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Fast Enough part two!

Within S.T.A.R Labs, Cisco was attempting to work on the time pod for Eobard. Even though he held reservations on the matter, he did it for Barry, and even then, he still had to think about what happened beforehand.

What he said, shook him, and he went back to the time that Mentalist had said the same thing. He didn't quite believe what he said back then, but from two different sources, who didn't like one another, had to make him wonder if it was the truth or not.

As Cisco worked, Bette strolled into the area, and showed a slight smile on her face, moving closer kindly.

She saw that he held a conflicting expression on his face, and she didn't like that, she didn't want to have such a thing on his face, so she edged closer by the second.

"Cisco, what's going on?"

Cisco jumped at the voice, not hearing her footsteps, even if they were kind of loud.

"Oh, I'm just, thinking is all."

Bette moved closer, and sat down beside him. Using her slender fingers, she placed them on his thigh, and rubbed slowly.

"What are you thinking about? Dollar for your thoughts?"

"An entire dollar? Are you trying to buy trade secrets there?"

Bette slightly giggled but then her eyes became serious, seeing the look on his face.

"Don't worry so much about that now. Tell me, what's going on? Is it Ronnie's death?"

"Some of it yeah...most of it actually. Ronnie died, and we couldn't stop it, he's gone and I feel like Jean could be right, she was speaking the truth, she didn't say anything that could be lies, that we should kill the killers...and now we're helping the killers go back without giving them any punishment? It just seems wrong to me."

Bette could understand where he was coming from, moving closer, and gently laid her hand over his own, her gloved hand that was.

"I know, it must feel wrong to do this, and in ways, it is. But we're not killers. We're not like Oliver's team in Starling, they fight to kill sometimes, and Oliver used to even have a list, right?" Cisco nodded his head slowly, Bette however saw that there was something else that was going on. "So, tell me, what's going on with you? And don't say nothing, because it is."

Cisco played with his digits, while she looked on continuously, showing support.

"I talked to darkforce Wells in there, and he said...he said that, remember my dreams?"

"Of course, I remember you telling me. But what do Wells, and your dreams have anything in common about?"

"Well, that's the thing, they weren't just dreams...Bette, Wells, evil version, said that I'm, a Metahuman as well."

Bette was taken aback by the revelation.

"A Meta?"


Cisco muttered out, showing that he hadn't fully accepted it yet.

"You got affected by the Dark Matter as well, during that time. And your powers manifested...when Barry went back in time. That's when your dreams first began, right?"

"Exactly he said that I am a Meta, and I can see, vibrations of the universe or something. It's strange, I don't understand it though. I am a Meta..."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a Meta, I'm one, and it has been a very hard adjustment, but you can adjust too, and you will. We'll tinker around with your DNA and such, and we'll see what this connection to the universe means and such, maybe you'll have awesome powers, and I have the power to blow things up, I'm envious right now."

She held back that she wished that she could hold his hand without a glove on. But she held that back, she didn't want to worry Cisco that it worried her that she couldn't technically hold onto his hand which she longed for.

Cisco pushed the young woman playfully, which made her smile softly.

"Hey, don't knock your power, yours right now are more destructive than mine. You're like, bomber from..." She looked at him with a questioning face. "...aaah, never mind~ Let's just say you're the hottest bomb girl alright."

Bette lightly smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. Responding to that, his fingers ran through her long red hair.

"So many things have happened lately, and we haven't had the chance to just spend time together. I know that's not exactly what we should be worrying about right now, but I can't help but shake the feeling that we should, I don't know, just stay together for a little while longer."

"Yeah, that would be nice."

Bette removed her head from his shoulder, and brought his head around to her. In one swift movement, they shared a small kiss with one another. But then Bette leaned forward once more, kissing him again and again.

Cisco felt her slowly move her hand up his leg, his eyes bulging out of the sockets.

"W-Whoa there!" Cisco nervously placed a hand on top of her own. "W-What are you doing?"

Bette smirked, teasingly pushing forward with her advancements.

"Well, I was thinking and hoping that we could, spend some quality time alone."

"Ooooh girl, you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting...right? Have I fallen asleep?"

Bette bemusingly pulled closer to the young man kissing his nose.

"You are adorable, aren't you?"

"I wouldn't know, Dante usually drove the girls away from me."

"Well, he's not driving me away from you. I'm yours, all yours, and don't worry about being a Metahuman, we'll help one another. You helped me through my problems, and I'll help you through yours as well. I promise."

To hear that from Bette, he wasn't as worried now.

Of course, he still was a little worried, but the way that Bette looked at him right now, Cisco just had to admit that he had to give into the temptation of Bette, kissing her back as heavy and hot as she laid onto him.

In Starling City, Pandemonium was going on. Everything was in disarray, it didn't look like a pleasant scene to go onto.

Laurel rushed towards a man that held a suitcase. She was attempting to stop him from progressing further. He came at her, swinging it for her face, but she ducked, and grabbed his arm, embedding her knee into his stomach, then whacked him in the back of the head, pushing him down a flight of stairs.

She smiled at her victory, and then Nyssa came out of the woodwork.

"Very well done, you must have a good..."

Before she could finish, a flash of light happened and appeared there, was Mat himself. He fell onto the ground, landing before the dressed Laurel, and then he reached behind her, grabbing a young man that was attacking her without her knowledge.


Laurel gasped in surprise, Nyssa being quite surprised as well.

Matt twirled around the young man, getting behind him, and then kicked the back of his leg, forcing him down to the ground. With swiftness, Matt forced his fist into the back of his head, then wrapped his arms around the man's neck, twisting and forced his body to do the same thing, flipping until he hit the ground.

Matt's eyes went towards Laurel, and smiled.

"Laurel, look who's all Black Canary awesomeness, I'm sure Sara would be dead proud of you kicking some ass like that. I saw you, kicking ass, thanks to my and Nyssa's teaching's no doubt. I saw my style, and Nyssa's in there, for a whole brand new fighting style."

Laurel had to take a moment to look at what was going on before her, she was very surprised, and happy to see that Matt was alive, and well.

"Master, I'm so glad you're alright, your sister said that you were lost."

"You make her call you Master?"

Nyssa interrupted, Matt chuckling awkwardly.

"I never made her call me that, she just does."

Nyssa wasn't sure to believe him or not.

"I'm not sure, it does sound like something you'd do..."

"Didn't you used to make Sara call you that?"

Nyssa was silenced, Laurel showing a grossed out face.

She really didn't want to hear about her sisters time with Nyssa, it wasn't something she needed to ever hear again, or she would have to have her ears filled with acid so she couldn't hear anything on that little piece of information.

"How are you not being infected with the virus."

"Aah, yeah that shit. I've got a thin barrier layered around me, allowing just enough oxygen inside, but none of the toxic poisons and such. As soon as I stepped out of the teleport, I felt something was off, so I layered myself. Either way, it doesn't matter that much."

"So, why are you here?"

Nyssa pressed, Matt just smiling softly.

"Call me a softy, but I had a vision of Ra's, dying. And I know Nyssa, you don't like Ra's, and pretty much forced you to do things, but for me...it's different. We were, treated differently for different reasons, and we have to find out many different things. I know what you're probably thinking but-"

"On the bridge, that's where they are."

Nyssa told him.

She disliked her father for what he had done to her, yes.

But then there's the fact that she knew that Matt had a connection to her father that she simply didn't possess.

Matt smiled softly.

"Cool, then I'm off. Thanks for the information Nyssa. Good luck you two."

Matt thrusted his palm to his chest, and the energy wrapped around him. Within seconds, he teleported away from them, with the girls turning their heads to the side.

"What the heck was that?"

"Oh, he can teleport now, those Metahuman's sure are crazy with powers."

Laurel and Nyssa looked at one another, then got back to what was going on.

Stepping out of the teleport, Matt flew in the air, and looked towards the bridge. He saw the police off to the side, so he stayed out of their sights, and watched Oliver vs Ra's al Ghul. He was rather surprised that Oliver was holding his own this time.

Though he guessed that he trained the best that he could.

He watched the exchange between them, but noted something off. Rather than look like he was fighting for himself, Ra's looked as if he was going to give up, maybe he was too tired to continue, maybe he just didn't want to fight anymore, or maybe he just wanted Oliver to take over the League.

Either way, Matt couldn't just sit or in his case, fly there, and watch Ra's basically commit suicide. He just didn't feel right. He just watched his elder brother die once more, and those memories were fresh in his mind, he couldn't on his consciousness watch this happen once more.

Ra's wasn't the best person in the world, he knew that. He knew that Ra's wasn't a truly good person. But to Matt, Ra's was one of the only people that truly ever gave a damn about him, and to that, Matt was going to keep Ra's alive, and wasn't going to let him die, he just couldn't let Ra's die at all, it wasn't possible.

Shaking his head, Matt took off at super sonic speeds, as fast as he could go, easily surpassing Mach 1.1 by now, and was getting rather close to two, teleporting constantly took a little bit, but flying that distance, was easier.

Just as Oliver forced Ra's down onto the ground, and hit him in the face, Matt landed on the ground. Oliver prepared to deliver the final blow, but at the last second, Matt sent out a psychic blast, knocking the blade out of Oliver's hand and then walked closer.

Oliver, and Ra's both turned, to see Matt walking closer.

"Oliver Queen, you're fighting the wrong person."

Matt revealed, Oliver becoming confused.

"What are you talking about?"

"He's not Ra's al Ghul." Matt continued pulling Ra's to his feet, to his confusion. Then Matt took the ring off Ra's finger, and placed it on his own hand, happily surprising Ra's himself. "I'm the rightful heir to the demon, I'm Ra's al Ghul. Before you, I've already defeated Ra's in combat, and he named me Ra's, so you're fighting the wrong person."

Ra's still appeared to be confused.

"My boy, what are you doing? This is how it is supposed to be. I only wanted to hear you called that, I didn't technically-"

Matt turned his head towards Ra's, shaking his head profusely.

"No, it isn't, and you did Ra's, I defeated you, I didn't kill you, but you acknowledged that I was Ra's, even if in name only, and not truly having the title for myself, it still was brought towards me and only me, Ra's, and not Oliver. Why does it have to be like this?"

"Because it has to be, that's how it is always done in the League."

Matt didn't accept that, he couldn't accept something like that.

"Well, I change it, and make sure that you don't have to die. I don't see the need for it, and you said yourself once that I was the heir that you wanted, and had to settle for Oliver. Then, if that's the case, I want to become Ra's al Ghul, and make new decisions."

Ra's didn't know what he was talking about.

Matt's eyes glowed red and blue, focusing in on Ra's. Ra's raised his head, then bowed it.

Matt's eyes went towards Oliver, and a small burst came from his mind, hitting Oliver without him realizing.

Oliver felt funny, but didn't notice what had happened.

But then Matt took a blade, and stabbed Ra's through the stomach. Ra's, and Oliver's eyes widened, as the man fell down to the floor 'dead'.

"What have you..."

Matt took off the ring, and threw it at Oliver.

Oliver caught the ring in his hand, confused.

"Wear it, you're Ra's al Ghul now."

"Whats going on though?"

Oliver didn't understand.

Matt just stabbed Ra's, and killed him. Yet, he was giving the ring up to Oliver like it wasn't a matter to begin with.

"You don't need to know, all you need to know is that Ra's al Ghul is dead, and that's all you need. He's dead, spread it around." Matt picked up Ra's body, and opened a teleportation barrier behind a container so others didn't see anything. "See you later, new Ra's al Ghul. Don't worry about the body, I'll take care of him, and if anyone has any queries about the body, tell them Ibn al Ghul took it and burned it."

Oliver still was confused, Matt stepping through the barrier and teleported away.

Once Matt appeared in an undisclosed location that looked to be a room with a bed, and a wardrobe nearby, Matt placed the man on the ground. Laying flat on his back, Matt stood over Ra's, who looked to be sleeping peacefully.

"It's okay, you can open your eyes now."

Ra's eyes slowly opened, and went towards Matt.

"How did you do that, my boy?"

To say he was surprised would be an understatement.

Ra's got off the ground, following Matt with his eyes.

"I used my powers on Oliver, call it an illusion." Matt revealed slowly. "I can only do minor ones, like what we did." Matt moved closer, and grabbed a bag, putting it towards Ra's. "There, it's enough money to keep you well and fed for at least a year as long as you don't splash the cash."

Ra's looked at the money, and saw that it wasn't just one countries money, it was money from other countries as well. He couldn't hold his astonishment back anymore, he was thoroughly and truly, stunned by the things happening.

"I don't understand Matthew, why are you doing this? You do realize what you've done-"

"Oliver's Ra's, that's what you wanted, yes?"

Ra's shook his head.

"No, I wanted you to be the next Ra's, my boy."

"I'm not suited to it." Matt continued grabbing some clothes, and placed them in a bag. "I can teleport you anywhere that you want to go, have you got a destination in mind?"

"I still don't understand, why are you doing this? You do understand that to your side, I am the bad guy, the villain of sorts. So, why would you save me like this? Why would you do anything like this for me?"

Matt paused, placing the bag down, and then looked seriously towards him.

"I'm not losing my Dad to this. You're not dying by suicide, you're honourable, you've proven that, your dedication to the League, your own skills, and powers, and you...I am not allowing you to die like this. Let Oliver deal with that crap now, to the world, you're dead, don't worry about them finding a 'body' I've made sure something's are set in place, I love a doctor, so I know how to fake a death."

"Even after what I did to Nyssa, you still choose to do this?"

Matt slowly inclined his head.

