"I hope I never go through that again," said Prue at the kitchen

"Amen," said Piper. "That was just too nerve wracking."

"Well," said Phoebe, pulling the Book of Shadows out of a
cabinet under the sink, "I suppose I should put this back into the

""Wait a minute," said Leo. "I thought you burned that? I saw
it burning in the warehouse."

"Yeah, well," said Piper, "that was my best recipe book. It was
the only one that was large enough to pass for the Book of Shadows."

"We used an illusion spell to make it look like the Book of
Shadows," said Phoebe. "Pretty clever if you ask me."

"You had this planned all along," said Leo. "That's why you
were so willing to give in to the warlock. I wish you had said
something to me beforehand."

"There wasn't time," said Phoebe. "Between the illusion spell
and making the power stripping potion, we almost didn't make it to the
warehouse in time."

"And it's under the sink because?" questioned Leo.

"We knew there were two of them," said Piper. "We had to give
the illusion we actually had taken the book with us in case one of
them came here to check."

"And who would think of looking for the most powerful book of
magic in the world under a kitchen sink?" asked Phoebe. "That was my

"You guys are more devious than I gave you credit for," said

"Mess with one of us you mess with all of us," said Phoebe.
"And we had to come up with something. We couldn't let Prue die and
we certainly couldn't destroy the Book of Shadows."

"You know," said Prue, "if you had destroyed the book, it would
have solved a lot of our problems."

"And we'd all be dead right now," said Piper. "But you weren't
in any condition to discuss it. If we're going to give up our powers,
it's something we should all discuss. It affects all of us, not just
one or two."

"I'm just glad you're all okay," said Leo.

"No sweat," said Phoebe. "It was just a warlock. It'll be a
cold day when a warlock can outsmart the Charmed Ones."

"Well, I for one need to get some rest," said Prue. "I never
knew astral projecting could be so draining."

"Only when you overdo it," said Leo. "I need to go check in.
THEY will want a complete report on what happened."

Leo orbed out of the manor as Prue went up to bed, leaving Piper
and Phoebe alone in the kitchen.

"You think THEY will be upset about what I did?" asked Phoebe.
"To that warlock, I mean."

"I don't see why," said Piper. "We are supposed to kick evils'
butt. Seems to me that's exactly what we did."

"Literally," said Phoebe.

Laughing, the two sisters went into the living room to see what
was on television. When the television came on, some game show was

"Maybe a good book instead," said Piper, switching the
television off.

"I think you might be right," said Phoebe.

The End

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