It was a quiet evening at the Halliwell Manor. Phoebe Halliwell had stayed late at the Bay Mirror to work on some last-minute advice questions while her sisters were spending their evening at home. Piper had fallen asleep watching her sons Chris and Wyatt play together. Her husband Leo had gone into the kitchen for some snacks only to come back out to find her asleep on the living-room couch. Leo placed the bowl of chips he had grabbed on the coffee table and put a blanket over Piper. He then took Chris and Wyatt upstairs to put them to bed.

Meanwhile Paige, the youngest sister, was up in the attic looking through the Book of Shadows. One of her new charges had recently gone missing and Paige was worried sick. She tried calling out to her charge, Astrid, but to no avail. Her sisters had suggested a summoning spell but Paige was a bit uneasy since she wasn't sure Astrid was truly in danger. However, after two days of not hearing from her Paige decided it was time.

After grinding the proper ingredients Paige found the right page in the Book of Shadows and read, "Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here." Paige then took a small knife and cut the tip of her finger dripping blood into the mortar. "Blood to blood, I summon thee. Blood to blood, return to me."

There was silence. Paige looked around in hopes of seeing Astrid but there was no one. Paige slammed the book once more. "Please!" she exclaimed. "I need to know you're okay!" She started to cry covering her eyes with her hands.

"Are you okay?" asked a voice. The sudden sound caught Paige's attention immediately. She looked up to find a woman with short, black hair facing her. She knew instantly that it wasn't Astrid but she also knew just exactly who it was.

Paige was shocked into silence. Standing in front of her, fully corporeal, was her oldest sister Prue. Paige never had the chance to meet Prue since she had passed away six years prior and was almost certain the opportunity would never come. Yet here in the attic was Prue. Paige only recognized her from the photos Piper and Phoebe had shown her but it was most definitely her. "I'm hallucinating," Paige finally said. "Yes, that's it. I'm so overworked that my brain is making things up."

"I regret to inform you that you're not hallucinating," Prue conceded. "You wouldn't have been able to be to summon me if you were."

This brought Paige out of her stupor a bit. "Summon you? No, no. I couldn't have. I was summoning one of my charges."

"You mean you weren't trying to summon me?" Prue asked. She looked around the attic. "Maybe it was Piper or Phoebe…" Prue said more to herself than to Paige.

Paige shook her head. "Phoebe's at her job and Piper's asleep."

A loud noise of shock and surprise came from the doorway to the attic. Piper had found her way upstairs to check on Paige only to find her and Prue together. After her exclamation of shock Piper immediately fainted. "Paige? What did you do?" Leo asked as he lifted Piper to the sofa.

"I was trying to summon my charge, Astrid," Paige began.

"But she wasn't the one who was summoned," Prue finished.

"Clearly," Leo said. He turned to Prue. "I'm sorry Prue, but you need to leave. Maybe we can get away with convincing her it was just a dream." Prue nodded in understanding and made to leave back to the spirit realm but very quickly discovered she could not.

"We have a problem," Prue said.

"I was afraid of that," Leo said. He then turned to Paige. "Orb Piper downstairs while I call Phoebe."

"Do you think that's such a good idea?" Paige asked.

"Well we don't have much of a choice right now, do we?" Leo said. Paige nodded and grabbed Piper's hand orbing her to her bedroom.

Leo then made to leave the attic but Prue stopped him. "It's good to see you Leo," she said. Leo smiled.

"You too, Prue," Leo said. "Now stay put while I go and call Phoebe." Prue nodded as Leo left the attic.