Mimi Tachikawa was the most beautiful, and popular girl attending Riverside High School in New York City, New York. Being born to wealth and used to having her way, she was a spoiled princess that knew nothing about pain or loss. On the outside she was a sweet care-free girl, but she could be very shallow at times. She dated jocks and took pleasure in making fun of those who were, as she said it, 'below' her. Yet, why did everyone adore her? Ah yes…it was because she was beautiful and everyone desired her.

Honey brown hair, large milk chocolate eyes, soft round strawberry sweet lips, and a body to die for. She could wear anything and look good in it. The girls were envious of her, and the guys all wanted to date her. Yup, she was the one girl that everyone loved. Everyone wanted to be her friend, and everyone wanted to have her at least say their name once. She spent most of her time with her best friend Sora. Sora was quite beautiful herself, yet whenever Mimi was around, she seemed quite plain in comparison.

Then, there was him. Him you ask? Yamato Ishida. The punk outcast, with only two friends, Taichi Kamiya and Ken Ichijougi. He came from wealth, yet didn't dress like it. He always wore baggy black pants that seemed five sizes too big, and usually wore black shirts also. Silver chains covered his neck, along with black leather silver spike collars. Both ears pierced four times, and a safety pin used as an eyebrow ring, he didn't come off as the nicest looking guy. Black leather bracelets covered his wrists, along with a few chains. Black leather boots finished off his punk outfit.

Now that you know that these two people are total opposites, I guess it's about time to learn of their fate, right? It all started one sunny day during lunch as Mimi and her friend Sora sat outside underneath a tree watching the people pass by, as they ate their lunch.

"Ew! Look at that loser trying to hit on poor Hikari." Mimi laughed as she watched a guy try to ask Hikari out.

"Ohh! Here comes Takeru!" Sora giggled as she watched Takeru and Davis walk up next to Hikari. Mimi and Sora cried with laughter as they watched Takeru scare the poor boy off. "What a loser! Thinking he could get with Hikari." After a few minutes of laughing, the two managed to compose themselves.

"Wait. Who's that with the boy? Is that Yamato?" Mimi squinted slightly as she saw Yamato and the boy from earlier walk over to where Takeru and his gang were.

"I smell a fight!" Sora and Mimi got up and quickly walked over, yet slow enough so as not to look to be in a hurry. The wind picked up slightly and Mimi flipped her hair over her shoulders, causing guys to sigh in happiness. As they got closer, they were able to hear what was going on.

"Apologize to him, Takeru." Yamato spoke quietly, his voice as cold as ice. Takeru glared at his older brother Yamato, with hate in his eyes.

"Hell no! That loser was bothering Hikari." Takeru spat, his eyes flashing. Yamato was one of those types of people who could remain cool and calm no matter what. It was a bit irritating in a way, yet it was also attractive. Yamato took a step closer to Takeru, causing his younger brother to grow slightly nervous.

"I said apologize to him." Yamato slightly glared at his younger brother, annoyed that he was being so stubborn over a simple apology.

"Is there a problem here?" Mimi said, being a bit annoyed that no one had noticed her arrive. Yamato didn't even glance at her. Who did she think she was now? A fucking teacher? He ignored her as he took another step closer to his brother.

"That loser over there was bothering Hikari." Davis said, as his arm wrapped around Sora's waist, causing her to giggle.

"Yeah, and now Yamato wants me to apologize to that freak." Takeru said, finally turning to avert his brother's gaze.

"And what do you have to say, Yamato?" Mimi asked, turning to look at him. He didn't say anything. "Well?" She was starting to grow impatient.

"I think that you should mind your own business." With that, Yamato turned and left with the boy. Mimi's cheeks grew slightly warm as she watched the two leave. The nerve of that boy! How dare he speak to her like that!

"What a jerk!" Mimi turned on her heel and left, heading towards the student parking lot.

"Hey Mimi, wait up!" Sora called as she walked after her.

"Can you believe that guy? Acting as if he's so damn cool!" Mimi fumbled with the keys to her car before finally opening it, and sliding in. Sora got into the passenger side of the car and barely had time to close the door before Mimi backed the car up.

"So Mimi, who are you going to the prom with?" Sora clutched the dashboard, hoping that the question would make Mimi slow down.

"Actually, I'm not sure yet." Mimi blinked, a bit surprised herself.

"I have an idea." Sora smirked; it was one of her best ideas yet.

"And that is?" Mimi had finally slowed down.

"Why don't you fix Yamato up and take him?" Sora nearly had a heart attack as Mimi slammed on the breaks, throwing her forward.

"WHAT!" Mimi yelled, turning to stare at Sora.

"Well, he is somewhat handsome, and besides, you could fix him up and make him look gorgeous. Then you'd have a date for the prom."

"Why don't YOU do that?" Mimi glared daggers at Sora.

"Because I'm going with Daisuke!" Sora smiled as little hearts appeared in her eyes.

"No way! I'm not doing this!" People behind Mimi honked, and she mumbled to herself before she took off again.

"What? Are you scared?" The smirk on Sora's face grew bigger. Mimi never backed down from anything.

"Of course not!" Mimi took a sharp corner, causing Sora to slide in her seat.

"Good, it's a bet then. Let's say two hundred dollars, ok? I say that you can't pull it off, and you say that you can. Deal?" Sora knew that even Mimi wouldn't be able to help him.