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Seattle Naval Academy

September 5th, 20XX

0647 hours,

"Hey Danielle! Get your ass outta bed or you're gonna be late!"

"Mmmnnn… Five more minutes…" I grumble, rolling over and pulling my pillow over my head.

"If you wait five more minutes you'll be late to the ceremony and someone else will get the ship! Now move it!"

It finally occurs to me what my brother is saying, and I bolt out of bed, shoving him out of the door before slamming it and grabbing my new school uniform.

"Get my breakfast ready!" I yell through the door, pulling up the white dress pants and threading the belt through the loops.

"It's been ready! I can drive you to the gate, but that's as far as I go!"

I throw on my undershirt, button it, and grab my jacket off the nearby chair before grabbing the naval ensigns cap off my desk.

"Two minutes before I leave!" My brother calls from down the hall. I fling open the door and throw my jacket on as I run down the hall. I round the corner to find my brother dressed up in a pilot's uniform, his ginger hair sticking out from under a tan baseball cap.

"You took your damn time. Get your breakfast and let's get moving. Your bag is in the car."

"Geez, I'm going as fast as I can! Don't be such an ass!" I yell at him, running into the kitchen to grab breakfast, which consists of a sole cinnamon roll.

I finish putting my jacket on before I grab my breakfast with a couple fingers, being especially careful not to get any on my uniform while I simultaneously slip on my shoes.

"Hurry up! I've got two hour before I've got to report to the Monterey!" My brother calls again, opening the door.

"I'm comin', shut up!" I yell back before taking another bite out of the cinnamon roll and straightening up. I walk semi-groggily down the stairs and out the door, making sure to lock the door behind me.

"Come on! Could you move any slower?!"

My brother leans out the window of his Chevrolet S10 pickup and stares impatiently back at me.

"Jesus, you got a hot date or something? I'm moving as fast as I can!" I snap back, climbing into the passenger side and closing the door.

"I would really like to get to the Monterey early so I can get into a flight that is higher up on the launch priority." He explains, shifting into first and rolling us out of the driveway.

"Whatever, just get me to the damn ceremony in time."

CFB Esquimalt


As the ceremony in the American base took place, their northern counterparts were preparing their new school year. A tall Vietnamese boy with glasses and large front teeth was making his way down a city amongst throngs of students and parents. Dressed in an immaculate black naval dress uniform with a cap, Huynh Kinh-Luyên enjoyed the fresh smell of the sea. There was not a single cloud in the skies while the warm sunlight of early September bathed the docks of CFB Esquimalt.

'Thank god that's over ostie!' he mused. The past few days had been busy preparing himself for this big day. Between getting his dress uniform properly done and traveling from Quebec to Vancouver city with the rest of his class, it had been rather stressful. More or less because of his mother henpecking him to get everything done right.

Things were looking good for him. He was taking command, under the watchful eye of a RCN sub instructor, of a Tench-class submarine. The sound of running footsteps alerted him to someone getting close to him.

"Hey man!" yelled a familiar voice in French that was barely out of breath. "Wait for me christ!"

Turning his head, the Vietnamese saw his old friend, a tall blonde boy with green eyes dressed similarly though his uniform had markings for a different type of officer.

"'Mornin' bro," he greeted, "How are you doing Al?"

"Yeah man!" answered his friend as they high-fived each other, "We're going to fucking Japan! There's gonna fucking cute Japanese girls and I'll get some sweet anime merch."

Al looked into the horizon with a smile and 'life is good' written in his eyes.

"Yup yup!" enthusiastically replied Kinh, "Where are you parents man? My mom's here with her boyfriend, Cang and my little brother. They went out for breakfast and they'll meet us up at the start of year ceremony."

"They're waiting for my dumbass brothers to wake up before going for some breakfast."


The pair continued walking towards a staple of Canadian culture: Tim Hortons'. There was a small lineup of students and adults waiting for their food while employees bustled behind the counter. The strong aroma of industrial coffee mixed with the sweet scent of various pastries mingled in the restaurant. Kinh had pulled out his cellphone while he and Alf were waiting on their food.

"I'm gonna check if Remi's awake." he said as he dialed a phone number and waited for the line to be picked up. After a few moments, the familiar recording message sounded.

"The current user your are trying to reach is unavaila-"

He hanged up. 'Obviously'

"Still not awake?" asked Al.

"Yup though honestly, he's the last man in the world that should get a cellphone", groaned Kinh, "He only picks it up once a month if we're lucky."

"Lol 'stie," Al rolled his eyes at this. Before he could say anything else, a rather guttural voice interrupted him while Kinh felt a tap on his shoulder. Both boys turned around and saw a rather irritated face.

"Good morning."

"Yo Remi! How are you doing?" cheerfully asked Kinh.

"Yeah yeah," grumbled the boy named Remi. He stood as tall as Al but had dark, wavy brown hair that had just cut. His blue-green eyes were barely opened.

"For a watch officer, you really need to pay attention to your surroundings man," grunted Remi. "I snuck up on you while this fucker was goofing on his cellphone."

