"No... No... No!" Spike cried as he woke up. It was the middle of the night and Spike had had the most terrible dream.

Spike dreamed that James was doing a scary dance in front of him while his Cloyster was using Perish Song, a super scary move, though Spike wasn't sure whether it was a Ghost-type or a Dark-type. Either way, the very thought of that dream and the move made him shudder.

Spike's nervousness was interrupted, however, when he heard a voice shouting "Help me!"

"What was that!?" exclaimed Spike. Am I still dreaming. Spike tip-toed out of his castle room, careful not to wake up Twilight Sparkle, who was having a much better sleep than he was right now. Spike had to find the source of that desperate cry and he had to find it now! It didn't sound like Rarity, Spike figured as he stepped outside of the castle. The night was clear with twinkling stars. "It's too bad Twilight isn't here," he whispered to himself. Spike knew that Twilight loved looking at the stars on a clear night from time to time, but she had insisted they go to bed early. But after a scary dream and a call for help, Spike couldn't sleep. He started off towards where was sure the voice was coming from.