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Chapter 2:

December 18, 1992 7:30AM Black Manor


After Sirius got back from the Ministry, Ava and Sirius started discussing place to go into hiding while playing with the babies. "Sirius did the Black's have a manor?" Asked Ava. "Probably but it is definitely worse than what Grimmauld Place looked like when we moved in." Replied Sirius sadly. " Well let's go check it out and see how bad it is ok or we will have to buy a new flat." Said Ava waking towards the floo still with Harry in her hands. " Ava if Harry or Alyssa went through the floo they would be throwing up their lunch! How about I go and you stay with the kids ok I'll see you in a bit." As Sirius handed Alyssa to Ava and kissed Ava on the cheek, Sirius walked towards the fireplace grabbed some floo powder and said " Er um Black Manor I guess?" And stepped into the fireplace.

Flashback Ends

For the past 10 years the four of them lived together in the Black Manor with their secret keeper as Hagrid. Moony visited a lot with Hagrid and Harry and Alyssa grew a close relationship. Since that day at the Ministry, Albus Dumbledore had no clue where Harry Potter went.

Sirius was offered by Dumbledore every year if he would sign a marriage contract with Sirius's godson Harry and Ginny Weasley but every year Sirius laughed in his face. Ginny Weasley was the first Weasley daughter in six generations so naturally Dumbledore wanted to use his most loyal followers to control Harry but what he didn't know was that Sirius was married and had a daughter who was part-veela. Actually right now it was physically impossible to sign Harry or Alyssa into a marriage contract. Why someone may ask, it is because Harry and Alyssa were forming a soul bond that no one not even Ava knew about.

Alyssa giggled and Harry snickered from outside the master bedroom in the Black Manor. The two pranksters just heard Sirius be woken up with a 15 gallons of ice cold water and the shout after of "Harry, Alyssa what did you do!" "Remus, Hagrid and Ava who were sitting down stairs were quietly chuckling when Sirius came down the stairs drenched and Harry and Alyssa behind him. "These two are true Marauders!" Sirius stated with a look of pride on his face. Remus smiled while Ava glared at Sirius. "And how is that a good thing!" Ava shouted at Sirius. His face paled "Um, they're better at magic yeah they're better at magic that's why."

The reason Harry and Alyssa were able to use magic is because they lived in a pureblood house and the trace is nullified in old manors like the manors of the Sacred 28 so at the age of five Sirius called Olivander over. He came with exactly 254 wands his reasoning was that Potters always take a very long time. Sirius and Ava then left to have tea in the parlor with Amelia Bones Sirius's old boss. In the end they both became the 'master' of their wands and they won't respond to anyone else. The wood for Harry was holly and Alyssa had willow. The cores were also rare they were the only feathers left of the old Phoenix rulers who ruled in the old magical world as King and Queen for over 4.5 million years before they died. The Phoenix's were also soul bonded.

Line Break

After everyone sat down and ate Sirius's favorite breakfast, bacon, just bacon, lots of bacon. Harry and Alyssa finished first. " Can we go flying Mum, please?"begged Alysss. Even though they were both only eleven they were amazing on the broom. "I'll watch 'em Ava, I haven't in a while. 'Er're better than some 'ids at old 'Ogwarts." Hagrid said while getting up and following the kids who were already through the back door.

Harry and Alyssa were naturals from what Hagrid said they could outfly a 3rd year on a Nimbus 1998 with a CleanSweep 7. But in the end like every other time the pair went flying, Alyssa ended up scolding Harry for the dangerous stunts like the Wronski Dive or free-falling from 150 feet in the air. But then hugged him lovingly and then continued her rant. But as Alyssa said she didn't like the stunts she still would sit on the side watching him with wide eyes doing the most amazing tricks.

"Kids your letters are here!" They heard Ava shout from the kitchen. Running in the two of them watched the owls excitedly as they flew closer. And when the owls landed on the window frame in the kitchen the two children ripped the letters off the poor owl. Harry being the first to open his started reading it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I am happy to tell you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts of witchcraft and wizardry we wait for your response by August 31st by owl. The Hogwarts Express will be leaving at 9:00am on September 1 at Kings Cross.


Mivarda McGonagall Deputy Head Mistress

"Oh my God Harry! We're going to Hogwarts!" Alyssa screamed in Harry's ear while hugging him tightly. "Yes we are Alyssa." Harry said amused at her excitement.

That was the moment Ava realized that Harry and her daughter did not share a brother-sister bond. But not even one of best friends. The bond they shared was very special, it was a bond of love. A bond of love is also called a soul-bond, and it makes it so you can never fall in love with another person romantically. At that moment Ava looked at her beloved husband, Sirius. Oh how she wished she could of met him when she was Alyssa's age but she was still happy for her daughter to find her soul-mate this early in life.

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