"Fuck you man," replied Al a smile, "Thought we were bros'. Then again… how does a fucking caveman like you pass torpedo officer class."

"We both got top marks in our classes dude unlike Kinh here so ta yeule motherfucker."

"I was trying to call you and see if you were awake," nervously said Kinh, "Besides fuck you, my grades are good enough for me to take command of a sub.." His friend merely grunted in annoyance with a hint of a smile.

"I'm fucking awake now, just need some coffee."

Luckily for them, it was their turn to order. As they finished up ordering, Al decided to have some fun.

"So Kinh, you paying for us right?" he said with a sly smile. Behind him, Remi nodded in agreement.

"Wha.. no fucking way," he answered with a hint of panic in his voice as the cashier looked at him, "I don't have that kind of money."

"Calme toé man, I'm messing with you." answered Al as he pulled out his wallet with Remi having already a 10$ bill in his right hand. The cashier handed them their respective orders before the trio headed to an empty table.

"Soo any idea what's our boat?" asked Kinh with a mouthful of hash brown and a breakfast egg sandwich with bacon and cheddar on an English Muffin in his left hand. An Ice Cappucino was slowly melting in front of him.

Al looked at him in annoyance as he spread cheese on a bagel.

"First off, chew your food then talk. It's fucking disgusting. As for the boat, it's a Tench class I think. Fairly decent American sub-."

The sound of a sip followed by a grunt of happiness interrupted them.

"Coffee's good man?" asked Al with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmmph yeah" answered Remi.

"Black like your soul?"

Another grunt of approval came from the taciturn boy though it seemed to have some more enthusiasm and happiness in it.

"Back to what we were saying." said Kinh without a bite of food in his mouth, "Do we any idea what the name is?"

"We'll only know at the ceremony." answered Al, "We'll be part of a four boat flotilla being sent to Japan for exercises."

"Think it's safe after that Totalitarian Virus/Rat thing of theirs?" asked Kinh with a hint of concern, "I don't want to deal with that kind of fucked shit."

"Why wouldn't it be safe for us?" scoffed Remi, "We're gonna be in a sub and we won't be picking up random shit. If we find those goddamn rats, we'll throw'em off."

"True that" replied Al.

The boys finished off their meals before heading out. Things were looking good for them as adventure awaited them.

Seattle Naval Academy,

0800, September 5th.


"Meredith?! I was hoping for something cool! Not a friggin' destroyer!" I groan, clutching my assignment orders in one hand while carrying my sea bag on my opposite shoulder. "I guess it was too much to hope for a cruiser or a carrier assignment."

"Hey! Are you the captain of the Meredith?" A brunette girl yells down the dock at me as I walk down towards her.

"Yep! That's me!" I yell back.

She waits for me to get a little closer and snaps to attention. "Allison Meyers, your first mate."

I return the salute lazily. "Danielle Schumer. Pleasure to meet you."

"This way Captain, I'll show you around, and you can ditch your bag in your room." Allison waves me along, walking towards the gangplank leading up to the deck of the destroyer.


The first thing I notice is the MS12 Modified paint scheme on the destroyer. While it's a rather functional camouflage pattern, it has debatable functionality in the Pacific.

"Some of the Oerlikon twenty-millimeters have yet to be mounted, but we're working on it." Allison points towards a few empty Pintle mounts as we walk past. I hum to show I heard, and we continue to an open bulkhead, descending into the ship.

The narrow corridors are clean, but dark, and the low ceiling means I have to take my sea bag off my shoulder and carry it in front of me.

Finally, as she points out various stations I hear the words I'd been waiting for.

"Here's your quarters."

I politely scoot past her and shove the door open, dropping the heavy bag on the bed with a huff of relief.

"Next stop is the Mess. Everyone should be gathered there, and if I recall, there should be a special embarkation breakfast."

At the mention of an actual breakfast my stomach practically gets on its haunches and begs. I notice the captain's hat on the desk, and replace my ensign's cap with it.

"Alrighty then, to the Mess we go."

Allison nods, motioning for me to follow her as she starts down the hallway, ducking through a bulkhead before immediately turning and walking down a stairwell I didn't see.

"So what's our total class size?" I ask, descending the stairs behind her.

"Counting you and I? Forty seven."

"Are we running a skeleton crew or something? That doesn't seem like very many." I inquire after we reach a closed bulkhead. Allison grabs the hatch and gives it a twist, unlocking the bulkhead before she swings it open. "Nope. Most of the stuff on here is automated. The only things that aren't automated is stuff like guns, engines, and damage control. Hell, the hedgehog mortars can be fired from the bridge."

"Hedgehogs? Why would we have those?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. I heard something about the Canucks doing a training exercise with us."

I hum an acknowledgement and straighten my cap as we walk down yet another corridor to yet another closed bulkhead.

"Here's the main Mess Deck." Allison grunts with effort as she unlocks the bulkhead and shoves it open to the sound of talking and laughing.

I'm hardly through the bulkhead before someone inside calls out my presence. "Captain on deck!"

The talking stops altogether, and everyone stands up, snapping to attention in typical militaristic fashion.

"At ease everyone. Get yourselves situated so we can do introductions and brief on what we'll be doing in the next month or two."