"Dad, listen to me, I know of your life. Remember, all the times we talked into the night? All the missions we went on together?" Matt moved closer, showing his kindness on his face. "I know your life, and I know how hard it was. You were forced to kill at just the age of 11 years old, and things didn't exactly go your way. You can say that you're heartless, emotionless, but you're not, otherwise you wouldn't care about me. You would have just kicked me from the League for even expressing any emotions at all, so I am supposed to just abandon you now? No, I can't do something like that at all, it can't be right."

Ra's watched as Matt continued backing bags, and other things.

He moved closer, placing a hand on top of Matt's own.

"My boy, I'm not like you. You have a heart as pure as snow, mines stained in years of blood, death and decay. I don't understand what you expect me to do-"

"I could erase your mind, if you want me to?" Matt offered, Ra's being surprised. "You could start over, I can give you the life you never had. You could find a woman, to share your life with. You could have a new life, Dad, anything that you want to have-"

"And what if, I want to die?"

Ra's carefully questioned, Matt shaking his head.

"I'm not letting you die. How could I let you die? There's already too much death in this world, I'm not adding to it if I can help it. You have to live Ra's, please..."

Ra's looked upon the blonde as his red and blue eyes fell upon him. Ra's moved closer to the young man, placing a hand on his cheek.

"You and I, are so similar, in ways. However, our paths diverged, and I became stained in darkness, and you pertained in the light. I understand the sentiment and I appreciate your kindness even extended to an old fool such as myself, but you don't have to protect me my boy, my job is to protect you, as your father."

"Then, you're not protecting me by doing this, are you? I'm not ready to lose my Dad yet. Even if the world is, I'm not. I can't, okay? I can't lose anyone else if I can help it. Andrew died, and all I could do was watch from the closet, I should have...I should have gone to help but..."

"That my boy, was not your error, Andrew gave his life for yours, he was an honourable young man, you have no guilt to feel over Andrew's decision to protect you. Family, more than anything, meant the world to him, and you, along with your sister, meant the world to that talented young man."

Surprised by the sudden expression of emotion, Ra's felt something wet on his cheek.

He allowed his hand to touch his cheek, and noticed that out of one of his eyes, he shed a very small tear. It had been the first time that he could remember to have shed a tear.

"I've not shed a tear in...how long has it been? So long..."

"Exactly." Matt placed a hand on Ra's face, and used his powers, Ra's getting a rush of feelings. "That feeling you're feeling right now, is the emotions that you've bottled up, buried so deep you thought they were dead and gone. You're tough, I get it, you've had to be strong all your life, but you don't have to be strong anymore. You can finally live a life, for yourself, and not be seen by anyone, everyone thinks you're dead, Oliver saw your 'death' by my powers, and anyone that doubts it, I can stop those doubts, I've made contingency plans, I've been doing it since you came to Central City those months ago, I saw this outcome, it was a possibility in my head, and I made sure you'd be able to live without a worry...maybe get a haircut or shave the beard or something to look different, dye your hair maybe, go blonde like me, we blondes always have fun."

He joked at the end, showing a serene smile on his face.

"You'd really go so far for me?"

Ra's just couldn't believe it. Even after everything he had done, all the pain and suffering he had caused. He, had someone that truly did love him, looking past his darkness. Sure, he knew that he was too far past the darkness to ever be a man of light, but the very fact that Matt looked at him with kindness, compassion and grace, told him how much he truly meant to the young blonde.

"I'd do anything for you." Matt smiled out, finishing placing clothes into a bag. "I've set this up for a while now, all I have to do is go for it. I can give you a new identity, which is pretty easy since you don't really have one, and it was hard hacking into the government and such, but I can do this if I have too. Besides, I have to make sure you live, for Frankie's sake, she's taken a shine to you...and if what I saw is true, then she'll need a grandfather around."

Ra's lowered his eyebrows, then began laughing.

"I was fully prepared to die today."

Matt knew that he would say something like that. He knew what Ra's goal really was, but in the end, he just couldn't, he couldn't. He knew that maybe it would be what Ra's would want, and he felt conflicted on the matter, but to see the man die, it just didn't seem right in his eyes, and now he had fixed it, he knew this would be for the best.

"You don't have to, you've got your wishes, Ra's. Oliver is the League Master, you can rest now."

Ra's truly couldn't understand the kindness of the young blonde. He seemed to be truly trying his best right now for him, and he couldn't explain why that meant the world to someone like Ra's himself.

"You know, I criticized members of the League, being divided which ultimately led to Sara Lance being ejected from the League among others. With ability to kill, and a desire to show mercy at the same time." Ra's hand slowly went over Matt's face affectionately. "When I did the same thing, and I witnessed you as the same being. Your ability to kill is on my level, and yet, you've got the most merciful heart, a heart, that also affected me. I, am a hypocrite, because of you my son. You've turned me into something that I never thought possible honestly, because of you my son."

"Hehe, sorry about that Ra's. Never meant to disrespect you or turn you into a hypocrite."

Matt somewhat apologized, but Ra's raised his head.

"No need to apologize my boy, you made me feel...you made me feel, and that, is a very hard job to accomplish. However, I have decided to...tell you something, about the past. Something, I never wanted to tell you, something I thought wasn't the right, as I did not want to ever give you false hope."

"Ra's…? W-What are you saying?"

Matt couldn't read his mind right now. Not because he physically couldn't, because he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer. If he was hearing Ra's words, and the way his tone sounded, it sounded stronger than it should do.

"Yes, my boy, I have thought long and hard about this...but, do you remember the night your brother died?"

"I...remember the men, coming in. Andrew, he told me to hide in the closet, and not to come out, and all I could see was him fighting, and blood splattering everywhere. I kept quiet, and then...when it had all stopped, and when I saw him on the ground...I came out, and begged him to not die...then I felt a sharp pain to the back of my head, and when I came too, I was in hospital."

"Yes...that dreaded night, long ago, when your brother was struck down. However, the people that are responsible, are still out there, my boy, and have, Andrew's body."

The revelation came off as a shocking experience.

"W-What, but Father said..."

Matt knew to not trust his birth Father, but surely, he wouldn't lie about this...Matt pleaded that for once in that man's life, he would do something good for Matt, and just told him the truth. But from the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like that was the case at all.

"Your Father, lied to you that day. He blamed you for the death, when that death, was from an outside source, even I don't have the full details. All I know is, they took his body away, and your Father lied to everyone about the body, that's why, they had a closed casket."

"S-So...y-you're saying that Andrew...isn't in his grave…?"

This didn't make sense to Matt.

He just couldn't believe what he was hearing right now, he didn't like it at all.

"I'm saying, they took his body for something, and now, you my boy, for you my boy, I will search for you."

"Ra's...why would you..."

"If you're wondering why I didn't tell you, is because, I did not want to fill your heart with hope. Most likely, he is deceased, but they took his body, for a reason, and if it is to do with that man who birthed you with your bitch of a Mother, then I wouldn't put it past him to have done something to Andrew as well, some, secrets that laid within his body."

Matt fell onto the ground, and tried to wrap his head around what was going on. He just couldn't believe it, he couldn't understand why this was happening, why this was going on. Matt felt different conflicting emotions running through his mind.

Ra's bent down towards him, and sat next to him.

"This, is why I didn't want to say, but you are old enough, and mature enough to know the truth. And because of your kindness touching me, I shall atone for the mistakes I caused for in the past, and look into this for you, my boy. I'm, very good at staying in the shadows, no one must know of my survival, as now Oliver is the Demon's Head, and I, even didn't have a right to lead, with the emotions I developed."

Matt ran his fingers through his hair, allowing his head to fall onto Ra's shoulder, trying to get around all of this, he just didn't think that this would ever happen, and he didn't think that this would come of this. And as he did, Matt subtly used his powers to slowly change Ra's darkened heart to one that Matt knew was deep inside of him, that tiny flicker of light, Matt was going to allow it to shine.

Later on, Matt teleported into the area that was the Cortex, and that only Frankie and Caitlin where there. He presumed that the others were gone right now, due to what was happening with Eobard, but he was happy to see the man there right now.

"Matthew, are you okay?"

Caitlin asked with worry in her eyes.

Matt wrapped his arms around her body, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She hugged him back, and then caught his lips, then Frankie hugged onto his body as well. The three shared a hug between them, and Matt held onto them tightly.

"Yeah, I'm alright Cait, Frankie, I'm okay. So, where is everyone?"

Matt had to lie, he didn't have time to speak the truth, he just felt ill from speaking the truth.

"Everyone's a little busy right now, but I couldn't stop worrying about you. What did you end up doing Matthew?"

"Oh erm, nothing special really. I went over to Starling and helped some guys out over there. And also helped Ra's with a new walk of life."

"That's kind of you Matthew, speaking of kind." She pulled him closer, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Do you want to go, and have a shower together, Matthew?"

"A shower? What about Eobard, and such?"

"We have time, they're just putting the finishing touches on the time ship, I just want, to have a shower with you, be close to you. I don't know why, but I'm getting a bad feeling about something, and I just...want to spend time with you."

Matt was about to nod, when he noticed Frankie's shy looking face.

"You go there, I'll be there in a minute."

Caitlin slyly walked away, and if Matt didn't know any better, then he would swear that she was wiggling her hips.

She moved out of the cortex, and Matt turned towards Frankie, smiling softly, and walked toward a chair.

Sitting down face to face, Matt took Frankie's hands.

"Hey Frankie, I'm so sorry about all of this. A teenager shouldn't have to deal with all of this crap. Heck, we shouldn't have to be dealing with all of this crap. This years been kind of rough, huh, for all of us?"

"Yeah...but, I got to be adopted by you, my Dad." Matt's smile grew wider, Frankie moving closer, and held onto Matt's hands right back. "When you adopted me, I was surprised. I was sure you wouldn't, but when you did, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me and now, I'm so privileged to be your daughter, you're so amazing Dad. I'm so glad you chose to adopt me."

"Me too, I'm glad you're my daughter Frankie, you got me through some hard times as well. You did that, no one else, and I know this world is scary with all of the Metahuman's, but you've done it so well, you've done it so strong, that I couldn't ask for a better daughter than you are. And I promise, after all this crap has been dealt with, we'll go on a holiday together, to get away from all of this. After this year, we all deserve it."

"Me, you, and Caitlin, right? Just the three of us? And even Jean if she wants to come?"

"Yeah, we'll all go, together. We'll all go together, and have fun with each other."

Frankie embraced the young man, and held onto him tightly. Matt embraced her right back, knowing that she would love to be with him, and that he would love to be with her as well. The pair just loved one another so much.

"Exactly, Dad. I'm so glad right now. But about Auntie Jean, she seems to be rocking the depression right now. Since Ronnie died, not that long ago, and with what Barry is doing, she seems to be slowly breaking away."

"I know, I'm going to be talking to her soon. For now, lets just enjoy our time together, okay sweetheart?"

Frankie nodded, allowing her head to fall against him and vice versa.

When he was done with Frankie, and she was content, he went towards the showers.

Matt moved inside, and saw Caitlin there, and smiled to himself. He walked closer, slipping off his clothes, once locking the door so they'd have a private time.

Slipping into the shower, he wrapped his arms around the naked Caitlin, and held onto her tightly, his head falling onto her shoulder. She twisted her head sideways, and kissed his cheek, feeling the warmth of the water wash between them.

"Hey Matthew...you're going to stay around, for when Barry does this...right?"

Matt looked to the side.

"...I was thinking of taking you, Frankie, and Jean away from this place...it's just, this is wrong Cait. I can't see this as right, all of the visions in my head, are pointing to disaster, minus a few. It's like 97 percent that this is going to fail, and it's going to kill a lot of people, I can't involve myself in so many peoples deaths, it's wrong. I get he's doing it for his mother, I understand, but I'm worried on how this is going to affect people as well. I want to go and smack some sense into Barry to not do this-"

"You're not the only one."


Caitlin folded her arms over her chest, sighing deeply.

"We all have the same worries Matthew, even I do, but I need you here. If things are going to change, then I want to be beside you when they do. I know it's against what you stand for...heck, it's against what I stand for too, but for me...? Will you stay with me?"

Seeing her vulnerable eyes, he couldn't deny her.

"Of course, I'll always stay with you." Caitlin thanked him with a smile, as Matt looked around. "It's odd of you Cait, to suddenly suggest this when we're in such a situation."

Matt noted, so Caitlin turned, and hugged onto his upper body, and he did the same for her.

"I'm just...I can't shake the feeling something is going to go wrong. Whether it is to do with Barry or something happening to one of us, I just feel like something is going to happen and that, I really don't want that to happen."

Matt embraced Caitlin, sliding back so his back was on the wall, and Caitlin was in his arms, she loved being in his arms. Her head perfectly fit onto his chest, and his hand slowly stroked her hair, intensely loving the feeling of her hair in his fingers.

"Shhh now, my love. I wont let anyone else die. Ronnie died because of my mistake to not kill Rachael-"

"No, my love, that's not right." With wet hair, she looked up towards him. "Rachael is a bitch, we couldn't have stopped any of it, we haven't done anything wrong my love. It's her, and her ways. Ronnie sacrificed himself, for all of us, but you as well."


"He saw you wanting to sacrifice yourself for everyone, and he did the act for you as well, so you have to not give up either. We have to get through this. In my opinion, Ronnie saw your strength, and decided to be strong as well, that's why, I am not as sad as Jean, because he was a hero in the end."

"Yeah, he was a hero Cait, and he'll always will be."

Caitlin fell against Matt, and rubbed his abs slowly with her small finger.

Matt's blue and red eyes went down to her level, and her eyes went upwards towards his own. Parting her lips, she moved upwards, clinging to the boys body, and then kissed him right on the lips, enjoying the pairs lips for themselves.

As the hot water ran across their naked bodies, Caitlin saw Matt's eyes become a little heavy with some emotions, so she stopped kissing him, and held onto him.

"Tell me what's wrong Matthew?"

