Chapter 1

(Nike P.O.V)

I went to meet Slan in the forest each day, but I never saw her again. Today, it was Livius birthday and he has a ball so everyone in the Sun Kingdom is invited to attend his party. Livius and I stood on the balcony looking down at the crowd of people. "Your majesty! So beautiful!" said a reporter that was hiding behind a door with a dress designer.

"So true! That new outfit is fitting! But I'm even more impressed by how lovely is Nike looking." The dress designer said with the tear in his eyes. "My dress! Anyone who wears it would be at least that beautiful! " He said, trying not to yell. He turns to look at the reporter.

"That's true, But she looks like she went up like another in maturity with that." The reporter said. Little did they know that I can hear them the same with Livius. Livius walked back into the room, I follow after him. The dress designer and reporter left the room. The minute Livius and I walked in. Livius turns around and looked at me.

"Did something happen? " He asked, standing in front of me.

"What? " I answer with a question, looking at him.

"I've been feeling it for the past 3 days, that something is wrong with you, Tell me." He said , taking my hands. We walked outside to the garden. I sat on a bench and starting to telling Livius about this girl I meet in the forest couple weeks ago. "I see. So the girl you because friends with suddenly stopped showing up." Livius said, looking up at the sky.

"I'm sorry, bringing this up at a time like this. I can't speak for her, but I think I did something to cause it." I said, tangle my fingers together. Livius turns around to look at me . "I was probably the only one that thought we were friends- " I was cut off by Livius hand on top of my head where I was wearing my crown .

"It's probably something neither of you could control. Don't worry about it." Livius said. I looked up at him and there is love in his eyes.

"Livius Even though you don't have any friends, your words have little effect but it makes me happy! thank you." I said very excitedly. My face was turning bright red.

"YOU DON'T NEED TO SAY THAT. ALL OF YOU ARE LIKE THAT!" He yelled feeling frustrated, but have a minute he calms down. "And Nike . What day did you thinks it is today?" He said, crossing his arms of his chest.

"Umm? Your birthday?" I asked, looking at him. I was think about where this going.

"Yes, I won't be satisfied if don't have your smile today." He said, left up my chain. "So smile, My princess." Livius said, kiss me on the lips . My face turns bright red. He pulls away and smiles down at me.

"Livius, I know why you don't have friends now," I said, looking away from him. "Because you're so stuck up."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Livius yelled, turning red. After a while, We walked back inside the castle. Livius whispers in my ears. "Tonight I what my birthday gift." walking off and joining the party. What birthday gifts is he talks about? I walked down the stairs and joining the party too.

"Princess Nike, you look beautiful tonight." said a man, that I have never seen before.

"Um Thank you," I said, bow my head to the man.

"May I have this dance? " He asked, holding out his head. I was about to grab it and said 'yes ' but I feel another hand grab my hands.

"Sorry, but she is not dancing with you," Livius said, staring in the man with cold eyes. I watch the man walked away. "Don't throw yourself to every guy who comes and see you." He said, letting go of my hands.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, looking at him. Livius turns around to looking at me.

"Your body and soul belong to me," Livius said, looking down at my body and back up again. "I will kill any man that touches you in any way." Livius walked back up the stairs and sat down on his king size chair. "Come up here." He ordered. I did as I was told and walked up the stairs and sat down in my queen size chair. I watch the couple dancing and I looked at Livius. He notices that I was staring at him. "what was it?" He asked, looking at me.

"It nothing," I answer, looking away from him . Livius knows something is wrong . He grabs my hands in his hand and I turn to looked at him and he was smiling on his face while he looked down at the crowd of dancing people . "Livius, your birthday gift?" I asked, looking at him. He turns his head to look at me and smile.

"You will see." He said, lend over to me and hit me with a kiss on my lips.

"What?" I asked, turning red.

"Get used to it. I will be doing it for the rest of our life," he said, looking at the crowd.

"Your majesty highness it times / timed to change clothes," Neil said, looking at us.

"Okay thank you," Livius said, standing up and up the stairs that lead out of the ball room. I follow after him up the stairs. "Go to your room and change and I will be there to meet you later." He said, walked off down the hallway. I walked to my room and open the door. I saw my maid and the dress designers are waiting for me in my bedroom.

"Your Highness we don't have an enough time. we need to hurry." Said Mikia, push me in a changing her that was in my bedroom. The dress designer picks out a dress and hands it to one of my maid, Sunya.

"Put this dress on her." He said, watching them undress me. My maid when somewhere else. I was thinking about that girl if we will meet again. I better a lot better talking to Livius about her.

(Livius P . O V )

I walked into Nike's bedroom and saw that Nike was not in here yet. I walked over to the maids. "Where is Nike ?" I asked, look around.

"She in the changing her with Sunya and the dress designer," Mikia said, bowing to me.

"How come you and Ranra are not helping her ? " I asked, looking at Ranra then back at Mikia.

"Will we were busy with all the gifts that was sent to your and Nike's bedroom." Ranra said, looking at me. I walked over to the table where all the gift was at.

"This is quite a lot," I said, looking at each of the gifts.

"Yes, quite a few people sent the gift after the audience, " Mikia said, laughing. "There were quite from fans of the princess, " Mikia said.

"My gosh, I don't know whose birthday it is anymore, " I said, looking at Mikia and Ranra. I looked over on the table and saw more gift. I walked over to the table. "over here too." I said , looking down at them.

"This is specifically for the princess." Ranra said, looking at me. But one of the gifts catches my eyes. I remember it very clear. It was the princess of the Ice Kingdom, But why will she sent a box to my wife? My eyes fill with hate and anger.

See you next time...