*I own very little and I certainly don't own Marvel or Guardian's of the Galaxy... definitely not Disney* So, true story, I Hemingway'd this- yep, little drunk writing and finished the first part so why not just see if anyone wants it to continue. I'm super excited for Guardian's 2 to come out on video in a couple weeks and have rewatched the first one a couple times recently... maybe I just have a thing for Chris Pratt... who knows, but I got a bug in my ass thinking about those 26 years between Peter Quill's abduction from Earth and the beginning of the movie plot- so my drunk ass wrote some shit down. Let me know if you think it's worth continuing, please, I have some ideas, just wondering if anyone would actually be interested in some short story style, one shots of Yondu raising Peter...

She was dead. Peter knew she was going to die, everyone had been telling him she would for a while, but it wasn't real, until it was. The young boy screamed with anger, grief and fear as his grandfather carried him from the hospital room. He'd lost his chance to say good-bye all because he didn't want it to be real. It wasn't real, she couldn't be dead, but everyone was crying as the heart monitor flatlined and Peter ran. Down the clean hospital halls, bursting through the heavy door into the misty night. Agony tore at his heart as tears poured down his cheeks and Peter collapsed on the grass, wracked with sobs.

The brightest light he'd ever seen blinded him as he tried to look up, rumbling echoed in his ears and sudden high-winds whipped his flannel shirt and hair. Peter was frozen with fear and, as his feet left the ground, the eight-year-old let out a terrified shriek.


The rumbling softened, the wind was still and the blinding light was gone. Peter shivered, blinking his tear-filled eyes as they slowly focused in the strange place. The floor beneath him was hard and cold, he crawled to his knees, but as the scene became clear, Peter fell back, pushing himself quickly away from the monsters looming over him. His back hit a wall and the young boy screamed, putting his hands over his head in an attempt to protect himself from the large blue hand reaching for him.

"A'right, boy, ain't nothin' t'be scared'aAARRGH!" The strange man retracted his hand from the kid's arm when Peter's teeth had sunken into his blue skin.

"That's the captain you little-" a man, who looked like a man, stepped forward on Peter angrily and the young boy cowered, but the blue man roughly pulled him back, cutting off the livid statement.

"Kraglin!" he barked, throwing the man back into the crowd of strange beings, "I don't need y'r'help! All'a you! Git outta here!"

Peter watched through his fingers as the group dispersed, returning his gaze to the blue man. He looked like a man, except for the blue skin and red mohawk, but it wasn't hair and Peter was reminded of the reflector on the back of his bike. His bike, waiting at home for him, a home that no longer had a mother and Peter felt his nose tingle as more tears started falling.

"Hey, boy," the blue man's voice was gruff, but he crouched and dipped his head to meet his red eyes with Peter's, "Y'r'okay, ain't gonna hurt'cha. My name's Yondu. What's yours?"

Peter didn't respond, but pulled his backpack to his chest, hugging it close and trying to avoid looking at the blood red eyes.

"C'mon, no need f'r'all the tears," Yondu put a hand on Peter's knee and the boy ripped his leg away, "I know y'r'scared."

"I wanna go home," Peter mumbled, wiping his cheeks with his flannel sleeve.

Yondu sighed and stood to his full height, "Well, y'got some place else t'be now. C'mon I'll show y'where y'r'stayin'."

"I wanna go home!" Peter yelled, still huddled in the corner.

"Boy!" Yondu barked and Peter flinched, "Y'ain't goin' back! Now, y'got two choices, listen t'me 'n be a good boy or I'm gonna feed'ja t'my crew, they ain't never tasted terran before, you'd be a real treat."

"T-ter-ran?" Peter stumbled through his fear and more sobs.

"You, boy," Yondu nodded, "Now, what's y'r'name?"

"P-Peter," he stammered, "Peter Quill."

"Y'gonna mind me, Petey?" Yondu asked, his eyebrow raised, if he'd had eyebrows.

Peter nodded, deciding he was more afraid of the group of monsters than the single monster that seemed to have control over them, pushing himself to his feet with shaking legs and followed the captain as he moved swiftly from the room. He wiped his damp eyes to be sure what he was seeing was really there as they moved through the dark hallway.

"Is this the Death Star?" Peter glanced up at Yondu, who furrowed his brow hard.

"The what?" the captain scoffed.

"Never mind," Peter mumbled, but continued to swivel his head from one side of the futuristic corridor to the other as they walked.

They passed a few crew members and Peter tried to avert his eyes, but it was hard not to stare at the monstrous beings. Some had horns, a few had spikes, all of them were huge and varied in skin tone, though several had scales and a couple Peter couldn't even venture to guess what they were made of. He hurried his short legs to keep up with Yondu's long strides, turning when the captain did and craning his neck to make sure he didn't miss anything in the strange place.