"I just...the night my brother died, I thought that my brother was...but I just found out something that could be even worse...someone did something with him Cait, Ra's told me that...someone took my brother's body and...God knows what they've done with him...why couldn't they just let him rest?"

Caitlin blinked at the reveal, then held him even closer.

"Hey, don't worry about that now. Once this is over, I promise we'll find out. I don't know how yet, but we will find out."

Matt continued to hold onto Caitlin, trying to control the feelings deep inside of him. But Caitlin could see that he was struggling with it, so she patted his back, and gently brushed his lips, showing her concern and love for him.

"Cait...what do you think these people are doing with my brother's..."

"Don't think about it." She gently soothed, sliding her hands up and down his back. "Thinking about it, is going to stress you out, and that's never good my love. Just think about what we'll do once he find out about him. Wondering is only going to cause you to worry about all of this. I promise, we'll get through this, I'll help you my love."

"Ooh Cait, I don't think I could do this without you. You've been my support constantly. No matter what we were going through, you were right there for me, you even jumped into that damn Speed Force just for me. This year, I couldn't of gotten through it without you."

"I feel the same way, you've been my rock as well Matthew, and I'm so happy that we've found one another."

Matt's finger went across Caitlin's soft cheek, taking in the features of his love and then slowly bent down, brushing her lips with his own. Caitlin responded by nuzzling into his neck, slowly being taken away by the affection that he held for her, and vice versa.

Caitlin's face then became a little red when she felt something brushing against her leg. She smiled when she briefly looked down, falling onto his body.

"Matthew, do you want too..."

"Now? Are you sure?"

"I think now is the perfect time for all of this."

Matt chuckled, Caitlin doing the same and expressed their love to one another.

After finishing off, Matt went towards the pipeline, and opened the doors, to see Eobard in his cell. He looked right at the man, Eobard being surprised to see Matt stood there as well, but Matt didn't seem to care at all.

"Well, Matthew, I am surprised to see you like this."

As always, Matt felt disgusted by the words that he would have to endure by the man.

"Yeah, so am I. But I'm here now, because I want some answers."

Eobard was intrigued, pressing closer to the glass.

"And what would that be?"

"Why does the Speed Force want me? Why did you never kill me?"

"I heard you were in the Speed Force, how did that go?"

"They asked me to be a Guardian, but you already knew that."

Eobard nodded his head without a care in the known world.

"I did. I never expected it to be this early, but they seem to have noticed you beforehand. And why I didn't kill you, is because I needed you."

Matt slowly looked at the older man, wondering many things, wondering what his life was like and what he could truly do.

"And why did you take Rachael under your wing exactly?"

"Aah, Rachael, she's quite the find. You know, she's got quite an interesting power, and she has been groomed by myself. She has been quite useful in distracting you. I have to admit, you and Barry together, are very scary, even I find myself worrying. But with Rachael, she was rather easy to manipulate, and in the end, I found her, rather amusing."

"Ugh, you love her?"

Matt was disgusted, he didn't even understand how it was going to happen.

"I wouldn't go that far, but I did plan on taking her back with me. She has uses to me yet, and she's quite entertaining, I told her about you and Dr Snow marrying, and she had a lovely expression of despair."

Matt's eyes flickered slowly.

"Just what have you been doing to her?"

"Hmmm? Nothing that she didn't enjoy, I assure you."

"...But, you've been purposely using her. Rachael's not my favourite person in the world, but you shouldn't of just used her like that. She can be a bitch, but she wouldn't of never gone this far. I always thought she was capable of cheating, but when she kidnapped me that time, I knew that there was something deeper about all of that."

"Well, I can't be held accountable for that, I told her not to, but she became angry, she just dismissed my thoughts, and went onto being a naughty girl. But don't worry Matthew, she's learned her lesson and wont attack needlessly again."

"You're speaking as if she's an animal or something, she is a person. She might be messed up, but you didn't exactly help her either. I tried being there for her, but she didn't want me to help her, you pushed her down a darker path. She could have gotten help for herself, but she was taken in by you, you horrible bastard."

Eobard was surprised that he was speaking so candidly about Rachael.

"After everything she did, you seem to care for her."

Eobard noted towards him, but his red and blue eyes flashed at him.

"Some of me does, I'll never forget what she did to me, but she doesn't deserve what you've done to her. But if you want to take her, then do so, but one day, she'll do what she did to me, to you, and thanks to you, you might not make it out of there alive, it is going to be something of that nature, you know?"

"Don't worry about me, I can handle Rachael, I've been doing it all this time. If it wasn't for me, her potential would have gone to waste, that would have been regretful, you know? She would have wasted away, lost to the echoes of time. But now, she has become much, much more than she would have been without me."

"I'm sorry that you did something like that, but I'm also sorry that I'm not killing you. Though I know my opinion isn't popular, even now, if I had the chance, I'd kill you. But, knowing Barry, he'd be soft and let you live, if it was up to me and so many Meta's weren't against me, then I'd take you out." Eobard began laughing, so Matt changed the subject, wanting to know a certain something. "So tell me, I can really reverse time?"

Eobard folded his arms curiously.

"You can time travel at least, along with dimensions, you have access to all of realities. Your parents would have given you this ability...aah, your parents, they truly did very well with you, giving you those injections, and messing with your DNA, it truly is a sight to behold."

"You knew all along..."

Matt couldn't...no, he did believe it.

He didn't want to, but he knew that it was just as he said, that he would do something like that.

"Of course I did." Eobard didn't deny. "I always knew about you, Matthew. You and I meet several times across the timeline's. You're something of an anomaly, and you interest me rather greatly. You make me feel, differently about things. When I came back here, it was indeed to kill Barry, but it was also to learn more about you, and to see you, watch you. I've been watching, recording your events across these years. Resilience, that is a word I'd associate with you, I'm rather impressed. More than myself, you went above and beyond with what you had to work with, it was, inspiring to someone like me. And when you met with Dr Snow, oh to see such a romance blossoming. You know, that day, I set up that man, grabbing Caitlin and holding her at gunpoint."


Matt's anger grew, and the area began shaking because of his powers.

Eobard simmered with his hands towards Matt.

"Because, I put the wheels in motion my Matthew, for you to meet Caitlin, that moment, even if it seemed insignificant, it is very significant. No matter the timeline, the age, you and Dr Snow always where, meant to be together. You and her, have a very interesting future, especially your children, I can't wait for you to have your children, with your wife, and achieve what you achieve."

Matt wasn't sure what to believe anymore when it came to this man, he always did things that contradicted what he wanted.

"...You're saying I really have children with Caitlin?"

"Ooh yes, you very much do with Caitlin, you and Caitlin have one another, and have interesting children, and not just your children, yourselves as well, just wait for it, don't worry and just accept it. You've got a remarkable future in front of you."

"And if it was my decision, you wouldn't have a future at all, in fact you'd be gone by now, you know that, right?"

Eobard began chuckling.

"We'll always meet, you'll see me in your future, and my past. We've met, and we'll talk, and we'll fight, and we'll do a lot of different things. Even if you think that you can escape me, or I escape you, we'll always be meeting, yet unlike Barry, I don't hate you Matthew. In fact, I respect the decisions you have made for your family, especially a decision you'll have in the future."

"What decision?"

Matt demanded, but Eobard just turned away.

"Sorry, that's spoilers."

Matt expected him to be like that.

"You're so full of it Eobard, you wont get away with this forever, I assure you. Once this is done, I hope to never see your ugly mug again, either you or your blonde haired version of you. One toe out of line and I'll take on everyone to take you out, blondie."

Eobard's eyes flickered, looking straight at him with perplex expression, yet excitement at the same time.

"You can see me, as myself?"

"Hmph, spoilers."

Matt turned, and walked away, closing the door to a laughing Eobard.

Matt eventually went to find Jean, and he found her on the roof, overlooking the day.

Matt walked closer, seeing her admiring the cars, and the trees, and other things as they went by. She moved her hand forward, allowing the winds to dance between her fingers. It spun and swished in her hand, then she shot it into the sky, shaking her head sadly.

"Jean, what are you doing out here?"

She was startled by his voice. She looked over towards him, and saw her brother, smiling sadly.

"Hey bro, you're back it seems. I'm glad. When you went into that Speed Force crap, I was worried that I never would see you again, but you came back to me, so I'm so happy..."

"You're not happy, are you?"

Shaking her head, she was trying her best to keep it in by herself, but she wasn't able to do that.

"No..." Whispering like the world was disappearing, Matt sat down beside her, and hugged onto her body. She hugged back, slowly moving her face to his own. "Bro, it's so hard, Ronnie's gone, and I know Barry wants to see his mother, I know he does. If I could do that, then I probably would, but I'm not, and I know how dangerous this all is. If he does this, things are going to get really bad, I know that it is."

"I know that it is Jean, I know that it is very dangerous. But they are intelligent, these guys know what they're doing, we have to believe in them. If I thought truly...no, I know that this can't be right, but it still is a harsh thing to accept. Barry just wants to see his Mother again. We all would do that if we had the chance, you know?"

Jean could understand that.

But Matt saw that she still had a complicated expression.

"Ronnie died a hero Jean."

Jean's eyes became more wet than before.

"I know...he died, saving us all...doesn't mean that I have to accept it, does it?"

"No, of course not." His arm snaked around her body, and pulled her closer. "You don't have to accept anything you don't want to. But, Ronnie is a hero, he saved us all, and that's one of the best things that we can gain from this. We can say that he is a true hero."

Jean didn't know how to feel about that.

She knew that Ronnie did what he did to be a hero, but she didn't want him to die. Of course she didn't. She just didn't know what she was going to be going on now.

"I...when we were gone, away from here, we were happy. We lived a relatively normal life. Sure, we did the whole Firestorm thing, but we still did many different things together. We walked on a beach once, and then another time we went swimming together, and we ate my meals-"

"And he survived?"

Jean showed a small pout.

"Oh haha, I get it, I'm a terrible cook."

"Even then, seems Ronnie lived off it for a year." Jean looked towards Matt, as he gently stroked her face. "He loved you." Jean's eyes began gathering tears. "He did Jean, he loved you, and I am glad that he was there with you, when I couldn't. I couldn't ever truly thank him for what he did for you, and he saved the city, he's a hero Jean, never forget his heroism. Never forget Ronnie Raymond Jean, he was the man that saved your life, and all ours, he is a hero."

Jean fell against Matt's shoulder, and sobbed her poor heart out.

She got out things that she kept bottled up, and they just overflowed from her eyes.

She tried her best to keep it in, but in the end, she couldn't, and just ended up crying her heart out.

Matt comforted her, for as long as they had, and they chatted about what they did together for a long time, what she and Ronnie did, all to remember the man that she admired, and loved, and Matt silently thanked him in his mind for what went down during that day, it was one of the most relieving things that he had done in a long time.

Later on, in S.T.A.R Labs in the pipeline, and Matt was with Cisco, Hartley, Caitlin, Frankie, Jean and Joe along with the others were stood together with Eobard, in his containment cell.

Matt slowly inhaled a breath, glaring at the man as he walked forward.

"Matthew, I have to say-"

Matt cut him off with a darkened glare of his eyes.

"Don't speak to me, Eobard, never speak to me. If I had it my way, you'd be on the end of my blade right now you pathetic shit."

Eobard was slightly surprised but held his tongue, as Cisco moved closer to Barry.

"There are gonna be three yous back there the you from the future who saved younger you from the Reverse-Flash and now you you. Remember, wait until future you gets younger you out of there, and then you can go and save your Mom."

Cisco's words were nodded at in acknowledgement by Hartley, but he didn't agree with this, he knew that it was wrong.

"Piece of cake."

"May the Speed Force be with you."

Matt made an unpleasant face to Cisco's words, he didn't want to talk about the Speed Force for a while.

"You ripped off Star Wars."

Bette shrewdly pointed out happily, Cisco chuckling awkwardly, and held onto his hand.

Barry and Joe looked at one another, and they had tears dangling in his eyes. Matt looked towards Caitlin and held onto her hand tightly, as he hugged Frankie from the other side. Jean moved towards Hartley, and hugged onto his arm, and wouldn't release it for nothing.

"Goodbye, Dad."

Barry wept out, Matt wondering why he was doing this if it caused him so much distress.

"Goodbye, Son."

Barry felt Joe's embrace, and it made him feel good inside of himself. Once he pulled away from Joe, Barry's eyes went to his true love, to Iris. She looked towards him, and could see that there was something that he needed to say, wanted to say, but as if she had Matt's powers, she already knew.


"You don't have to say anything." She cut him off, moving closer. "I already know. I hope whatever life you get, it's enough for you. That it makes you happy."

"You too."

Iris and Barry give one another a kiss on the cheek, Eddie looking on with a saddened expression. Barry then looks towards Eddie, who just nods, and disappears away with the others.

Matt was the last to follow, since they needed to go towards the Cortex.

But, Matt looked towards Barry, ignoring Eobard.

"Barry, are you sure this is what you want to do?"

Matt thought that he would try at least once more...no, this was his final chance.

He had to know Barry was sure about this.

"It's what I have to do...good luck, with whatever life you get now, maybe it will be better."

"My life, is as great as it can be Barry, I have a family now. But, I don't want to forget all this-"

"You wont." Eobard revealed dryly. "Your powers, will be able to allow you to remember any timeline you've been apart of, as long as you have your powers in said time line that is, and they've been awakened. Don't worry, you'll be with Caitlin in another timeline as well, you can use your powers to restore memories of other timelines to other people, so you'll find one another again."

"Thanks for that, you bastard. Don't ever talk to me again, and I hope you die painfully." Matt growled at Eobard, who chuckled awkwardly. His eyes then went towards Barry, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Good luck Barry, be safe, and do what you need to do. Even though I don't necessarily agree with this, I hope you find what you need to find, and I hope you make the right decision."

