Originally this started as a drabble for a Tumblr prompt that that got out of hand. Now I have three chapters written so I guess it needs it's own story.

Anonymous asked: 29? Mari gets drunk at an Agreste fashion christmas party and Adrientte happens?

29. "Eggnog sucks, fight me."

The Gala

"How much has your friend had to drink?" Gabriel asked his son.

"As far as I know, nothing," the eighteen year old answered with a frown, "Maybe Phillipe put something in her coke. He has been hanging around her rather creepily since she got here. I'll go take care of it."

"Take care of her," his father amended, taking Adrien's champagne flute from his hand, "I'll make sure nothing reflects badly on her. And I'll have security remove M. Moreau in case he causes a scene."

Adrien moved to approach Marinette and as he did he could see the male fashion student being escorted quietly into a side-room. His father worked fast. He could also see Marinette's drink was being discreetly swapped for another and it was moved into the adjoining room as well. He knew his father would have it tested and the police would be informed if necessary. Phillipe Moreau would be lucky to be allowed to clean toilets for a living after this.

"But it's a traditional drink for this time of year," one of the female guests was saying to Marinette as he approached.

"But it tastes gross," she replied bluntly, swaying slightly in place and downing her fresh glass of soda, slamming the glass on the refreshment table beside her.

"Marinette?" Adrien interrupted quickly, "Can I borrow you for a moment?"

He swiftly guided her away from the woman and out of the gala, into one of the corridors, far enough away to avoid wandering eyes and ears.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, "Did Phillipe give you something to drink?"

"Oh, yeah. He tried to get me to drink something alcoholic but I didn't want any so he got me a coke instead. It was extra fizzy." She grinned. Adrien groaned.

"I don't think it's safe for you to talk to him. He's bad news." She giggled suddenly, confusing him.

"Like eggnog," she said, "I hate it. That's what I was saying out there. Bad news." He raised an eyebrow in amusement, anger and worry momentarily abating.

"I happen to like it," he said. Marinette pouted at his words.

"Eggnog sucks. Fight me," she muttered and he couldn't help but laugh.

"I'd rather not," he said, "I've seen you angry. You'd knock my lights out. Bam! Right in the kisser."

He mimed punching someone and continued to laugh for a moment as he thought of the old cartoons he had quoted. He stopped when he realised that Marinette was staring at him slack-jawed. He straightened back up and cleared his throat.

"Uh, Marinette?"

"Kisser..." she said staring hungrily at his mouth, before glancing up to lock eyes with him, "Want to kiss you."

Adrien started at her words for a moment before realising that she probably wasn't thinking very straight due to her spiked drink. He sighed, surprised to find he was actually disappointed.

"You're drunk, high...whatever. You don't know what you're saying." He placed a hand on her lower back to steer her towards the exit so he could take her home.

She pulled back, laughing. "I know 'xactly what I'm saying," she slurred, "I didn't want to drink around you 'cause I get way too honest. No filter." She waved her hands out in a random gesture as she said the last part, leaving poor Adrien to process her unexpected revelation. He stared at her.

"You like me?" he asked, astonished.

Marinette hummed her agreement as she leaned in towards him suddenly and Adrien backed away, his back making contact with the wall behind him as Marinette swayed on her tip toes and pressed her mouth against his in a sloppy imitation of a kiss. His hands flew out to grab the wall he was pressed against as if looking for an escape from his confusion. Marinette pulled back just far enough to speak against his lips.

"Loved you for years," she whispered before pressing her mouth to his again.

After a perplexing moment to get his thoughts in order, Adrien let his hands drop to the small of her back and kissed her back gently. When Marinette pulled back slightly again, this time to sate her need for air, he ducked out from between her and the wall before she could press back in. She moved towards him to continue almost instantly and he reluctantly moved out of her reach.

Instead he scooped her up into his arms bridal style as she whined in complaint.

"Whether you're telling the truth or not, you're not yourself right now," he told her as her head leant against his shoulder and she began to drift off, her breath gusting across his collar bone.

"But we are definitely revisiting this once you're sober."

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