Everyone shifts around so they can look at the podium in the corner, and I move to stand behind said podium, laying the envelope containing the ship's orders on the stained oak.

"My name is Danielle Schumer, I'm your captain. If anyone has any problems with hazing, bullying, or harassment I ask that you bring such troubles directly to either myself or my first mate."

"Which brings me into the picture. I am Allison Meyers, the first mate. Now without further delay, let's hear the orders!"

I grab the envelope and tear one end open, pulling out several sheets of paper. I scrutinize each one before reading the orders aloud. "The destroyers Meredith, Laffy, Johnston, and Basilone are to escort convoy OYSK067 to Yokosuka, Japan. Upon concluding escort duties the escorting vessels are allowed one week shore leave in Japan before they are to set sail for the Solomon Islands for joint training with Royal Canadian Navy cadets. Convoy OYSK067 will additionally be escorted by the cruiser Brooklyn, the instructor ship Independence, and the escort carrier Monterey. The convoy will be gathering in the Juan De Fuca straight at 1200 hours on September fifth." I place the orders on the podium. "That's today in four hours people. Finish your breakfast, and let's get this beautiful ship on the move!"

There's a cheer in agreement before everyone starts talking again. I grab the orders and stuff them back into the envelope before walking over to the serving counter.

"Hello Captain! How can I help you?" A short-haired blonde girl behind the counter chirps, giving me an innocent smile.

"Food please, and coffee if you have any."

She grabs one of the metal trays and slaps a small pile of a mixture of eggs, bacon, sausage, and diced potatoes on it. "No coffee today sadly, but we'll have a pot brewed for you and the bridge crew bright and early tomorrow morning."

"It would be appreciated, thank you." I smile and take the tray, grabbing a fork before sitting down at the nearest table.

"'Scuse me Cap'n. The bridge crew's table is over there. This is Engineering's table." A black-haired beefcake of a guy politely gains my attention before pointing over to the opposite side of the galley.

"I thank you for the heads-up, but I'm eating right here, and I don't think I caught your name."

"Name's James, chief engineer for engine room one."

"Well it's nice to meet you James. I'll try not to run you guys too hard."

"Thank yeh ma'am. It'd be appreciated." James replies before he shovels one last spoonful into his mouth and stands up. "Well, I guess we'll go get the boilers warmed up. See you 'round Cap'."

"Take care of yourselves." I call back as James and six others walk away.

'Learning the crew already, go me!'

"So Cap', what's in the convoy that is so important? I mean, normally a couple destroyers is all they send." Allison asks as she sits down beside me with a tray of her own.

"Beats me, the orders don't say. We'll probably find out when we meet up with them."

I continue to shovel food in my mouth as more and more of my classmates finish eating and leave. Some throw friendly smiles and salutes my way before they hurry out the bulkheads at either end of the room. Being how the ship is co-ed, I can't help but wonder how many of the smiles are genuine, though most if not all of my classmates move with such purpose that I can't doubt their devotion to their assignment.

Immediately after I finish my food Allison is on her feet. "If you'd follow me Captain, I'll show the way to the bridge and give you a readout on what we have at our disposal."

"Right then, lead on."

CFB Esquimalt


After a brief speech from Admiral Harold, the greying, brown eyed commander of the Royal Canadian Navy Cadet Academy, the various students were being handed their respective papers. Kinh could see the familiar names of Remi Chagnon and Albert Gendreau on his friends' enveloppes. The cadets opened their envelopes and began reading its contents. Kinh was the first to react...


Both of his friends looked like they were on the verge of laughing. Al began to wrap his arm behind Remi.

"Hey uh, bro did I ever tell you how I like how your eyes shine in the sunlight?" he asked in a fake falsetto voice.

Remi had placed his right hand in front of his mouth and blinked his eyes, pretending to be shy.

"Ohohohohoho, stop it you're embarrassing me," he replied with a massive grin while Al pulled his arm off.

Kinh had rolled his eyes but still had a smile at his friends' antics. Some of their schoolmates that had seen the whole scene were laughing.

"Seriously, this is fucking lame though… I mean HMCS Rainbow?" he said with clear irritation, "We're going to be the fucking laughing stock of the exercise. What is this? Fucking Village People!?"

He immediately regretted saying that as his friends began humming "In the Navy" as they set off. They had a bit of time before they had to man their boat which they wanted to use to meet up with their families before leaving.

"I'm gonna see my mom before I go so catch you later on the sub dudes." said Kinh as he broke off while his friends headed off their own way. Pulling out his cellphone, he texted her. After a few moments, her answer came and he began walking to meet his relatives. He made his way to one of the hangars. Many other students were with their parents as well and enjoying their last moments together before heading out. The young man was looking around for his mother and her boyfriend. A familiar voice shouting was heard.

"Kinh! Over Here!"

He turned his head and saw his mom along with a man and a shorter boy next to her. The black haired woman looked at him with tears in her eyes yet pride radiated from her being.

"Hey mom! I'm assigned as captain of the HMCS Rainbow!"

He refrained from complaining about his sub's name.