"Thanks, you too. Whatever happens now, I hope you and Caitlin and Frankie, and Jean are happy...and I'm sorry about Ronnie and Jean, tell her I am sorry about this."

Matt silently nodded, spared one last glare for Eobard, before joining the others in the Cortex.

He walked towards Caitlin and Jean who were at a separate station than the others were at, Matt feeling Caitlin's hand on his own as he bent down towards her. His head laid on her shoulder, and gave her a cheek kiss.

"No matter what Cait, even if we're in another time line, I'll find you again, I'll always find you, both, you and Frankie, I'll always come back to you."

"Me too." She bequeathed a smile, capturing his lips and her own together. "I'll always remember you, and Frankie, and we'll all meet again." Frankie, having heard her name, came closer, and sat together with the three, all hugging one another. "Because, we're a family now, and I love you Matthew, Frankie, Jean."

The four continued their hug, as Barry began. Matt looked at the camera, seeing him go faster, and faster. He didn't like it, but he had to accept it but he couldn't help but get an eerie feeling that everything was about to go wrong.

The building began to shake seconds later, Jean looking at the screen, then turned back to the others, Matt feeling Caitlin's hand tightening on his own, and he did the same thing right back towards her.

"The accelerator's structural integrity is holding."

Joe walked past behind Eddie, and moved towards Stein along with Hartley sat at the console.

"What was that?"

"Is Barry okay?"

Bette added, worried for the young man. Cisco assured her with a small smile.

"Yeah. He just passed Mach Two."

"Cool." Frankie muttered, then turned towards Matt. "Dad..."

"Something wrong sweetheart?"

"If Barry does this...does that mean we'll never meet? Does that mean...you wont be my Dad anymore?"

Right now, seeing Frankie's sinking heart, and tears in her eyes, Matt kinda disliked Barry for making her feel that way. He hugged her tightly, and placed her on his lap. She hugged onto his body, petting the young girls hair.

"Shhhh now, Eobard told me that I'll remember this, no matter what happens, as long as I have powers, and thanks to my stupid parents, I'll always have these powers, maybe, but even if I didn't, I'll always find you, my daughter, and I'll always love you, as my daughter. Frankie, you're a large part of my world, and no alternative timeline, is ever going to keep me from you. And I'll restore any memories you forget, and we'll always be together."

Frankie laid her head on his shoulder, snuggling into the blonde. Said blonde hugged her back with one arm, as Jean looked on, then looked down at the ground before her, knowing that this would cause heartache, no matter what.

As Martin reached for his cup, he saw the liquid rise, before he could say anything, Hartley injected the hydrogen particle into the pipeline, Martin nodding his head.

"Didn't even have to speak."

"Of course not, I am a genius as well."

As Hartley said that, the image on the screen, and the image of what was Barry running, collided, and the pair disappeared together, Iris' eyes widening at the sight before her.

"What's that? What happened?"

She asked roughly, leaving Caitlin to deliver the news, as they all stood up.

"Barry he's gone."

With Caitlin's words, Matt looked at the computer screen, and saw what was going on.

"Look. The wormhole."

"And it's stable."

Hartley added after Matt, where Martin cocked his head to Jean.

"Start the clock dear."

Jean did as she was asked, clicking the button on the screen, and then as she did, the countdown began.

Once it was, Matt looked towards Hartley, and Jean.

"You two, follow me, lets just get him out of here before I have a change of mind and kill the bastard."

Responding to that, Jean and Hartley both inclined their head.

"Right behind you bro."

"You're right, lets be wise about this, and get him out of here before we all lose our minds like Barry."

"I'm going too."

Cisco added, Bette looking worried but Cisco gave her a reassuring look. She reluctantly bowed her head, and knew what she had to do.

"Be careful Cisco."

"Always will be bomber...do you want to change your name to bomber?"

"No. I love Plastique."

Cisco chuckled, as Matt moved closer.

"Don't worry Bette, I'll keep Cisco safe. Just look out for everyone in here with Joe, we don't know what this bastard could be capable of. He's fast, so try your best, if he tries anything. We can't take any chances with this."

"Yeah, you've got it Matt, keep careful."

Matt nodded his head, Frankie looking worryingly towards Matt.


"Stay here sweetheart, and protect the others with Bette, and Joe, okay? I'm counting on you."

Frankie reluctantly nodded her head, and together with Hartley, Jean, and Cisco, they walked towards the pipeline, where the time capsule was ready.

Matt got Eobard out of his cells, and pushed them towards the pod. He didn't want to have to deal with him ever again.

"Don't ever come here again or you'll die."

"Matthew, don't be so cold, you've got a very interesting destiny, both you and your wife."

"Don't talk about Caitlin, don't look at her, don't speak about her, don't even think about her, or I'll kill you myself."

Matt glared, but Eobard looked at the pod that was going to be taking them home, Matt felt like smashing it right there and then with his powers, to destroy their hope. But, he wasn't stupid enough to place others in danger, no matter how he really wanted to do it.

"It's beautiful. Rip Hunter would be impressed. He built the first one of these. Interesting man."

"Did he rip you a new one?"

Hartley snickered, Cisco chuckling as well.

"Nice one Hartley, didn't know you had it in you."

"Well...he deserved it."

Matt rolled his eyes, but then from the wormhole, a silver helmet came flying out, with wings attached to the helmet. Matt's eyes furrowed at such a sight, surprised that the helmet was bouncing off the ground like it was.

"Now what the hell is that? Can I keep it? I could do with a hat that looks like it's from Greek Mythology, the messenger of the Gods, I think it is Greek Myth anyway...either way, it is pretty cool, but where did that come from anyway?"

"That's my cue to leave."

Eobard answered Matt, who rolled his eyes.

He moved closer to Cisco, and showed a somewhat warm smile for him.

"Thank you, Cisco."

Hearing that used to bring Cisco joy, all it did now was bring him sorrow, and it caused his heart to feel heavy with deep emotions.

"Don't ever come back. I'm with Matt, if you come back here, I'll make sure he kills you too."

Cisco said harshly, and then Hartley nodded.

"If I had it my way, you would have died by now."

"Good thing it wasn't by your way then, isn't it Hartley?"

"Screw you, that's all I have to say. You did all this, and you get to go home? You sicken me. You should be punished for your actions, this seems like it is a reward compared to what you did to everyone, not just me."

"Like Matthew, for instance? I was the reason you met him, you should be thanking me."

Hartley's eyes tightened, and he went to raise his hands to fire a sonic blast, but Matt stopped him, overlaying a hand onto his own hand. Hartley looked towards Matt, but he shook his head, seeing the seething rage in Matt himself, from Hartley.

"Just leave it for now Hartley, they are just...done. He isn't worth anything anymore. He knows if he turns on us, we'd all kill him, he can't beat all three of us, we don't have to be Speedsters to kill this shit."

Hartley nodded his head, allowing him to just go.

Eobard got into the pod, and he looked on normally.

The portal began twisting in the sky, and Eobard looked super excited, he looked about to be getting what he wanted for all this time.

"Home. I'm going home..."

They all looked on...

But then Matt felt something, and his face lit up.

"He made the right choice after all."

"What dude?"

Cisco asked, so Matt smiled, and placed a barrier around the four of them.

"Something good's about to happen."

Cisco didn't know what he meant, and neither did the others.

Just as he did that, Barry came shooting out of the wormhole, and slammed his fist right through the glass, connecting it with the older man's face, Eobard went backwards, smashing the time ship apart. He skidded on the ground, and Matt him with a delightful smile.

Matt's face became very bright at the sight, Barry landing on the ground with a wild grin on his face.

"Ooh yeah Barry! Well done!"

"Yahoo! Awesome Barry! Time to kick some ass!"

Jean announced, Matt nodding and turning to Cisco.

"Cisco, get out of here, a fight's about to go down."

"R-Right dude, be careful!"

Matt nodded his head, and Cisco took off., leaving Matt and the others there. Barry got off the ground, and zoomed towards Matt. He looked towards Matt, who did the same thing.

"Well done Barry, you did the right thing. I know it couldn't of been easy, but you did the right choice. I can...feel your emotions right now, it must have been terrible to see your Mom...what happened, but this is the right way Barry, and I am sorry, I hope this gives you closure."

"Hard choice, very hard, I almost gave in and saved her but...but thanks man."

"No prob..." Matt looked at the wormnhole. "Eeeh! This thing isn't closing!"

As Matt said that, the wormhole began growing bigger, and bigger. The wormhole touched the sides of the building as well as the roof and caused some of it to begin breaking down. Jean looked on with some worry, and Hartley did the same thing.

"Jean, you've got to use your powers to stabilize the building before it crumbles down on all of us!" Jean looked towards Hartley. "Please, hurry!" As he shouted that, Hartley looked towards Eobard. "Matthew, you and I should help Barry out with him."

"You got it Hartley."

Matt quickly said.

Jean also nodded her head.

"R-Right, I'm on it!"

Jean rushed to the side of the building, and then breathing in and out slowly.

Inhaling and exhaling her breath, she focused her powers into the walls, and using her powers over molecules, she strengthened the walls, reinforcing them with her powers.

Barry looked towards Eobard who glared upwards towards him.

"You didn't save her. Why? Why? You could have had the life you wanted." Eobard growled out angrily, putting down his mask. "You could have had everything you ever wanted!"

Barry looked at the others, who nodded right towards him, and then he nodded to himself with a smile on his lips.

"I already do."

Eobard cocked his head to the side with a wider grin on his face.

"Not for long."

Eobard charged at Barry who did the same thing. Barry jumped over Eobard, and grabbed him by the shoulder, flipping him around. Then, with a quick strike to the head, Eobard was pushed forward, Matt shooting off a concussive force of energy right for his face, forcing him into a wall. Hartley then added his own sonic wave, causing Eobard to grip his ears at the piercing sound.

"Together, you can't stop us."

Barry announced, Matt nodding his head.

"That's right Eobard, you wont win against us. Now I get to kill you, I'm so happy."

Eobard glared at the two. He was confident that he could take Barry or Matt on their own. But the pair of them together, he was sure that he couldn't do that. He ground his teeth, and showed a darkened glare.

"I wont lose to either of you!"

"Bro! That thing is growing, we only have a few seconds! They don't have the time to shut it down and if it grows much more, then we'll all die! You have to do something bro! You have to use your powers somehow!"

"But, how!?"

Matt didn't know what he could do, what could he do for this?

[Mr Stone, Miss Stone is right. Use your powers to try and close it, Dr Snow and Miss Kane are trying their best to and shut it down! But they might not make it in time, so you have to do your best Mr Stone, while Miss Stone keeps up the building from collapsing in on us.]

"R-Right! Leave this to me, Hartley, keep helping Barry!"

Matt allowed energy to dance in his palms, and he shot it towards the wormhole, and used his best attempts to keep it closed, while the battles continued onwards, Matt wishing he could get in on the action, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to do that right now.

As that happened, Caitlin and Frankie rushed through the S.T.A.R Labs and went towards the pipeline, seeing Cisco already there. He nodded at them, and rushed past them to not get in their way, and continued doing what they needed to do.

"Cut the internal generators sweetheart!"

Caitlin asked, rushing past Frankie.

"I'm on it Mom!"

Frankie got to a nearby place, and pushed some of the buttons, getting off the panel on the wall. Caitlin did the same thing on her side, Frankie doing what she could do right now.

[Ten seconds, hurry! Mr Stone might be able to buy you a few more seconds, but there's a danger to this...]

"We're going as fast as we can Professor!"

Frankie announced with fear, showing that she really wasn't pleased right now.

They continued doing what they needed to do, and as they worked, something exploded near Frankie. She placed her hands out, as the electrical discharged happened. However, before it could shock her, it stopped right in it's place, causing Frankie to be surprised.

Using her possible power, she forced the electricity away from her, shooting it to the ground.

Caitlin looked on with surprise, hearing the Professor's countdown.

But she managed, at the last second, to shut down the wormhole, and she inhaled a breath, moving closer towards Frankie, placing a hand on the side of her shoulder.

"Well done Frankie, I couldn't of done it without you."

"Yeah, I'm okay, we did it Mom."

Caitlin smiled even more, giving her a small hug.

"Yes, we did it very well together, Frankie. But, did you just...control lightning...?"

Caitlin inhaled, feeling relieved.

Frankie didn't know either, she wasn't sure.

Back in the pipeline, Barry and Eobard fought one another valiantly, but it was clear that Eobard was the one who was keeping it all together in said fight, he was dominating Barry in the fight. Barry pushed off the wall at superspeed's, but Eobard was right behind him, grabbing him, and threw him into a wall.

Barry let out a cry, as Hartley fired off a wave of sonic power. Eobard had to bend his body to the side, but with Matt now not having to close the wormhole, he turned towards Eobard, and sent off a psychic wave towards him at the same time, both of their powers slamming into the man's body, and he rolled down on the ground, making him pant.


"On it!"

Barry rushed around the area as Eobard flew through the sky, building momentum. And then, he came from the other side, slamming his fist into Eobard's back, Eobard releasing a heavy cry from his lungs, and skidded across the ground.

Eobard looked up, only to see Matt launching a blade of telekinetic energy.

Eobard got off the ground, and rushed towards the left. Matt followed him, shooting off blast after blast of the blades with Hartley doing the same thing with his sonic waves, Barry rushing to the other side, blocking Eobard's path off. Eobard them saw a dagger come for him, so he caught it, only for Barry to get close, delivering a few speedy blows to Eobard's stomach, his body bending backwards.

"Have this!"

Summoning his powers, he breathed out psychic fire. He couldn't shoot this off repeatedly, so he did it sparingly. But this attack slammed Eobard, burning his body and his mind as well, him rolling on the ground in both types of pain, physical and mental pain.

