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Chapter 1: The Night of the Attack

October 31, 1981 11:30PM Godrics Hollow

Voldemort probably one of the most feared Dark Lords of the century was walking towards the Potter's house in Godric's Hollow on a quest to kill the Potter's heir Harry James Potter.

Voldemort stepped into the garden of the house that was currently under the Fidelius Charm and put up some anti-apparition wards and cut off the floo conection. Voldemort mentally laughed to himself of how the Potter's picked a terrible secret keeper.

Wormtail is a cowardly bitch who had no loyalty whatsoever, Voldemort thought of Wormtail in disgust the man would throw his own friends under the bus and though Voldemort was evil it was still disgraceful to do that.

Voldemort stepped into the house and saw James Potter the Head of the House on the stairs at the back of the house with his wand in hand looking ready and had a glint in his eyes that showed he wouldn't let anyone touch his family but that night both opponents knew who would win. James was just trying to give his wife and son time to escape but it was too late a while ago the murderer put up the wards. They both heard Lily upstairs start crying and begging Harry to forgive her when she found out there was no escape.

Voldemort took the distraction to shoot a Adava Kedarva at James but he dodged and the battle began in the end as expected Voldemort won and left James body to deal with later. Walking upstairs Lily's crying got louder and louder as she heard her husbands murderer coming up to kill her. Stepped into the nursery he saw Lily on her knees in front of the crib. "Please don't hurt him please take me not my Harry!" Lily shouted while tears were running down her cheeks. "Move aside foolish girl I will keep you alive if you shut up already!" Voldemort said trying to keep his promise to Severus to keep Lily alive but the woman was so damn annoying. "Move now I only came for your brat I have a request to keep you alive." He said in a threatening tone. The woman didn't budge so Voldemort did the only thing left Adava Kedavra left his lips and Lily Potter dropped dead.

Moving on to his grand prize Voldemort stood in front of the infant, Harry who started crying when his mother dropped dead "Mummy? Dadda? Padfoo? Anti Avu?" "No little fool no one will save you now, not your DEAD parents or your soon to be DEAD godparents!" Voldemort yelled at Harry's face causing him to cry more and for Voldemort to laugh harder. Deciding it was enough mental torture he unsheathed his wand and said the two words that ended the elder Potters life Adava Kedavra. Voldemort watched in sick satisfaction as the green curse flew towards the infants forehead but as it hit him the boy giggled as if it tickled and the curse rebounded right at Voldemort and to stunned to dodge hit him. All the was left was a wand and a pile of robes.

November 1, 1981 1:09AM Head Masters Office

Dumbledore was sitting in his office drinking Robert's Fine Whiskey when 12 of his silver contraptions exploded, set on fire, started flashing red and one special one grew legs and started dancing. Though all the chaos going around his office this brought a smile to his face but not the normal grandfather smile usually on Dumbledore's it was like a greedy child getting free candy and his eyes started twinkling madly. He called Hagrid into his office, when the lovable half-giant arrived Dumbledore he broke the news to him.

"Oh Hagrid so you know when the Potter's went into hiding a few months ago. I have had some simply tragic news they were visited by Voldemort just now and Lily and James Potter are now deceased. But Harry survived at least." Said Dumbledore with fake sadness. That was all that was needed to make poor Hagrid burst into tears. While Hagrid was cry he was also thinking, while most people think of him as stupid he is actually very smart he always knew Dumbledorks plans as he liked to call him. Hagrid knew he wanted the elder Potters dead to control Harry he knew his plans to get Harry to marry the Weasley girl but Hagrid would not stand for that. "Now Hagrid go collect Harry for me in Godric's Hollow I will have to do some work at the Ministry."

Knowing what Dumbledork was going to do at the Ministry replied covering up his anger "yes sir." And Hagrid left.

November 1,1981 1:24AM Grimauld Place

Ava Black is a half-Veela and was up feeding her daughter Alyssa Black when she heard a knock on the door. She instantly went ridged, who was that, was it death eaters? Extremely scared for her daughter she went to wake Sirius with Alyssa in her arms.

Sirius was not a morning person so when his wife woke him up he was pissed but then he saw the look of worry on her face. "What's wrong, did something happen tell me!" He shouted fearing the worst. "I heard a knock on the door I don't know who be coming at this hour I'm not as good at dueling as you are and I don't know if it's death eaters!"