"I'm proud of you son and I think that your father is too… wherever he is." she said tearfully, "Just be careful out there."

"Thanks and don't worry mom," replied Kinh, "I'll be careful."

He did his best to hide his annoyance at his mom's protectiveness. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked into the eyes of Cang. The old man had long greying hair and glasses while the smell of tobacco radiated off of him.

"Boy, go out there and show'em how it's down!" he exclaimed.

"Thanks Cang! Don't worry, I'll do my best!" replied Kinh proudly. His mother nudged a smaller boy who looked like a younger version of Kinh though he didn't seem to express much emotion and had a scar on his forehead.

"Say goodbye to your older brother now," she gently ordered.

"'Bye" he said tersely.

"See you little brother." answered the older sibling with as much enthusiasm. He then turned back to his mother and stepfather to continue with some small chat.


CFB Esquimalt

HMCS Rainbow's dock

30 students stood at attention as a chestnut haired, middle-aged officer was standing on a podium before them. Dressed in an immaculate uniform, Captain-Instructor Robert Olson addressed his students while Kinh stood next to him.

"Good day to all of you cadets of the HMCS Rainbow class!" he said, "I welcome you to your new boat and the start of a new term. I look forward to teaching each and everyone of you on how to operate a submarine. We shall face multiple challenges but I am confident that we shall overcome them together. Captain Huynh, You may now address your crew."

Kinh took the instructor's place at the podium and began his meticulously prepared speech.

"Thank you sir!" he said, "I look forward to taking command of this boat with you as my crew. It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be your captain and I believe we will have an excellent working relationship during the upcoming term."

He paused for a moment before continuing. Various levels of enthusiasm could be seen on their faces.

"Furthermore, I see that each and everyone of you has great potential so I look forward to working with you all." he declared, "With your skill and this excellent submarine, we can look forward to proving ourselves worthy sailors in the upcoming exercises of this term. Without further ado, let us board HMCS Rainbow and sail the waves of the Pacific Ocean!"

The crew soon began boarding the submarine with Kinh being the last man on board, following Captain Olson.

As he climbed down from the conning tower ladder, the freshly minted captain quickly noticed how surprisingly roomy it was. He was looking around the crew compartment, surveying everything carefully.

"Impressive eh?"

Olson was grinning while Kinh was rather surprised at this.

"Sir? How did you-"

"When you've trained as many cadets as I did, you know how they think."

There was a smirk on the instructor's face.

"The Americans made this excellent boat in the 1940's after their experiences with the earlier Gato's," explained Olson, "This is why unlike the German U-Boats, we have creature comforts like air conditioning and desalination units before the modernisation into a class ship. Not to mention that it's a lot roomier than their boats too."

"Explains a lot of things." replied Kinh, "Though what did you think of my speech sir?"

"To be honest, it was a bit long," said Olson politely, "You don't need to wind up long speeches. This isn't a movie son. Also, cut it out with the sir ok? It's Bob or Olson. I don't like formalities, make things too long. See what I mean?"

"Uh yeah Bob," answered Kinh awkwardly, "I see what you mean there." The sound of a throat being cleared was heard.

"I would like to introduce myself. I am Cadet Oliver Archer and I will be this boat's First Mate." said the cadet. Kinh noticed the rather formal tone and looked at him. Oliver stood straighter than a door edge and was about his height. His face was marked by a very serious expression while his grey eyes had a sharp spark of intelligence. His red hair was impeccably arranged and there was not a single crease on his uniform.

"Pleased to meet you M. Archer." politely replied Kinh. "I look forward to working with you."

"The pleasure is mutual M. Huynh."

The captain raised an eyebrow.

"How old are you Oliver?" he asked.

"16 sir."

"Allrighty, just call me Kinh. You're as old as I am so skimp back on the formalities ok?."

Olson looked at the scene in amusement. Some things never seemed to change despite the years.

"I suggest that you two get out of those dress uniforms and get into something more comfortable for the exercices like I asked in your welcoming letter. It's going to be a long trip after all." proposed Olson, "Tell the rest of the crew to do the same as well."

"Aye Olson, I'll get the message to everyone else then. Oliver can-"

"Excuse me sir," interrupted the First Mate, "But how am I supposed to impose my authority on the crew if I dress sloppily."

Olson's voice took a more serious tone.

"Son, if you're using your rank to keep your crew inline, you shouldn't be holding that rank."

Oliver looked like he had swallowed a lemon.

"But sir!?"

"Either Bob or Olson'll do. Now go get yourself into something comfortable son. I believe that your belongings should be at your designated bunk."

The boy scampered off into the depths of the Rainbow to get a change of clothes.

"As for you Kinh," said Olson, "I suggest you go get acquainted with the rest of your crew and make sure the final preparations are done."

"Right Olson!"

1013 hours,

Aboard DD-726 USS Meredith.

Status: moored, preparing for voyage

"Is everything set for us to leave?" I ask, watching several of my classmates stand patiently on the bow by the mooring line.

"We're just getting permission from the Coasties. I don't know why, but they want a cutter to accompany us out to the rendezvous."