"Aaaaaagh! W-What power is this!?"

Eobard let out a bellowing cry, only for Barry to appear above him. Charging his fist, Barry slammed it downwards. However, Eobard caught the fist, tripping Barry's feet, and then got off the ground. Keeping a hold of his fist, he spun around the area, building up the momentum, and threw Barry off the ground.

Matt thrusted his hand upwards, grabbing Barry with telekinesis, and launched him at Eobard. With the momentum of Matt's throw and his own speed, Barry went faster than ever, quickly dashed at him, smacking him in the face with a heavy punch, sending him towards Matt.

"Have another!"

Matt blasted forward with his psychic energy, hitting Eobard's body which flung towards Hartley, who raised his hands.

"Have this!"

With a sonic wave, Hartley landed an attack and knocked him down onto the ground. Eobard looked up to see Matt launching a telekinetic blade right for his body. Eobard lunged upwards, and then jumped over the blade, shooting for Matt.

Barry gave chase, but Matt merely merely raised a dome around himself. Eobard, rushed around the dome, spinning and creating a mini vortex, around him. Barry rushed towards him, and got into the vortex, trying to catch Eobard.

But then, Eobard spun around and jumped over Barry, grabbing the back of his head, and threw him to the side. Matt growled, and went to release a blast, when Eobard looked right towards him, and smiled softly.

"You'll suffer for this, fighting me."

"Suffer this, bitch!"

Matt released the dome, changing the domes protective energy into a concussive blast, forcing his body backwards. Matt's different coloured eyes focused on Eobard, who flipped in the air, and then allowed the blade Matt launched to pass through his armpit, avoiding it all together. But Matt skilfully spun two daggers in his hand, launching them off right at Eobard.

Eobard avoided the daggers of energy, but them Matt thrusted his hand downwards, lifting up the ground with his telekinesis. Eobard quickly spun his arms around creating a blast of wind, and then Barry rushed in front of Matt, doing the same thing.

The winds clashed with one another, and had a battle.

"You can never win Barry, you'll always lose!"

Eobard growled out, but Matt inhaled a breath, and then breathed out psychic flames, connecting them with Barry's attack. Combining their powers, a vortex of flames erupted forward, catching Eobard's tornado and forced Eobard to stop, rushing to the side, avoiding the flames.

Just as Hartley was going to become involved, he felt a hand on his back, and suddenly, he felt something...draining from him.

"Eobard baby?!"

It was Rachael...

Among the chaos, she managed to sneak in, and saw what was going on, and managed to catch Hartley off guard. Because Matt was concentrated on Eobard, he couldn't have sensed her until it was too late. The others turned towards her, and he saw how Hartley's skin was slowly turning older and older, absorbing his life force.

"Rachael, you've returned to me." Eobard gave her a smile, making her look confused. "Rachael, what's wrong?"

"...Y-You were going to go, without me?"

She felt betrayed, but Eobard smiled.

"Of course not Rachael, as soon as their guard was down, I was going to come and get you, but you came for me. We're abandoning the plan, and killing them. Kill them, then we'll have our family."

"Family..." Eobard nodded, and in Rachael's mind, it truly looked amazing. The very idea that she would have a family now, was her best feeling. "Eobard, we're really going to have a family? And I can kill Matt, Caitlin and everyone else who's ever hurt me?"

Twisted, is what Matt thought, and he felt sorry for her in a roundabout way, with how Eobard preyed on her mind and basically manipulated her in a huge way. That way, he did feel sorry for her, but she was still responsible for her actions, and he couldn't have it continued on this time, he couldn't have it happen this time.

"Yes, kill my love, then we'll be together."

Upon hearing that, Rachael nodded her head happily, and gave in, which was the last straw for Matt.

"W-What are you..."

Hartley croaked, feeling what was happening.

"Nifty gifty for me. You see, my Eobard baby made this for me. Matt has the power to drain energy, and I can control my cells to heal, and such. Well, with this organ inside, I can use my power, and that power in tandem. I've been going through conditioning for this for a while now, and I'm going to drain the life out of you!"

Hartley could feel the life being sucked out of him. He could feel it slowly leaving him, his skin was ageing, his eyes followed Rachael's sadistic sneer that was on her lips, and she looked down at him, licking her lips like she saw him as tasty.

"G-Get off me..."

He growled out, but she just snickered.

"Awww, don't worry about it Hartley, you're not going to be alive for much longer. You're not going to be able to get away from this, you know? Either way, it is going to be your last time you're going to be alive, you know?"

Hartley continued feeling the life leave him, when suddenly, an energy blast erupted from the side, hitting Rachael off his body. Rachael rolled on the ground, as Matt rushed towards Hartley, leaving Barry to fight Eobard, since Hartley needed some help.

"Hartley, are you alright?"

Matt asked, seeing Hartley's skin return to normal. Matt was relieved, seeing that he was able to heal from that.

"Y-Yeah, I'm good, that was just..."

"It's alright, just rest now. Leave this bitch to me."

He slowly nodded, pushing off to the side,

Rachael got off the ground.

"Oh, is this the fight of a lifetime Matt?"

"Hardly, I'm gonna kick your ass quickly, then we'll be done with this crap. Finally, you're going to die here. I feel sorry for you, but you've done more than enough to all of us, you're dead."

Rachael smiled, then rushed forward. Matt wasn't messing around this time, he made a katana of energy, and rushed right for her. Meeting in the middle, he swung down from the right, which she dodged, sending a punch for him.

Avoiding that, he swung for Rachael's neck, though she pulled backwards, the blade cutting Rachael's throat slightly Matt thinking that he had gained an advantage, but he then saw that the cut healed itself, allowing Rachael to go right at Matt.

Getting in his personal zone, she punched Matt across the face, then brought her leg up for a sweeping kick. Matt blocked the kick with the blade, pushing her away, thrusting his palm into her stomach, releasing a blast of energy in her torso, forcing her off her feet.

He then threw the katana right at her, embedding her leg with the blade.


She cried out, but Matt didn't care anymore, making a dagger of energy, aiming for her head. She ripped the katana out of her leg, and rolled to the side. Matt saw that her wound was healing, so quickly, he thrusted his hands forward, sending blades of energy right at her.

Rachael raised her arms, the blast hitting her arms, and forced her backwards. She bounced off the ground, as her leg healed, but she smiled at the sight, licking her lips softly.

"Did you forget Matt? I can fight forever, my powers allow me to heal continuously, you can't beat me. Even if you try, you'd have to knock me out to even have a chance. But I'm just stronger than you are, you can't even think quickly about this, you can't outsmart this, I'm just a tough bitch for you, no matter what."

"Tough bitch, you used to be kind, and now look at you. You're Eobard's servant, that's all you are. You've even turned into his pet project, and he was going to leave you behind. Just think, why didn't he experiment on himself? It is because he's turned you into a weapon, that's all you are now."

Rachael's eyes lowered as Jean finished using her powers on the building, protecting the others from a collapsing building. She turned towards Matt and Rachael, Rachael's eyes becoming slightly moist.

"It doesn't matter, he loves me."

"He can't love a thing, other than himself Rachael. Wake up, look what he's turned you into. He wasn't going to find you, you weren't even on his mind."

Rachael looked down at herself, as Jean pushed closer.

"He's made me powerful though, I'm strong now, you can't stop me. Your words are just trying to deter me from being myself! I wont let anyone use me!"

"Then why are you letting him use you?"

Rachael's mind was hit with devastation, and then Jean came up from behind her, slamming her with some winds, knocking her down onto the ground.

"You killed Ronnie Rachael. You are a murderer. He sacrificed himself, because of something like you, getting in the way. How dare you think you can do something like that? You just care about yourself, and everyone else here, barring Eobard, does care about others. You're pathetic now."

Rachael raised her head off the ground,

"Fuck you Jean, I'm glad your boyfriend is dead, why should you be happy, huh? You're a bitch, and I hate you as well, always coming between me and Matt, you always got his attention, you should have died a long time ago."

Matt heard a cry, and saw Barry pinned to the wall. His eyes widened, and went to help, but Rachael grabbed his wrist due to the distraction, and used the life drain power, his knees feeling weak. She pulled him backwards, back handing Matt across the face, as he tried his best to adjust to the life drain that she was doing.

"Don't worry Matt, we'll be together, even in death."

Because of the life drain, he felt a little weaker than he usually would, he could see that his vision was blurry. Even then, it didn't matter, he wasn't going to stop because of Rachael, he wasn't going to lose to her.

"Fuck you!"

Matt summoned his energy and forced it into her body. Capturing her with telekinesis, he flung the girl to the side, knocking her into the wall. She landed on the ground, and rolled forward, grabbing glass shards, launching them at Matt.

Matt raised a barrier, as she ran forward, picking up glass and metal shards to fire at Matt.

Jean stepped between them, Rachael's eyes widening as a gust of wind came for her. She jumped to the side, and avoided it, then moved forward, rushing Jean with a grin on her face, but Jean merely pushed to the side, Matt's energy colliding with her body.

Reverse Flash went to kill Barry, raising his vibrating hand.

"Just so we're clear, after I kill you, I'm going to kill them. And then I'm going to kill your father. I always win, Flash!"

Eobard went to strike him down, Matt went to thrust his hand that way, when he heard a banging sound.

Everything seemed to stop with that sound, and they looked to the source. Standing there, with a gun to his chest, was Eddie, everyone's eyes widening at the sight, allowing Barry to be released, Rachael looking on with a wide eyed expression.


Barry yelled, as Hartley walked closer to the young man who fell down to the ground. Blood came from his body, and he bent down, not sure why Eddie...no, he did know why, but he just couldn't understand someone doing that.

"What did you do? Why did you…?"

"No such thing as a coincidence. I, couldn't let, Barry die, he...he was, going to kill Barry, and I couldn't...let him...die."

Eddie cried out, as Matt heard the footsteps of Iris coming along.

Barry looked towards Eobard, and saw that slowly, he was fading away.

"What's happening?"

"Hartley, help me!"

Eobard cried out, falling to his knees.

"Why would I help you Eobard? Die you bastard."

Hartley glared out angrily.

Rachael rushed towards him, and hugged onto his body.

"Eobard baby!? W-Why!? Don't disappear! I need you!"

She cried, trying to keep him alive, and well, but he wasn't able to respond, he couldn't believe that this was happening, Hartley then answered Barry's question, lowering his eyebrows.

"Eddie's his ancestor. If Eddie dies, he'll never be born, and..."

"He's being erased from existence." Matt finished, looking towards Eobard, and he looked right back. "...Goodbye Eobard, I'd prefer to have killed you myself, but this is rewarding as well, the only sad part is Eddie had to die because of it, but he saved Barry's life in the end huh. The one person you hate, he saved, your own ancestor, that must be a kick in the teeth huh."

Eobard's eyes were angry, and scared at the same time.

"Y-You can save me with your powers! Y-You can displace me from-"

Matt cut him off with a middle finger up towards him, and murmured "Bye." with a cold heart and eyes.

At that moment, Iris came crying in, running towards Eddie. She bent down towards him, and hugged onto his body, tears leaking out of her eyes, Rachael doing the same thing for her own lover right now.

"No! No! Eddie. Eddie, no, no. Stay with me, okay? Stay."

Iris begged again and again, her tears excruciatingly painful to look at.

"He was wrong, it turns out. I'm a hero after all."

Eddie coughed out blood, Iris' eyes couldn't stop leaking tears, more and more of them.

"You are, Eddie. You are my hero."

Eddie's hand gently went over Iris' face, smiling softly despite the pain that he felt right now.

"That's all I ever wanted to be… Your hero."

Slowly, Eddie faded away, Iris looking towards Matt for assistance, but he bowed his head, and Iris knew that meant Eddie was gone. She just knew it from the way that his eyes were on her form, and caused him to feel terrible about all of this.

"No! Eddie please, Eddie don't..."

Iris pleaded but it was too late.

Rachael noticed that Eobard was continuing to flicker in and out of existence, shaking her head.

"Eobard baby, please! W-We're supposed to be together! W-We were...you should have been with me, and that...please don't do something like this...please, stay with me, please don't do this to me, please come and stay with me..."

Rachael pleaded, crying into his chest, but he just looked at Barry, his face switching from Harrison Wells' face, to Eobard's real face. Matt remembered this face, he could remember seeing this face in a dream once, and now knew who he really was.

"I've controlled your life for so long, Barry. How will you get along without me?"

Eobard truly had the last laugh as he disappeared into nothingness.

Rachael's eyes leaked massive tears, and she screamed "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" as loud as she could, falling down to the ground.

Everyone felt this was a bitter sweet victory, it didn't feel good at all.

Rachael had many thoughts whispering in her mind, and also she felt like the screams were loud. It felt sickening to her, she felt like now, her life had no purpose, she couldn't even breathe properly, she felt it tight in her chest.

As they stood there, the singularity that was closed, reopened. It began sucking things in around them all, Jean's eyes going towards Matt.

"What happened..."

"I don't know Jean...but I know what I have to do..."

Barry looked at the others, then nodded his head, and rushed to the side. He rushed towards Iris, who wept on the ground, over Eddie's body, but she couldn't keep it in, she just let out all of her emotions.

"Iris, we have to go."

"I'm not leaving him."

Iris spoke her denial, but Hartley grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her towards the exit.

"We have to go now, Iris. I'm sorry."

Iris was dragged away, and the others followed.

But Matt turned to see Rachael just sat there, broken.

Though he hated what she did.

He truly hated what she had done.

He held a very, very, very small sympathy for her. Sure, he knew that it was her own fault on what happened, but to a degree, she was manipulated by Eobard. Sure, she also had screws loose, but Matt could at least feel something sorrowful for her.

So, he rushed backwards towards her, Jean gasping.

