Mission Analysis 1- Prologue.

1555 hours. Weekly update from my father, Hades, via Pain and Panic. Narrator, main character of this missions report, and yours truly, Operative Haydn, was seated on the rattling brown chair as per usual, waiting for the two doofuses demons, Pain and Panic, to visit with their update.

I fixed my toga and made sure my fire-hair was nice and fiery. Once I was sure my hair was in blue flames, I lay back in the chair, tipping it on the back two legs, looking cool and uncaring, like my father had taught me.

At precisely 1600 hours, the demons appeared in front of me.

"Your deathliness!" cried Pain, bowing. Panic saw me, flinched with a noise, and bowed too, knocking over Pain in the process.

I rubbed my temple and rolled my eyes, exactly how I had been taught. "Get up, you lousy excuses for sidekicks," I said lazily, twirling a strand of smoke that framed my face, the rest of my hair pointing up in flaming tendrils piled on my head.

Pain and Panic scrambled up and saluted. I smirked and lazily returned the salute with two fingers.

"Stop bumbling and tell me what's new," I ordered, like Hades taught me.

Pain sprung into action. "Word from the dead is Prince Ben is attempting to bring more VKs, since bringing Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos went so well."

I cocked a blue eyebrow. Interesting. I wouldn't exactly call the endeavor having gone well, but whatever. Perhaps this would be my chance to get out of the Isle, my very own hellhole in which I am Princess and goddess.

Panic stuttered, "A-And your father, Hades, wants you to be one of these people! He says if you don't, you'll never ever ever reign in the Underworld with him."

Both of the demons grabbed hands and screamed, "Eep!" And I stifled the urge to laugh, opting to roll my eyes instead.

Pfft. As if I wanted to reign as Princess of Death in that fiery, hell-soaked basement.

I mean... oh no... I have to promise to do so... I can be in the Underworld!

I nod. "And?"

Panic momentarily freaks out more than usual. "And?! You have an 'and'?! I'm not ready for this I don't know I mean-"

"Calm down you blundering fool," I spat with an eye roll. "What are my father's motives? What does he need me to do?"

Panic immediately quiets. "Oh," the demon says with a sheepish chuckle.

"That's easy, your deathliness, ma'am. He says you need to remind the VKs of true villainy by befriending all of them, schmoozing around, making them trust you and think you're good, and then-" Pain began.

"And then bam! You take over! With Hades of course," Panic interjects.

"Ta-da!" Both demons exclaim, with jazz hands. I rub my temple and sigh, pretending like I hated their extravagant ways.

I pause, knowing that I have no choice-though phrased as a question, it was really an order. And saying no would be plain stupid. And if I am anything, it's smart.

"Tell him to consider it done."