"And so until then we get to sit around with our thumbs up our asses?" I sigh, looking around the harbor for the Cutter, which is nowhere to be seen.


"Lovely… well this'll give me time to see if I can get a few names down. First Mate is Allison." I receive a nod in return and celebrate internally. "Helmsman is… Samuel?"

"Aye ma'am." The toned, yet scrawny blonde confirms my inquiry.

"Technical officer is Savannah."

"Yes Cap'n." The unnatural redhead gives me a nod along with her response.

"Navigation is… Emily?"

"That's me." The short brunette confirms from near the radar repeater, a pencil tucked behind her ear.

"Hey what'dya know, I got 'em all right!" I cheer, a smile growing on my face.

"You missed Gunnery and the Torpedo Officer." Allison corrects me, pointing over towards two empty stations.

"Damn, I suppose I did. Justin and uhhh… Serena was it?"

"That's correct. They should be amidships getting the last of the Oerlikons mounted."

"Awesome." I walk over to the ship's telephone and press the button for the radio room before lifting the phone out of the cradle and holding it to my ear. A few seconds later a guy's voice reports through the earpiece. {Radio here, send traffic.}

"Radio, get me an update on when the Coast Guard is gonna get here."

{Aye Captain, one moment.}

I lean against the wall, tapping my foot impatiently until the radio operator reports back.

{Captain, the Coast Guard says it'll be another two hours before they can get to us, there's been an emergency with a trawler.}

"Thank you, bridge out."

I hang up the phone and walk back to the front windows, clenching my fists in frustration while I try to make a decision. Eventually I give up on waiting.

"Fuck that. Throw the moorings, raise the anchor."

"Aye Captain. I take it we're not waiting for the coast guard?" Allison asks with a smirk.

"Hell no, I'm not playing catch-up with the damn convoy." I grumble as she crosses the wheelhouse to the intercom phone.

"Throw all mooring lines. Raise the anchor. Prepare for embarkation."

The people idly standing up on the bow all spring into action, undoing the mooring lines and throwing them to the pier before a person walks up by the anchor chain as it begins to reel in. She holds up a red flag for a minute or so before switching arms to hold up a green flag.

"Anchor's off the bottom Captain." Allison reports, looking through the window beside mine.

"So I see. Helmsman, ahead slow. Get us a course for the rendezvous point."

"Aye. Ahead slow, awaiting course from navigation." Samuel reports, moving the E.O.T to the designated position. The bell sounds several seconds later when the engine rooms respond. Nothing seems to happen at first, but after a few seconds we start to accelerate, knifing through the green-tinted water.

The red light above the ship's phone starts to blink, and I cross the wheelhouse in three strides before grabbing it. "Bridge here."

{Radio here. The harbormaster is asking that we stop our vessel and wait for the Coast Guard.}

"Tell him that class starts at noon, and we will not under any circumstances be late for our first day."

{Aye Captain. Radio out.}

I hang up the phone with a smile on my face, knowing I essentially just told the harbormaster to stuff his request 'where the sun don't shine'.

"I'll bet the harbormaster is probably livid right about now." Allison giggles, looking out towards a building on the end of a pier.

"Oh definitely. Helmsman, ahead full."

"Ahead full, aye." Samuel echoes, once again moving the E.O.T, and getting a reply within seconds.

The starboard side bulkhead is pulled open, and Justin -the Gunnery Officer- peeks his head in.

"Hey Captain, take a look to our port side, towards our stern. I think you inspired the others."

I move to the rear of the wheelhouse and look out one of the windows to find the three other destroyers following us, keeping perfect formation.

"Well, I'm glad they didn't choose to just sit around."

"In other news, all of the Oerlikon's are mounted and ready for use." Justin states as he enters the wheelhouse, holding the door open for the Torpedo Officer before closing it behind her.

"Both torpedo launchers are confirmed fully functional, and the depth charge throwers are ready for use."

"Let's hope we won't have to use them any time soon." I mutter, knowing that our voyage to Japan is supposed to be without incident unless some lawless people get ballsy.

"Helmsman, course correction, bearing two-seven-five." Emily advises, looking at a chart.

"Two-seven-five, aye." Samuel echoes, turning the wheel while watching the compass.

"Helmsman, you may maneuver as necessary. First Mate, you have operations. If I am needed you may find me in my quarters getting unpacked."


HMCS Rainbow

CFB Esquimalt

Under the bright sun of September, four Canadian submarines had set sail from their docks. As they exited the base, people on the shore were waving them off while their captains stood on the conning tower and waved back.

Aboard the HMCS Rainbow, Kinh, Al and two other cadets stood watch. Someone was singing a familiar tune. By now, they were halfway out of the Juan de Fuca Detroit and were passing massive numbers of ships of various types ranging from destroyers to carriers as well as cargo ships and instructor ships. They were heading to an anchoring point just off of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The submarines were ordered to take up positions south.

"In the Navy, you can sail the seven-"

"Really man?" asked sarcastically Kinh, "Of all the fucking songs..."