"Bro, what are you doing!?"

"She needs to pay for her crimes."

"But she killed Ronnie!"

"No, Eobard killed Ronnie Jean, Rachael was just a Pawn. A willing to a degree, but still a Pawn. I'm not letting her get away with it anymore, I'll finish her off now."

Matt called back to her, as he got in front of Rachael.

He looked at her eyes as debris began being sucked into the singularity. Her eyes, looked hollow. She looked broken and alone. Even though he hated what she had personally done to him, and others, he had to feel sorry for her. Even then, he formed a dagger of energy within his hand, and looked down towards her.

"Rachael, come on. You know what has to happen now Rachael, come quietly, or I'll have to kill you."

Rachael's hollow eyes went towards his eyes, leaking tears.

"Where am I going to go now…? I don't have anything to live for. Eobard, gave me a purpose, I don't have that now. I have nothing to live for...kill me, I don't care anymore."

"You need to pay for what you did, you did all of this Rachael. You know, even now, I feel...rage for you, I've never felt this angry about someone before, and that's you...you did this Rachael, and I am sorry for what Eobard did to you, it was wrong, he forced you into this life. You were a manipulative bitch before...but, even you didn't deserve to be his slave."

Rachael fiddled with her thumbs, shaking her head.

"Just leave me alone, and let me die Matt. Please, I want to die. I don't want to live anymore...I don't have anything to live for..."

Serene tears erupted from her eyes, but Matt slapped her across the face, shocking her.

"Stop being stupid! For fuck sake, you used to be a League member! So, you were used, get used to it! We all were used in different ways! You have to take responsibilities for what you've done, you can't get an easy death, sorry Rachael! The world doesn't work like that! At least, this world doesn't work like that. You need to pay for what you did to all of us, and getting broken now..."

Rachael looked into his eyes, and began crying her eyes out.

"I'm so sorry..."


For Matt, that was the last thing he expected.

"I'm...sorry. You can hate me, I deserve it...yeah, I deserve it...maybe I knew it was wrong...sure, it was wrong, but I...I just, had to do something, I hated you for breaking up with me...maybe I'm petty like that, I just didn't want to be alone...and I wasn't, he treated me nicely...I felt loved for the first time in a long time...but now, I see he didn't...he wasn't going to come back for me, was he?"

Matt shook his head.

"No, he wasn't coming back for you."

He didn't do it to be malicious, he was just confirming what she knew already.

Rachael folded her arms, nodding her head again and again.

"...I should have known, he was too caught up in his plans...and I caused a lot of peoples deaths...I can see why you chose Caitlin over me, she's not such a bitch like me huh...I'm a horrible person...I vowed to myself, that I wouldn't be like my Mom...I'm just worse than her now...I was his puppet, he didn't see as an equal...he didn't see me at all as nothing more than a tool..."


Matt went to speak, but Rachael made a decision.

She didn't want to die by a hole, so she turned to Matt, grabbing a piece of metal from the ground and forced his hand.

"You fool!"

Rachael went to stab Matt, but the blonde hit her wrist, forcing her to drop the metal, and he plunged his dagger right through her heart, and it went out of her back. He also stabbed her stomach as well, where the organ was, so she couldn't drain peoples life force anymore.

He and she locked eyes, as blood came out of her mouth.

"...Thank you, Matt, for everything...thank you, for loving me...I'm sorry for treating you horribly...be happy with Caitlin...at least, live for me now...okay...? I wont ask for anything else...but, this...please...I'm so sorry...and thank you..."


Matt didn't know what to say as the pull came stronger. Because she had been impaled, Rachael's body went flying towards the wormhole, as she was dying, this surely would kill her. Eddie's body following after her.

Matt gasped at the sudden thing, thrusting his hand outwards to try and grab the body with telekinesis.

But, the beam didn't reach him, and he was sucked into the wormhole along with Rachael.

Matt couldn't sense anything from the wormhole, no life...

Matt looked on at the wormhole, then bowed his head.

He hated Rachael, but to see her go like that, he didn't expect it.

"Goodbye Rachael, I hope you find peace, wherever you go now...Heaven, Hell...if they exist, whatever God decides, I...you were evil, but you were manipulated...just like I was by my parents once upon a time, I understand your sadness...but in the end, you had to be stopped...goodbye Rachael."

He slowly raised his head, then flew out of there before he was going to be sucked up.

Gathering outside, they all looked up to the sky, and saw the wormhole growing and growing. Everything around, was being sucked in, and people even fell into it, most likely killing them. Matt looked around and now knew this was the bad feeling he had all day.

He saw pieces of the building rise off them, breaking off the building's. Cars, and other objects went into the sky as well. They flew high, and Matt felt sick that he saw people being killed because of this singularity.

Using his powers, he caught a few people with his telekinesis, and brought them back down to the ground, saving their lives.

"What happened to Rachael?"

Jean asked with keen interest.

"She was sucked into the wormhole, she's gone now. I stabbed her, in her heart, and her stomach where the organ was, she's...she's gone now."

Matt informed the group, they looked relieved, and in a way, he was too. He was, surprised by her death, by the way she attacked him, and though it was a theory, it seemed to him like she wanted it in the end, to end her suffering and while he wasn't exactly thrilled about it, he had to do it in the end.

"I can't believe that this is happening..."

Caitlin worryingly looked towards Matt, who knew how she felt right now, as he felt the same thing.

"I know, but we'll just have to deal."

Matt expressed with concerned, Frankie using her powers to bring down some cars from being sucked in, saving some more peoples lives all together.

At the window of S.T.A.R Labs, Eliza, who had woken up now, looked out. Her eyes ran with sparkles, and her hands shook around.

She didn't show any emotions, but something within her eyes, told that she, didn't look happy right now.

"Seems like...I've gained powers...this is going to be fun."

Eliza then smirked...but, it was, different, and it was something different to her usual smile...

Cisco looked upwards, as Bette held onto his arm, he did the same right back for her.

"So that's what we didn't want to happen."

Cisco muttered out, Caitlin's hand entwining with Matt's, and so did Frankie's, he could feel their fear, and he knew why that was as well, even he was scared on what was going on right now with all that happening.

"I knew this was going to happen...Barry, I told you not to do this, and look what's happened...I said that this was happening, and you didn't believe me, I know you got to see your Mom and all, but people are dying...this isn't right..."

Jean's eyes went towards Barry, he didn't need to be told how terrible he felt right now, he already knew how bad he felt right now. He felt so awful, that he was the cause of all of this, and regretted going back into the past now, but he did love seeing his mother, not at the cost of so many peoples lives.

"What's it doing!?"

Barry yelled over the winds, so Matt placed his hands outwards, forming an oval barrier around them. Using that, they could breathe easier for a second, and Martin was thankful for that, but he still looked worried.

"Feeding. The singularity won't stop, not even after the Earth is gone. I'm afraid the accretion disc has already assembled."


Joe didn't understand and neither did some of the others. So, Hartley explained.

"Diffuse material that's in orbital motion around the singularity."

"What does that mean?"

Caitlin this time asked, looking towards Matt with worry.

"We have to disrupt the motion."

"Basically it's just like the tornado, only upside down. And bigger. And scarier."

Barry shouted to the others, as Martin pushed forward.

"Barry, that event has an energy level of at least 6.7 Terra Electron Volts. It cannot be stopped."

Barry, in that moment, knew what he had to do.

His eyes scanned the others, and they all knew what he was thinking, but none of them wanted to admit it.

"I have to try."

Barry put down his mask, and then sparks ran through his eyes. Even then, Matt knew that he couldn't stop it on his own, he just knew that he wouldn't be able to do that. And then, Barry ran, and ran as fast as he could, into the eye of the storm.

But even that, wasn't going to save them all.

Matt could tell that despite the speeds he was going, and how fast he was, and even with Cisco saying that Barry was doing it, and it was working, but Matt knew it wasn't, and from what he could hear from Hartley's head, he didn't think that it was going to work either.

"Keep doing that Barry, it's working! It's stabilizing!"

Cisco yelled through the transceiver.

[I don't know how much longer I can keep this going! I don't think I can!]

Barry shouted back, Matt seeing the man shoot around in the sky, running as fast as he possibly could.

"Now what!?"

Bette yelled, as Matt looked towards Hartley, and then Martin, knowing what they were thinking.

"We, have to merge the inner, and outer horizons."

Caitlin looked towards Matt, who smiled towards her with love. With that look, she knew that he was going to try something, he was going to do something, and that she couldn't do that, she couldn't just let him do this, she didn't want to lose him.

"Matthew no..."

"Cait, you know what I'm going to say, and they're thinking it too. I'm the only one who can release enough energy to collapse it. Jean's tired, Bette can't do it right now, and I'm not letting Frankie do it either. I'm the only one who can do it."

"M-Matthew no! Y-You can't! What if you can't escape the inrush-"

Matt silenced her with his lips, pressing them against her own. Caitlin cried hot tears that rolled down her face, and hugged onto her, using his hands that were on her face to brush off the tears that she was shedding.

"I know, Cait, I know. But this is the right thing to do, I have to, even if it wasn't to save the world, you, Frankie, and Jean are in danger, all of my friends are and the entire city is going to be wiped out if I don't do anything, I have to."

"Matthew, please don't..."

"It's me, or the world? What's the choice?"

Caitlin knew the choice, and while she didn't have to accept it, she knew it was the right thing, and Matt was all for doing the right thing, he always was, and that's what she probably loved most about him, and the way that he looked, always made her feel good inside.

"We were supposed to get married in the future, we have so many things that we were supposed to do together..."

"Then I'll come back, and we'll get married, I'm never letting you go again, you're going to become Mrs Snow-Stone and we'll have a family, more children along with Frankie being their big sister, and we'll get a dog, and a cat and make rabbits."

Caitlin's eyes furrowed with confusion as did the others, still shedding tears.

"W-With the dog and cat?"

"No, with rabbits, and more rabbits." Matt clarified. "Besides, Ronnie showed he was a hero, I'll show mine too. I never felt like one, like Barry did but now, I can save the city too, and I'll do it, because I've got you in my corner, you, guiding me and showing me your strength. Please, lend me some strength now, okay? You always were my strength, when I was affected by my powers, you never gave up on me, and you chose to love me, and I'll never forget that, I'll always love you Caitlin, no matter what, and this wont kill me, I'll come back, whatever happens, I promise you, even if I have to do deals with stupid extra dimensional energies...hehe."

Caitlin continued crying, falling against him, and sobbed her heart out. Matt bent down towards her lips, and kissed her once more, and as they kissed, a light between them connected them together, Matt and Caitlin didn't know what was going on, but now they felt it, they felt some, connection between them.


"I'll come back, this isn't goodbye, I promise." Matt nuzzled her face, then sang softly in her ear. "You are my lady~ And I am your man~ Whenever you reach for me~ I'll do all that I can~"

"Our cheesy love song…even now, you have the most beautiful voice..."

Caitlin continued shedding her tears, loving the sensations that were on her right now.

"I love you Cait. I'll always love you."

Matt murmured in her ear, Caitlin repeating the process.

"I love you, and I always will."

Matt smiled, then pulled away, bending down towards Frankie.

"Dad please don't leave me...I need you Dad, I don't want to be alone...I don't want to be without you...I don't want to be without my Dad..."

Matt pulled Frankie into a hug, and allowed her to shed tears onto his shoulder.

"Hey, sweetheart, please don't cry, I'm here. I love you Frankie, I have to do this, we don't have a lot of time, people are dying and they need a hero." Matt reached into his pocket, and pulled out his face mask, presenting it to her. "They need a hero Frankie, you have to be that hero, Magenta. I'm leaving Central City in your hands in case...in case something happens. And you're not going to be alone, you'll have Caitlin, Jean, Hartley, and everyone backing you. I know you can do this, because you're my child, my children are always awesome, and you can do this now, Frankie sweetheart. I've taught you everything you need to know, you're ready now."

Frankie wiped at her tears, but they still shed tears.

"Of course Dad...I'll be the best hero, in your name."

"Good girl, I knew that I could count on you. I know you can do this Frankie, you're my child, you are the best thing that I ever did. You, and Jean, are the best things I ever did right. We are a family. It never mattered to me that you were adopted, you always felt like my daughter, and you are my daughter Frankie, you're a Stone now."

Matt kissed the top of her head, and gave her one last hug.

Separating from her, he looked towards Bette.

"Stay and help for a little while, for me?"

"Sure...I'll do what I can. Just, be safe."

"Yeah, I'll try." Matt smiled out, turning to Cisco. "Goodbye Cisco, don't sweat the Metahuman stuff now. Us Metahuman's aren't bad."

Cisco was surprised that he knew about that, that he was thinking, but saw that he wasn't wearing his necklace anymore.

Cisco nodded with tears streaming out of his eyes.

"Good luck dude."

"Thanks Cisco. Good luck to you to, Vibe."

Cisco questioned that name once more in his head.

Matt looked towards Iris.

"Hey, Iris, don't look so sad."

"We started a team together, me you and Caitlin, remember? Then Hartley came together with us and so did Frankie. We are a great team, I'm so sorry that I couldn't do more for all of the team. And now..."

"Frankie's the hero now, be there, to support her, like you did me, okay?"

"Of course, I will always support Frankie."

Iris hugged Matt with soggy eyes, and he did the same thing.

"Thank you Iris, partner."

Iris openly sobbed and Matt patted the back of her head.

Matt's eyes turned to Hartley kindly.

"Hartley, you're like probably my best friend at this point, and I know I can count on you. Will you, protect my family for me?"

Hartley couldn't argue, hugging Matt tightly who did the same thing.

