindacco right?


Gang Member 2:Save the Chat for later We got Incoming!

*The Cholos were trying to take over an empire but Jason decides to help the Vance Crime Family*

Gang Member:Get to Cover! You,Ex-Sindacco! Give us a Hand!

*Jason Pulls out his Pistol*

Gang Member:They're Coming!

*Jason Shoots at the Cholos*

Jason:I'm gonna beat you black and blue! Nobody crosses an Ex-Sindacco!

Gang Member:One of our boys is down! Come on Sindacco guy! Kill em!

*Jason Shoots at where the gasoline was near the cars...it makes the cars near that explode*

Gang Member:Nice! you shot them at their weakpoint! They've retreated...for now

Gang Member 2:Listen here, You're down with the Vance Crime Family and the other Gangs know it. So watch yourself from now on.

Jason:I will watch my back.

Gang Member 2:Have this Micro SMG and some Ammo. You'll need it.


*Jason Recieves Yet again a Pager Message from his Brother*

Urwell(Pager):I Heard that you've been helping the Vance Crime Family Now...does that mean you're truly retiring from our family now?

Jason:Damn! I've got to warn my bro!*Dials Urwell's phone number*

Urwell(Voicemail):Your Chances are you dialing this number by mistake. If so, hang up now. If you're trying to find me,You're not going to, so hang up now. There won't be a beep.

Jason:Dammit to hell! C'mon Bro! You ain't making this easy enough for me! *He rides on his Streetfighter bike all the way back to his Apartment in the Mainland*

*END OF PROLOGUE!* (Takes Place After: To Victor,The Spoils)