He heard a short laugh from Al. By now, everyone had gotten into their working uniforms. Light blue buttoned up shirts and black combat pants. Nametapes and insignias designating their roles and ranks adorned their uniforms. Each one of them was also wearing baseball caps with their boat's designation, name and silhouette.

"Oh come on, he's got the right idea about this," defended the watch officer, "What's your name guys? I like you already"

The singer in question was a short, mousey haired boy with a round face. He had a playful expression on his face and was wearing a light blue naval uniform.

"Frank Stanford at your service sir!" he answered, "Pleased to meet you in person."

The other sailor introduced himself as well. He was a tall, dark skinned boy with shaved hair.

"I'm Chris T. Carpenter Jr. Just call me Junior."

Kinh and Al introduced themselves quickly to their new crewmates. A conversation soon followed.

"So what do you guys think of this trip to Japan?" asked Frank while he kept watch.

"A two month long trip with a stop in Hawaii is pretty fun if you ask me," said Kinh with happiness in his voice, "Good weather and warm seas is always good in my opinion. I also heard that the Japanese crews are pretty damn good so it'll be good training."

The familiar of seagulls filled their ears as their boat sailed on the blue waves.

"I heard that their surface ships aren't co-ed," mentioned Junior while looking through his binoculars. "I can't wait to hit land there though… lots of sweet anime loot just waiting for this pirate."

"Yeah, girls only on the surface ships while the guys are submariners like us," added in Frank, "It's fucking weird."

"So you mean if we get aboard one of their surface ships," realised Al with a grin, "It'll be full of cute girls that never had boyfriends? Hell yeah, it'll be fucking awesome!"

"Al… knowing our dumb luck," remarked dryly Kinh, "They'll either be all lesbians or super-bitchy."

'Or a mix of both urgh.'

"Man can dream no? But Junior?"

"Yo that's me."

"What do you watch man?" asked Al with enthusiasm. Kinh could only look in amusement while Frank rolled his eyes and muttered something about "fucking weebs".

"There's the classics like Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh but some of the new stuff like Sword Art Online are pretty good…"

Aboard USS Meredith,

1130 hours,

Status: Anchored at 48.5198, -124.5132

"Hmmm… I'll put this… there." I mumble to myself before placing a picture frame in a special clamp on the wall intended solely for such purpose. "And then… this can-"

{Captain report to the bridge. Captain please report to the bridge.} The intercom on the wall chirps to life briefly before going silent again. I place the second picture on the bed prior to walking over to the intercom. "I'm on the way."

I grab my hat off the desk and swing the door open, striding out and letting the door slam shut behind me. I jog the shortest and simplest route to the bridge, up to the deck and then up the ladder to enter through the starboard side bulkhead.

"You called?" I ask, collecting my long hair so it's all down my back.

"Yes ma'am. We're at the rendezvous. Right on schedule, half an hour before we set sail."

"Excellent. How many other ships are he- holy shit!" I gawk out the window, looking out over the two fore gun turrets at the assortment of cargo ships, Liberty ships, and warships assembled.

"Last count that the lookout made was seventy-two vessels counting us. Most are cargo ships, but there are some warships that I had to look up. My guess is that the Japanese are getting some new toys."

"So I see… I guess they've finally got off their asses and ordered a carrier too? Took 'em long enough, lazy bastards." I immediately realize I'd voiced my personal opinion to the entire bridge crew and shut up, though from several of the grins I guess that I'm not the only one who thinks that.

"And they've ordered some cruisers too. The lookout identified the heavy cruisers Myoko, Kumano, and Haguro. As well as the two light cruisers Noshiro and Yahagi. There's also the destroyer Akigumo." Alison points out the two heavy cruisers, which are flanking the Monterey in the middle of the convoy.

"Yikes, looks like they pack one hell of a punch." I whine, looking through a pair of binoculars at the five turrets on each cruiser.

"Ten eight-inch guns is a lot of firepower." Allison confirms.

"What about the carrier?" I ask, switching my view to the Japanese-style aircraft carrier anchored behind the Monterey.

"Shōkaku, judging from the color scheme of the planes strapped to her flight deck."

"Interesting… are the Japanese ships fully crewed?"

"I'd guess not. They're probably being manned by a skeleton crew."

"All the weebs are probably having a field day." Justin chuckles, leaning against the back wall.

"Probably." I giggle along with the others.

"Hey Cap' the Monterey is launching planes." Savannah stands at the window, looking out over the convoy through a pair of binoculars.

"Woah, really?" I hurry over to a similar pair to her right and watch as four Hellcat fighters take off, followed shortly after by four Dauntless dive bombers.

The dive bombers all split up and fly in different directions, while three of the fighters climb and circle around to fly in the general direction of Victoria. The fourth Hellcat however, it makes a turn and flies low over the ships, tilting its wings back and forth as the pilot looks at each of the anchored vessels.

"What is that fighter doing…?" Allison mumbles, staring at it in awe as it flies past. I momentarily wonder the same thing before a realization dawns on me.

"That's my brother!"

I run to the rear window and look out as the pilot pulls high and swings around to fly over again. I run to the starboard bulkhead and pull it open, running halfway up the gantry to the gun director before taking my hat off and waving it above my head at him. He tilts his wing to look in my direction and I swear we make eye contact as he flies past. He immediately rocks his wings and pulls up, doing the aerial version of a vertical U-turn before flying off to join the three other fighters.