"Of course, I'll do anything for you Matthew, you have made me a much better person than before, I'll always take care of your family, I'll do everything that I can to make you happy, and smile again, I know that you can do this, so don't worry about it for even a second, we've got this now, you just go and be the hero that you've always been in my eyes."

"Thank you Hartley."

Matt whispered, petting the back of his head comfortingly.

Matt turned his head towards Jean but she didn't look like she could do it. She couldn't lose her brother again, she just couldn't do it, she would be losing the brother that she loved for so long.

"Bro no...don't, Ronnie just died, and if you do to...I'll break, I can't break anymore bro, I can't...please don't do this bro..."

Matt moved towards her, and hugged her tightly.

His arms wrapped around her, and snaked the young girl closer, and closer.

In his arms, Jean fell against him, and couldn't stop shedding her tears.

"Hey now, no need to cry, I'm here now. We finally came together, in Andrew's name, he finally got to hear our cries, and we couldn't leave him either. We have to be there for each other Jean, and now, you have to be there for Frankie, and Caitlin and the others."

"No, I can't...please don't make me bro...I can't be strong like you, you always where the strong one, the one that saved us, and protected us as well, and I can't be like that, please don't be like that with me now, I need you my brother..."

Hearing the raw emotions, Matt almost stopped himself. But he knew that this would be the last thing that he would ever do. But he knew that he would have to do this, he knew that he was the only one that could do this.

He pulled Jean close, placing his hands on both the sides of her head.

"Hey, hey, hey. Shhh now, everything is okay, don't worry so much about it now. You've grown strong Jean, you can do this, you can live without me."

"I can't...I've lost Ronnie, and now I'm about to lose my brother too...I can't..."

Matt's arms snaked around her, and rubbed her back.

"Just think, what would Andrew do in this? He'd do the same, and I'll do the same thing as well. Please don't worry about me so much Jean, I'm okay, I've accepted this."

"But, this is Barry's mistake, why do you have to pay for it?"

"Because, I'm a hero, and sometimes, we have to make sacrifices, and this is one of those times my adorable sister, we have to make this sacrifice and be happy about it, we have to, fight together, and we have to help one another when mistakes are made. Barry would do the same if this was my mistake, but this is his, and I'll correct it now. Thank you everyone, for giving me a family, I didn't have a great upbringing, but you all, are my family, and I'd happily do this for all of you. Thank you, for accepting me."

Jean sobbed her young heart out as did the others, Matt lightly pressing the lips against the top of the head.

He then pulled away from her, making her shake her head again and again, crying wildly.

"No! No! No please! Bro don't! Don't do this! Please! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

She tried to stop him, but Hartley, and Cisco restrained her, knowing that it would be Matt's wishes for this.

"Goodbye, everyone of my friends...my family. I love all of you."

Matt slowly took to the sky, seeing Caitlin and Frankie crying their eyes out. Jean tried to get free, but Bette helped along with Martin, stopping her from trying. If she would, Caitlin would stop him, and Frankie knew that these were his wishes, even if she didn't like them.

Matt then flew high into the sky, into the vortex.

Flying past rubble, and other things, he saw Barry running in the vortex, looking exhausted. Barry's eyes widened at the sight, knowing what he was going to do, and he couldn't believe it, he couldn't let it happen.

"Matt don't! Please don't!"

"Barry, thank you for everything, for being a friend to me, and thank you, for being a hero when I couldn't. Please, take care of the city now, and goodbye. Make sure Caitlin, Frankie and Jean are happy, make sure they're safe for me while I'm gone, and don't worry Barry, I don't blame you for this, this is my decision, I guess I'm a hero now huh."

"Nooooo! Matt! Don't do thisssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Barry tried to run towards him, but Matt's hands lit up with his energy. Swirling all around him, he directed his hands to both sides of the area, and then, his powers expanded, Matt using all of his powers to do this.

"Goodbye everyone."

Matt muttered with the energies expanding and ready to burst.

They all looked up at him in the sky, and still cried.


With a scream from Jean, Matt erupted with his powers, exploding in the sky, and his eyes barely were conscious, using a lot of his powers to do that.

Barry fell from the sky, and ran on some of the descending building's, as Matt was pulled upwards.

Before he could disappear, a portal opened in the sky, and his eyes sparked with lighting, and Matt heard "Don't worry, you're not going to die this time." in a voice that sounded like his brother.

"Andrew...Speed Force..."

Murmuring with nearly no life in his tone, he desperately wanted this to be the outcome.

He went through it, Caitlin's eyes widening when she saw that. No one else saw it, they didn't see it, they were too focused on other things, but she saw it, and she became hopeful but scared at the same time.

However, Barry ran down the side of the building's, but tumbled, and hit the side of S.T.A.R Labs, the others rushing towards him.

Frankie looked hopefully towards Barry, but Barry couldn't look at her right now.

"Barry...where's Dad...y-you saved him right? H-He's here, right…? Tell...me...he's not...gone...please..."

Her voice became quieter and quieter as tears formed in her eyes, realizing what had truly happened.

Barry looked sorrowfully towards her, and then looked off to the side.

"Frankie, I'm...I'm so sorry...he's...your Dad's a hero, better than...he warned me about this, and because of me...I'm sorry Frankie, I'm so sorry...you can blame me all you want...I'll understand if you do."

"No...Daddy...Daddy...Dad...please don't..."

Caitlin looked towards Frankie, as she sobbed openly, falling down to the ground. She bent down and hugged the young girl, who then wrapped her arms around her, and held onto the young woman tightly, sobbing into her chest.

"Shhh now, Frankie, it's okay..."

She lied, it wasn't okay, but she had to comfort Frankie the best she could.

Jean looked towards Barry, nearly no emotions on her face, no, she had no emotions on her face.

Barry could see the pain in her eyes, and slowly moved closer.


"You son of a bitch, this is all your fault Barry!" She barked at him, her rage forming in her hands, fists clenched, and ready to strike, Barry didn't attempt to stop her, knowing that she could hit hard, and he wouldn't blame her. "You, did this Barry, because you're selfish, a lot of people have died, because of all of this, because of your selfishness! We told you...I told you something bad would happen...and this happened...my brothers dead, because you...did..."

She went to strike him, but Bette stopped her from doing it.

"Jean, that's not fair."

Bette defended Barry, standing in front of her.

"So, it's fair that Ronnie's dead, and Matt's dead too, is it!? Because of Eobard, which is because of Barry in the first place, he's dead, and they both are dead, and they're not coming back! It can't happen like this! It isn't fair that they're dead, because of his mistakes!"

Frankie cried even more into Caitlin's chest, while she stroked her back.

"Is it fair that you're upsetting everyone with your rage?!" Bette yelled back, Frankie's eyes in floods of tears, Hartley silently crying with Iris as well, as Caitlin still believed in what she saw even though she cried, the same for Cisco and even Joe and Martin shed a few tears. "Frankie's just lost her Father! Caitlin's just lost the love of her life! We've all just lost him, not just you! And Eddie's just died as well! I might not have known him much, but others did, and you're upsetting them! Show some respect! Do you think Matt would want you to act like this and blame Barry!?"

Jean backed away slowly, realizing that she was right.

She did say the truth, and that was about what happened with Matt himself. She knew deep down, Matt wouldn't want her to be like this. But she couldn't stop the feelings erupting inside of her, and how disheartened, depressed, and downright lonely she felt right now. Everything had been lost now...she had nothing left.

Jean shook her head with watery eyes, and turned away.

"Where are you going?"

Jean looked towards Hartley, and shrugged.

"Who knows."

"You can't just leave, you need to stay here for Frankie, for everyone here."

"I can't anymore...my brother isn't here anymore, and I can't deal with this anymore...these powers...this life...everyone I care about keeps dying...and I've got no one left now...I've got nothing...within hours...both of the men I loved...are gone..."

Jean wiped her face with her hand, drying the tears that had formed in her eyes.

"Jean wait, Matthew's alive...I know he is, he has to be, I saw-"

"Him blowing up the damn portal in the sky, I saw it too…I can't deal right now, I need to go...somewhere I belong...I'm the only Stone left now...there's no Stone siblings anymore...just me..." She paused, and looked towards Frankie, adopting a smile. "I'm so sorry, Frankie. I didn't mean to upset you, I love you, okay? I'll come back eventually...I just need time to process this all..."

"Aunt Jean..."

"See ya later kiddo, be a good girl, and I'll be back soon, once I find myself again." Her eyes went to Barry, and he flinched. "...You better be a good hero Barry, my brother believed in you."

Barry lowered his head.

Jean placed her hands to her side, then propelled herself into the sky.

Caitlin watched her go, and felt Frankie clinging to her tightly. She looked down at the young girl, and stroked her head.

She knew though, out there somewhere, Matt was alive. She couldn't understand it, but she felt it, inside of her, she felt that he was still out there, somewhere, and that was one of the most important...no, the most important thing now, he was out there, and she wasn't going to sit around and wait for him to return, she was going to look for him, no matter what, and wouldn't rest either.

"Matthew, no matter where you are, I'm coming to rescue you my love. I know you're alive, I can feel you beating in my chest...I feel you deep inside of me...survive, because I'm coming, even if you're on another planet, another time, another dimension, I know you're out there, and I wont ever stop looking for you, my heart."

Caitlin's eyes were that of determination, and she wasn't going to stop until her love returns to her.


He felt everything was like that. His head pounded and his heart felt heavy. He didn't know what happened after he used his powers to destroy the wormhole, all he knew was that he flew out of the area.

He groaned, and slowly, his eyes opened. Before him, he saw the face of Caitlin. He couldn't see her fully, her face was there, and there was a white above her, like a light shining on her head, making her hair look white, but he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

He couldn't see anyone else, all he could see was her, and his eyes overcame with emotions, shedding tears at the sight of Caitlin.

"Cait, I thought that I had lost you...ooh Cait, I love you..."

Matt's lips overlapped with Caitlin's own lips, yet they felt...strangely cold.

They hadn't felt like lips she ever had kissed beforehand. But he felt differently too. He couldn't quite place it, but Caitlin kissed back, and even inserted her tongue into his mouth, playfully making out with the young boy.

His eyes slowly closed, enjoying the weird sensations that he felt right now. All that mattered was Caitlin was okay, and he knew, he just knew that if she was okay, then Frankie and the others were okay as well.

Caitlin's hand slid down his back, and roughly grabbed his butt and he moaned into her cold mouth, Matt surprised at her sudden forceful nature, since usually she only did that in the sanctity of their bedroom, which they clearly were not in right now.

"Eh, Frost, what are you doing?"

Matt heard a familiar voice, as Caitlin's lips left Matt's own.

"Sorry, I was just giving this cute boy here a hello kiss." Matt could tell that there was something different to her voice, and his eyes became less blurry, and then saw her for what she really was. "Hey sweetie, want another kiss? You have a nice little ass to hold, care for me to grope you again?"

Matt backed away, seeing ice dancing around her palms.

"Killer Frost..."

Killer Frost bowed her head, then pushed forward, his body landing on the ground harshly. He felt her hand slowly slide down his body, and he tried to move his hands...but found that they were restrained in front of him, in handcuffs similar to the ones that can dampen Metahuman powers.

"That's cute, you know of me. I've had naughty dreams about you, I saw you in my head, coming here. And now, you're here, with your slender body, and you're quite, adorable looking. It pains me to see you in chains, when you should be in more hahaha."

Matt didn't understand how this could happen, why this could happen.

He looked around and saw, Ronnie.

"Ronnie...b-but, you're dead..."

Matt didn't understand.

Ronnie was dead.

He saw Ronnie blow up.

He should be dead, but here he was, alive and well.

It just doesn't make sense to him.

"Ronnie, no one's called me that in a while, well at least someone that's alive anyway hahaha. And I'm dead on your earth, am I? How pathetic. Seems like Earth 1 had a weak Ronnie Raymond. Well, that doesn't matter, I'm the true one after all."

Matt could feel the evilness laced within the tone of his voice.

"My earth...Earth 1…?"

His eyes went over the place and saw Laurel in a dominatrix like outfit, and Cisco with a bun for his hair, but had an evil vibe to their faces.

He saw a girl he didn't recognize being tied up in a cage, looking at him with desperate eyes, and finally, he saw that there was another cage around, but he couldn't see who was in it, but he could tell that the body was female, the face was being hidden under some clothes or something, he didn't know.

He saw his own cell mate as well who had blonde hair , who was giving him a scared smile.

"Hello, my name's Rebecca Sharpe, but everyone calls me Becky, fellow prisoner...erm, since we're cell mates, let's get along from now on. You're from, a different earth, right? That's amazing, I've never met anyone from another world."

Matt looked at her incredulously.

"...Becky? Another world..."

"Yes, that's my name...scary, isn't it...? B-But, don't worry, I wont cry much...w-what's your name by the way? Are you a Metahuman too?"

Matt nodded his head, he felt like he was in a fever dream right now.

"This can't be happening...not again, another fucking prison..." His eyes went towards the girl called Becky, and offered a small disheartened smile. "The names Matthew Stone, call me Matt, Becky, and yes, I am a Metahuman. I presume everyone here in these...cages are Metahuman's?"

The girl, named Becky nodded her head.

"Yes...we're all Meta's...well, besides that girl over there, I think..."

Becky pointed towards a young girl who looked to be around Frankie's age, perhaps a little older, he guessed she was 17-19 years old with brown hair. He offered her a smile but she began crying, Matt felt sorry for her.

"Don't worry, I'll be getting us out of here, I promise, no prison can hold me, and I'll bring you with me, what's your name?"

"My name is Je-"

"Awwww, that's sweet, how cute you are. Thinking you can break out of here, Zoom's not gonna let that happen."

Killer Frost once more inched closer, placing a cool kiss on his cheek, causing him to back away from her. But when he did that, she forced him to the side of the cage, brazenly licking his neck, all the while sitting on his lap, surprisingly enjoying herself with what she was doing.