Telling his wife not to worry they walked down the stairs down to the front door where he stood in front of her wand in his hand. He opened the door with his other hand prepared for the worst what he didn't expect was Hagrid with a look between sadness and anger carrying a sleeping Harry who instantly woke up from Alyssa's shout "Hawy!" Which replied with a loud "Lyssa!" Then they both giggled,they always close as he was a month older they were the same age. "Please Hagrid come into the living room." Sirius said worry clearly written on his face.

"What's wrong Hagrid are Lily and James ok."Ava asked worried for her best friend Lily. "They they're dead Lily and James Potter are dead. Voldemort got them but Little 'Arry here survived the killing curse by rebounding it off his forehead at Voldemort." Ava instantly broke down into tears for her dead friend as Sirius comforted her too stunned to react. " No they couldn't of died, it's impossible!" Sirius shouted clearly upset. "Fuck You Peter why just why them I swear I'm going Kill You Bitch!"Sirius screamed red faced as he stood up from the couch and started walking towards the door. "Sirius calm down poor Harry won't have anyone if you go and put yourself in jail." Ava begged trying to reason with him."Your right sorry but he will see justice."Sirius demanded. "Yes he will just not in a death by Sirius Black." Ava reassured.

"That's not all Dumbledork as I like to call him asked me to bring 'Arry to him not you guys. Also a few months back I over heard Snape talking to Dumbles about a prophecy about 'Arry and Voldemort. If I were you I would go into hiding for 5-7 years might seem like a lot but he will forget about you lot and then he won't bother you." Stated Hagrid

"That's a great idea Hagrid we will definitely do that, we would tell you where we are going into hiding but we don't want Dumbledork as you call him to use legilimency on you to find our location but thank you for the help." Sirius told Hagrid thoughtfully "Oh don't worry legilimency doesn't work on half-giants." Hagrid said as if it were obvious. "Great we'll tell you where we'll be when we decide a location.

Sirius wanting to take his mind off his best friends death said "I'll go to the Ministry now for custody papers Ava, you want to come"

"Nah I'm going to stay here with these to cuties I'll tell you anything cute they do when you get back."

"Ok bye." He called through the door.

"I'll leave now too Ava thank you for taking 'Arry in"

Said Hagrid walking towards the door.

"No problem." Said Ava but she wasn't paying attention she was already cooing at the little infants.

November 1, 1981 1:37AM Ministry of Magic: Child Services

"No Mrs.Tompson the child is mine not Sirius's I have to have custody for the greater good!" Dumbldore shouted "No you don't You have no influence here, he is a child and has to be with his godparents I will deliver him to them if I have to!" Screeched the old woman Mrs. Tompson. "I plan on delivering him to his aunt and uncle!"shouted Dumbledore exasperated. " You men the ones that hate magic and is said and underlined many times throughout the Potter's last will to not hand Harry over to Petunia and Vernon Dursley." The woman shouted louder then this time and probably the whole floor could hear her.

Suddenly the door opened to show the secretary with a bored look on her face " We have another person claiming to have rightful custody of Harry James Potter under the name off Sirius Orion Black."

Out stepped Sirius with a angery glare at Dumbledore.

" Mr. Black please sit down for me and prick your finger with that needle and let your blood fall on that paper." Mrs.Tompson said eager to end the Harry Potter custody conflict. The bold was absorbed into the paper and words started appearing on the paper it said

Sirius Orion Black Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

Age: 21

Date of Birth: December 18, 1959

Disowned 1972 Age 13 by Margaret Black Head of House of Black

Adopted 1978 Age 19 by Charles Black Head of House of Black

Special Abilities: Animagus Black Shaggy Wolf

"Ok thank you Sirius for clarifying it is you, Headmaster Dumbledore you can go now." Mrs. Tompson said happy to finally have him out of his office after hours of arguing. After Dumbledore left the room glaring at Sirius Mrs. Tompson spoke up again.

"Now Mr. Black I will now give you Veritaserum to question how you will treat Mr. Potter to make sure you will not abuse him, do you have any objections."

With a shake of the head Mrs.Tompson handed him the vail and watched as he downed it.

"What are your intentions with Mr. Potter?"

"Too give him a loving family that cares about him and doesn't want him for his fame or money."

"Will you abuse Mr. Potter or force him to do manual labor?"

"No never in a million years if I did I would go to hell for acts like that against my godson."

"Will you force Mr. Potter into a marriage contract between your daughter or anyone else with out his permission?"

"Never it's impossible to sign a Vella or part Vella into a marriage contract and I would only sigh a contract with someone else with Harry's permission."

" Here is the antidote, you are qualified to be handed custody of Harry James Potter just sigh at the bottom of the contract."

After drinking the antidote and sighing the custody papers Sirius left to go home to his now extended family of four.