HMCS Rainbow

1200 hours

Location: 48.3732, -124.2131

The loud thunderous droning of four diesel engines filled the engine room. The chief engineer/boatswain was doing check ups as well as yelling instructions over the noise.

"Make sure everything's combusting properly!"

"Understood chief!" yelled back one of the mechanics, "On it!"

The various crewmembers were opening indicator valves from which blue flames were coming out. Always a good sign as it meant that everything was running properly.


Kinh had just thanked the engine room crewman and saw Justin Lindberg. He was as tall as Remi but was much strongly built.

"Whatcha doing here captain?"

"Wanted to meet the fellow running the engine room! What's the situation?"

Both were talking at the top of their lungs to be able to hear each other over the infernal noise of the Rainbow's diesels.

"Aye aye sir! All's running good right now. This girl's got good engines. My shift's about to be over so I'm gonna grab some lunch."

"I hope you don't mind dealing with some Anime fanboys though."

"Did you say Anime?"

The chief engineer was grinning.

"Aww yeah! You into that sir?" he asked. Kinh groaned.

"I like the occasional series but I think the others know more about that stuff especially Al and Chris. Anyhow, I'm heading back to the control room Justin."

As he exited the engine room, a single thought ran through his mind.

'Why did I get all the Anime fanboys?'

Passing through the crew quarters, he could smell the canned beef stew being cooked and hear various crewmembers enjoying their meals and chatting about various subjects. The cook had handed Kinh a glass of orange juice as he passed by. It was immediately downed by the thirsty captain. After that, he passed by the radio station were a rather bored operator was sitting and revising a manual.

He had finally reached the control room. Oliver and the crew there were running things. They were monitoring various gauges while Oliver and the navigator were looking at their maps and plotting the Rainbow's course. The first mate had changed from his dress uniform into a working uniform as well but didn't wear the cap.

"Hey Oliver, anything to report?" Kinh asked as he entered the control room.

"Negative sir! Everything's normal." reported the First Mate, "Though I heard the Americans have launched aircraft."

His captain was rather surprised at hearing this. There wasn't an exercise scheduled this early.

"They weren't supposed to launch for a while non?"

Oliver shook his head.

"Knowing them sir, the pilots and their instructors probably either got fed up of waiting or they just want to show off as usual."

"Understood Oliver and please cut it out with the sir ok?" asked Kinh, "It bugs the crap out of me. I'm heading top side."

Kinh had started climbing the conning tower's ladder.

"Yes sir! I mean Kinh."


After a few moments, the captain reached the top of the conning tower. Olson and Frank were keeping watch. Olson was wearing his working uniform though the colors appeared worn out and it didn't as well ironed as the rest of the crew. A quick report from both confirmed that everything was going according to plan. The three other boats that had left Esquimalt already broke off and were heading to their positions far from convoy OYSK067 to take up picket duty.

"I heard the Yanks launched planes earlier," said Olson cryptically. He was looking at the sky.

"That's what I heard from Oliver." added Kinh, "I got a bad feeling about this though."

His instructor lowered his binoculars and smiled.

"Always trust your skipper's gut feeling son."

"Oh? I'm not sure about that." replied Kinh with a hint of nervousness, "I don't have alot of experience unlike you Olson."

He was met with a headshake and a wise smile.

"It comes with practice but even early on, it works."

"But what if there's nothing that happens? I don't want to make the crew panic for no reason." asked Kinh skeptically.

"A few surprise drills every now and then is a good thing. Keeps everyone sharp."


Before the conversation could continue, Frank yelled out.

"Shit! Low level Aircraft spotted! 2'o clock!"

The other two grabbed their binoculars and looked immediately at the direction that Frank had called out. They saw four low-flying Hellcat fighters roaring towards them at high speed.

"Aww tabarnak!" swore Kinh rather loudly.

"Your orders captain?" calmly asked Olson. Next to him, Frank had gone rather pale.

"They're coming in fast!"

"Wha-? Olson?"

"Captain?" asked Olson with a bit more firmness in his voice. By now, the fighters were almost above them

"Fuck this shit!" yelled Kinh before turning towards the hatch. "ALARM! AIR ATTACK! FLO-OOOD TANKS!"

He suddenly heard someone yell back.


At the same time, Olson had guided Frank onto the ladder. It didn't take long before the lookout slid down into the sub's conning tower.


Olson was already on the ladder. Sounds of crewman running could be heard as well.

"YES SIR!" replied Oliver.

Kinh proceeded to get on the ladder. The sound of the Hellcats were now loud enough that they were probably above his boat. He made his way down, swearing all the way.


He braced himself against the back wall and locked the hatch before sliding down. He barely got down that he saw his crew rushing forward as he felt the submarine's fore dip. Various alarms were ringing and lights were flashing and the sound of valves and switches were heard as the crew ran through diving procedures.