He cringed at the sight of her, he wanted his Caitlin, the true Caitlin in his eyes.

"Awww, what's wrong sweetheart? You seemed eager for a kiss before, don't you want to kiss me again? I'd like to kiss you, and play with my new puppy. Can I make puppy cry? I bet you'd look cute crying, will you cry for me my puppy?"

She teased her finger, which went to his blonde locks, and ran through them, leaving small icicles in his hair, Matt knowing Caitlin wouldn't act as outwardly like that. Even more so when she dragged her fingernails into his skin, leaving marks on his skin, using her ice powers to make small blades on her fingers, cutting into his skin.

She expected a reaction, she wanted a reaction due to her sadistic nature, but all she received was a glare right back.

"Puppy? Not going to cry? Oh, I know, come to me, I'll give you a nice puppy kiss, because you're adorable."

She tried to lay her lips on his own, but he pulled away, he could have headbutted her, but even Killer Frost, had Caitlin's face. He knew it wasn't Caitlin, but he couldn't hurt the woman that he loved, nor anything that looked like her either.

"I don't know who you are but...you're not my Caitlin...so don't touch me."

Matt threatened with his blue eyes on her form. Killer Frost surprisingly felt aroused by his forceful behavior.

"Ooh, my blonde puppy is being rebellious, I'm going to have to punish puppy for being a bad boy...then again, I like bad boys, especially adorable ones, with cute little asses like yours. I'm going to have so much fun with you."

She raised her hand and went to slap Matt, but stopped inches from his face.

Matt looked at her confused, and then saw a dirty smile on her face.

"Ooh puppy, don't worry, I wont hurt you, much. You're my new plaything, it would be bad if you suddenly broke, wouldn't it? I'll take care of you, and your puppy needs."

Matt defiantly looked upon her.

"I wont let you hurt me."

"Cute, I like that about you puppy."

Killer Frost's eyes turned to amusement, but she suddenly froze in her tracks, and shivered, which Matt found odd considering that she was an ice Queen now. He then felt his restrains be taken off by Killer Frost, as she moved out of the cells, and the door closed after her, leaving him trapped.

"That's right..." A demonic voice escaped from the side, Matt turned to see a man wearing a dark costume, even a full mask so he didn't know who it was, and then that demon like creature moved forward, blue lightning erupting all over his body. "Welcome...to Earth Two, Matthew! Your stay...shall be memorable!"

Matt's eyes widened in horror as they all laughed towards him. Matt felt his heart pounding in his chest, and even saw Killer Frost smirking through the glass as were the other Meta's not locked up.

"Oh great, not another fucking Speedster...just dealt with one, don't need another one...shit." Matt whined, he didn't want to deal with another Speedster again. He then stood up, and looked at the Speedster dressed in black, and smirked. "You think you're tough, you've never encountered someone like me before. Once I'm out of here, I'll free all these people, and show you the meaning of pain and misery, you bastard. You don't know what I'm capable of, especially now I've got my inner demon on my side. He's itching for your blood, and I'm gonna help him get it, get me?"

The man chuckled in a demonic voice, as his henchmen did it as well.

Killer Frost looked over Matt, and saw the determination in his eyes, and couldn't help but smirk at the attitude, finding it rather sexy.

Matt's eyes then changed completely red, and he grinned at Killer Frost.

"My oh my, after so long, we meet, Killer Frost."

Killer Frost's eyes furrowed upon Matt.

"...Your eyes have changed."

"Matt's left the building, and it's me, Mentalist, long story short, we share a body. Same body, different personalities, and this one's been wanting to see you. And it seems like I can transform under Meta dampeners, that's interesting, can't use any of my powers though, that sucks. I've waited for you, for so long..." His eyes looked upon the girl, and a small blush appeared on his cheeks, Killer Frost tilting her head to the side curiously. "...you're even more beautiful than I imagined, how many times I saw you...God, those visions didn't do you justice. Such a bad ass girl you are, I can feel it deep within me. Tell me, Killer Frost, you're single, aren't you?"

"Heh, why? What are you gonna do if I am huh?"

She flirted with him, Mentalist becoming even more happy, this was like a dream made real to him.

Mentalist smirked, pressing his body against the glass.

"Let me out and I'll show you my Ice Queen. And if you're not, I'll show you a true bad boy, right here." Killer Frost began laughing slowly, devilishly, music to Mentalist's ears. "What a cute laugh..." His eyes went towards Zoom. "Don't tell me, you're under him?" Killer Frost didn't say anything, but Mentalist shook his head. "That's wrong, someone as wonderful as you, being confined to a dirty bastard like that person. Why would you serve a Demon, when you can rule with me? I can tell by your eyes, you're underappreciated, right? Don't worry babe, I'll show you the finer things in life, not under the rule of some goth emo wannabe. You'll stand by me, we'd be the ultimate partners."

Killer Frost...was intrigued.

She didn't know why, but she liked his words, and the way he looked at her, it was, different to how others looked at her.

It was like, he almost worshiped her.

Yet, he also challenged her, and she liked it.

Zoom however sped to the cage, giving an intimidating face, but Mentalist laughed.

"Scary~" He mocked while wiggling his fingers in front of his face, adding to Zoom's rage. "Who are you trying to kid you little bitch? Dressing all in black, and having the voice of a demon, you're a child at most playing villain." Killer Frost held an amused face, while Zoom's eyes narrowed under his mask. "So, why don't you go back to playing psychopath with the Cookie Monster? Who also has a serious addiction to cookies~" He toyed with Zoom, but then his eyes sharpened seriously. "And I'll give you one warning now, let me out, and I wont chop you in messes, light maiming perhaps. If you don't let me out, I'll show you pain beyond your wildest nightmares, because I'm the thing monsters have nightmares about."

Killer Frost, due to her sadistic love of things, actually felt aroused by his darkened tone, but wouldn't let it show, even as Mentalist winked towards her.

Zoom began laughing right in Mentalist's face who kept smirking.

"Funny...I'll like you..."

"Ooh yeah, you will like me, because you'll soon be my bitch. Locking me in a cage, not nice."

Zoom laughed even more, but Mentalist showed his smirk.

Soon, the Speedster and the others left besides Killer Frost. She looked at Mentalist who looked right back.

"You're different to the puppy from before."

"I'm very different, I'll show you how soon enough Killer Frost. Don't worry about that dick, Zoom was it?" Killer Frost nodded. "Zoom, what a weird name, no more so than Flash, should change his name to the Flasher, stupid Barry Allen..." His eyes danced over Killer Frost's form, smiling happily. "Though he did give me a gift to see you, in all your glory. Damn, I never thought I'd meet you, I'm so happy that I have."

Killer Frost felt more intrigued, but then Matt came through, looking at Killer Frost curiously.

"...He didn't just flirt with you, did he?"

Killer Frost shrugged her shoulders with a sly expression on her face.

"He's a sweet funny guy, kind of scary too, I like him."

"Ugh great, the ultimate villain couple...maybe he'll leave my Caitlin alone...he can have you, I'll have my Caitlin all to myself..."

Killer Frost tittered, and waved towards Matt.

"See you soon puppy, and you as well, Mentalist."

Matt was forced to watch her leave, due to Mentalist's screaming in his head. He watched her in her very tight outfit, and casually looked away once she was done.

Once she was gone, he looked over all of the other Metahuman's in the area, and the girl who tried to speak before.

Seeing how they were, their dirty clothes, and how they were locked away, he felt disgusted, they were being treated like animals.

He then looked towards his cell mate Becky, seeing that she was shedding a few tears.

He couldn't have a girl crying like that without comforting her, so he walked closer to her, and sat down beside her.

"Hey, Becky, it's okay, we're going to get out of here, I promise. It might take a while, but I'll get us all out of here. I'm not allowing this Speedster to do as he likes with us, I've already dealt with one...well, sort of, but I can deal with this one, with a little help from my friends, they wont give up, and neither will I. Besides, I've got a future to plan, and I'm not letting pretender demon boy there tell me how to do my life."

For some reason, maybe it was his kind eyes, maybe it was the determined look on his face, perhaps it was because of his fearlessness in front of them all, she believed him, and her head fell against his shoulder, and she openly sobbed.

"I-I'm so sorry...I was losing hope...b-but, you'll really get us out of here...?"

Matt looked at the others in the cages, then nodded his head.

"Yes, I'll get us all out of here, it's my promise."

Becky cried tears of relief, hugging onto his body for dear life, as if she's not had human contact in so long.

Matt inhaled a small breath, petting the back of his head, and had to accept his new reality...

He was trapped on Earth 2, with an evil Speedster, and a new, cold version of his girlfriend with his alter-ego already feeling something for the Ice Queen...

He knew this was going to suck.

End chapter!

Wow, what a ride! Along with Matt saving Ra's, we found out about Rachael coming back, and what happened to her, seeing a spark of humanity in her, also Matt doing what Ronnie did in canon, only he survived with the thanks to something else, and now we end on that cliffhanger, Matt's on Earth 2 as a captive, in Zoom's care, and even Killer Frost there as well as a few character names you might recognize, more on them in season 2! There was even some banter/flirting between Mentalist and Killer Frost, he's surely happy to meet a version of Killer Frost.

Now to address some thoughts for the next season, and give teasers to what's to come since some people have been PMing me and the likes so I thought I'd address the most common questions asked to me here, though not spoiling everything.

1: There wont be any Caitlin and Jay/Hunter romantic relationship and for season 3 as well no Caitlin and Julian either or any other romantic relationships she might have in future seasons, as with Matt there, there's no point for Caitlin to even go after them, and I'm not doing a love triangle between any of them (Jay and Julian or whoever else in the future respectably), or constantly breaking up the pair to get them back together again, that's a trope I dislike unless it's for very, very good reasons, and not just to create drama. But there will be, a very different take on Caitlin and Jay/Hunters relationship, something vastly different to the canon show, and why, we'll find out in season two!

2: Matt/Mentalist will have a relationship with Killer Frost from Earth 2, and when I say relationship, I don't necessarily mean romantic since Matt loves Caitlin Earth 1, but there will be something going on with Earth 2 Killer Frost as we'll see through season 2, maybe Mentalist could have a relationship with her, who knows~ And she will be utilized more than what was shown on the show, at least for Killer Frost Earth 2, and maybe some others as well.

3: Frankie's going to go full hero next season! Yup, she's going to finally step into her Dad's role as a hero while Matt is away like she promised, and delve more into her powers than this season did, and finally be Matt's full time partner once he comes back. He's going to be gone for a little while for a few chapters of the second season, and we'll see a few things going on with Frankie.

4: Hartley will continue delving into his powers, becoming a secondary hero kind of like Cisco is to Barry only for Matt, since Hartley's going to have access to powers that Matt simply can't replicate, and will be useful, and his storyline with his parents shall continue onto that as well, he even might find a love interest along the way as well.

5: Matt and Caitlin will be having a storyline which will be quite ongoing for season 2, can't say much about it, but it is going to bring the two quite closer together, and delve more into different aspects of the pair.

6: This won't be the last time we see Ra's al Ghul, but what he'll be up too, we'll have to wait until next season! We'll be finding out more about Matt's past that was hinted at this season, but more explored next season! And for those wondering if Ra's being alive affects Arrow, eeh, not really, everyone thinks he's dead now, and Matt's made sure they can't trace him and might have slightly changed Ra's as well. So even Talia will even think that as well that he's dead.

7: This first season was quite heavy on Matt's more blasting and other powers that deal physical damage, next season we'll be delving more into his telepathic abilities among other less threatening but important powers, and him being able to use them more freely, to control, manipulate minds, erase memories, and other things as well along those lines.

8: Jean's going to be going through something's next season, with the loss of her brother (at the beginning) and also with Ronnie dead as well as other things impacting her deeply, she'll be going through her own things, and develop more as her own character, she might even become a Legend in her own right.

9: We'll also be meeting back up with Firefly, Bullseye, and the likes, and they'll be forming a team together under someone as hinted this season, perhaps consider it like this versions of Suicide Squad, though different, but it will be a team of villains, Metahuman's, and ordinary but very skilled humans as well, it's gonna be fun when we get there.

10: Matt will be facing a speedster! If this speedsters Matt's main villain, remains to be seen (that would be spoilers and all), but this speedster shall at least be trouble for a while. Yes, before all the pitch forks come for me, I'd like to say that unlike Barry, Matt can't beat a speedster by 'going faster' as there's no way Matt will be able to outpace a speedster, he'll have to be more tactical with his abilities, outsmart the speedster and other things, but this will lead into his growing connection to his powers, and the Speed Force in general, and his role there, among other things, and somewhat like Rachael, this character will be a foil to Matt though more of a foil, as he went through similar things this season that the evil speedster shall be doing next season.

And that's it really, well the stuff I can reveal without ruining it, I'd like to take this time to thank everyone that had taken the time to read this story, for those who reviewed, followed, and favourite this story along with giving me advice, helping me with plot points and other things like that, it's thanks to all of you that I could carry on, so thank you to everyone for the support!

When the second season starts for this story, I was thinking around the same time that I did this story last year, so around August which is a few months away from when this is posted, I don't wanna run out of material now since this is an ongoing television show and all which by this point is on season 4. I hope you all enjoyed the finale this season, next seasons going to be delving more quite good storylines and more things will be shaken up as well, I've been waiting for season 2, got so many plans, for quite a few characters!

I might be doing a Supergirl story in the near future (not exactly sure when), the pairing probably will be Kara/Oc, sorry for all those Mon-El lovers out there who like them together. He'll have a pairing different to Kara as well, I wouldn't leave him out. I've got quite a few cool ideas for that as well, so if you like Supergirl, check it out when it's posted.

Thanks for reading, until next season everyone!