The hallway opened up and Peter looked down as they crossed a bridge and saw a seemingly endless pit of blinking lights and cables, he didn't have time to observe closer as Yondu walked briskly to the other side. Peter's eyes widened as he looked ahead again, squinting at the huge picture at the end of the hall.

A long, squat console sat below it and several crew members manned different machines in the large room as Yondu and Peter neared it, but the young boy stopped and his jaw fell as the massive picture filled with stars, planets and distant clouds of galaxies became clear, moving before him. It wasn't a picture, it was a window.

Peter couldn't help himself, finding his feet moving towards the beautiful scene, pressing his face to the glass, taking in all he could see of the limitless space ahead.

"Boy!" Yondu barked and Peter jumped, pulling his backpack straps as he nervously covered his chest, the captain's tone softened a bit as he took two strides and looked out the window, putting a hand on Peter's shoulder, "It's beautiful, isn't it? I hardly even pay attention anymore, jumpin' from galaxy t'galaxy the way we do, but it really is somethin' isn't it?" Peter nodded and leaned into Yondu, the captain wasn't particularly warm or kind, but, as the young boy looked out at the endless darkness of space and around at the monsters eyeing him with salivating stares, he longed for any comfort he could get, his nose tingled with the threat of tears when the blue man's hand tightened a bit on his shoulder.

"My Mom's dead," Peter whispered, unsure if he was telling Yondu or just admitting it to himself.

"I know," the captain nodded, "I'm sorry."

Peter reacted in pure emotion, a sob burst from his lips as his arms wrapped around Yondu's middle, crying into his leather jacket. His legs gave into the grief, but Peter didn't collapse to the ground because Yondu's strong arms pulled him close, cradling the young boy as he sobbed into his chest.

"Y'all lose y'r'mother 'n see if you'd be any different," the captain sneered before turning and leaving the room with Peter in his arms.

It took a few minutes for the child to calm himself enough to wipe his eyes and lift his head from the leather covered shoulder, but, when he did, Peter found himself in what looked like a large studio apartment, curled in Yondu's lap on an arm chair. He felt embarrassed and heat rose to his cheeks as he hurried off the captain's lap, it had been a long time since anyone had held him like that, he wasn't a little kid anymore.

"Y'r'eye always look like that?" Yondu tapped his own left eye as he asked the question and Peter shook his head, "What happened?"

"Got in a fight," Peter shrugged.

"Over what?" the blue man asked.

"These other boys killed a frog with a stick," the young boy muttered.

"What's a frog?" the captain inclined his head.

Peter's head followed suit as he responded, "A frog? It's a little animal, green, they live in water, ponds 'n stuff."

Yondu laughed hard for a few moments before squaring his bloody gaze back on the child, "Well, what the hell'd y'do that for?"

"I defend those who can't defend themselves," Peter said firmly, locking his gaze on the red eyes, despite the chill of fear that soaked through him, "My Mom said I'm just like my Dad. You have t'take me home, he's supposed t'come get me!"

"Did y'r'Momma ever tell y'where y'r'Daddy was from?" Yondu asked.

"The stars," Peter repeated what she had said many times, never sure what it meant, but the window of planets and galaxies came to mind and his eyes widened at the blue man on the chair, "Are you my-"

Yondu was already shaking his head before he interrupted the young boy, "M'not y'r'Daddy, jus'told t'pick y'up 'n take y'somewhere."

"Where?" Peter asked nervously.

"Don'worry about it right now," Yondu nodded slowly, "Orders haven't come in yet."

Peter nodded his understanding, but finished with a long yawn, exhausted from all the emotions that had surged through him in such a short span of time, not to mention there had to be some effect from the vast change in altitude.

"There's a bed over there," Yondu jerked his head to the far corner behind a black curtain, "Go lay down."

"I'm okay," Peter assured him.

"I ain't gonna tell y'again, boy," the captain growled and Peter gulped, turning and walking in the indicated direction instantly, slipping behind the curtain and crawling onto the large bed.

It was rather comfy, though Peter would've preferred his own bed to any bed in any galaxy in any universe and couldn't help it as a few tears leaked onto the pillow he laid his head on, pulling the blankets over himself and taking his cassette player from his backpack. He put the headphones over his ears and hit the play button, immediately, the Jackson 5 started singing 'I want you back'. Peter buried his head in the pillow and let the tears flow, beating the soft surface with his fists as he sobbed and cried for his bike, his own bed, and mostly his mother.

Just an idea, not a continuous story like Morgan, more like random checking in on Peter as he grows within the Ravagers under Yondu's care. I'll take silence as disinterest so if you wanna see more a simple "yup" will do, or I'm down for some hateful comments if y'got'em or a good one would be really awesome :) I might very well regret many of these words tomorrow lol Good night y'all