"Take us down to 15 meters!" he ordered before taking up his position by the port side in order to avoid being in the way. The control room crew was adjusting various gauges and knobs while the droning of diesel engines was replaced by the loud humming of electric motors.

Oliver was making reports every five meters until the Rainbow reached its ordered depth. Blowing out a small of relief, he turned to his captain who had been monitoring the whole situation. Olson was right next to Kinh and was looking at his stopwatch.

"Sir, what just happened up there?!" asked a rather out of breath Oliver. He blew out a sigh of relief.

"The fucking Americans decided to fake an attack run on us." explained a rather annoyed Kinh. He wasn't sure who to be more annoyed with, the Hellcats or Oliver. "Four Hellcats were closing in on us. Last I heard, they were above us."

"Fucking yanks…" groaned Oliver.

"Tell everyone to get back to what their stations and get us back to periscope depth," ordered the Captain, "I'll take a look and see if the planes are still around. If not, we'll take her to surface and contact the other subs to warn'em about aircraft."

Oliver quickly answered and nodded before executing the orders. Olson smiled.

"Not bad there son," he praised.


"Despite your panic, you still managed to get your boat to safety." The instructor then showed his stopwatch. It read 40 seconds.

"I'm frankly impressed. That's almost as fast as it should be. A few more drills like that and you should be able to hit the 30 seconds mark."

"Thank you Olson," said a smiling Kinh, "I amaze even myself."

Oliver turned his head from the depth meter.

"We're at periscope depth sir!"

Kinh quickly acknowledged the fact and made his way to the periscope. Turning a few knobs, he adjusted his periscope so that he could see the skies above in a limited fashion. Doing a quick scan revealed that the fighters were gone for the time being. However, after readjusting his periscope to spot anything at sea level and looking to starboard, he could see an anchored American destroyer. From a glance, the double gun turrets marked the ship as either being an Allen M. Sumner or Gearing class destroyer.

"Allright, take her back to the surface," he ordered as he slowly lowered the periscope yet kept it pointed towards the destroyer. "Diving drill's over. Oliver, send out a contact report to the other subs once we're surfaced. Radio's getting bored in his corner."

"Yes sir!"

1230 hours.

USS Meredith wheelhouse.

Status: Anchored at 48.5198, -124.5132

{Bridge, this is Radar. I've got an additional twenty ships inbound from Port Angeles, can you confirm?}

After lounging around for half an hour waiting for the instructor ship to arrive the intercom chirps to life.

{Sonar here, I can confirm contacts to the southeast. There is an additional contact to the south, a possible submarine.}

I'm not sure which to be more interested with, the ships, or the sub.

"Bridge confirms, twenty ships to the southeast. We'll keep an eye out for the submarine." Savannah talks into the intercom before walking out onto the port side gantry, looking south. I join her and together we methodically scan the water until I spot a trail of white water, with a periscope leading the trail.

"I seeeeee yooouuu."

From what I can tell the periscope is looking at us, so I lower my binoculars and wave at it before heading back into the wheelhouse.

"Hey Captain, I think the sub is surfacing!" The Technical Officer yells into the open door a minute or so later.

"Wait, really?!"

I rush back out the door and look at the spot where the periscope was, then mentally slap myself and look further along in the way it was heading to see the conning tower starting to rise out of the water.

"What type of sub is that?" I ask, looking at the white '75' on the side of the conning tower.

"Hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure…" she pulls a tablet out of the pouch on her belt, tapping on the screen several times before swiping several times. "... It's a Tench-class. And if I cross-reference Tench-class submarines with those in Canadian service…" She taps on the screen several more times.

"It's the… HCMS Rainbow."

I facepalm, then fall into a giggling fit. "I feel sorry for any guys aboard that thing."

"I hope they at least know how to sing 'in the navy'." Savannah giggles uncontrollably, grabbing hold of the railing to keep herself steady while I stare at her in confusion.

"That went completely over my head, what?"

"I'll show you later." She continues to giggle, watching the crew of the sub climb up onto the conning tower.

"I'd hate to be the guy serving in one of those things!" I hear Justin laugh from inside the wheelhouse.

"Why not? I mean, it's a long, hard, metal tube filled with seamen. I thought you were into those kinds of things!" Samuel roars back.

"Fuck you man, that's your fortè." Justin snaps at him before everyone in the wheelhouse bursts into laughter.

{Bridge this is Radio. Instructor Gleaves just gave us orders to -and I quote- 'race that skinny bastard until either he turns or you reach the head of the convoy, whichever comes first'."

Stifling another giggling fit I re-enter the wheelhouse and cue the intercom. "Roger that Radio, tell her we will do so."

{Yes ma'am. Radio out.}

I switch to the ship-wide PA system and hold down the button. "Weigh anchor, prepare to set sail immediately."

No formalities this time. A solid thirty seconds or so later the ship's winch starts to reel the anchor in. I wait another thirty seconds to give the anchor time to at least be somewhat off the bottom before turning to Samuel.

"Ahead full, let's show these boys what speed is."

"Aye, ahead full!"

[A/N]: For the slightly less-educated of the readers, those numbers are latitude and longitude. If you care enough to want to know exactly where the ships are, that should help.